: Let's just take a moment to congratulate the most balanced ADC
I always felt Varus was fine except during the lethality era.
: Stealth feels so bad in this game
When is stealth ever fair? Not being able to see somebody until they decide to show themselves and unload their combo on you before you realize what is happening isn't exactly a battle of skill.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Sejuani is so useless in drawn out fights.
I agree with the OP. She used to have sustained slows for zoning people out. Now she blows everything on a single target and just sits there doing nothing until her e is back up again. I stopped playing her
: I personally think Volibear is going to not be as much of a "brute" as people think. I think each demigod represents the contributions to the world and Volibear was underappreciated. Ornn is the earth, Anivia is the wind, and the Seal Sister is the sea/water. Volibear is storms/rain, which many in the Freljord felt was a bad thing with blizzards and what not. They did not consider the rejuvenation to the earth Volibear brought. So, Volibear became jealous of how the other demigods got followers just by existing, so he became angry and warlike.
Volibear has been made 100 percent more interesting than in his old lore. I think he's significantly more fun because he is just in a constant war frenzy at every turn and flipping the dining room table over on a whim instead of a thoughtful leader who consults with other leaders about safety. I want to read about him fighting absolutely everything and everyone, like Warwick but with a lot of fun one liners.
: Is unit collision intentionally supposed to get you killed?
I play a lot of big tanky champs (sejuani, shyvana, malphite, nautilus, etc) but by far the person that I cannot play anymore because of unit collision problems is Vi. For some reason she is always taking dumb routes around minions and getting me killed.
Tikail (NA)
: I'm curious what the rewrite for Volibear's lore is gonna be. With the lore on Ornn and his reactions and such, it implies that Volibear should be a demi-god as well.
I feel like there are so many different levels of demi-gods in the league lore that I don't even know if the title means much anymore. I'm just happy he's kicking in doors, punching champions in the face and taking their cool stuff with an army of whoever behind him. That's somebody I want to read more about.
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Fasmodey (EUW)
: Darius: Blood of Noxus
I didn't like the comic. I thought the art was nice but it wasn't a lot of fun. It kind of made Darius boring. At least Draven was interesting.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: So we can all agree Neo PAX Sivir is probably one of the largest scams in LoL history.
I personally love the old one and think the new one looks awful.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: He likes his hammer and anvil. Don't hate bro.
It doesn't make any sense. His job is literally to create weapons. If the hammer was the best weapon he could provide for himself, there would be a huge demand for more hammers from fighters.
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: Akali is an obnoxious champion and should have never been buffed
I haven't seen an akali in my game in like 3 years.
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: there is plenty of gold as a support player now... {{item:3401}} 450 HP {{item:3143}} 400 hp {{item:3068}} 425 hp {{item:3075}} 250 hp {{item:3065}} 450 hp {{item:3742}} 425 hp {{item:2045}} 500 hp {{item:3800}} 400 hp {{item:3109}} 350 hp as we see here the face of mountain and ruby sight stone has more hp then most of the traditional tank items the, face of mountain is tied with spirit visage and ruby sight stone has more hp then all of them and 2ndly the only ability of his that scales with HP is his Titan's Wrath Nautilus surrounds himself with dark energies for 10 seconds, shielding him from the next 65/70/75/80/85 (+0.1*Bonus AD) (9/11/13/15/17% of his max Health) damage. While the shield persists, Nautilus' basic attacks deal 30/40/50/60/70 (+0.4*Bonus AP) bonus magic damage over 2 seconds to all enemies around his target.
1) He is a tank that has one tank ability. Having his other abilities scale on anything else doesn't really matter so his health scaling is pretty much everything to fulfill his tank goal. 2) To fit your narrative you left off Warmog's, which gives you 800 health, as well as Cinderhulk which is going to give you 20% more bonus health. Now combine that with the faster gold income you will get as a jungler over a support and you can see clear disadvantages to his build in that role.
