: My skin wishlist
{{champion:432}} - Frozen Treat Bard: Ice cream cone legs and horn, Big melty ice cream beard and hair, sundae Ws, Ice cream truck noises when he picks up chimes, and chimes are different types of ice cream. {{champion:40}} - Seasonal Janna: Ultimate skin that paints her as more of a nature spirit with four forms for each season, could also work for {{champion:427}} {{champion:20}}, my main - Frozen Treat Nunu & Willump (to be released with Bard): Rolling a huge ice cream ball, ice cream truck sounds for passive, ice creamy Willump. Or - Circus Nunu & Willump: Willump is a lion and Nunu is a ringmaster, circus music with passive, giant ball for W that Nunu balances on, E throws juggling stuff. {{champion:78}} - Hoppy: An Easter skin where whe's a rabbit with long ears instead of pigtails and a carrot hammer.
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: The New Fiddlesticks Design
I really like the long intimidating arm, and the way he's moving. The saw blade on his shoulder imo makes him look too detailed. When you add too many unnecessary parts to a character, it can kind of take away from them. I feel like they should bring back his noose too, that was iconic. Also, why the colour palate change from green and black to red and black? It went from more ghostly to just kind of the standard edgy colour scheme. Unless it's because he's supposed to relate to swain in some way, that's the only other thing I'd like to be seen changed. I'm hopeful for this rework, I like Fiddle and horror in general and I'm confident he'll come out being pretty cool!
: Characters we hate and why
Top: {{champion:122}} - Lane bullies in general are just toxic to play against because they're just kind of designed to win lane against a lot of matchups. At least he can be kited later on, but when I'm playing top and a melee champ, I usually ban this guy. The thing I hate most is what they did to his passive with the massive AD boost. That shit in extended lane fights and later on with him dunking you after 1 auto is soooo much "fun." He he usually only builds black cleaver for damage but still manages to be a semi oneshot champ later on. Don't like this guy. Jungle: {{champion:11}} - This guy is dumb. He's just a guy with a sword who's whole gimmick is running everyone down and autoing them to death in like 3 autos. He need's to farm, and can be shut down by hard CC, but really only reliably in cases like Amumu where the CC is instant. His Q allows him to dodge most other forms of counterplay with a short cooldown, and if you try to hold your CC until he uses it then he'll just auto you to death. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. His w says screw you to burst, but isn't that outrageous. Mostly though I just despise that he has an answer to a lot of counterplay. Dodge on Q, anti burst on W, true damage on E, and superspeed on R that also apparently makes him immune to attack speed slows as well, so screw tanks for trying to build Warden's Mail items to survive against his high skill shred. Mid: {{champion:238}} - Honestly I get why people hate Yasuo more, but I have an easier time against him than this guy. Probably a learn to play issue, but I despise how much kill pressure he has once he hits 6. You have to rush a zhonya's on most mages, putting yourself an item behind of what's optimal just to avoid this guy getting fed and becoming a monster that doesn't even need to land his Q anymore to oneshot. I iust hate how many games I've played where this guy is the biggest factor you have to combat. He's also just generally an edgy piece of shit. Bot: {{champion:67}} - Kai'sa could have taken this place too, since I hate them both for similar reasons, but I despise Vayne's kit more. She just runs at you and autos you to death like master yi with her ult on, dealing MAX HEALTH TRUE DAMAGE and having a spammable mobility/damage/invisibility tool to make it even harder to fight back. Support: {{champion:412}} - This is probably my most hated champion. I pretty much hate laning against all hook supports because of the kill pressure and passive zoning they create just by having one type of skillshot. They're the lane bullies of bot lane, and are pretty much always present at the moment, probably just because damage is so high that a hook pretty much means a kill or close to one at this point. Thresh though, annoys me most. His E is essentially another smaller hook that makes it easier to land his main one, and he WILL just build mobi boots and run at you until he can land something. His W is super annoying too, enabling junglers to engage with their mobility skills still up, and fixing his teammates getting caught out by giving them a free escape if they dont get oneshot. If you misposition, HOOK. If his carry mispositions, they're fine half the time, and that's super tilting. This part's a little personal, but I also dislike how he's pretty much always one of the best supports. I don't remember a time when Thresh wasn't good. The hook support meta has been a thing for months now and they seem fine with it, but when enchanters were out of line and "crowding out other picks" they DID something about it. As someone who likes playing supports of that style, it feels shitty to see that Thresh, Blitz, Naut, and Pyke have remained kings for so long, defintely crowding out other picks, and, as far as I know, they aren't really trying to put an end to this period of hook support dominance.
: What skin lines would fit your main amazingly that you know Riot won't do?
{{champion:20}} Circus Nunu & Willump. His W is Nunu and him rolling on top of a giant ball, E is throwing balls while juggling them. Willump is a Lion and Nunu is a ringmaster.
