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: Story behind your league names?
So my name was actually a collaborative effort. I was introduced to League about 6 years ago by one of my medical college roommates. He was the only one in our friend group who played but he convinced my two other roommates to try League. They then wanted me to play so we could all play together so I thought I would give it a try. I was the most reluctant because this wasn't really my type of game but I wanted to play games with my friends so I went for it. I had no idea about this game at the time so I went in cold turkey. We knew we were usually going to play together so I asked if they wanted names that went together. We spent 45 minutes coming up with ideas for names that sounded like they went together. I eventually landed on shapes and geometric designs. Words like Hepta, Octa and Hexa were the starting point ending up at Hexagon, Heptagon, Trigon etc.... One of my roommates was doing laundry and said he would be right back after "throwing a pod" in the washing machine. It caught my ear and asked the guys if we could become the pods. To my surprise, they loved it so we became Tripod, Quadpod, Pentapod and Octapod. When we played together, teams would always say how creative it was to see all the Pods together. Sadly, only I remain in the game of the group as they no longer play anymore but I don't change my name despite the urges because it reminds me of the reason I started playing in the first place: to be with friends and to have fun along the way. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: Sun Goddess Karma Login Screen - [Unofficial]
Extremely well done! Would love to know more about the process to create this! How many hours did this take?
Sillae (NA)
: Braum players always tend to be nice
I second this. They genuinely seem to care about the other players they play with. I tend to gravitate to characters that protect in some ways, Braum being my main. Nice to know that people out there appreciate us.
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: if you only could use 6 champions
Top 6: {{champion:201}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:136}} Honorable mention: {{champion:56}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:80}} I.....Ummm. I really like to protect people. Kind of have a thing for the "Saving Lives" concept. The first 4 are my mains.
: Update for the upcoming Alistar Animation
For those of you who don't know Rory, he is a phenomenal animator. He is the brains behind some of the more iconic and distinguished movesets in League such as Braum, Bard, Rakan and Kindred. Great to see him being recognized by the community as well as sharing his works on Fiora, Karma and now Alistar! Keep up the good work, Rory! The community appreciates your efforts! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: With the amount of bitching people do, what champs DO YOU GUYS PLAY?
Top: {{champion:201}} Jungle: {{champion:201}} Mid: {{champion:201}} Bot: {{champion:201}} Support: {{champion:201}} ALWAYS BRING BRAUM
: What do you want out of league in 2019?
I would like less turbines next year, please! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: all i want is for them to not block ultimates. an ult shouldn't be able to be blocked by a non ult ability. sure let them block any basic attack or a Q,W, or E. but that R, that R should be your trump card, and shoulnd't be able to be blocked by anything other than another R.
As a Braum main, there is nothing more satisfying than jumping in front of the ult that is flying across the map to kill your Marksman and blocking the ability and saving them. Or better yet, blocking a veigar ult for a teammate. Thats the good stuff right there.
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
Favorite Walk/Run animations: {{champion:201}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:427}} I picked these because each of them conveys the theme of the champion very well and matches their in game personalities. Braum gives off the feeling of confidence and urgency in his run. Bard gives the feeling of being divine since he is not running at all. He more or less floats along with a few intermittent steps. Ivern gives a very light hearted feel because of his jumpy long stride and almost floaty feel as well. Least Favorites: Champions that don't have a set sprint animation This is a general outlook on the question. The champions that don't have a sprinting animation are very apparent put against the likes of Sion, Galio and Eve. More specifically, the champs that have a very distinct or large motioned walk animation like Veigar or Blitz look very accelerated rather than just running. Whereas someone like Shen looks okay even though his normal run does not change when sped up. The champs that don't change their motion but the speed of the motion when increased makes it look off are my least favorites.
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: Who are your favorite champs what do you think they would do if they found a world rune?
