: You probably just got outplayed man. Rank doesn't always mean everything. My brother was has hit master/high diamond on multiple accounts, but keeps his main unranked. My friend who was our top laner is only ranked in silver, but in clash he was consistently beating the plat+ players he was against. Also, back in the day of ranked 5s my friends and I (gold/plat players) would consistently beat teams of all diamonds. Solo queue and a competitive environment are two completely different games. Get better, don't blame riot for you losing.
LOL, have you played in Bronze league? Have you played in Iron? No way these players are ranked in those leagues. I agree that my team is not great, which is why we are a bunch of Bronze and Silver players and ranked in Tier4. Getting better has nothing to do with the fact that we are supposed to be matched against iron and bronze people and although the accounts were the players were not. You have no idea what you are talking about when you say get better. That has nothing to do with the issue. You are probably one of those people smurfing and are now trying to defend the fact that you get off by bullying people 4 levels below you.
: That's not as convincing an argument as you might think.
Guess you had to be there.
: yea its a big joke so far,we surrender the second game just to retain our sanity,we deal with smurfs in flex and solo duo all the time anyway so why play this
We didn't play after the first day because their was no point. We played against an Iron guy the first game who smoked all of us. It is supposed to be fun, and it wasn't.
: yeah i got a team togetherto fit tier3 skill level knowing me and my friends r more like tier2ish but the team we faced had 3 "silvers", i used to be diamond, i know what those people r like and they were 100% smurfs, they smashed the random i got becuz he was clearly gold level at best
We were Tier4 and they doubled all of our CS, you know like the highly skilled people do.
: How do you know the other teams were Diamond or higher?
Because I play in Silver and have moved up from Iron. I know what Iron-Silver players play like. These were not even close to that skill level.
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