: _Pentakill Practice_ {{champion:30}} Good work everyone. How many souls did we effect this time? {{champion:412}} 73% of the souls in my lamp this time. {{champion:30}} Better than last time but we need it to be higher before our next tour so we can really effect the audience. What didn't they like? {{champion:412}} Let me see....Mmm...they are saying the Bass was a little off. {{champion:83}} Ahhh crap. {{champion:82}} Guess the girlfriend thing not working out yet? {{champion:2}} Yorick with a girlfriend? I need to cut back on the Graggy Ice again cause I think my ears are drunk. {{champion:37}} ............. {{champion:30}} How has that been going by the way. {{champion:83}} Well I try one of those dating sites and...... _Flashback_ {{champion:83}} When I said that one of the requirements was that you have to enjoyed digging graves I meant actual graves...for graveyards...with a shovel and dirt...and not a person named Graves. {{champion:4}} My bad. You should probably fixed that on the site then. Bye. {{champion:83}} Well this was a waste. Wonder if anyone else is going to come. {{champion:104}} So what's this I hear about someone really digging me? {{champion:83}} Oh for F*** sake _End Flashback_ {{champion:83}} It did not end well. {{champion:37}} _snickering _ {{champion:83}} What? You got something to say Sona? {{champion:37}} .................. {{champion:82}} She is right. Why not try looking for someone here first? I'm sure a lot of ladies here really...'Dig' you. Hahahahahaha {{champion:83}} I'm going for a walk. Be back whenever.
Amazing as always {{item:2010}}
: Champion and skin sale: 06.28 - 07.01
Last time I was this early... This joke was funny New Joke: What do you call a magical celebrity in a hole? {{champion:432}} Pitt
: Champion and skin sale: 01.29 - 02.01
Pool Party {{champion:61}} in background of Pool Party {{champion:64}} when {{champion:61}} is on sale. Coincidence? I think not /\ /{{champion:161}} \ ___ You know what someone else make the triangle
: Nothing today guys. Had a busy weekend and a busy day today so I couldn't finish today part. If I can, I will make Thursday extra long.
It's ok buddy I got you Once upon a time there was a yordle named Teemo (He looked like this {{champion:17}} ) He died The End
Ralanr (NA)
: An undead abomination who knows only violence. He gives the best bear hugs.
So good people's arms can't BEAR them... Yeah I'm a terrible person
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:59}} I called you all here today because I know Swain has something planned. {{champion:86}} What makes you say that? {{champion:59}} I had a Nocturne dream. {{champion:99}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:5}} _gasp_ {{champion:59}} I know. And as you all know these dreams aren't just dreams but visions. In it he left a message saying that Swain is using him for something and it required something from me. {{champion:5}} To think he would used Nocturne of all things. {{champion:59}} I know. So we must planned a counter-attack to his attack now. And here is what I propose..... _We interrupt this program to bring you a important announcement _ {{champion:37}} ........ _We now return to our regularly schedule program._ {{champion:59}} .....and that is my plan. {{champion:86}} I like this plan. {{champion:99}} Genus. {{champion:102}} Excellent. {{champion:5}} Amazing idea. {{champion:59}} Then let get started right away.
{{champion:254}} Plan? I don't need a plan. Sorry had to
: Champion and skin sale: 10.23 - 10.26
**PSA**: In league of legends dying is the number one cause of death. Stay safe summoners.
: Your Favorite Champion gains 500 base damage on their W if it heals then 500 bonus healing
: 2015 World Championship rules
: "O Wolf, Curse this thy foe with a mark, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy." "First shalt thou take out the Holy Arrow. Then shalt thou count to three auto attacks, no more, no less. Three shall be the number of arrows thou shalt shoot, and the number of the shooting shall be three. Four shalt thou not shoot, neither shoot thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Unholy Wolf of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it." See, 3's the only number of stacks that makes sense.
Macilento (EUW)
: Who will you be Cheering for at world?