The one champ I genuinely want to know what they would do with it is {{champion:201}}. He is always looking out for others but how easily could he be corrupted by the rune? I mean, he is able to be pass Illoai's test, save people's lives with a door and quick thinking and look out for the good of others. I have no idea what he would do but I want to know.
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: What do you guys want the next VGU after Nunu to be?
Based on what has been happening with the game lately regarding lore, I think the best bet for a rework is {{champion:80}} . Aatrox's lore is directed at him. The Targonian lore was a little altered because of Aatrox. Thats my top bet. Honestly, he doesn't play poorly. He is extremely one dimensional but he doesn't play poorly. My runner up picks are {{champion:10}} and {{champion:25}}. These two are for gameplay and lore reasons. It ties in very well to what has been done in the lore. Personal picks are {{champion:80}} , {{champion:2}} , and {{champion:56}} . I would just like to see these champions reworked. Playing them can feel monotonous after a while but I am sure others have differing views on this.
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: I hope it isn't, since the only member I want to see kinky just left the order. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Could you imagine Shen being part of the Kinky Order? That would be hilarious! {{champion:98}} : "Without a sound." _Puts on furry handcuffs_
: I believe that it is not her if I can recall correctly. Unfortunate.
> [{quoted}](name=Akali is SO HOT,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=xM7M72E7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-16T15:50:05.144+0000) > > I believe that it is not her if I can recall correctly. Unfortunate. Man that is unfortunate. Laura does great work. Hopefully, the new VO suits the champion well.
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: Riot's really pushing for everyone to use ignite i see.
They did have a song written for it for worlds after all so I would say that ignite is a platform they're willing to push. Gotta keep that fire stoked!
: My bet is that HOPEFULLY, they will finally do the duo rework for Morgana and Kayle that they teased us about like, years ago. However, and this is just a guess, but I have strange feeling the next rework will be Soraka.
I was hearing about the duo rework but it was only a hopeful rumor. Soraka wouldn't be bad but I think there are others in a worse situation than her. I've had this nagging feeling that it is going to be Pantheon. Just a feeling with all of the changes to Targon and associated lore lately, he seems like a good candidate for the VGU. Could be way off though. Our easy, breezy, beautiful spartan will likely stay the same for a while.
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: Thats why i lube myself up when he is against me. im all ready for sort of abuse from him.
Now we know how Ashe feels {{summoner:3}}
: Wow, that's such an improvement
I like the updates! Looks very clean. Constructive criticism: The only thing that seems off is actually his lower abdomen. By having the abdomen and the groin region be the same color, it makes his torso appear disproportionately long compared to his legs. My suggestion would be to make the lowest part of the torso have the same color as the upper thigh and hip, whether that be by adding a plate to the groin region or just doing a dark fade into the legs. It will make Aatrox appear more anatomically correct rather than like the action figures with detachable legs. Aside from that, I really like the texture and I really enjoy the contrast in color now. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: What office cliche is each champion?
{{champion:98}} Shen is the quiet management leader. He usually doesn't share much excess information with his group and he is often times rarely seen at his desk. When he does show himself, he is very efficient at communicating issues and ways to improve. Most of all, he defends the actions of his employees behind the scenes when unjustly accused of wrong but will punish those who are deserving of the complaints against them. He is considered the most balanced judgement wise of all the managers and other managers go to him to consult. {{champion:136}} Aurelion Sol is the arrogant CEO and founder of the company. Incredible intelligence and drive to be able to create a successful startup. The issue is he knows that he has these traits and flaunts them. He is very well spoken and always presents himself as larger than life which makes you respect and hate him all at once. All he really wants in the end is to hand over the keys to the company to someone else so he can go and start a new company or crete something new. {{champion:201}} Braum is the upper level manager that everyone loves. Some people question how he would be in the position he is in but once they meet him, they instantly know why and how he got there. He is extremely caring to his workers and is always willing to jump in and help with issues they may be having on the work site. He is the most supportive manager in the company and other employees show envy when new employees get him as their manager. And if an employee has a problem, they go to him first.
