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: Did the current Leblanc Support winrate just hit 53.41%?
I make LeBlanc support work, bring it on bitches.
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Slythion (NA)
: I enjoy dark humor to a healthy amount too, it's just probably not appropriate for league's official boards. There's a time and place for everything after all It was really the cat's death that is a bit too edgy, idgaf about cartoon deaths.
The cat gets up and walks away, I just edited that part out.
Slythion (NA)
: well this was pretty distasteful
Sorry not sorry that I have a different sense of humor than you.{{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
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: lol that movie was crazy
Its a hidden gem for sure
YuGiHo (NA)
: i love this
More LeBlanc memes to come!
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ilin15 (EUNE)
LeBlancs E is considered a debuff, thats why it goes through Tahm Kenches e, Xayas R, Fizz invincibility, basucially it gets anything except a zhonyas.
Toppien (NA)
: i dont get it...
LeBlanc is getting some changes and thats what we want from August cause hes hearing us out.
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Lavenora (EUW)
: Carnival LeBlanc
Oh my goodness gracious, this is flawless.
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: But, what is being changed?
I dont know, some minor changes to make her similar to the old LeBlanc.
: So what's getting changed? You didn't really answer the question. What is the actual news you are referring to?
I dont know whats being changed, all I know is the closer they make her to old LeBlanc the better it is.
zaire90 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tails9016,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=qAmxOAoB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-20T02:41:59.828+0000) > > The only news I've heard is a revert to 1 or 2 of her abilities But only her Ult and passive changed tho whats being reverted
Nope, they also made her q bounce, e gets true sight, e no longer has a 30% slow, W speed was increased, w has a snapback delay, w damage lowered,
: What good news are you referring to?
Changes that will benefit LeBlanc players, such as ways to have a more favorable way to kill adc's in the mid-late game, faster burst.
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: How to properly buff LeBlanc so that she is finally meta/viable again and no longer trash tier
Im fine with those changes tbh, people complain about her delayed single target cc that's a thin af skillshot, and its only a snare, not a stun.
: The "eblan" in LeBlanc is Censored when creating an item set.
Thats weird, I have a rune page named (LeBlanc Support) and its not censored, maybe only occurs when the name is just by itself.
: Doesn't fit with LeBlanc's character imo Something like Mafia LeBlanc might be better (I swear I saw that idea somewhere)
She needs Gucci material, not something bought at Forever 21.
: @Hylia Now that you're officially Riot, can we get this skin and soon!?
ƒaçade (NA)
: Mafia / Queenpin LeBlanc Skin Concept by Riot Hylia
Oh yeah they work for riot now, this is the LeBlanc skin that us LeBlanc mains actually want.
: "Purchase boots in 4 games"
Faie (NA)
: If you're a vegetarian that eats meat on occasion, that still classifies you as an omnivore, just like almost every other human being.
oh ok so thats what its called, I guess Im like bisexual for meat and veggies then or something like that.
: Skin is flesh, so nope. You're still a carnivore.
But I also eat fruits and such so wouldnt that make me like a vegetarian who just so happens to eat meat too? Assuming you're correct but I'll let the poll be the judge of that.
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: Leblanc has Zoe ult at level 1
Zoe is a down-syndromfied version of LeBlanc
Cloud273 (NA)
: Assassins are "high risk"...
LeBlanc is pretty balanced, she has delayed cc thats single target and its a thin skill shot, her w deals no damage and its whole purpose now is for re-positioning. She has to wait 1.5 seconds to deal damage meaning she has to be close when using her e to keep it latched onto you giving your team time to attempt to land any cc on her.
: LeBlanc Skins
I prefer if they changed the splash to her old splash cause she looked more triumphant, her pose was on point.
Jøkèr (NA)
: Any tips and tricks with Leblanc?
Take electrocute, taste of blood, ravenous hunter, eyeball collection, ultimate hat, transcendence. you can take gathering storm but thats a preference. as for build you can go {{item:3285}} into {{item:3146}} and {{item:3089}} , or {{item:3146}} into {{item:3165}} and {{item:3135}}. also always pick up {{item:3020}} before your second item and possibly get {{item:3136}} after the second item, but that item is a preference. Max q, w, then e. your most damaging combo is w to get in range then use e re and q or just for easy poke you can w q rq.
Vanic998 (NA)
: Ok then Vel’Koz and cass’s hitboxes need a fix.
For vel its kinda weird cause he floats and LeBlancs chains start from the ground so it looks like it doesnt hit him but his hitbox acts as if hes grounded. As for cassiopea she could be heading up, you throw youe chains to the left of her, she turns right to dodge it but that extends her hurtbox so you get the tip of her tail and it looks like you didnt hit her within that .5 sec turn, hard to explain I know but thats pretty much it.
: It's totally her chains. I've played humanoid characters before and had her chain latch onto me from twice my model away. It's been talked about on and off for a LONG time, and isn't exclusive to Cass and Vel.
2 models away? Yeah I dont believe you on that (could be exaggeration). I have 2 million mastery points on LB, old one had that problem, the reworked one doesnt have this, hardly ever happens to me and if it does its usually Cass or Vel cause of their weird movements, especially vel cause hes floating so it looks like it doesnt hit at all, notice her chains goes to the ground, they can do a new visual where she shoots it straight out to be more clear but thats something that you should address to Riot, other than that I dont have much else to say.
