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0829 (NA)
: It's all a matter of opinion though, isn't it? Can I say both are great instead? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
LUL. No I think Smeb is a complete player compared to Khan and from far away.
Maszii (EUW)
: I don't see Smeb anywhere at Worlds. Meanwhile Khan and the botlane carried LZ to LCK champs and Worlds.
His team didn't played well during the end of the season. I think he was constant but Deft and Pawn just chocked.
Infernape (EUW)
: It's pretty amazing how LZ went from one of the worst teams in spring to SKT killers in summer.
Yea but Smeb was able to be one of the best players in the world in a short matter of time. And the ROX tigers team was a super team because of him.
: Yeah, Smeb's Fiora and Kennen were insane. I wouldn't know which player is better. I give Khan my vote mostly because he is able to make it work by playing champion that no one else is picking, Jax, Fiora, Nasus.. Keep in mind, this is in a meta where majority of the top lane picks are Cho or Mao
That's why he plays Jax, fiora and Nasus, he can't play real tanks. Smeb can.
: NA LCS: Format update for 2018
Just take the good example and use the Korean format. BO1 is complete shit and NA teams aren't going to improve a lot using this format! Cmon RIOT the majority dosen't want this! From where do you take your stats cause 98% of the responses are against your idea!
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: Let's Change Pro Play
Seriously, paying attention to the pick and ban phase helps a lot for improving especially when the casters explain why a certain champion is picked or why another has been banned. It also helps to see which champions are coming back in the meta, etc...
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: You don't need to become a game analyst, just to get more map awarness. I told you to watch some LCS matches with him so you can see how he moves.
Yea I think I'll watch some even if I know the player really well.
: Not quite right... As Aurelion Sol you are not a Syndra or a LB that can go in and melt ppl, you are creating a "No no zone" which is the orbit of your stars and enabling your team with your stun that can be used as a risky initiation or a perfect follower of a CC chain. And remember that your Ult can also be a displacement. You need to learn a lot about positioning and how to move around in order to dodge skillshots and flanks. Edit: I wanted to add that you can watch some LCS matches where CLG Huhi plays him as he has become famous for being one of the few Aurelion Sol players.
Overall, my view and analyze of teamfights are pretty bad tbh. I only focus on me and the ennemies so I can't pay attention to dodge, or which ccs or summ spels are used. So Aurelion is going to be a good champ to obligates me to learn more about this. But if u got some tips, videos or guides to explain temafights overall, it'd be appreciated. :)
: It's because he has a group of extremely dedicated aurelion sol mains who use his E and E passive to roam like a god and destroy bot/top with ganks. He's also very effective in team fights because of his AOE damage. He has a very low playrate and generally low play rate correlates with high win rate.
Yea, now I understand why he has such a big winrate. Ur post is usefull thanks man, I think I'm going to learn him.
: Aurelion is extremely hard to learn. A decent aurelion can win lane, but a good one is a monster will bring that lead to all 3 lanes because he's so good at roaming. His strengths are of course, roaming, kiting, and teamfighting since you can just sit in the middle of your team with your stars around your allies "protecting" and not letting anyone in because of Rylai's. His weaknesses are assassins since they can just go through your stars with mobility and you can't do anything about it, and divers like J4 and Vi. You should buy him if you're serious about spamming 100+ games on him.
Thanks your post is helpful, it helped me understand a bit more about Aurelion and I think I'm going to buy him.
: As a Mastery 7 A-sol I'll give my insight: Ofc the small playrate pumps it up a bit especially because while his weaknesses are hellish clear (dive inside the stars = dead dragon, cc chain = no stars = dead dragon) ppl are not used to deal against him. But overall he is a strong character, his main strenghts are teamfights and roam power with which he can feed his team and himself. I also noticed a great increasing in start game invades which are an enormous mistake against an Aurelion Sol because if you don't kill him he can just pop his stars and hit each and every1 of the attackers. His main build consists of {{item:3030}} + {{item:3116}} that make him able to kite to death anything caught with mobility CDs down.
Thanks for sharing ur experience, it was usefull. As I can understand, Aurelion is really good in teamfights if the ennemy dosen't have a lot of cc or when all the ccs are used so he can just go in and burst everyone down. But do you think it's a great idea to buy him?
