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Theorex (NA)
: It doesn't really make any sense to me at this point. Ryze according to NA.OP.GG has a 45.75% win rate, 43.8% win rate at post 40 (late game). Ryze according to has a 44.3% win rate, and a 51% win rate with players with over 200 games on him in plat+. This nerf is out of the blue. This is a terrible idea prior to worlds patch. This will not stop Ryze from being picked in a pro level. Since we all know that is what the goal is. The fundamental problem with how you are trying to hit him is "If he doesn't have a bunch of damage, maybe the pros won't pick him." The problem is, look at the old metas where Ashe Vatus Jhin Sivir and MF were picked. Utility. Ryze has a game changing ulti in pro play. Removing 10% ap from his Q doesn't solve anything either. All ypu have done is change a basic q w q e q to a q w q e q auto e q. And since E is on a 1.3ish second CD its not even like that 10% is going to be noticed in pro play. The 10% AP change really only affects ryze during early game to mid game. When you take into account how risk adverse Pro Play is it wont affect anything. In pro play its always a 2 v 2, where ryze has a 2 seconds snare at level 2. Ryze doesnt need damage to get the level 2 kill. He just needs to make sure the enemy waste spells on him and his jungler can get the kill. So bad idea. Doesn't do anything for stopping Ryze from getting picked in pro play. All this does is make Ryze a joke of a champion and goes back to forcing another rework on him. So yay. 2 years of playing ryze is about to go down the drain because of poor design changes. 2 years where I went from 0 mastery on my main to 1.3m mastery added together from many different accounts.
This is not the place to complain about that. This is for feedback on the new gamemode, not the balance changes on surrender@20. You're looking for either the gameplay or PBE boards.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz alpha: Week 2 feedback and patch notes
I love this mode and how it feels natural for it to go so fast, so great job to the game developers here! Me and my friends are all enjoying it. Balance notes: Bard and Kayn both need tuning on their passives for this mode. Kayn takes far too long to collect enough damage to upgrade most of the time (since the damage to passive meter conversion is time gated), and then if he wants to wait for the other form he has to wait (an infinately more vital in this mode) 4 minutes. Bard just doesn't collect enough stacks, and while I haven't played them yet, I have suspicions about the spawn placement of their chimes as well. Bard seems like their stacks should be relatively simple to tune, though, since it has been changed in other modes before. Also, just played a game two days ago where the King of The Hill spawned in the enemy base? No way to contest it at all, and I don't recall us even being ahead of them that much, so I suspect it was unintended?
: CertainlyT should remake all champions
It actually really bothers me how horrible people are to him. Sure you can critique his work and provide feedback, but people make it way more fucking personal than is reasonable.
: Patch 8.16 Notes
How is a flat plus 10 damage on Wukong's first level Q acceptable. I didn't think that change would actually make it through, and I expect it will need a mid-patch fix now. I understand nerfing his late game jump scare damage, but nerfing his early game THAT HARD is not excusable. He won't be one shotting anyone when he only has one point in Q. Also, THE MOST USED LEVELING PATH FOR WUKONG MAXES E FIRST. IM VERY STRESSED ABOUT THIS. I suppose I don't have to play him again until after preseason, but there are people far more attached to Wukong than I and this change is going to kick their ass. :/
: Remakes don't typically count as a loss in promos unless you were also marked as an afk. Make sure you actually play for the first 3 minutes or so even if you see someone disconnected, instead of sitting around waiting for the remake, as afking results in getting marked as afk as well, so the remake does count as a loss. If you didn't do that, make sure you didn't dodge any champ selects since starting your series, since dodges count as losses in promo series. Usually it's one of those two things when people feel like they got screwed by remake, but if you're sure neither was the case you could poke support about it, as it shouldnn't have counted as a loss.
This comment should be pinned!
: I kinda wanted URF, but I think One for All is more fun in most cases
I completely agree with this. While you certainly get bad matches in either case, it isn't nearly as overwhelming. Also, with URF, you don't get three points for levels or homeguard at like 10 minutes, so that's nice.
sAyCo (EUNE)
: you are lucky you can play Zoe now..
