: there already is a delay on her trap activation. if anything they should add a short immunity (like 2 seconds) between 1 trap and getting trapped again.
The delay is a joke. There should be a real delay. Half the supports have longer cc than the delay
: Reminder that Caitlyn's laning phase is way too safe and she has nearly no bad matchups
She needs a delay on the trap activation. The ability to chain cc with her traps is just dumb
Gríff (NA)
: 10 bans on the horizon, lets bid farewell to Lee Sin and Yasuo
People are going to start thinking they are playing a different game. There will be all these strange characters walking out of the jungle that nobody has ever seen before.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: But, Shyv, Elise, and Shaco are ok?
Shyvana is actually pretty balanced now. She gets no resistances from her passive anymore unless she gets dragons, her q has been gutted and she doesn't do any more extra damage against monsters.
Bârd (NA)
: If Sej gets caught in her jungle, she is now a bit better at dealing with pesky Lee Sins. If she has her passive up, Lee will do virtually no damage with his Q, removing a lot of his early game damage. If she has her W and E, Lee is going to be turned into a popsicle and smashed to pieces right quick. Zac is pretty much the same. I guess he can make Lee kiss Gromp to aid in his escape, but it's really nothing much (though it is a very special moment for Gromp). Maokai can deal with Lee a bit better now, as he can set up saplings for vision and a very good counter-attack. Later, he can seriously irritate Lee with his slow as fuck W (It takes so long to travel that Lee has to wait a long ass time to use his escapes).
I think you are delusional if you think Lee Sin isn't going to destroy the reworked Sejuani in an early 1 on 1 matchup. You are basically proposing for her to stand her ground and fight now instead of leaving which is definitely not going to work.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: If a Lee is camping your Sejuani in her Jungle, and none of your laners are coming to help/helping ward jungle, I think you have a bigger problem honestly.
I am in silver and I would say I get help when this happens maybe 2/10 games even when pinging the flag button on top of them. Maybe this is more common in your ELO.
: I'm all for giving tanks more sustain in the jungle, but, it can only ever be used to either run away or have a teammate assist, tanks should not be able to duel any of those champs (except graves, he's a rolling ball of BS).
That's why I think tanks need better early sustain from talisman. If they are near full health when getting engaged upon they should have an opportunity to run away. The fact that they often get lower health than Graves/Lee is from jungling is a problem.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 20
Meddler, I'm not the best Sejuani player ever but I've put in quite a lot of hours into playing her and really enjoyed the champion before Lee and Graves took counterjungling to a whole new level this season. My biggest gripe with her before the rework was that she was susceptible to being taken out of the game by enemy junglers pretty easily. Her rework seems to make that problem even worse.
: I think every tank jg has that moment when they realize they have no real answer to being counter jungled other than run the other way if you see them coming
I think the answer would be to buff talisman in my opinion. They need to give tanks a way to maintain higher health in exchange for a slower clear so that they aren't set up for failure by being "comboed" at half health at the end of their clear. Machete on the other hand should be for champs that have a faster clear but make it more dangerous for them because it should take a greater toll on their health. I know certain champs will be better at abusing this system but it seems like a good start.
Ralanr (NA)
: Wonderful. Tank junglers have a weak early AND late. Why would I ever play one when I could play a CC heavy diver?
Yeah especially if the enemy is Lucian with BOTRK and Cleaver. It makes you feel like your tank items are made out of paper.
: Heck as a Shyvana main I CAN camp your ass and make it miserable to play Sej, Amumu, Zac or Nautilus jungle. And they did nothing to fix that.
I pick Shyvana to do that to them as well. However on the flip side I feel like Graves and Lee can do that right back to Shyvana.
dim2a (NA)
: I think it's more of a Lee Sin and graves problem than a Sej problem (a bit of both, but there is a reason Lee Sin sits at such a high play rate... not as bad as, say, Dr Boom (nicknamed "Dr Balanced", after blizzards insistence that he's balanced) is in hearthstone: Riot's balance team is better than most. But Lee Sin is up there in terms of as bad as it gets, I do hope he'll get nerfed to a more normal power, but am not holding my breath.
