Sora Omo (NA)
: If Ahri gets a new skin what skin should it be?
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: Riot, we need to talk about... this.
Or teach people not be a fucking pussy and not be offended by being called a noob.
Jamaree (NA)
: So you are a masochist or are you into being dommed or both?
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=x5kAlAnh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-17T04:08:09.396+0000) > > So you are a masochist or are you into being dommed or both? both
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KoKoboto (NA)
: Your main is now your roommate?
Outclαss (EUNE)
Ohhh man I am going to scream into the microphone when a team fight breaks out, jump scare everyone :D!
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: The next time you rage in a game, watch the replay afterwards.
No, 3/4 of the time my teammates are brain dead.
AmazoX (EUW)
: Neither is Katarina. *Asking to be down voted* #gulps
Lmao Katarina OP good joke. She's fucking garbage right now
: {{champion:133}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:154}}
{{champion:133}} I don't know why but movement speed bonuses tilt me more then global ultimates
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Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Care to make an actual argument, or will you keep upvoting/downvoting with bot accounts to feel better?
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Lol what? Assasins having high base damages that allows them to build tank items IS the problem, and it is the problem Riot is refusing to solve. Tank items on themselves are not a problem, the fact that assasins have high bases and thus can use tank items properly IS the problem.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Thats a problem with the assasins, not the tank items.
Ralanr (NA)
: Yeah when people want tank buffs, they don't want tank assassins back. And what's wrong with long teamfights?
Your going to get tank assassins again tank items are still strong their cheap as fuck, extremely strong still and assassin's have high base damage
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: Since 20 minutes is the max for a Low Priority Queue I find that odd.
He showed me screenshots to prove it Which I don't have anymore
Lace Up (NA)
: Not long enough tbh.
PLease don't say that, my friend once had a 2 hour leave buster queue. He decided to accept it as a perma ban
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: Riot doesn't allow him to stream because he has consistently ruined the game for many people and streaming makes that behavior spread.
Well ruining games for people and trash talking is the only fun thing about this game. The fun aspect of the game was removed when Riot catered to competitive play
: With the upcoming nerfs to armor pen and BC we might stop seeing it on everyone.
huh That doesn't make sense, if armor pen gets nerfed we're going to see Nnja Tabi every single game it's going to make Ninja Tabi that much more appealing.
: OP clearly marksman/ AD assassin main.
No, I just don't want tank meta to come back. We all know a tank meta is more cancerous then an assassin/ad meta
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: Ahhhh poor Kat main! Wouldn't be able to tower dive anymore!
: Are you sure LeBlanc is still broken after those changes in 7.5? I may be wrong with that new gunblade/lich bane build.
Borbland (EUW)
: Actually there, the thing driving me insane wouldnt be that much the pings but the Ashe trying to steal anything and generaly just trolling
The danger alert is so loud. I really didn't care about the troll bot lane, I cared more for my ears.
: Please buff the towers.
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AhmCha (NA)
: When the bi-weekly circlejerk is directed at a champion you hate
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: That's not going to help... I think either dragging your chat off-screen or removing your enter key functionality entirely would work better for in-game.
What if I use a script that'll just flat out remove the chat
Jústic (NA)
: This is such a "good" community
I love getting banned just because people are pussies.
: This post is so badly written i have no idea what it means. Since it looks like a kid salting about deserved restriction: logs or gtfo.
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: ffs(guessing 5 mins in) your braindead just afk qq more dumbass again i said general toxicity/harrassment
People need to grow a fucking backbone.
: harrassment/general toxicity for game2 the 4th teir punishment was for not improving over time i guess and game 1 was bad
Nockos (NA)
: Ok This Needs To Stop
You do something more stupid then a bronzie and Ill make them uninstall.
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: CT isn't bad as a champion editor.
I didn't say he was a bad champion designer, I said his champions are overloaded as fuck.
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: Master Yi, Xin Zhao, Shyvana, Udyr and Warwick will be dead champions in S7
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: This person is a troll just don't bother XD
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