JoeMG (NA)
: I've actually had a lot of success and fun playing Naut jungle. Build him full tank plus {{item:3151}} for some extra E damage. After {{item:3751}} his clears are pretty decent. I agree his solo laning sucks now but I still think hes in a pretty good spot.
Nautilus can't do a full clear without blue buff. He gets behind early on other junglers because of the mana gates from him being popular in top lane in high level play.
: How can we fix Nautilus discussion?
If his e did extra damage to jungle camps he would be fine but Riot refuses to make this change because they hate community based suggestions. Thus we will get goofy buffs like 20 ad damage added to his hook like his last buff.
Naalith (NA)
: I'm worried about Ivern and Kindred
Ivern has so many issues right now. His items are bad. He has no runes that fit him well. His w seems like a fun and unique spell but it ends up functioning as a bad ability. Daisy is so bugged that she is guaranteed to mess up at least one fight for you every game minimum. They should really buff his w so that his autoattacks are more empowered. It would give him greater utility for objectives
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: > [{quoted}](name=Hexs Fortune,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KUVXhQz2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-14T16:11:58.717+0000) > > The point isn't why bot's getting camped, it's that it's too easy to camp without paying any real opportunity cost. Also the towers don't do their job. Bot lane is always harder to gank then top or mid. 2s v 1s are much easier then 3 v 2s. Bot lane is also has a much easier time playing safe then other roles. More over putting a better bot lane behind a few kills is never enough. The better bot lane will still win even if they start 0-4 so long as the other roles by them enough time to farm. It takes a hard stomp like 10-1 kinda stomp to shut down a better bot lane but it's borderline impossible to stomp a better bot lane 10-1 even if mid/jg are perma camping that shit and playing better.
It's true. Not to mention bot lane usually has champs with flash and heal and exhaust while you maybe have an ignite or TP in other lanes. Plus more warding is usually going on in bot.
: On the other hand Bot-lane is a gank fiesta, too often determined by outside influences
Your team has the option of overloading bot as well. Just communicate with your team to do so and you'll probably find this strategy is helping you snowball games instead of getting mad that everybody is doing it to you. It's only an unfair part of the game if everybody can't utilize it equally.
: The State of Ivern
I would like him to be able to do more with his W as well. Daisy has so many problems that Riot has just given up on her though. I haven't seen a daisy bug fix in a patch note all that often over the last year. They would rather work 24/7 on rengar bug fixes, which I see every day.
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: Junglers Getting Level 3 Before Top Laners is Frustrating
Jungle gets starved for experience come mid game when there is nothing to farm. At least top lane gets some nice minions coming to them forever. If you starve exp from junglers early, they are going to fall way behind everybody else and will essentially be forced to babysit lanes to be useful
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: Forget GG MF I'm getting Pizza Sivir
Yeah I'm not paying 20 extra bucks to get a worse skin. The pizza skin is awesome
Rexxiee (NA)
: @Meddler, tanks are seeing play in every single position other than adc in competitive
Every game I play is a struggle to get anybody on our team to play a tank. I wish I had your problem where too many people were trying to play one
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: Why can Daisy attack everything in game except the thing I want her to attack ?
It's been so long I figure that is never going to be addressed but the inhib thing is a conscious effort to not let her hit it.
: IK it wont happen because it's a holiday, but the v-day/heart stuff is just....too....Twilighty.
I have yet to see a good valentine's day skin so I would agree with you there.
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: Why did Xin Zhao and Shyvana get nerfed for the PTA changes but Warwick didn't?
Because of meta shift. There is no actual effort being made into balance, it's just a planned cycle of who they want strong and warwick happens to fall into the strong one for this patch.
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: I think you're using a seriously out of date OS (or a beyond obsolete computer). Mine runs just fine, with only the *rare* issue now and then, which generally has more to do with my connection than with my computer.
I have a 2013 desktop Mac and this happens to me a lot with High Sierra. What Mac are you using and what operating system?
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: Mac client Crashes
I'm on High Sierra and my game also crashes once every three games or so around the 2-5 minute mark. Very frustrating.
: Several Mac Bugs
I'm with you man. I uninstalled the game and have the same exact issues. I have lost 3 ranked games already this year because of the Mac bugs. I wish Riot would at least give us some insight as to if they are even working on a fix
: Thoughts on Akali's Upcoming Rework
Get rid of the circle shroud and let her become invisible with a kill similar to jinx's passive. Then if she chains another kill it is refreshed.
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Akaash (NA)
: It seems like Skarner won't be properly addressed because the playtest team doesn't want to test him
: new mf splash arts
I liked the mafia ones but the rest are more forgettable than terrible. Sad because they had a lot of potential.
Blainezy (NA)
: Project: Diana next?!? (And Sivir)
This skin looks like project vayne an awful lot. I think the project skins are played out at this point. I like Diana too but would be happier to see her in something new and different. Maybe something more cosmic like dark star.
: LUNAR REVEL 2018 Login Theme
This is like the year of the Lux. Make her the leader of the star guardians, give her an ultimate skin and then make her the forefront of the lunar event. I didn't even notice the other champs to her side as I thought they were just decorations at first.
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: Bugsplat and LP loss.
This has been happening on Macs for like 2 months nonstop
: changing runes takes 5 - 10 seconds if you know what the runes do. If you are too lazy to learn which rune does what, then (and I am sorry to bring this up) looking at your rank doesn't surprise me at all.
Your insults do not surprise me seeing the server you are from.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Why not get your snacks before and then changing your runes in champ select?
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: You know what's funny? I've been playing Shyvana since around June and she is no different now then she was in June. In fact, I had better games with her in season 7 than I do now. No one played her because she was unpopular, but all of the sudden Korea starts playing Shyvana so everyone else does. NOW SHE'S SO OP. She's been this OP for a while, but no one bothered to play her.
Press the attack and her flame breath were buffed. She was below average about 8 months ago.
: Fun Fact about Shyvana, jungle clear and counter jungle was the only things people would use her for when picking her because she was considered weak. Then, out of the blue, a few people finally figured out how to use her in a broken way, resulting in everyone realizing how strong she really is. You'd be surprised how often a champion is viewed as weak and trash, turns out they're a hidden powerhouse (old mid-Lulu, Illaoi, Twitch back when he got his visual update, etc).
That's not true. She was actually weak for quite a while but got some offense on her flame breath and the runes have been a buff to her as well. Plus some of the more obnoxious junglers have been nerfed. People didn't just "discover" she was strong. She was given a better power budget over the last few months.
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: League keeps kicking me out of game around the 3 minute mark saying that I cant connect.
Do you have a PC or Mac? This has been an unresolved issue on Macs for about 2 months and nobody has fixed it yet.
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: I have been posting this for over 3 weeks now. I would say RIOT don't give a fuck about us MAC users since we make a tiny percentage of the player base. It took them 5 weeks to fix lag and sound issues on MAC back at mid season 5. Thats how irresponsible they could be sometimes. Hopefully, they are able to fix the endless bugsplating on patch 8.2. Personally, I stopped playing ranked games cos I just cannot deal with the constant game crashes. Let me know if you come across a temporary solution.
Can you also not minimize your client?
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