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: Many would argue that the ADC role is thriving due to diversity, but marksmen's are the worst they have been in a while. they can still hard carry but why play kai sa or ashe when you can just play Yasuo adc and hyper carry the game if you get even slightly ahead? I feel marksmens got hit to hard, I no longer fear them, they are just free kills as a jungler, but when you got a vlad adc with a brand support (as a jungler) I won't go near bot lane with a 50 foot pole. I won't say they are dead as they can still fuck you up, but they are not what they were.
I agree, there is no more fear from the ADCs, especially with the new items, the crit adcs are useless and they need ton of gold to actually do something, and what u mean by adc am talking about the marksman and not this new meta where anyone can claim to be adc and dominate the lane and/or hyper carry a game like you said with yas. So sad, i used to ADC main and carry the game all by myself, but now even if i win my lane a bit, am still useless in team fights, i literally deal nothing, cant do anything.... just so sad
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Migss (NA)
: Plat 3 Preseason Gold V curently with 80 percent win rate looking for duo AD/jungle
Stadium (NA)
: g4 former p1 lf duo
Am s4 and play as adc, hit me up if u wanna umm duo :)
: Support main looking for duo to gold or plat <3

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