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: he is a tank support who would build items like {{item:2045}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3109}} which is all HP ITEMS , i know locket dont have hp but it scales with HP
Everything I said still holds true despite your comment. His gold income will be lower so he will build less items. Support items have less health than traditional tank items. All of the tank items in general have been nerfed in terms of health at the tank update. The fact that he is still building items with health is something that I agree with so I think you are trying to counter an argument that I wasn't making in the first place.
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: new tank designs are fuckin garbage
I hate the new Sejuani. All of her power is in one ability so she has to be a goofy tank assassin now does cc and damage to one guy.
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: Beating kayle + yi strat
I haven't seen a Kayle in my game for about 2 years
: Are you drunk Tanks are supposed to soak damage but kill you if you let them hit you for long enough. CC machines. They are never weak. They were weak at the end of Season 3, because they have been prevalent ever since.
: cuz they're supposed to be tanky
Damage dealers are supposed to deal damage but they get nerfed all the time for dealing too much damage. Tanks are supposed to tank damage but they hardly ever get nerfed for tanking too much. It shows that these changes are consistently hurting tanks and enabling offense.
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: @Riot Akali small buff!?!?
The OP is right. Anything with that long of a cooldown isn't going to be used more than once anyway in an engagement. This buff won't do anything for her. On a side note, this new akali is not nearly as fun to play as the old one, even if her win rate has improved (not sure if it has). I don't know why all of her power is in autoattacks if she is an AP champion.
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: Shyvana
Riot has a really hard time with attack speed juggernauts. They really should get rid of that class completely and just make them want attack damage instead like Garen, Darius, Skarner, Wukong, etc.
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Tulare (NA)
: How is Urgot overloaded? Each of his abilities does basically one thing. P: Shotgun knees. Q: AOE w/ a little utility. W: AS steroid that automates his AA's for a few seconds so that his player can concentrate on positioning. E: Dash with a utility effect on next hit. These are very common. R: Long range DoT with possible execution. Don't think of the execution as a separate thing. The delay gives the target a brief window to avoid it with shields, heals, maybe Cleanse, etc. Otherwise, it's not much different from Garen ult or Zed ult, functionally.
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: Akali's Early game sustain is too strong
Akali is 48% win rate and a very low play rate (around 1%). Her kit is much slower and more sluggish than it was before the rework because her ultimate offers much less damage and she has to hit you with autoattacks to deal the majority of her damage. While her laning is stronger, her post 6 game is now weaker. If you nerfed her there wouldn't be much of a champion left.
LankPants (OCE)
: You think that region matters at all bellow Masters? That's a good joke. The % of people per rank bellow Masters in each region is approximately the same. There's no reason why the top 2, 10 or 25% of players on OCE would be worse than the to 2, 10 or 25% of players on any other server. The distribution of players is the same. When you talk about the top 200 for Challenger on any given region or the top 500 or so for Masters on OCE VS the top 700 or so on NA then it matters because these aren't equal distribution in the same way as the top ~2% for Diamond or top ~10% for Plat. I hate to tell you this bro but my Plat 2 on OCE is the same as a Plat 2 on NA and your Silver 5 NA is the same as a Silver 5 OCE.
Question: What do you call 15 guys that meet up at the internet cafe to play league? Answer: The Oceanic Server
: i thought something was strange. i heard about her "strong dueling" and lost pretty much every single invade attempt 1v1 that I tried, the only ones that I won were with laner intervention which doesn't count. The level 4 dragon with an incomplete jungle item is great, although I've done it with Udyr as well anyway
She used to have really strong dueling but they nerfed her Q back in the devourer era and she hasn't really been able to put out much damage since at level 1-5. Most people that think she is strong early have not played her lately
LankPants (OCE)
: This is pretty much the prime reason why Riot needs to stop taking bronze and silver into consideration when balancing. What lower elo's consider "dumb" is usually what they just haven't bothered to learn how to play around. Shyvana's a champion who can always be kited out of a fight and who can be hard shut down with a single CC. Once you learn how to play against Shyvana she's abysmal.
Thanks Oceanic server, your imput is greatly appreciated.
: The only good way to play her right now is to snowball fast and try to get a guinsoo's or Botrk + Titanic into full tank. If you can't get fed enough to get both of those offensive items and still out tank your opponents, you're stuck, because she doesn't have enough tools in her kit to be useful without damage, but not enough durability to build damage without blowing up or snowballing first.