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: nocturne doesn't really need much of a rework. he clears well and ganks well, and can duel well at times, hes just not popular.
Thanks for the reply! I never said nocturne needed a rework but riot mentioned it a while back that he was on the radar for a small one. Kayn's abilities seemed to fit Nocturne very well and, if they did decide to rework him, I hope that this is a direction they would consider.
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: Bob Ross Ivern Skin
I would love to see a Halloween skin of this! "Definitely Not Ivern"
: When you die to save your team, and know it was worth, but also know you won't get that S or S+
This is so accurate for playing Braum. Every time I protect my team from the onslaught and die, I know I did the right thing but once I find out I didn't get an S, my heart hurts more than when the door falls on Braum.
Bootchen (NA)
: I really like the toggle idea similar to nid, jayce, elise, rek. They could make his ult offense/defense or spear/sword or even a mixture of both. Just a thought, thanks for the input
Thanks for the response! The stance I'm referring to is less Nidalee and Jayce "changing stance/abilities" and more of a Braum and reworked Galio hybrid "crouch and stand up" ability. You get the personal Braum shield that can block abilities for themselves and probably only 1 person behind them but also the slowed defensive stance of Galio. However, unlike Braum, you don't go faster with the ability toggled on and the shield up and, unlike Galio, it is not channeled so it can be up indefinitely. Once the ability is toggled off, you get the signature Panth stun at close range but it is more AOE instead of single target and he does not leap so it isn't as large of a range. Then it would go on cooldown, probably a longer than normal one. Out of the stance, he is still fast, strong and quick as a killer much like current Panth. I was inspired by watching the historical battle strategies of the Spartan warriors and I noticed their fighting style was composed of two main phases: the first being the exposed, fast fighters which 300 really shows. The second being a very defensive squat like position, usually accompanied by other warriors on each side very close to each other. They moved very slowly but very deliberately. Since League has become such a speed game, it would be nice to see a historical fighting style be incorporated that forces the other team to anticipate your slow movements rather than fast ones..
Bootchen (NA)
: Pantheon rework please!
Panth was the first champ I bought and maimed. Really enjoyed playing him but I felt he came up short on the "Aspect of War" motif. Very cool thematically but not executed fully. I do love the spartan look however. It feels right. One thing I think would be really cool on Panth would be a Stance ability. Kind of like a toggle ability. Toggled on, Panth gets in a defensive stance putting up his shield, taking reduced damage and blocking skill shots for people behind him, similar to Braum but in a much smaller area. While he is in the stance, he moves much slower and has reduced attack range but can still use abilities. He can be in the stance indefinitely. When toggled off after being in the stance, he will stun everyone near him in a small aoe with his shield for a brief period. It then goes on cooldown. I also think he should be able to incorporate a short sword of some sort. Spartans were not solely known for their spear prowess. Spears were not strong at close range so if he could swap weapons, that would be very cool. These are just some ideas I have had after playing him for years and I think they would work really well if incorporated correctly! Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you like. Would love to see Riot use the toggle stance ability in some manner on him.
Juvens (NA)
: What Exactly are Illaoi's Powers, and which champions would survive the test of Nagakabouros?
So I have a question: Braum is usually the first one listed as passing the test but my question is why? Sure, Braum is the nicest guy in league and cares so much about others that he risks his own life for them but that doesn't mean he is moving "forward". Tahm Kench has a line at him saying "There must be something you desire". Is this implying that Braum has no desires? If that's the case, he shouldn't pass the test, right? On the other hand, it could mean he has already done or is doing what he wants and is always chasing his desires, which is protecting others. I would just like to know why he would pass the test in detail, besides the fact that he is the man. Thank you!