Clearly Lee and Graves are not going away. They have been at a clear advantage over other junglers for over a year (Lee much longer than that) and Riot seems uninterested in doing anything about the health of jungler-jungler interactions when it comes to these 2 and maybe Elise as well. At least in lane you can play a weak early laner and use your turret for safety. The jungle you are simply exposed and in solo queue you often won't have the cooperation of laners to help you get out of bad situations.
Rioter Comments
: well i guess i'm a god at jungling cause i most of the time faceroll on graves players.
Let me guess. You probably spam lee sin, and Elise, the only 2 people that counter him and think he stinks because of it. Try playing the other 30 junglers against him for a few months
: {{champion:61}} {{item:3165}} oneshots kids never runs oom unless she has autism. how bow dah? skillcap? yeh sure lul. As for Graves it's rather easy pick something like Elise and rape him in the jungle. if he falls behind he is almost as bad as Lee sin. Havent seen a single graves player do good against my Elise or Kha'zix nor in diamond or plat or master. And now with the E changes he can actually be killed off by mages cause ik better than most since i spam him to pubstomp that he was unkillable pre true grit nerfs. He is strong but not broken. If you want broken take a look at Lucian beeing played in eevry game and pretty much stomping most ppl. Or Ivern who presses 2 buttons and takes your camp in 2.5 seconds and u cant contest it or him perma cc'ing kids with 4 sec cd 2 second snare that gapcloses. Want me to talk about {{champion:117}} ? 2.25 sec disable in a game where full tank malphite dies in 5 seconds late game come? Or her Slow and its fucked up hitbox? Chew on a new gum this one got old. Graves is strong not broken simple as that
Elise is literally the only champion in the jungle that can compete against a Graves. He is better than the other 95% of junglers.
: As it is it looks disgusting. PErsonally would prefer if it was golden on the mane, but that's asking a lot for a 750. at any rate blue on the mane would look better than blue on saddle shields and anklets.
I don't agree with blue on the mane being an improvement but I do agree something should be done. It's going to make it look like a muppet if the outline it's giant head in blue. It should really be a different color altogether for that particular skin as well as the beast hunter. Bear cavalry doesn't have a giant blue bear head for good reason.
: @Ritito About the sej changes.
I can see where the blue on the front would be easier to see the passive but in my opinion it would look awful. Many people like myself that have bought that skin don't want to see a blue headed lion for 95 percent of the game because it would just be uglier than the live skin. I think the beast hunter one looks worse with the particles as well.
SirZeros (EUW)
: Oh please Riot, these Sejuani Skins just don't look any good to me (anymore)
Beastmaster should not have a block of ice on top of Bristle's head. I use that skin all the time and am pretty upset.
: Can someone in Riot please confirm Sejuani's skinlines will get new particle effects?
I actually like that they kept the lion head in dawnchaser without making it frost blue and ruining the appearance and instead focused on changing the seat and shoulders with particles for her passive. However, I wish they did this for beasthunter as well because the chunk of ice on bristle's face looks bad. The original skin actually has some really cool and detailed work on Bristle's face and they are kind of just throwing that out the window now.
Rioter Comments
: New Sejuani has the exact same problems you said you wanted to fix
Well it is on the PBE still so there is time to bump up the numbers
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 18
Shouldn't Nautilus be a candidate for having extra monster damage done by his e? It keeps getting nerfed because of unhealthy top lane play but he's drowning in the jungle as a result.
: Can we make caitlyn's safe laning phase a little less unfun to play against
I don't know why there isn't a 2 second activation time for her traps. They were not intended to be placed under a champ that is being cc'ed.
: What champion would you like to rework and why?
Aurelion Sol. He has great potential but his kit is either awful against gap closers or fantastic against ranged harass.
