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Cloud273 (NA)
: Rammus is literally unplayable after the 'w' changes
I hate the new Rammus ability, mainly because it makes him feel awful to play. I could understand number nerfs but the self slow is so painful.
xWaters (NA)
: I still do not know why Ghost was nerfed...
Agreed 100%. New ghost feels so bad I avoid it even if it should give me an advantage because it makes me mad
: Man and here I thought my full AP amumu being able to do 2 camps was good.
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: As a draven main I hope draven gets nerfed
I ban Draven every single game now. I'm sick of coming out on the losing end of every trade with him no matter how perfectly set up. I don't even think it's the items. I haven't won a trade against a Draven in lane in over a month
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korg023 (EUNE)
: Am i supposed to max E first still or Q i am confused now...
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: Rammus: Punishing himself while making the enemy punish themselves.
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: I mostly play him in jungle still. Yes the clear sucks balls, at least early game. But the ganks are imo the best in the game just because of the amount of CC he brings. Generally I love Naut because for me he is the anti-cancer pick. Enemy has Yasuo, Riven, Vayne, anything even remotely toxic? Pick Naut, press R, auto them, hook them, spam E around, use randuins and they wont move for like 10 seconds. Only thing I need now is for Astronautilus to go on sale already, RITO pls...
You could argue that Rammus does everything Nautilus does but better. His clears are faster and less mana intensive, his ganks are more reliable and he scales off armor, which has been buffed on all items. He's also more reliable of an escape when invaded.
: Nautilus is fine. He has the potential to be played in multiple roles in a very healthy fashion and that is an identity within itself.
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: Why Has Riot Done Nothing To Draven Yet?
My friends and I talk about this daily. We run a pretty good bot lane together and even with perfect engagement at just the right time we can't figure out a way to beat draven in a 2 on 2 bot lane skirmish. This happens every single draven game
: What if Sejuani had a Sivir-like Ultimate?
: So is Pool Party/Summer time Skin line just not happening this year?
Summer starts on June 21st. We haven't even started summer yet.
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: worse at killing people, worse at dueling, worse at initiating, worse in prolonged teamfights doesn't seem like a great improvement
The only thing I like is that her w pushes back the minions. I find that very satisfying. Otherwise I agree
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: big difference between then and now old sejuani at least had variable outcomes with her ult, anywhere between 0 and 5 people could be stunned or slowed. new ult stuns 1 person and the slow is now too trash to matter in any situation. she was a lot more flexible, in build and playstyle. "ult bot" was never a problem, sej players never complained about base kit being weak (just boring) and enemies didn't mind her biggest threat being ult. riot should be embarrassed about making such a stupid claim, the real issue was her being too simple. and she's still too simple; barely above garen-tier of easy but now without the fun
Sejuani had exactly one problem pre-rework. She was too weak in the early game (pre-jungle item) to compete with Graves, Elise, Lee Sin and a few others who would counterjungle and keep her zoned out or outright kill her. She could rarely contribute to first blood on tower and was not very useful for Harold and Dragon. Mid-late game Sejuani was great but the game was already over before she got 2 items. They completely misunderstood what the community wanted from her.
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: do you beat akali
Depends who you are playing as. Akali is bad against fighters who have a defensive item. She is bad against ranged champs that zone her out, she is bad in teamfights because she is squishy and melee. If she is using energy to wave clear, she won't have any for the fight if you engage her.
: It has taken me 65 games to unlock my first 4800IP champion
Hahaha good luck getting Riot to change anything. Wait until you decide you want to get a few rune pages. It will take you years!
: Can We Talk About the Kindred Rework?
It's shocking how often the reworks just make the champion worse overall with few exceptions. It seems like the most common response from riot is that they want to change the kit so that they have easier levers to buff or nerf to balance the champ but then they never buff them afterward.
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: Why are tanks more gated in mana than mages?
Riot won't let tanks do anything for years now. It's never going to change. Sometimes they let tanks be ok and they freak out when they hit 5% play rate and nerf them to the ground.
: Please stop playing Lux support. She does literally nothing. What does she even bring to the lane? A weak ass shield? A 1 second snare? She has damage, granted, but if you want a mage support who can do big damage, there is no reason to pick her over Brand or Zyra or Annie.
The Coalition has stated in the past that we simply treat bot lane the same as mid lane but tolerate the presence of the adc.
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: > [{quoted}](name=PapaGreg21,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AYUihrQy,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-09T03:37:37.594+0000) > > 3 attacks will ensure he cannot cheese the other jungler's buffs with devour. This is the one thing stopping him from being an ok jungler. Let him be free. I mean, Ivern can cheese. Syndra can cheese. Blitz can cheese. So why can't Tahm cheese?
I personally am fine with him cheesing but Riot has voiced concerns about this in the past when explaining why he can't devour the buff. I feel like this is a way for him to actually be able to damage this camp in a reasonable amount of time.
: This would make his jungle crazy strong. He's an okay jungler right now, and we'd like to leave it there. If we make him a really powerful jungler, we would likely have to make some compensatory nerfs. This would leave him weaker than he is right now in top and support. We think he's best as a support, so that would be a bad thing.