: Can Ivern get a passive on ARAM?
What if he could grow his passive over health relics to make them stronger for his team the next time they're used?
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Haziv (EUW)
: If Voliber will look like this after his rework ...
Yeah I like it too. I was kind of worried they would make him some monstrous alien creature, and that kind of rings too close to the void's territory for me. I like like that he's a bear, and would prefer if they kept him more bearish like in these sketches than akin to how he's described in his lore. Ornn and Anivia are supposedly on the same level as him, but aren't hideous monstrosities, so I feel like it would be unfitting for him to be that different when compared to the existing examples of Freljordian demigods.
: However they do it ik they will find a way to make Fiddle unqiue from Shaco and Noct, so im kinda wary of having him take a certain joy out scaring people since thats kinda close to Shaco laughing at killing people? IDK what do u think they can do to make Fiddle unique from Noct and Shaco?
> [{quoted}](name=FlameHalbrdOkido,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=T2AKc2cI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-02T18:24:05.234+0000) > > However they do it ik they will find a way to make Fiddle unqiue from Shaco and Noct, so im kinda wary of having him take a certain joy out scaring people since thats kinda close to Shaco laughing at killing people? IDK what do u think they can do to make Fiddle unique from Noct and Shaco? I think Shaco's enjoys the kill, and finds sick humor in what he does. Fiddlesticks, on the other hand, I think prefers the chase. He relishes his victims' fear. Nocturne, unfortunately, finds himself in a really similar trope. He and Fiddle compete for the same space I think. They both occupy the role of a terrorizing entity that enjoys inflicting fear. Nocturne is a demonic being that feeds on it, whereas Fiddle is likely just some sort of malicious poltergeist who finds it fun. I think it's almost unavoidable to have some overlap, but they could just be done as different ways of approaching the trope. Nocturne, for instance, could be calculating and terrifyingly derranged in his intelligence. He could plan and play with his victims, crafting nightmares to strike them in the heart. His version of terrifying could be subtle, sinister, and devious. Fiddle on the otherhand could be total chaos. He still wants to scare his victims, but doesn't plan everything out. He could just BE as scary as he needs to be, and literally just try to shock them to death instead of feeding off of slow, creeping dread. So instead of intelligent and sinister, he could be sporadic, insane, and just delights in causing fear and chaos.
: Volibear
It's a good piece of art, I just don't like the weird direction they're taking him in.
: Akali needs to be fucking fixed.
Out of context with Akali's specific design, it's not unheard of for an assassin to have to use everything to kill one person provided they aren't ahead enough that they could just Q E someone as Zed, for instance. I'm not talking about Akali's balance, just commenting on the notion that an assassin should always be able to oneshot their target without using everything, since the main point of an assassin is to reliably get to a target, kill off a high priority enemy, and get out. If they could oneshot someone of equal item and level power and get out without using their important cooldowns, I think that would be too strong.
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: Don't you think there can be a middle ground? Animals can be monstrous as well, and I think Silence for the Damned added to his character instead of changing it. Remember he is from the old times of the League where "He's an armored bear lol" was actually enough character design. He needs more characterization than that.
Yes, there could be a middle ground. I'm fine with uniqueness. They definitely took some creative liberty with Willump and he turned out to be a really cool version of what a yeti could be. With Volibear, I'm just saying it's important that he remains recognizable as a bear, since if he was just this Lovecraftian monster, I feel it would likely alienate his player-base who enjoy him because they like him as a bear. Sure they could give him a few extra eyes like in the lore, or maybe some horns. All that could work. He doesn't have to be a boring old bear, but I just think he should be bear plus, and not just a hulking, disgusting monster.
Gidrah (NA)
: A Volibear Mains Thoughts on his upcoming VGU.
I hope they keep him more as a bear than a gorey abomination, being an armored bear is kind of his thing, and to change him into what he's depicted in his lore imo would be taking him too far from his roots.
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: What are your favourite, funniest and/or most memorable League of Legends bugs?
Remember the Ashe bug/exploit where, if i rememnber correctly, she could target allies with her Q, and it broke the game? From memory there were instances where it would cause crazy sht like the following: - Azir being able to summon his passive on any dead enemy unit with no cooldown. - Brand's autos being replaced with his ult, even before level 6. - Fiora's autos being replaced with an infinite ult that lasted until the target died. - Preventing Nasus's Q from stacking, instead applying Frost Shot's slow. https://youtu.be/H0HhSE3x0VI
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FâgLord (EUW)
: The best rework riot have ever done
I support this post {{champion:20}}
: I like these ideas but it's difficult to tell whether it would be fair to implement or not stasis might not seem like much but it can protect you from a variety of situations. On hourglass, it's a one-time thing but during the laning phase, you could probably pull it off every time someone attempted a combo on you
Yeah I knew it could be kind of crazy, that's why I made it work a little different. The thing about {{item:3157}} is that you can surprise enemies with it and use it as a reaction. You can use it to dodge an ability that's already out there and surprise enemies with it. You can't do that with Time Out. The enemy can see you walking towards it, and there's a delay upon picking it up before you get put into stasis. That means that they have time to react and likely won't blow everything, and even potentially could kill you before you got the stasis. It's definitely good vs things like Karthus and Zed ults, but mostly it would just be a tool to work with his Q and to allow allies to take a time out in the middle of a fight to potentially live long enough for whatever was threatening them to be dealt with.