Vanic998 (NA)
: LeBlanc’s Chain Hitbox is weird. With video proof.
It happens with Velkoz mostly and Cassiopiea cause of their movement, same thing goes for Sol, its not really LeBlancs chain, try her chain in a practice game and try to miss the dummies on purpose to you can find out when it hits.
: {{champion:134}} I remember months and months ago, as a Syndra main, saying when they were first testing Syndra changes that the Q nerfs (and then Q passive changes) would lead to more and more focus on her ult. At the same time, I predicted that this indirect R buff would lead to R nerfs, and that Riot would continue backing themselves into a corner on this issue until she's nothing more than another burst champ/veigar wannabe. At which point she'll be reworked because a champion centered around nothing but a point-click R isn't much fun to play as or against and that niche is already filled anyway. Looks like we're right on schedule. Syndra is looking less and less like the champion people originally fell in love with. Riot has done nothing to this champion but continue to nerf the parts of this champion that actually made her fun for the sake of preserving what is probably the least-loved aspect of the champion. Spamming Q and throwing damage in every direction and manipulating that was what made her kit unique. Her R is not only the most gameplay-toxic part of her kit, it's also the least interesting part to use! Spamming Q and the trade-centric gameplay that makes is fun. Repositioning spheres with W to be threatening from multiple angles is fun. The positioning game between players that E creates is fun. And not only is it fun for the Syndra, all of these are full of counterplay and can be fun for her opponents, too. Counting spheres and point-clicking? Not very interesting. Not very engaging. Is it a necessary tool on her kit? In our world of assassin/mobility creep, sure, that reliable burst plays an important role. But is the ult the part of her kit that makes her fun? No. So why are we focusing her kit more and more onto the part with the least counterplay? Why are we focusing her kit more and more onto the part that's the least fun, both playing with and against it? The only answer I can come up with is that Riot doesn't understand this champion at even the most basic of levels. That no one on the gameplay team plays this champion, and no one bothered to even try to ask anyone that does play her what actually makes her a fun and unique champion.
Honestly im fine with them reverting her to her season 5 form if it means lb gets the same treatment. Remember in season 5 when no one complained about them? no buffs or nerfs? Just completely peaceful?
: Leblanc Combo tips
use wr w to gap close, er e to chain cc, usually for tanks. q rq for siblge target burst. w minion wavw then q if you w'd the midlaner. use r clone to block skillshots. look up a LeBlanc guide.
Icebolt (NA)
: Riot, Leblanc doesn't have a predictable pattern.
lol stop making this look like a theme when you obviously want this as a nerf to her.
: > [{quoted}](name=PentaJuke,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rO3I4kiW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-08-04T22:45:00.073+0000) > > they got rid of the slow and fixed the hitbox, what more do you want the range is ridiculous have you even played against it
Yeah, its called dodging her e or better yet, get mr. literally one purchase helps alot.
Cloud273 (NA)
: It's honestly stupid how easily assassins can avoid tower damage...
Yasuo has like 6 dashes if theres 6 minions lol, he has windwalll. Ima assume you're a Yasuo trying to make him look weak, bye Felicia.
: can you guys please consider nerfing leblancs chains
they got rid of the slow and fixed the hitbox, what more do you want
koshkyra (NA)
: An in-depth description of why the LeBlanc rework was a huge failure from a LeBlanc main
am I the only LeBlanc main who doesnt mind it they dont/do rework her?
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Cloud273 (NA)
: Yea her chain is stupidly easy to use, but the Leblanc mains will cry if Riot gives her any meaningful nerfs (which means they lose money from skin sales), so they won't touch her.
Easy to use? You need to practice on keeping the tether at max range to be safe, its also a thin skill shot.
: > [{quoted}](name=SpelingMistakee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UJgl4Is8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-03T03:19:20.021+0000) > > Yea. Leblanc's range on everything is pretty damn op. Yeah it's not that EVERYTHING is op, just that I wish you could have counterplay against anything where leblanc w's close to you and chains. There is NO way out of it except if you mobility skills or thresh lantern (or tahm etc)
the counterplay is to dodge the skillshot.
LeBlαnc (EUNE)
: Am I am main leblanc if I have 600k? I feel like the more I play it gets harder and harder to simply not die and be relevant in the game. I could say about my 1000 combos and strategy. Maybe the guys from high elo are not humans or something but tell me what can i do vs a Kassadin or a lot of other champions. I've been playing both old and new leblanc and i need to say that the old one is better because of that pure damage in one single second or less. But it's too much. Leblanc is a mage assasin , which mean she should have a fair dmg vs minions and the tools to roam and kill the enemy fast. Well she has that but looks like they are scared or somerhing because of the final product. Some may say that she has some ryze atributes but in my opinion she is more like Ryze had a baby with Zed and Syndra delivered the baby. And now they say 'oh lb is too powerful she needs a lot of nerfs' i tell you that the very design of her is very strong. As long as she have this kit it doesn't matter what you do she will always be strong but harder to play her well and win your lane. If someone wants to know about my new build made by me (i think it's not unique and it has be created by someone else but i haven't seen anything so i'll say it's unique and made by me) just ask
Spill the beans, tell me about this build!
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