TEKadeo (NA)
: Also it looks like she will lose her auto attack reset? Actually a stout damage/burst nerf, in addition to the certain damage loss involved in losing her swinging flail portion of her W. One positive? It looks like she has a second hard-CC for ganking pre-6....but apparently no slow until you hit 6. Mixed feeling about Iceborn Guantlet. Maybe Frozen Mallet?
Let's be honest, her auto attacks are the worst in the game. Not having the reset will not be greatly missed.
: How is this acceptable?
Fizz has a ridiculous amount of forgiveness in his e. I often will cc him before the animation begins and it is very forgiving in letting him use it anyway.
Rioter Comments
Ralanr (NA)
: Why care about being outnumbered when you can make clones?
Well he has to control all these clones so it's still a mentally demanding job. It's like having to play 2 characters at the same time in league.
Rioter Comments
: An idea to balance the cinderhulk enchantment
Riot hates junglers to succeed and tanks to succeed unless they are Lee Sin. They will keep cinderhulk at the bottom of the heap.
: Can someone give me some tips on how to play Akali?
Sit under turret and stay alive until 6. She hasn't been one of the better assassins in years as Katarina and Dian do everything better than her.
: Kindred got nerfed because they would clear the jungle too quickly and still have high hp
2 years ago it would have been a joke if Graves came in and fought a Shyvana in her jungle.
: 'We see Graves is broken and banned always.'
Riot did one of those nerfs for Graves to quiet the community but never really changed how dominant he still is. I ban him first overall if I am jungling over Ivern, Shaco and Lee Sin
: AD is getting buffed, but...
I still think it will hurt tanks that scale on health overall. Cinderhulk, titanic and COTC all scale on health and items are getting health nerfs across the boards. Not to mention the fact some champs have scaling on health as well. Champs like Malphite it will probably be a nice buff for.
Rioter Comments
: worrying about the wrong champions lel {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:86}}
: I had no trouble getting high HP on the PBE and cinderhulk clears faster, so I don't see the trouble
Cinderhulk doesn't always clear faster as it just depends on the tank. For example Sejuani scales off health so her clear may be faster with cinderhulk but somebody like Zac or malphite will clear faster with runic because they have no scaling with health. If you are hitting a monster with echo you are also doing 250% magic damage on it and you are getting a lot of mana back so you can spam your abilties on camps and not worry about going oom. Even though you are getting high HP and it feels like like not much of a nerf, the math doesn't lie. There will be less HP available with other items meaning that the synergy of cinderhulk will be objectively worse.
: 1. {{champion:245}} this guy is the most overloaded champion in league...an assassin with tank assets multiple AoE cc effects. he has high burst, movement Steroids, percentage health damage (W passive effect for low hp) a dash AND a blink which BOTH can go over walls, AoE stun, AoE slow, reset ult with health regen and insane burst, amazing synergy with a lot of team comps, amazing waveclear, amazing jungle clear, strong as fuck roam potential and ganking power. if there is one champion that you put as the face of "this guy can do too much" then it is ekko 2. {{champion:268}} yeah you almost never see him These days and he certainly is in a very bad spot but the few people who do Play him are fucking Monsters. it does not matter what i do or who i Play, azir mains always find some way to win their laning phase, be it with E-Q baits, ulting me under their Tower, poking me consistently. there is NOTHING i can do vs azir Players no matter how much i prepare myself. i have to throw the game and buy 3 Counter items at least to just manage to get his face down the Floor of shame. azir is scary because he has this teemo effect. either the Player is utter trash on him or he is a 1v5 carry god. 3. {{champion:79}} he is somewhat self explanatory for me as an assassin main. he has damage reduction that with no cdr is on a 8-3 second cooldown, he has one of the longest dashes in the game being able to go through almost any walls except the very fat ones at the edge of top and bot lane, he has an AoE disengage that can be used like a beast to shoot you undertower, he has very strong sustain AND burst damage thanks to his low cooldowns and his high Q numbers. and there is no uglier feeling in the world than being oneshot by a fat, drunk, halfway passed out semi naked redneck 4. {{champion:34}} her egg....her fucking egg passive, her wall that can cockblock any champion relying on movement speed, her stupendously strong waveclear once she hits 6, she has AoE presence for the teamfights, she has zoning potential, she has strong as heck burst, her Q can be quick tapped to stun a melee champion. she has so much damage and presence and if it was not for the difficulty of her Q and ult placements and hittings she would be a total Monster, so much i would consider her an assassin mage on par with veigar 5. {{champion:82}} people underestimate him so much. you often see him and you think to yourself "mmm yummy, give momma some of dat feed" and suddenly you hear it....