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: Kayn's Darkin form is infinitely better than his Shadow Assassin form atm
Yea I think Kayn should be buffed, especially on his no-damage ultimate
Serevas (NA)
: I'd suggest jungle over ADC, you can do fine as ADC, but being tied to a bad duo in lane makes for one of the most defeating feelings I've ever experienced in this game. The only thing worse is when every single lane feeds as a jungler, but I feel like as the jungler you have more of a chance to pull your team back than you would as an ADC. I, like you, rather dislike playing top lane tanks, though interestingly I feel I have a much better time playing tanky champions in the jungle when necessary, and the versatility to play anything from an assassin to a tank and everywhere in between is rather enjoyable to me.
Yea I completely agree with you. Jungling seems way enjoyable than playing ADC. But there is something that I like when playing ADC, idk what it is maybe dodging skills, dps on everyone, teamfighting as an ADC like ashe is statisfaying as well.
Dehitay (NA)
: If the tank meta is coming back, then top lane would be the best place to be unless you're the type of person that refuses to play tanks.
I hate playing tanks, I was a mid main and I mianed top this season because bruiser were coming back and now thay are getting nerfed again and again.
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: if camille isn't banned a lot in your elo then anything is going to be viable in the next patch and will be able to carry a team if you're fed.
Ok thanks man I'm just not sure if I should buy Jhin because he's picked a lot and he's pretty good right now.
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: {{champion:69}} of course, she's not only the best 4800 IP champ for solo queue, but the best champion period.
OK I,ll go with her next time I reach 4800ip now I went for Viktor who is pretty OP right now too But Thanks :D
: {{champion:50}}
Yea but he dosen't seem fun to play and he got nerfed
xWaters (NA)
: I'm not sure if it is necessarily best to look for the most OP champs. At the 4800 range, in the top lane, favorites are definitely Nautilus and Maokai. Nautilus I'm literally 2 games away from Mastery 5 and plan to get Mastery 7 with him as he is my favorite, go to champ. Although I do primarily play him the jungle, he works top as well. When Maokai was free quote a few weeks ago, I spammed him top. Very much fun, and I'm buying him next. I build Nautilus straight tank, and I guarantee I'm about top three in damage dealt and number one damage absorbed. A true monster in team fights with all the CC. Even in bronze people know to go in when I ult. For 4800 consider Darius (never played) but many people seem to like him.
Yea thanks I'll see between Trundle, Naut, Maokai and Vladimir but thanks for your answer and I alread have Darius. :D
Jbels (NA)
: Tank Fizz, because you literally don't even have to try
Thx but I already have Fizz
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Takazaki (NA)
: there is no surprise why they nerfed azir, azir is still viable as he always has been he just did to much. oppressive laning, seige and objective control. same with kindred except it was more about the abusive relationship with items. further more you are low ranked so you can probably get away with murder so long as you're good at what you do. viability only becomes a concerned maybe at plat i think ( people still consider gold to be a shit pool but i wouldnt know.)
: As long as AP tank items are strong so will Azir be. He synergizes too well with Rylai's and deals too much damage. Damage is the main reason you play Azir, utility is secondary.
Émiil (NA)
: They just want to fit azir in the ''zone control mage'' category, so they took his siege aspect out of the game. They nerfed Kindred because of how opressive her early game still is after earlier nerfs. They are making her marks a little more attractive to the player. And less of a ''Oh look a mark nearby, should I get it?'' thing.. (and that makes me sad bacause she is my waifu) Ekko nerfs are really just to make AP a more intuitive aproach. They are trying to tone Tank ekko down. Again. And Maokai, well, he is just too damn OP late game. BUT they will most likely still be all viable.
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Amelie (NA)
: I think each of them is famous for different things, but generally speaking they are good at making plays, punishing mistakes while making few/none themselves, and farming very well even under pressure.
yea, that mkes sense Thanks
: Faker isn't that good
At least he's better than me ;)
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: why do you ask for help when you argue the help...give you things to improve but say it won't matter. I never understand people...
Lol but i odn't improivwe even if I now this things!!
Fovere (NA)
: I wouldn't recommend watching pro games and expecting to take any of those lessons into ranked, especially DQ. It's important to understand there is a world of difference between a highly polished team of expert players and the avg scrub match in ranked. I'd pick a set of flexible champs that can do well in a variety of situations, and stick to mastering two roles. Keep in mind if you "fill" or "support" as secondary, you will pretty much 100% be supporting
Ok thanks for answering man
: What are the best bans for patch 6.9?
Kindred is the most OP jungler of the moment so... but at low elos no one knows how to play with him so...