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: Ezreal Does too Much Damage for the Items he Builds
I agree that his damage is kinda nuts. Yeah he has to land skill shots to one shot someone, but unlike most mages he has AAs to fall back on and his Q is on like a 2 second cooldown and it still chunks people. Of course, I am a bit salty at the moment because I was playing supp and the enemy Ez 'supp' basically made my adc irrelevant because if he ever did land a W he would just E at her and take from 1/4 to 1/3 of her health when all he had was an amp tome and a frostfang : / Partially the Vayne's fault for not dodging the skill shot, but it is pretty unfun that he can set up burst that high with one skill shot and you'll be really pressed to be outside of his range but still within range to farm. At least he had to blink at us to proc W, which allowed us to get some damage back on him, but it really didn't add up to what he was doing, and a lot of the time my Vayne couldn't retaliate because she was just chunked to 1/4 hp and had to back off.
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: Arclight Brand - WHO MADE THIS, RIOT?
Oh a Brand main you say? *downvotes*
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: Riot writers, what do you have against the "usual" good guys?
Haven't read every post, so this could have been said already, but I think in some places, standard stereotypical tropes are ok. In this situation, it can be accepted since Kayle's character was always more judicious than compassionate and sympathetic. The thing I just want to say though is that you shouldn't be afraid of falling into stereotypical tropes where it makes the most sense to actually dive straight into it. What's important is that the character is the best representation of their concept and what people love about them as possible. In Kayle's case, people were drawn to the fantasy of a typical holy angel archetype, and so being typically lawful and good makes the most sense and is what would appeal to her playerbase. Yes there is room for making characters that don't fall in line with what you would expect from their concept, but if that expectation is what people are attached to, I think it's better to leave it that way.
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Oelyk (NA)
: I'm a Huge fan of Kayle's New Kit
I don't really like her. I like the design of her ult and W, but her passive seems like it's got too much going on, her Q isn't impressive, and her E is just a single aa boost, which is pretty boring.
Gixia (NA)
: How Kayle should have looked
WTH THIS IS SO NICE. I love it! My favourite part is the draping fabric in between her legs. That's the part I miss most. Imo she looks so weird without it. Still not really a fan of her shoulder plates or her green sword, but I'd be so happy if this got done! Please Riot, so many people who did and didn't like old Kayle are begging for something like this! Even just to her base skin, this would be all i personally could ask for.
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: I think Nunu's slow should scale slightly.
I'd be fine with that. He's my main and even I agree his ganks feel a little to reliable. However, that's mostly vs champions that don't have mobility or something like Lux Q that they can throw at him, and he is kind of a clear counter to those unfortunate kind of champs.
: But in all seriousness... - I like moving his rewind to his passive slot, but I'd personally suggest it have a stagnant cooldown instead of one that revolved around his other abilities. Mainly so you can't abuse it by waiting until Q's cooldown is at 1s and dropping 3 bombs all at once (passive/regular Q/second passive) in about a 1s period of time. that'd be like a tactical nuke, and with any amount of CDR, a potential permastun if you started chaining it in the late game in the right way. - Love the potential of a 500 IQ delayed zhonyas for any ally...10/10 would play Lissandra/Zilean bot lane if they rework him in this fashion for the ridiculously long periods of self-stasis to let my E come back up so I can escape. (Time Trap/Liss ult/E to another time trap/Zhonyas/Zil ult/Time trap/E to another time trap or to safety...literally would be busted, but still has plenty of drawbacks, like the amount of time I couldn't move allowing them to set up however they needed to.) - Like the E shield mechanic, but not too sure if Zil should have something like that, particularly since I can do stupid things with the time traps like I just mentioned. - Scaling on the ultimate HP regain is way too high.
Point 1: Nonononono hold up, Spare Time doesn't go on the remaining cooldown of the ability, it goes on the ability's total cooldown. So if you used it to recast Q while Q had an 8 second cooldown, your passive would go on an 8s cooldown (the full cooldown of the ability.) I'll change wording to avoid misunderstandings like that, mb. It would be funny though to triple cast. Point 2: Thanks! I got the idea from Chromie's trap from HotS, but figured it would be cool if it could work on allies. Point 3: Since his slow is on Q with this rework, I wanted to add something to E to compensate and make it feel like its own ability since otherwise it would be just a speed up. The shield was one idea, but I had some other ideas like refunding some of your mana or cooldowns spent while the buff was active, or just having it reduce the cooldown of the next ability the target used. Point 4: Actually I didn't change anything about this other than a mana cost reduction and a QoL function with E so that the shield wouldn't be wasted. The scaling and base values are the same. Thanks a lot for your feedback : )
: The only thing I think Zilean needs is his passive changed and maybe a Visual update. I like his current kit.
