: Leveling up system- less about fun more about grinding (& the end of a reward system)
> [{quoted}](name=Pandantics,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XgtvJI4k,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-01T07:21:51.515+0000) > > Dear Riot, > > Please revert your system back to drip BE, where every game rewarded you with BE regardless of win or loss. It doesn't matter if you've calculated that the amount of BE you get from leveling up will be exactly the same as the amount you would've gotten if we had gotten some BE at the end of every game. This system feels insanely bad because instead of spending my time playing on SR trying to get better at the game, I'm just grinding ARAM for EXP in order to level up and hope that I get good champ shards. > The issue with your system is you've taken away our choice in how to spend in game currency. You've made the attainment of BE so rare that as a player, I feel less inclined to play to improve at the game and more inclined to just play for the sake of playing. If I'm at an odd sum, and I just need 100 BE to buy a champ, I now have to play 10+ games to "level up" and get that amount rather than on the previous system where I could play ~3 games to get that amount and buy a new champ. > On top of that, I might not even want to disenchant those shards if I don't own those champs yet or if I need those shards to upgrade my mastery. So I'm essentially stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do I disenchant the shards or keep them with the idea that maybe I'll be able to upgrade these shards in the future if I save up enough BE for them. > Capsules, chests, and key fragments don't feel like rewards for gameplay or good behavior anymore. They feel like a necessity in order to buy new champions. Instead of feeling elation from getting a reward, I just feel apathy if not spite because the shards are the only way I can get in game currency now. > **If you've decided that the amount of BE that will theoretically be given out upon leveling up equates to the amount of BE a player would get from playing (x) number of games to get to that level up, why not just give us the BE at the end of every match? What is the benefit of having this new system? > As far as I can tell, the only benefit to this new system is indirectly forcing your players to buy RP in order to buy champions out of frustration at the difficulty of obtaining the in game currency. Which if that is true, I would be extremely disappointed since this would go against one of the core principles that Riot has constantly put forth of valuing their players. ** > > Sincerely, > Pandantics > (A player who was level 30 prior to the pre-season but neither owns all the champions nor has enough BE to buy all the champs) Proposal: Give us back the old IP/BE system, where every game gave IP/BE at the end, and keep the XP leveling up system but reduce the reward received by the level up capsules. (like maybe give 1-2 shards) This way, players will at least feel like they're being rewarded and appreciated for playing, rather playing for the sake of grinding levels.
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: Hmm. TBH that's not the plan right now. The logic on that is the same reason we aren't giving everyone who's level 30 already the BE that new players will get when they climb those levels. It's basically that you actually already got rewarded in the form of IP for climbing those early levels. And these players are just getting champs instead of BE. So they're not really getting anything you didn'tโ€”they're just getting a different thing instead of what you got. We talked about this in [the preseason FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012640908-Preseason-Update-FAQ). I know everybody likes free stuff but I think it's fair to say that giving new players specific champs for leveling isn't hurting people who got IP for climbing those same levels.
Please find a way to make sure that every capsule gives champ that have a minimum amount of BE if disenchanted. I'm currently level 34, and out of the 4 capsules I've gotten, I've barely been able to accumulate 2k worth of BE because I keep getting shards for 450 BE champs which disenchant into 90BE. I was already level 30 when the system got converted over, but I didn't own all the champs. Even though I have a good amount of BE from the old runes 'refund', I'm afraid to spend it on any emotes/icons/chromas/BE-limited edition stuff because I'm afraid that if I want to buy a champ, it could take hundreds of games just to save up enough for one champ. TLDR; PLEASE NORMALIZE THE AMOUNT OF BLUE ESSENCE COMING OUT OF EACH CHAMPION CAPSULE. (as in the sum of the disenchanted shards will actually equal some certain amount)
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: Someone already mentioned in this thread the fact that champions that weren't intended to want to go into the resolve tree felt forced to go into it to gain the raw stat power that SoA was offering. Whether the mastery was overpowered or not wasn't really that much of a factor when deciding to remove it honestly - SoA wasn't really fitting the goals we initially set out for when we changed to the keystone mastery system. A big reason other champions wanted SoA was the fact it was such generalist power. Health is almost always a good thing to have in league of legends, regardless of what champion you are (especially as a jungler). Resolve though as a tree is intended to serve specific playstyles of champion classes and subclasses (Juggernauts, Wardens, Vanguards aka tanky champions), especially when you get down to the bottom three keystones themselves. In removing SoA we want to sharpen the options available at the keystone level such that they feel more attached to what you're planning to do when you take them. In this case, we removed the super generalist health increase and put in something aimed at giving Vanguard initiators and tanky building Divers to choose and feel good about. Also just to add, SoA was boring. We wanted to replace it with something more fun.
You're essentially buffing naturally tanky JG champs and removing the possibility of non-naturally tanky JG champs from the meta by removing SoA and replacing it with the new mastery. Champions like {{champion:32}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} will now get a shield for just ulting in on top of them already being tanky. So not only will they be rewarded for their hard cc, they'll be harder to kill and have no punishment for diving/ulting. Whereas non-naturally tanky JG champions like {{champion:131}} {{champion:76}} will have less healthy to clear camps/engage in team fights and have no use for the new mastery because they have no hard cc to activate the mastery. So effectively, you're narrowing the pool of JG-champs that can be used the game by indirectly nerfing squishy JG-champs with the removal of SoA. I thought League was trying to expand the possibilities of the pool of champs that can be played in each role with the new classification of champs and mastery update not make the pool smaller.
: Hiya Pandantics - Thanks for the additional info! Would you be able to confirm Caylenpg's solution of pressing enter when the black screen is up as a workaround for this particular issue?
Yes, Caylenpg's solution has worked out for me. If anything else comes up I'll update here.
: Hey again, can you grab me some [client logs](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752674-Network-System-and-League-of-Legends-Logs#wq8)? Could you also try repairing you client? If that doesn't work, we can try a fresh install. We're thinking it may be unrelated to spectate, but want to be totally sure. Thanks!
It's definitely related to the spectate. I've encountered the same issue. I could play any games/mode after patch 6.2 until I accidentally tried to spectate a game with Sona in it. Now, not only can I not play any game mode without getting a black screen, but I can't spectate games either. (My system is a MacBook Air -OS X 10.9.5). Also, every time I log in I get an "Error-There was an error processing a message from the server; this may be caused by a number of issues so it is recommended you restart your client. If it continues to occur please visit support.leagueolegends.com with a description of the error and what you were doing at the time". Everything else in the game is functional...I can buy RP, buy things from the store, I can message people, check profiles, and even queue up. The issue is every time I get past the point of champion select and get to the loading screen it goes black and you have to force quit the program to get out of the black screen. Here's the log from a custon game I recently tried to play: http://justpaste.it/r0k1
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