Cloud 9, Fnatic repeat win, ~~Liquid~~ (too soon?), or clg. ANYONE BUT ASIA As much as I love Asia We can't let them always win {{item:3070}}
: Digital RP Codes on Amazon
Just got an amazon gift card for my birthday so YAY I quote spongebob "I'd like to use this piece of plastic to buy this piece of plastic" (Yes I know they're digital LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT)
iLuma (NA)
: iLuma Retro Video Game Contest! Win a FREE Skin or Champion ~
Pacman Why you may ask? Pacman inspired me being the first ever video game I've played. While I did not grow up in the "Retro Era" all the games are great because of the simplicity and addiction. Pac man was hard for me being only 6 years old I didn't understand strategy but every time he died I would be sad because ALL I WANTED WAS FOOD. The ghosts taught me many important things 1. Ghosts are douche bags 2. Getting food is hard 3. Always keep cherries with you to eat ghosts To this day I have a loving for cherries. Never forget to keep wackaing. Pineapple
: Oh hey Woad Scout Quinn. But I want this skin for her instead: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/JOeeFePR-project-quinn-skin-idea But on to the story: {{champion:41}} So you wish to be a pirate? You are old and it seems like you have trouble moving. What can you do? {{champion:50}} I can turn into a bird. {{champion:41}} I don't see how that is useful. Sure you can be on someone shoulder but that is not really needed to be a pirate. {{champion:50}} _transform_ {{champion:41}} QITHQEIWERGHJWEFNQSJWEOFBWIBEFPOQJEFBFQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{champion:50}} **Still think this isn't useful?** {{champion:41}} It's useful! It's useful! Just please change back. {{champion:50}} _transform_ {{champion:41}} _deep breathing_ Ok....you are in. Excuse me for a bit guys I will be right back. {{champion:18}} Wonder where he his going? {{champion:9}} Swain really scared him. {{champion:68}} Didn't scare me. {{champion:9}} Yes he did. I can smell fear. The only one that wasn't scare was Katerina. {{champion:55}} I'm used to seeing it. {{champion:50}} Wonder how long we have to wait. {{champion:9}} A while. {{champion:68}} How do you know? {{champion:9}} Let's just say it wasn't only fear I smelled from him.
Best thing I've woken up to yet. 10/10
: {{champion:90}} _Void Log. Today I am reviewing Kha'zix. So far everything is going smoothly. While his outward appearance has changed quite a bit, his personally and loyalty to the Void remains the same. _ {{champion:121}} And that was the 12th person I killed. Many still think I am an urban myth so I can still roam around quite easily. {{champion:90}} Very good Kha'zix. I just have 1 more question. {{champion:121}} Ask away. {{champion:90}} Say there is a giant golden beam of energy coming right toward you. What would you do? {{champion:121}} Well that is an odd question to ask. Why do you ask? {{champion:90}} Cause there is one heading for you right now _dodge_ {{champion:121}} What!? _Turns around_ Oh F-- _Boom_ {{champion:90}} _cough cough_ Kha'zix? You ok? {{champion:121}} .......I.....have changed. {{champion:90}} Huh? {{champion:121}} I am....a Guardian of the Sands....and I must protect the sands. _walks away._ {{champion:90}} https://i.imgur.com/uROJj0c.png Note: Just in case anyone asked, the beam that the sundisk fired at Azir and missed last time hit Kha'zix, thus turning him into one. Now **STOP ASKING ME WHERE GoTS KHA'ZIX IS!!!!!!?** .....Love you all. :P
When is GoTS {{champion:33}} showing up?
: {{champion:90}} _Void Log. Unbelievable. They made me go from Shurima to Demacia to visit Cho'gath and then they wanted me to go back to Shurima for this Rek'sai. They didn't give much info on this creature though. Wonder why?_ {{champion:90}} Hello? Rek'sai? {{champion:421}} _grrr_ {{champion:90}} My name is Malzahar. I am here to ask some question to help the Void. {{champion:421}} _ROAR_ {{champion:90}} Oh dear god.... _Later in another area._ {{champion:15}} What a beautiful day today. Think I will go out for a bit. Mmmm? What is that? {{champion:90}} AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH {{champion:421}} _ROAR_ {{champion:15}} ......On second thought, I think I will stay inside. _turns around_ {{champion:268}} **Sun Disk WHY!!** _punch_ **won't** _punch_ **you **_punch_ **make **_punch_ **me **_punch_ **a **_punch_ **GUARDIAN!!!** {{item:3069}} **Fine just stop hitting me and stand over there.** {{champion:268}} **Yes. Ok I am ready.** {{item:3069}} **Ummm....Mmmm....** _Fires beam_ {{champion:268}} **You missed? How did you miss?** {{item:3069}} **I did? I thought I hit the real one.** {{champion:268}} **What do you mean real one?** {{item:3069}} **You been hitting me so much that I see 4 of you. I took a guess. I need to sleep this headache off. Shouldn't take more that 10-15** {{champion:268}} **Minutes? Hours? ** {{item:3069}} **More like Months or Years depending on how bad this is.** {{champion:268}} **Wait** {{item:3069}} **Night. Zzzzzzzzz** {{champion:268}} **WHY!!!!!!!?** {{champion:15}} ........outside it is today.
