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Ralanr (NA)
: Sion got a Q buff...
That's true. I guess Riot does care about tanks
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: We target our changes for a High Plat / Low Diamond profile, because that's a good intersection for when even subtle changes can really be felt by the players in question, but you're still affecting a large number of players overall. Players who are closer to Bronze or unranked will have a much bigger impact on their performance by just playing more games than almost any change we can make. Players at higher tiers will feel even very small changes, but at some point we are only impacting a very small number of players. We still look at outliers that are disrupting normal or Bronze play, and for pro play. For pro play we focus a lot on the viewer experience than the pro players' themselves (though we care about them too).
I feel like you make too few changes every patch. High impact level 2 junglers have been picked for months now in the jungle and very little has been done to make everyone else in the jungle close to equally as viable. Your balance is just a change in meta and is frustrating for the player base. Nautilus would roll over in his grave if he ever saw the state of tank junglers now.
: ...Less impressive...? How so?
The weapons are much cooler in the old one (I know that her in game weapons are new now too). The trees in the back are nicer to look at and make Akali pop out more as the new one makes her kind of mixed in with all the background paint so she looks sloppier. Her face on the old one just looks a lot more human as well. It had some soul to it. Plus the mask looks goofy wearing it on the side of her head in the new one.
Bern (NA)
: You think it's a step down because it is. Feels bad losing the best splash in the whole game (and the entire reason I even got the skin).
Same. That was one of the reasons I got the skin. It was something you could make a poster out of. The new one just looks so generic
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: > [{quoted}](name=PapaGreg21,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dxEWEAEX,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2018-07-14T16:19:12.770+0000) > > Ivern was hated because Daisy was incredibly powerful and tanky and could regen health incredibly fast once out of combat. They nerfed the crap out of Daisy and made her lose regen so he's now much more balanced. lol, daisy was crap and that is not what made ivern strong
: If anything this thread is a prime example of short term memory of the boards. Back in the day ivern used to be one of the most hated junglers, a shield slave who just stole your buffs in no effort while building pure utility support items with the budget of a solo laner. I'm not saying he's OP, but you probably werent around when he was FotM.
Ivern was hated because Daisy was incredibly powerful and tanky and could regen health incredibly fast once out of combat. They nerfed the crap out of Daisy and made her lose regen so he's now much more balanced.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
For tank jungle mains, everything has been awful since the scuttle meta began. Even if you succeed early on (which is rare) you aren't alive long enough to be a front line for your team because damage across the board is outperforming defense across the board. You would think now that ADC's are weaker, it would be the perfect time for tanks to be meta, but it's just the opposite, meaning they are probably in a worse spot than everyone realized. Am I alone in feeling this way?
: If you get a lead or are able to power farm and are able to get some items she can get really unstoppable. She can crank out a lot of damage if she's built for it. Bloodrazor/rageblade/botrk are great on her and nobody will be able to fuck with her once she has those, and you can just go tanky after that and make it even better. This also lets her be disgusting at objectives too
That's the problem. You can't get a lead through powerfarming anymore because the jungle has so little exp since the scuttle meta started. You are always behind laners. Even if you stayed even or a little ahead I would argue that quite a few bruisers will still beat her after she gets those items. You're going to be losing to irelia, darius, garen, warwick, jax, nocturne, wukong, nasus, renekton, riven, yasuo, yi, tryandamere, trundle, and camille for starters. All of the fighters and bruisers except maybe pantheon and lee sin who fall off hard will be able to beat her 1 on 1.
: She isn't a bad late game champ she is great for groupfights but she requires setup which is normally what tank junglers/top laners do and right now toplane / jungle isn't friendly for tanks like {{champion:57}} {{champion:32}} or {{champion:54}}. Because the meta does not support them at the moment. Its very early game snowball paced rn.
I think she is pretty bad in the late game. I've played quite a few games on her the last 4 years with many different builds and she doesn't go toe to toe with many other bruisers.
: Shyvana is a great late game champion if built right. Late game you need the tankiness to fly into the enemy team and go ham. You need to be able to rely on your team to follow up, and that's where she suffers. She has great engage, but without her team coming with her she'll get focused down. {{item:3193}} helps against this when combined with {{item:3053}} as she gets a huge shield when you activate/proc them at the same time. This can buy her 3-4 seconds of free hits before the enemy can start chunking her, at which point if her team are there she's great, if not she's dead. The same can be said for most engage fighters though.
Her win rate plummets in games that go late and stoneplate is an item that almost nobody builds according to stat web sites. The argument would make sense if this was a popular item set that was helping her win games but neither has historically been the case.
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GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Can the fking damage in this game be toned down? You destroyed the game
Kags (NA)
: Can we talk about Smite, and Jungle?
I feel for you man. I have done that as well and life is hard without smite in that jungle with just about any champ.
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: just play {{champion:86}} and smash the monkey
People playing Garen aren't complaining about Wukong. It's the people playing every other position that don't have any defensive items that are getting deleted from a guy that is invisible for large periods of time.
Kaioko (NA)
: Wukong can really only one shot once he's fed. He's definitely reliable and it is annoying once he gets there but that's when ADCs need to itemize correctly. If they have a Wu that means their team is more than likely a bit squishy. There is no reason an ADC needs to go full damage and attack speed against squishy targets. Taking Ninja Tabis for example goes a long way to prevent Wu's burst same with building an early GA.
