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Moregaze (NA)
: I really feel like no one on the balance team even plays League. All they do is stare at bronze and master stats and see patterns where none exist. Champion with mana return auto attack and never needs to back in laning phase despite spamming... mana regen buff. A support that can Q auto attack and takes half a carries health before level 6... buff.
maybe I'm wrong but I feel like they try to balance around lcs and high elo a lot. which is fine they cant balance everything, yi is oppressive in bronze but in high diamond its really not that hard counter, usually. not to mention the nerf to tear and the "nerf" to dorans ring means that regen will be a little lower over all, and honestly I think it might be a pretty big nerf to lux should make the e all her poke dodgeable at least
: Riot Development Team: "Wow tanks are really strong and adc is sort of in a bad place" | "Let's buff casters and keep buffing tanks shall we" Fuck you riot lol
wait, aren't we in an adc meta right now? I feel like all I hear streamers complaining about is how strong adcs are.
Cyanosis (NA)
: Unable to Patch (Error code 004)
never had any issues patching or playing untill this most recent patch i'm getting the same error 004 nothing i'm trying seems to fix it (restart pc) (run as admin) (double check access is allowed in anti virus)(windows fully updated)(un-install re-install) i can log in and chat i can even access the store but i cant patch edit: i've been using the new client for months now, ever since it first came out. and i played last night so problem arose with some patch that came out today.
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Minarde (NA)
: >I know its ARAM and you cant change a champ because of it Yes, you can. Map-specific balance changes have been a thing for years, even if Riot somehow still hasn't figured out a way/place to display them. The main problem is getting Riot to remember that SR isn't League's only map/mode.
yeah that's true like how they made shyv get buffs from towers destroyed since there are no dragons. but its not likely in most champs cases
: There are so many annoying champions when it comes to ARAM. Since its a run it down mid mode Riot gives no f..k about the balance. My advice is don't take the mode that serious. P.S. Also don't mind the mindless downvote trolls.
like I said I don't expect them to balance it, mostly came here to rant and listen to other peoples thoughts as well, I don't take ARAM seriously, I go there to have fun, just fidd makes them no fun for me. crows everwhere
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: im havin the same problem too... scan around 3500 files and then error has occcurred.....riotz plz idk wht to do.... it never happen to me before ......just in this patch...
im having a similar problem but mine only scans one file
: My patcher won't even start. It just sits there on 0% 1 files scanned and then ending in a bug splat. HELP
im having the exact same problem, sent ticket in waiting for reply hopefully i can get it fixed ill let you know if anything i try works
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: Who's your best champ?
fizz, draaaven, nassus, leesin, kogmaw, corki, ezreal, vayne, lissandra, rengar, im good with just about everyone, but great at no one, im a jack of all trades which means ill never make it far. T-T
: "We don't want a sandbox mode because we don't want players to be expected to grind it"
ill be honest I agree with riot, 1. sports game vs esports sports games lasts a few hours, league games last 35min avg 2. 50% of sports drills are endurance training, league players don't need endurance training 3. another 25% of sports is muscle memory which there is a lot less of in league 4. i don't want to feel like i have to play sandbox to get better 5. i understand that having a game mode where you can try out new builds would be nice but i do that in custom all the time and i have no issues. that is my opinion and im sticking to it. you can hate me and yell at me all you want but this is how i feel. i understand your opinions and you make some valid points but i have to agree with riot


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