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: Adding a few lines to items would be a great way to spark interest
I really like this thread! I too enjoy the in game lore associated with the items you can purchase. That being said, I don't think Riot will add much text to the items because of the amount of voice lines being added to the game. All of the most recent new champions as well as reworked champs tend to have voice lines directed at items. For example, Yorick speaks directly about the Blade of the Ruined King and Braum speaks about the Ancient Coin. These snippets of dialogue allow us as players to learn about items through the champions we play! I think this is a very cool player to game interaction! I would love to see text associated with items more often but these small VO lines are a great addition.
: Soulstealer Thresh too? Yes please
They already have that! It's called "Classic Thresh!" :D
: Pretty sure its already viable haha
Thanks for the reply! I'm sure it is but it was a first for me! Thought I would share it. Just something different!
: People tend to forget that Tahm Kench has an insane amount of survivability in his kit. However, Renekton aside from his ult has nothing to counter tahms HP, you essentially are going to want to be putting fast sustained DPS on tahm, Renekton is burst aside from his DoT ult. The other thing is, Renekton can easily avoid tahm kench, this was more or less likely a game of a Renekton either being new or just being stupid.
Thanks for the reply! I figured it was just a bad game for Renekton but I went back and looked at the top lane stats for the game. They were near even until Tahm grabbed Ohmwrecker. Then he started gaining a lead while Reneck couldn't kill him. Still surprises me how well Tahm did in that matchup. And Renekton was actually doing well most of the game too.
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Looknook (NA)
: I tend to play support alot and I would argue that the reason Braum isn't seen much at the moment more due to meta than anything else. Most tank supports outside of Thresh and Taric are kinda rare. Taric is really only good because he counters Malz, and Thresh has range on his side. The supports that are played a lot are high damage Mage supports with utility. They need to be able to kill things alongside their adc, as well as giving lane pressure to be meta atm. Braum enables his team and adc rather then serving as a replacement for them. I bet if the meta slows down and crit ADC's that need defending come back, so too will Braum.
Thanks for the reply! I think this is a good explanation! I would actually like to add a point to it however. Your point of "need to be able to kill things alongside their ADC", lately I think, and I really do hate to say this because it sounds callous but I think it's more "despite" rather than "alongside". Braum is very much reliant on his ADC just as much as they are on him but if the support can kill the opposition, the ADC is more of the utility in this situation. Sad that it's happening but your explanation is very much appreciated!
: I like Braum. He just gets crapped on my mage supports.
Thanks for the response! In my recent games, I've only found Malzahar, Brand and some Annie players to be difficult. Even played a Xerath support and did well. Zyra, Sona, and even Soraka generally cause, at the very least, an even laning phase. I know there are others I may not have listed but they generally fall in the Zara category. It also depends on the Braum player as well so I do understand your statement.
: I play {{champion:201}} and find that because the skillshots and ranged abilities are so quick and plentiful that it can make your E-shield meaningless. The CD for it is oftentimes longer than the CD for their skillshots or ranged abilities, so you more likely than not lose the trades. This forces you to back or risk giving them a kill, and then when the 4-man ganks come along, you're also lacking in disengage (aside from your Ult) so there's another problem. With the way things are right now (As I see it anyway) you have be a "play-it-safe" kind of support or else you just lose. That's my two bits on it, take it as you will.
Thank you for the response! I'm a Braum main as well and I read what you wrote. While I agree with you about the cooldown of abilities, his W is the most under utilized ability for me. A simple jump onto a minion causes the enemy to react, whether it be by turning to prevent a fight or engaging in you with abilities, you're already at an advantage since they have to deal with you in some manner, usually resulting in abilities wasted on your E. Since there is more skill shots now, this gives your marksman more time to use their abilities. Yes, playing it safe is often times what happens but if you are aggressive, it could very much be in your favor. I don't disagree with your points however. They are quite accurate if the play does not go as expected.
: Is Asylum Shaco wearing a muzzle mask or not?
Shaco is wearing a mask in the skin. It is only from the nose and cheek bones down to just under his mandible (chin). It was meant to look like mask that Hannibal Lecter wears from the Silence of the Lambs. Hope this helps!
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