: Going off from just the last game where you played Graves jungle: Your rune page is all over the place. That will definitely hurt you early game. I never play Graves, let alone Graves jungle but the Pros are building: 9x Armor Pen Marks, 9x Scaling Health Seals, 9x MR or Scaling MR Glyphs, and either 3x Attack Speed Quints or 1x AD Quint and 2x Attack Speed Quints. That will help give you a huge early game spike that you're not having now, plus help clear your jungle faster. As for Masteries, I'd go 12/0/18 instead of what you have since Graves is a fighter jungler, not a supporty type. Scorcery-Double Edged Sword-Natural Talent-Bounty Hunter under the Ferocity Tree Recovery-Tough Skin-Vetern's Scar-Insight (though if you're having problems clearing, Preserverence is okay too)-Swiftness-Strength of Ages Both the rune page and mastery page was taken from Moon on Probuilds...he had the best all around scores IMO though there were many slight changes with different players. You did outfarm the other jungler, which is good but for a Graves, I'd definitely expect a bit more farm in a 36 minute game. When your laner backs, cover their lane...either push it to their tower, then let it naturally reset, or just hold it, not pushing at all. Also, I don't know if you contested any, but dragons and rift herald is extremely beneficial to your team now. Rift Herald Buff lasts 20 minutes now! I would have given it to Ekko and let him go crazy 1v1. Dragons are even more now too with the extra buffs depending on the type of dragon. Keep dragon pit warded. Killed the jungler? Dragon! Jungler is top and a bot laner is dead? Dragon! You should at one point be able to solo Dragon as Graves, though I can't help you on what level. YOu'll have to experiment honestly. In terms of your Azir games, you're picking one of, if not the hardest mid laners to play. I'd suggest sticking to easier mid laners....Ahri, Annie, Ekko, etc. And again your Runes are pretty bad. I highly recommend going to and seeing what the Pros are using. I'd probably say stick with normals for a while and find about 2 champions that you can play well and learn them like the back of your hand. Picking easy champs that you know well and sticking to them only (one trick pony) will help you learn more of the aspects of the game that you're missing in order to climb. Once you know that then you can expand to other champions.
Yea, you're true my runes are not completed but I don't think that's why I have these scores and lose my games. Second, the enemy jungler, was beating me all the game in farm I just farmed almost all the game to not be that useless. And finally, i love azir and mostly in normal games, I outplay people with this champion but in ranked, I do shit and I'm stressed so I don't play well.
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: Say what? No way is he weak lol.
: Enjoy :) when ur ready to be a true hunter, buy rengar :D
Already have rengar but he's actually weak so...
: Aatrox is totally a great jungler!
yea but not my style Thanks
Girard (NA)
: If you're looking to get out of Bronze try Amumu, he's a very strong jungler that has decent clear and can turn a bad game into a win if played correctly, which is easy because of how simple he is.
Thanks but I don't like tank champions
: They have pretty different playstyles, and i wouldnt say Kha'Zix is by any means better like this guy is saying.. Kha'zix hasn't been in a good spot since season 4 when he was played as a poke champ with evolved W.
I got KhaZix on hextech chests I'll take him i think anyway he's free to me XD
: Best Jungler to climb low elo? Rammus. He's powerful and very easy to use. Early game he's easily game-determining with his Ganks; late game, he's an unstoppable tank and very powerful if you know how to team fight as Tank. He's powerful and easy to use at all stages of the game. He has RIDICULOUS mobility and Tankiness and his point and click CC Taunt allows your team to focus key targets in Ganks and team fights. The two Gank methods are super easy to pull off and require no skill shots whatsoever: 1. Q into the Lane from the side at very high speed until you hit the target... press E to taunt him (making him attack you) and hit W (you gain amor and he hurts himself). Most of the time the enemy will die when your laner also attacks him... or he will run away and burn Flash. 2. The same thing except JUST as you're about to hit him, you surprise him by hitting Flash and/or use a Smite slow. Q + W + E + auto attacks Post 6 you throw in an R for earthquakes. Late game? Just fight as a front-liner as a Tank and soak up all the damage (running out when you're about to die, wasting and burning enemy spells and attacks). Anytime they hit you they hurt themselves too since you have W on and you probably bought Thornmail. It's low elo so they'll all attack you even though you're tanky as hell, allowing your carries to fire at them and win fights. SUPER EASY. SUPER EFFECTIVE. The build is super easy too. Just build all amor (1 MR item if the enemy Mage is fed). His passive converts amor into attack points. Rammus = Freelo. He isn't flashy and the special effects kind of suck... but he gets the job done more often than not. A few practice games and you'll be good to go. I don't think any other jungler matches his level of reliability in low elo and relevance throughout all stages of the game.
Yea i know this but I don't like tanks But thanks for answering and for your long text :)
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