: someone else flaming you "first" does not make it ok for you to flame back
I never said someone was flaming me?
Myrmiron (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Papalug,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vEnyNtOA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-07T03:57:49.603+0000) > > With this ban I suppose I should never type in chat and it is unusable because if multiple players report you out of frustration of their gameplay in the game, and you have typed in the game a certain amount you will get chat restricted or banned. This is untrue, numerous reports don't influence the system's decision if a punishment is appropriate or not. 1 report = 9 reports. > Papalug: with 0 help from jg > > Papalug: 1/6 > > Papalug: when getting carried > Papalug: XD > Papalug: DIAMOND > Papalug: imagonna carry udelusional diamond > Papalug: hardstuck > > Papalug: mute all > > Papalug: ggez These could all be seen as mildly toxic, I'm guessing you just came off of a 14 day ban which means your account is in hot waters and and gets judged more harshly.
Actually you are wrong because numerous reports do effect the system, about the number of games being reported. Saying ggez as u can see it was in all chat is not toxic? You are just taking things out of context the muteall was talking to the kai sai which was flaming the wu the whole game.
Thornhub (EUW)
: Perma bans don't get lifted, I have tried to get unbanned on my main account many times. They just be like "rules are rules" and you're responsible for your actions. Now that a perma ban has been flagged on your account . . regardless of the reform card, they'll tell you that you have been warned before and have received mild/less harsher punishments such as chat restrictions and a 14 day ban. So if you have used up all your chances . . they don't give a second chance or rather "special treatments" to put it boldly. I have been faithful to this game for 7 years . . and when I tilted the last month. They gave absolutely no indication of wanting to unban my account under the excuse of "I have used all my chances". My opinion? I don't think u should be perma banned for those logs. I'm not saying what you did wasn't toxic, it definitely lies under that category. I just don't think its worthy of a perma ban . . . but there's more to your ban that just your reform card. The reports have accumulated for atleast 50 games . . they only give you a sample of them with the display of 3 games. But here, multiply your cause of ban by a million. That's where we all line up. Tough luck buddy . . and do try to contact riot support. They're your only chance ( doubt it ) . . but do try. Also, where's game 2 and 3? . . they usually show you a reform card with three games as a sample of your toxic recent matches.
They did not send me a game 2 or 3.
: Have you sent a ticket yet?
Papalug (NA)
: I have been falsely Permabanned
I am getting trolled in the comments.....
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