Wukong can use his full combo and kill somebody within a second or 2 of his ultimate spinning about and there is no way to get away from it.
: Wait you play Kench? Literally just stand on your adc and press w when you see his e animation, it's not hard lol. Nautilus, I feel your pain, his animations are so damn slow.
I thought of this too and have stuck on the adc to a ridiculous degree to prevent this with kench. The problem is that the adc and support or mage on our team don't all stand within w distance for me so Wukong simply 100-0's whoever is slightly away from the group at any given time through the game. And since his approach is invisible, there is no way for me to control the situation with planning or vision.
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: Teams with at least one tank have been statistically proven in the past to win more games. I am sure this is still true.
Maybe in past seasons but not recently. Look at the win rates and play rates. All the tanks are at the bottom
Elohaven (NA)
: Support Mains in 2k18
Just be thankful that Lux gets a free sightstone with her support item so we don't have 3 more years of Lux supports that won't buy vision.
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: I got God King Darius Shard from a Lion Orb, Disenchanted it.
The opposite happened to me. I got God King Garen from a wolf orb
saltran (EUW)
: Nice, so we can have all the ppl cry for a tank meta once again. For me is fine, I like tank metas btw.
Tank meta was the best meta
: Defense is mathematically inferior to damage
I think every player in the game already knows this. This is why playing a tank is almost harmful to your team, and I am somebody that prefers tanks over every other role
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Quinzley (EUNE)
: Missions are not working
I just won a game and was rewarded with nothing also (Aram and got no win of the day nor the Mission quest for winning a matchmade game).
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: No, a solid Frontline is an assassin's nightmare. The way assassins work in league, they're useless if the enemy team has 2+burly, cc-heavy tanks.
: No, not every role...fighters are weak in a tank meta.
That's not true. Fighters are important for split pushing and objectives because of the low wave clear of tanks. They are also the most effective at defeating assassins. Assassins would otherwise dive the adc and leave because a front-line is rarely effective against them.
: Ah yes, tank jg/ tank top/ tank supp required with dps apc mid and tank shredder adc every game. super refreshing. super fun. very diverse.
Top and Support didn't take cinderhulk during that time you ninny. The whole reason it was popular was because of the jungle item actually letting people frontline fairly well.
: I Hate Tryhardamere
Whenever I play against Tryndamere he doesn't even use his R to kill me. He just takes 5 tower shots and chunks the tower half way before leaving and doing it again once the cooldown is off. I rarely ever "play" against him.
: won't work now because tanks have to high base damages. so, if they could actually tank, the only people capable of killing them (adcs most likely, or dps mages), they could just dive those targets and kill them before they die. which will just simply switch the meta to everyone playing tanks and most people find tanks boring they need a complete overhaul of: tank base damage on their abilities and tank items, to make anything like this possible and this won't happen unless its preseason or another "bath update" like assassins or juggernauts, etc. and again, chances are they will fuck it up. I also like to remind everyone of: Tank Ekko, Tank Akali, Tank Fizz and similar things that were played during the "mighty cynderhulk meta"
The tank assassins came about because their base damage was so high they didn't need to build damaging items. Cinderhulk was different because it multiplied the amount of health you could stack if you build the item and continued buying health items after. You were forced to continue buying health items to take advantage of Cinderhulk. Ekko, Akali and Fizz were changed so that their base damage was lowered but their ratios were buffed so they had to buy AP items to deal damage. They were not getting strong because of cinderhulk. I think you are confusing two different things here.
TakaDama (NA)
: I know this isn't the main point of this thread, but in terms of the jungle, tanks have such atrocious clear speeds, particularly with scuttle crab not working with talisman (same applies to mages and other roles that don't rely on auto attacks). I actually wouldn't mind separate starting jg items for each role. Like mages could have an old doran's for jg only, ad champions can keep machete, and talisman may also give bonus gold upon killing jg camps (to this effect, it would help tanks reach their core quicker).
Ideally tanks would have slow clears but stay very healthy while damage champs would risk getting very low health but be able to quickly clear. Of course none of that matters now because jungle exp is too low to stay pace with the rest of the field unless you snowball ganks at level 2 which bottlenecks who is meta to about 8 champs right now in that role.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
I main Shyvana and every recent patch seems to make her less relevant because power farming is not reaping as many rewards. Is she somebody that is kind of a relic of the game's past and needs a kit change or does she just need number buffs? Or is she fine as is in your opinion?
mabdu (NA)
: lol yi can 100-0 rammus like he 100-0 a twitch. true dmg + conqueror. no tank can counter yi, only a good dueler can like jax, tryn, aatrox.
For 8 years people have played against Yi by grouping and using hard cc on him, which rammus is great at. For some reason, nobody can figure out that it is still the best way to play against him. I have never lost to a yi as rammus in any game for years.
Geneseid (NA)
: There's practically no item in this game you can build against Yi
azulodin (NA)
: Udyr Absolutely Suffocates Non-Meta Junglers
Ivern shuts him down every time. He is incredibly easy to kite
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