Yeah I feel like he could get away with just a passive and W change. W is a unique thing, but I feel like it should replace his passive instead of taking up an ability slot. Mostly I just wanted to move W to passive and give him a cool spell for W. Other than that yeah he needs a VU and a Voice Over Update.
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KyraSun (EUNE)
: Skin ideas?
Ice Cream Knight {{champion:20}} to go with Lollipoppy and Candy King Ivern. Beekeeper Bard {{champion:432}} Hoppy (easter poppy) {{champion:78}} Snow Angel {{champion:10}}
: Who do you think is the best designed champion and why ¿
Can I do my favourite from each role? Top:{{champion:78}} - visually she's adorable and her personality and lore follows suit. Gameplay wise I love just being the walking incarnation of the word "no." Jungle:{{champion:20}} - Such a charming and wholesome champion. Willump is so adorable and such an interesting take on a yeti, and nunu's a little trooper. Love them both a lot and love playing them just as much. Mid:{{champion:268}} - I just think he's really cool. Bot:{{champion:498}} - Really cool fantasy, so fun to play, and her kit is so well designed. They took the idea of her feathers and incorporated it well throughout her whole kit. Supp:{{champion:432}} - Probably the most unique champion in the game visually. I think all of his abilities are so much fun and work together in some pretty cool ways.
Manxxom (NA)
: Name something agonizingly painful.
Take a piece of paper, pull it taught, slide it vertically across your urethra.
: {{champion:157}} Inter's Respite 300 gold no base stats Unique passive: upon dying 10 times, acquire Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge and The Bloodthirster. Cannot be bought if you have one or more deaths.
I don't know why I didn't expect this kind of response, but i'm glad I'm getting it.
King Lego (EUNE)
: {{champion:161}} Void amplifier: Cost: 2000 gold 2000 HP 2000 mana 100 armor 100 Mr 20% CDR 800 AP Unique passive: for every enemy champion that is nearby, gain extra 20 armor, Mr and AP. Unique active: Zhonya's active effect. {{champion:6}} Cost: 2500 gold Harpoon amplifier: 3000 HP 1000 mana 80 armor 80 Mr 25% cdr 200 AD Unique active: reduces nearby enemies armor by 100. {{champion:37}} Cost: 1600 gold Music amplifier: 300% mana regen 200% health regen 150% Heals and shields 600 mana Did I do that right?
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: Bard Bard isn't special enough? xD interesting concept...but what would be the point of banking your chimes? Hold onto them for super meeps, spam w on the guy who has all the meeps, and just move as a unit feeding the meeplord. I think an alternate way of doing this would be to let the bards keep their chimes (death timers will be their own setbacks), set a limit for chime collecting (team score 300 to win?), and periodically throw in obstacles throughout the map to mix things up. Things like Ryze portals that just take people random places, harmless Neeko clones that spawn and run across the map periodically and give people miniature heart attacks whenever they think they're about to fight...harmless, random magical stuff.
You have to bank chimes to win. Who wins is based off who has the most chimes banked. So in theory you could have one guy go around collecting all the chimes to get super powerful meeps, but if he dies you're risking a lot. There's also the fact that if everyone's following them around, all the enemy Bards are free to roam and collect the massive amounts of chimes that spawn all over, maybe even surpassing the efficiency of the Meep God Bard strat.
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: [Question] What other ways can a champion be buffed, without touching their damage output?
You can't. The only way to balance champions is to AdD MoRe DAmaGE!! D:<
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Parznip (NA)
: I just want an HP/MR Item that only has one box to check for it to be useful, that box being "do they do magic damage?" All the other ones have a secondary box. Visage, "do you or your team have enough healing for this to be good?" Mask, "Does your team have enough magic damage for this item to be worth?" Adaptive Helm, "Do they have low cooldowns or DoT?" Yes, in most situations the answer will be yes, but still I feel like there's room for a health magic resist item for melee tanks that's the mr version of Sunfire Cape or Deadman's Plate, which both always give a reliable benefit to their intended users.
Edit: Even Righteous Glory and Thornmail are kind of just generally useful armor/hp items for tanks. Righteous Glory can basically be used on any tank to get into a fight, and Thornmail will always grant a decent amount of benefit, although it is more optimal into attack speed. Basically I just think armor/hp items are more generally useful than the mr/hp options.
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