{{champion:33}} will you save us? {{champion:33}} ok
: Your favorite champion just became Supreme Leader of the League.
: {{champion:45}} no short jokes
League will shortly become better if Veigar is leader We'll fix every tiny flaw Enhance the minute details We'll fix every teeny teensy itsy-bitsy itty-bitty bug
: Sona walks into a bar
{{champion:83}} Walked into a bar. There was no counter
: Why are so many people complaining about Mark/Dash?
I take ARAM very seriously mind you and I find this a disgrace just look at this play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj0DXFWrQ2w Disgusting excuse for an summoner spell
: Am I the only one who is getting way, way, WAY more minion blocking/clipping than before?
I can understand that the minion blocking is a purposely implemented mechanic into LoL as it stands. I do however believe Malz's Voidlings should not be able to block Malz or have better pathing. I do believe with some ideas in this thread that certain boots should have non-minion collision in them. This game was also based off dota where minion blocking at the beginning of the game is a legit strategy. In the end Minion Blocking is a thing that happens and we can all have a Lol on Lol about it if it happens to us. Besides, Minions op.
Rioter Comments
: When people insult you for being in bronze
Ok thanks for calling me (The 5-0-1) adc a bronzie after you get caught and I don't "help" and we all "need" you because you're a "diamond smurf" as a 0-8-2 {{champion:84}} who bought {{item:3041}} first item. As a true bronze I've given up hope of tryharding to get to gold and instead spend my day full of dodged queue's when trying to get a simple game of {{champion:267}} top.
: The The Biggest #L$SBIGPLAY You've done
Playing with my friend he was playing jinx {{champion:222}} The enemy's barely survived barely and we were both level 5 I told him to start pushing minions and we barely hit 6 and he ulted and got a double kill My other one was anticipating a {{champion:222}} as {{champion:105}} and dodged it with my e
: Your Main's Theme Song
{{champion:412}} When adc doesn't take lantern https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KolfEhV-KiA
: Your favorite champion just received a threatening letter from Omega Squad Teemo.
Mr Comet (NA)
: You are about to fight your main.
How it went over the past year 1st main {{champion:24}} Play {{champion:127}} 2nd main {{champion:22}} Play {{champion:127}} 3rd main {{champion:238}} Play {{champion:127}} 4th main {{champion:105}} Play {{champion:127}} Realize my main is {{champion:127}} Enemy picks lissandra ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Go {{champion:267}} top because F*ck it this is bronze
: I once played {{champion:412}} and my ADC {{champion:119}} was raging hardcore at me for not letting him "pick up the souls" and I'm the reason he's dying because he's not getting armour from the souls.
: When you accidentally take the ADCs kills and they rage at you all game.
I stole my adc's 9th kill of the game because I thought they were going to get away Needless to say my adc raged at me for it for some reason Then I "stole" 1 cs with relic shield and she left the game as 8/0/1 {{champion:51}} Needless to say that game went well...
: This is just too funny!
{{champion:26}} **"The way is always the same"**
SlimyDan (OCE)
: What's the meanest thing you've accidentally done
I stole my adc's 9th kill of the game and they afk'd as an 8/0/1 adc **OH MY I MADE BIG MISTAKE** In all seriousness i was playing with my friends and my friends was running from the enemy team so I {{champion:48}} troll pole'd him into the enemy team. I'm such a nice person
darkdill (NA)
: A group of bandits is descending on a helpless village! Who will save them?
{{champion:32}} Just wants them as friends but kills them Liek if you cri every tim
: {{champion:268}} **Skarner why are you not fighting?** {{champion:72}} **Well what can I do? Hit him with my tail? Or my chainsaws while he floating 50 FEET IN THE AIR!!!** {{champion:101}} **Hahahahahahaha. You fools can't even touch me. ** _Thunk_ {{champion:101}} **OW!! What the heck was that?** {{champion:15}} That would be me. {{champion:101}} **Did you just throw a frisbee at me?** {{champion:15}} FRISBEE!? This is my crossblade. {{champion:101}} **Looks more like a frisbee to me than that thing over there looking like a can-opener.** {{champion:72}} **HEY! Again? Really?** {{champion:101}} **I'm just saying what I see. ** _Thunk_ {{champion:101}} **OW!! Stop that. That is really annoying.** {{champion:15}} ..... _Thunk_ {{champion:101}} **THAT'S IT!!! Though it would only take a spark of my magic to kill you little girl, you will feel my full power. Eye of Destruction!!!! ** {{champion:268}} **Sivir!!** {{champion:15}} Oh S---- *BOOM!!!*
Why can't i play as {{champion:101}} and fly away into the world of club penguin and make roasted penguin and share it to everyone. We'd have world peace but nooooooooooo Rito won't let me fly.