Exactly, when the gameplan is you need to get ahead of everybody else in gold throughout the game, and breaking even means you are in trouble, that means there are issues with balance.
Guanxi (NA)
: I just want to point out that Zac has a LITERAL 100% ban rate in EUW Master Tier right now.
Is Zac really that strong or is it that the rest of the junglers are kind of lousy right now? They finally hit Graves. Sejuani and Maokai don't really feel like they are cutting it. Amumu, Volibear, Hecarim, Vi, Shyvana, Udyr and Rammus, Kindred, and Reksai are all struggling a bit. Ivern has gotten quite a few nerfs. I agree Zac is too strong but in general it is a weak time to be a jungler for most champs.
: Nasus has a 45% winrate
I would be fine if they made wither a skillshot as long as he got some buffs in return. I think the problem with Nasus is that his abilities are too safe so they can't give him any larger buffs (i.e. Garen, Annie).
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: Is Shyvana broken?
Just have him go to any site where they measure win rate and you can see Shyvana is at the low end of the spectrum for win rate and play rate. He probably just played somebody that had a great Shyvana game and it frustrated him. Everything she can do, there are a few other champs that can do better right now. But buffs are coming I hope
: The main problem I have with her right now is that she feels lacking compared to other jungle champs. Yeah, clearing faster I guess is nice, but it's not nearly as useful as say giving off good ganks like {{champion:154}}. Honestly the more I look back at her mini "rework" the more I kind of hate it a bit. Granted, we finally got her ult unstoppable + bonus health for SOA loss, but in turn, we lost the fire trail on dragon W for increased size (which I barely notice half of the time) & E can now only hit one champ in turn for a fireball like dragon ability. But the worst part about her is how they pretty much gutted her already boring passive. Now you gain your bonus stats from elemental dragons you slay and you do slightly more damage to them. Why was this approved? First, you're passive went from boring but reliable stat ups to now more feast or famine. You constantly getting dragons? Yes? Have small bonus to stats. No? Get crappy bonus stats for the remainder of the game! And only to elemental and not ELDER! It doesn't even feel significant that I do the bonus damage to them. On top of that, outside the rift on twisted treeline you only get those bonuses from Vilemaw (you know the baron nashor of that map when you want to end) and ARAM when you get turrets. I just don't see a reason to take her anymore or choose her over someone like {{champion:19}} , someone who recently got reworked that can almost do everything she can do, EVEN TAKE DRAGONS EARLY, but do it far better and even gank pre 6! I just don't see any value in her at the moment with her counter jungling when the meta seems a bit more focused on Junglers who can gank early and help lanes get ahead. At this point, I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of her getting a full VGU if it meant she could get a real, better passive than the one now and actually get more utility and CC outside of her small ult push, maybe even allow her to go top again.
Everything you said is true. As somebody that still plays Shyvana this is what every game is like. -Try to avoid getting into any fights early because Shyvana's early dueling is pretty bad now unless you are fighting some truly awful early jungler. -Look to see if any lanes are SUPER pushed because ganking is rough with this kit. -Don't bother with any early dragons unless their jungler shows top because everyone in the game knows I am going for an early dragon and they are going to be either warding it or hanging around there looking for me once level 5-6 hits. If my lanes are all winning or staying even (probably some are losing because the other team has better ganking presence) then I can try to hurry and farm up faster than the other guy because I can only succeed if I stay ahead in gold. Being even in gold with the enemy jungler is basically losing for me. If my team starts losing early I lose most of the control of river and will probably end up losing dragons the rest of the game because the enemy knows I need them to tank up and will make it their priority to get them.
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: As Shyvanna, I feel that ulting into an enemy team is most often a death sentence. (an idea)
Isn't this exactly what the courage of the colossus mastery is? "Gain a shield for 3 - 54 (based on level) (+ 5% maximum health) per nearby enemy champion for 3 seconds after hitting an enemy champion with a stun, taunt, snare, or knock up."
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