How is he an ok jungler? He's a slow moving fat frog with no aoe and uses mana. The only way he can gank is to use his easily telegraphed ultimate, flash, or run completely behind the enemy that has to be way overextended. It takes him 3 years to clear the jungle and he is never a danger to solo dragon. I've seen more people play twisted fate, blitzcrank and Leona jungle this year than Kench. I want you to show some internal evidence from Riot that Kench has been an "ok jungler" this season and is in a good spot. This is the same nonsense that happened to Nautilus. Since he is viable in a lane, Riot thought it would be fine to dumpster his jungling because it's easier to ignore that Lee Sin, Graves and Elise had 60% of the play rate for the better part of the last 10 months rather than putting the simplest effort into creating diversity in the jungler role.
: > [{quoted}](name=PapaGreg21,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AYUihrQy,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-09T03:37:37.594+0000) > > 3 attacks will ensure he cannot cheese the other jungler's buffs with devour. Even that is excessive. Syndra and Blitz can do it without any setup at all and at longer ranges. Blitz doesn't even require vision. There's no reason he shouldn't be able to as well without setup (with the enemy movement speed debuff portion of Devour, of course).
Rioters have already said they disabled his devour on buffs because they didn't want him cheesing in this fashion. My suggestion I feel would be a viable middle ground.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Volibear can do the same thing with his smite + bite. Tahm Kench wouldn't even be that great at invading because he is really slow. I don't know why they imposed this restriction on him, there are no good reasons.
Actually it is interesting because Voli would be in the same spot because he can't bite without building up frenzy with a couple of autos. But as you said, nobody has ever accused Voli of being a cheese counterjungler.
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: I'd love for my bae to return to the jungle. He's just so weak, takes so long to clear and is more feast or famine than xin zhao. The jungle changes destroyed him. Nerfs and frozen heart stat decreases destroyed him. All riot seems to do is destroy him. The fact that braum can jungle better is stupid. I WANT MY MAIN IN MY MAIN POSITION BACK!
: Remember when mana conservation used to be a thing?
Nautilus is on the other end of the spectrum. Using his abilities is like conserving an ultimate at this point.
Lugg (NA)
: Agreed, and that's with him running {{item:1039}}
3L173 (NA)
: 10 bans.. It's hard to be a one trick pony now got to adapt
It's really only 5 if you tell everybody on your team what you want.
: Are there any nerfs for Zac in order?
If you go to you can see the PBE changes. He is currently scheduled to be getting nerfs on 2 abilities that are pretty substantial.
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: Make Rammus' W a toggle or remove/lower the self slow
Rammus now has the best feeling ability in the game as well as the worst feeling ability in the game.
: Can we stop pretending tanks are weak?
Tanks have been pretty weak for most of the year but recently there have been a lot of improvements to them so they have caught up. I don't think anybody has been complaining about them in particular in the last month or so. Ivern is definitely not a tank.
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: Rift Herald is a problem.
Rift herald is so stupidly strong that I still can't quite believe it ever got past PBE.
: Yeah, that ult problem is the biggest niggle I have with her rework. I mean, I kinda like her W, since it scales nicely with health, and is on a short enough cooldown, but it's harder to hit unless you're right on them. However, it's the fact that I can stun only one person with the ult and -have- to hit long-range to get the storm for a better teamfight that upsets me. Why is a -tank-, a champion that will be in your face at all times, being forced to walk away from a teamfight to get the max range on an ability to have full teamfight potential? And who is even going to be able to get to an entire team fast enough while they're in the ult storm if you use it for engaging?
It disagree that it scales nicely with health. The ratios are very low and almost every item has been nerfed with health.
: As i see it Akali has two primarily issue's. One as you mentioned, gunblade, however like with Irelia and trifoce i am unsure if there is any "easy" fix to this. For a large issue streaming from this kinda reliance is that whenever the item is strong the champ becomes oppressive but if the item is bad then the champ becomes mediocre instead. And as you mentioned again, her inability to endure teamfights. While not bad her stealth doesn't really help a lot in a classic teamfight with frontal collision and all that and her damage is usually not enough to get past the support and she will die instead not really having archived a lot. Which kinda pushes her into this gamestyle where she has to snowball like hell from early on and end before anyone on the enemy team has a chance to fight back. Naturally this is actually kinda toxic because when it does work it´s oppressive to play against so to balance it out she´s taken a lot of hits (from the nerf bat) that make her unsuitable to the general playerbase kinda like Azir. But even so she has a few really good mains who absolutely crush games with her but that can't be changed without crippling her for others. So like with Kata she would need larger scale changes to open her up and make counterplay possible without rendering her useless, but this is far from easy to do and as such she is sitting somewhere far back on the rework que :(
Akali's problem is that all of her power is in autoattacks now, which is awkward and slow to use compared to her power a few seasons ago in R and proccing her mark with her E. If you have played Akali for the last few years, this is the worst version to use. If you want to pick somebody that dashes and uses autoattacks for damage, Irelia does everything she does better.
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