: Petition to replace support players with bots that can:
* Get every hook binding and skillshot landing on the enemy adc always * Can oneshot enemy champs and gives all gold to adc
: I enjoy writing, so its fun for me. And it gives me more experience, which is nice. Fake internet points are awesome, i love every single one my posts get, so thank you.
Have you thought of doing a collab with lightdragoon?(he writes the sale stories)
: Fewer fancy hats but even more rapid fire
Quick Opinion Riot should NOT make Urf an official gamemode Why? If urf is an official gamemode what's the point? There's nothing special about it anymore. It's like having Christmas all year you're not getting presents every day. There's nothing special about Urf/April fools day. Whether you like it or not Riot should not have Urf be permanent. Thank you for listening to my opinions. Now if you excuse me I'm going to play jukes for days {{champion:7}} .
momonga (NA)
: Riot you will be the most hated company on the face of the planet if you don't bring back the actual URF by trolling your entire player base after a years begging of bringing it back.
: Riot Games API Challenge
{{champion:74}} **FOR SCIENCE**
Play Varus Get Doritos Get Mountain Dew Get an air horn Proceed to 360 noscope some bronzies
: Insert classic comment about wallet being empty...
{{champion:64}} Insert overused blind joke {{champion:161}} Insert overused can see joke
: Who's your Duo Queue partner?
I duo with my teddy bear. He supports me both on the rift and at night when I sleep. I will always win when he supporta {{champion:1}} with me.
: Kick off the 2015 season with LCS team icons!
My entire fantasy team is Elements players... Talk about trust.
: Up Next: {{champion:67}} must purge her biggest rival... The devil {{champion:17}} ON ANOTHER EXITING EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z
Or you could say {{champion:102}} {{item:3342}} z
: *Many months later* {{champion:59}} Oh god, oh god, oh god. {{champion:133}} King Jarvan? Is everything ok? {{champion:86}} It’s that time isn’t it? {{champion:133}} Is it really? {{champion:59}} Yes it is. {{champion:133}} Wow…that went by fast. {{champion:5}} I’ll say. I haven’t seen our King this nervous since his wedding to our Queen and that felt like only a week ago. {{champion:86}} Ahh what a wedding it was for Demacia. You know I was worried how the people would react to the bride but she became really popular. No one spoke out against her marrying Jarvan. {{champion:133}} I think that’s because they were afraid of getting eaten by her. {{champion:86}} Ohh…well she popular now…right? {{champion:133}} Yes Garen. {{champion:59}} Guys please I am trying to calm down here. {{champion:85}} You know I could bring some medicine to calm said nerves. {{champion:59}} Doctor Kennen? Why are you here? {{champion:85}} Akali told me that today is the day so I came over with the birth and naming records {{champion:59}} Akali? {{champion:84}} Hey. {{champion:59}} AHHHH!!! God Akali one more time and I will have you arrested. {{champion:84}} Sorry. Just here to say that the egg finally hatched and Shyvana is bringing your kids here. {{champion:59}} Well I’m glad nothing went wrong with-KIDS!!!? {{champion:84}} Yeah…you have twin boys. {{champion:59}} I feel like I am going to faint. {{champion:102}} Not until you see them honey. {{champion:59}} My sons. {{champion:85}} Mmm…both look really healthy and I see one of them already has dragon scales and is growing a tail. Looks like this one will be more dragon-like while this one will be more human. Which one will be Jarvan V? {{champion:102}} Well our 'human' looking one came out the egg first so I guess that makes him the eldest one right? {{champion:59}} Then he shall carry the name of Jarvan V. {{champion:85}} Very well, then what about the other one? {{champion:59}} I think you should name him. {{champion:102}} Really? {{champion:59}} Yeah. I can tell you already have a name for him. {{champion:102}} Thanks {{champion:85}} So what is his name going to be? {{champion:102}} He shall be name after a dragon of legend. His name shall be: **Ao Shin** **THE END** Note: Thank you all for reading and enjoying my story. I will be taking a week break before starting a new story. Until then catch up on this story here: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fancreations/zLAEmrBJ-jarvan-iv-blind-date-stories Note 2: Again you don't have to, but I would love to hear more feedback about my idea for {{champion:111}} here: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/iZxZYHzh-real-talk-what-nautilus-theme-is-and-how-can-it-be-used-to-help-his-gameplay
Up Next: {{champion:67}} must purge her biggest rival... The devil {{champion:17}} ON ANOTHER EXITING EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z
: Patch 5.1 notes
Welp this game is becoming like starcrat 2 rito we can make armies now? {{champion:90}} approves.