**BONK** and you are dead AND on their side now aswell. YOUR super fed vayne is now THEIR super fed vayne. what is most scary about him is how low his cooldowns are, he can already in the earlygame have both sustain and burst damage which is UNRIVALED if you manage to hit your skills and Q empowered AA. mordekaiser mains are terrifying because they can also get bonus stats from having the dragon on their side. and if used right his ult can give you both a dragon AND an enemy to participate as allies making this 5v5 into a 7v4. thought he can be kyted effectively, all you Need is to pack in stormraiders surge on him and manage to get a single Q hit on someone squishy to eliminate the one and only way of counterplaying you. people underestimate morde so much
Mordekaiser is awful if you play mostly melee champs like me. There seems to never be any window to fight this guy without getting blown up.
Jbels (NA)
: I mean, a lot of tanks in the jungle already build runic. The only champ I play in the jungle that I build cinderhulk on right now is Warwick
100% agree. At least cinderhulk is viable now though even though many times Runic is simply better. If there are health costs nerfs throughout the board though, Cinderhulk is going to be the new Ohmwrecker.
Rioter Comments
: The reason why I stopped playing {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:54}} is because any time a juggernaut even starts to do well, an items tanks use gets nerfed. Because nerfing the HP on champs that do a lot of damage while being tanky is the clear issue in a game where everyone does too much damage.
I don't know why they just don't have items specific for a certain set of champions. It would help from abuse and allow intended champs to flourish in their intended design. This is an example of having too much freedom in the game and something that other MOBAS have eliminated as an issue by limiting your item/ability paths.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 7
Is Nautilus simply going to be transitioned into a support at this point? He clearly isn't very good in the jungle and it seems like Riot is deeming his laning play as unhealthy so they are trying to push him out of top lane as well with the current nerfs on the PBE as well as nerfing a lot of the health items which he scales off of. I know champion.gg isn't the most accurate win rate site to go by but they have him below 50% win rate so I can only assume it's less about him being too strong and more about getting healthy playstyles. Why don't we just get rid of his riptide altogether at this point? It was a great tool for farming jungle camps and pushing minion waves but the changes will just make it too mana hungry and weak to continue to do so effectively.
o Eon O (NA)
: Op.gg doesn't even have a play rate for Nautilus jung because it's so rare. The dude isn't a jungler, he's a sup and top laner, and it;s needed. He is stupidly strong in the top lane with his kit/numbers
He has an under 50% win rate. How is that stupidly strong?
TheMinez (NA)
: *{{champion:33}} armor intensifies*
Rammus is great until the enemy picks Graves, Shaco, Lee Sin or whoever and just walks up to Rammus and kills him in his own jungle at level 2. Then follows him around and makes his life miserable the rest of the game and starves him out of exp and gold. If the enemy jungler is dumb and just leaves Rammus alone to gank and farm, then Rammus is the man.
: Why would you ever consider graves as a tank? That's legit the dumbest thing I've ever heard xd What about amumu/gragas/hecarim?
: Only fighters are allowed in rito jungle sorry
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Now that Shyvana clears substantially slower can she actually be allowed to gank?
They just need to revert that last nerf on her q. It allowed her to have a nice "nuke" on her early game when you are ganking or dueling and was usually enough to secure a kill while doing so. After the nerf you are usually just using it for the on-hit effects which aren't as helpful until after an item or 2 are built.
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