jjjj4rd (NA)
: Team SoloMid Microwave
Oddone retired to become 24 hour microwave watchman
: {{champion:40}} Thanks again for going on this date with me Jarvan. {{champion:59}} Ummm...yeah...no problem. {{champion:40}} You are going to have so much fun with this. {{champion:59}} But is this really safe? {{champion:40}} Oh yeah. I do it all the time. You will love it. {{champion:59}} I am really having second thoughts about this. *Beep* {{champion:42}} Thank you all for flying "Air Corki" today. We have reach our altitude and the doors will be opening in a few seconds for you to jump out of. {{champion:40}} Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. :D {{champion:59}} Janna I think I am having second **door opens** {{champion:59}} THOUGHTS!!!!!! {{champion:40}} WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahaha. I never get tired of this feeling. What do you think Jarvan? {{champion:59}} SFPWJWAFLHSDHDJPOHGOWFSDHFWEJFNWVWQALNN {{champion:40}} What was that? I couldn't understand you? {{champion:59}} I WANT TO GET OFF THIS RIDE!!!! *Meanwhile back on the ground* {{champion:102}} Man I wish I could of gone on this ride. It sounded fun. Lucky Jarvan. {{champion:59}} OH THANK GOD LAND!!!! {{champion:102}} Oh they are back already. {{champion:59}} *kisses land* Oh I miss you so much land. Let us never be separated again. {{champion:40}} Ok next on our list is cliff jumping {{champion:59}} Oh dear god no. D: {{champion:40}} Come on it will be fun. {{champion:59}} Nope. Not leaving this ground again. {{champion:40}} :( {{champion:102}} I'll go. {{champion:59}} {{champion:40}} What? Why? {{champion:102}} It sounds like fun. {{champion:40}} Well..ok then. {{champion:59}} You two are crazy. *Goes back to kissing the ground.*
{{champion:7}} Becaus leblanc is Jarvan www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0dBvCNk4qA
: {{champion:53}} **Blitzcrank file #11. I have a good feeling about this one as this female is a descended of royalty.** {{champion:15}} How much? {{champion:59}} What? {{champion:15}} How much are you going to paid me? {{champion:59}} For what? {{champion:15}} For this date, marrying you, and giving you a child. {{champion:59}} Are you sure you are royalty? No offense but this is making you sound like a W- {{champion:268}} Finish that line and you will not leave here alive. {{champion:15}} Oh hi Grandfather. {{champion:59}} Grandfather? {{champion:268}} I am Azir, Emperor of Shurima. Now if you are going to marry my Granddaughter we get your land. {{champion:59}} WHAT!!!? {{champion:268}} We shall call it Shurmacia. {{champion:59}} No... {{champion:15}} And we get half of all their gold and silver {{champion:268}} But not any bronze. We don't like bronze. {{champion:59}} You are not getting anything. {{champion:268}} You don't want to anger me. {{champion:59}} And what are you going to do? {{champion:268}} I have an army of sand soldiers outside. {{champion:59}} I have a Shyvana outside. {{champion:268}}What's a Shyvana? {{champion:59}} This. *snap finger* **ROAR** {{champion:268}} {{champion:15}} !!? *runs outside* {{champion:15}} Is that a dragon? {{champion:268}} Huh..my entire sand army has been turn into glass. {{champion:15}} I only see about 20 soldiers here though. {{champion:268}} Well that was all I could make from the sandbox at the nearby park. {{champion:59}} So can you leave now? {{champion:15}} Fine. But I am still leaving you a bill for lunch today. {{champion:59}} sigh...Am I never going to find someone normal? {{champion:102}} **I don't think so.** {{champion:59}} Well we only have our appetizers and we already paid for the full course. Want to join me? {{champion:102}} *changes back* I would love to. **Note 1:** I am going to be dropping Syndra and Zyra for now. I just can't think of anything good for them right now. Sorry guys. :( **Note 2:** Since I saw this today, I got an idea for Thursday sale. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8gldxPgyZgY/VJDAdQQEh2I/AAAAAAAAAl8/fzBJd8cXR7Y/s1600/talesofvaloran56.png Note 3: This is a shamless I know, but I posted a topic about {{champion:111}} a month ago and I need some fresh blood in the topic. You don't have to check it, but I would love to hear some more thoughts. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/iZxZYHzh-real-talk-what-nautilus-theme-is-and-how-can-it-be-used-to-help-his-gameplay
"We don't like Bronze" Awwwww. I thought we had something azir :(
: Community Creations: League Gift Tags!
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