To be clear, they are downvoting you because you misunderstood. He got an emote, not the champion. Not sure why someone else hasn't explained that..
: It will feel just like any normal s- along with the feeling of checking your loot after to see 5+ chests and 1 key fragment.
: Hey friends! Thanks for taking the time to post about this. Sorry for the inconvenience on this one! These wonky volume levels are an unfortunate by-product of a really giant under-the-hood audio engine upgrade that caused a couple things to go awry. However! We are totally aware and everything will be back to the correct levels that don't make us want to rip our ears off in 8.6. Sorry about that! The silver lining is that this upgrade unlocks us to be able to bring some really valuable audio clarity opportunities to LoL in the future.
Thanks for the response! Glad you guys were able to figure it out.
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: oh, they should have put that in it's own section
: Game modes will be on only certain patches rather than every patch for now ( they said so earlier and I think it had to do with bringing back one for all)
: Just bookmark their online match history and track them for your own information. Don't use since it doesn't track through name-changes. After a bit it will go inactive if you reported them after the game and they were indeed botting (also list what they did in the comment box of the report "took heal smite and stared into space each camp," "stacked tiamats," etc.)
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xCr4zY (NA)
: I hate the fact that us support mains are forced to buy eye of the (_) (Now called remnant of (_)). I never bought those items because I prefer the active abilities that the other items gave (FotM, talisman, spooky ghosts :) ) What was the thought process of removing those items?
They will be bringing back the actives from the Nomads Medallion and Frostqueens Claim in the future. At least, that's what the Dev post on PBE said. That wasn't reiterated here, though, and no one else has brought it up, so maybe there was a change in plans I haven't heard about.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Well, I dunno about that. Sion, for instance, didn't see a skin in 5 years, only had 4 previously and his first one after his update has been an 1820 tier. Shen has 5 (6 if you include TPA) and hasn't seen one since 2012 (2013 if you go from TPA), so he's in that same area right now. They could go with one of the top tiers.
Yes but they don't like to give Ultimate skins, which not everyone can get, to champs that don't have a surplus of skins. Shen sort of does, but they are all out of date.
: I am mad because the story is shit. I sent it to someone else for her to review. She was equally lost on the entire point of the story and she had no idea who Varus was prior to the retcon.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WngOwzU4,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-03T11:47:13.351+0000) > > I am mad because the story is shit. > > I sent it to someone else for her to review. She was equally lost on the entire point of the story and she had no idea who Varus was prior to the retcon. I'm generally a very strong critic of everyone's writing, especially my own, but I really didn't have any big problems with Varus' story. Are you referring to the color story and bio, or comic, I should ask, because I felt his color story was the least sensical of the bunch.
: > [{quoted}](name=PeponiPoro,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WngOwzU4,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-03T10:10:15.908+0000) > > Huh. > > I'm confused how that is different than every other champion they have updated the lore on, but I see your point. Because they didn't change the core of the original character. Previously, Varus took on the corruption as an act of duty to prevent it from falling into Noxian hands and simultaneously used it to exact his vengeance. Now, it's a gay guy ignoring every warning sign that this isn't a good spirit sealed within the pit in an attempt to save his lover, then coming to terms with the Darkin to the point where he has no purpose.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WngOwzU4,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-03T11:51:55.006+0000) > > Because they didn't change the core of the original character. > > Previously, Varus took on the corruption as an act of duty to prevent it from falling into Noxian hands and simultaneously used it to exact his vengeance. > Now, it's a gay guy ignoring every warning sign that this isn't a good spirit sealed within the pit in an attempt to save his lover, then coming to terms with the Darkin to the point where he has no purpose. I disagree, I feel it very much keeps the core of the original character. I too would be pissed if I felt otherwise. I thought the comic did a great job, however, of laying out how family played in to his decision, and why he made the decision. The fact that all of his in-game quotes still make sense should tell you something. Sorry I didn't respond for a week, school is distracting. :/
: We're not upset that he's gay. We're upset that riot retconned a previously straight character and made him gay. It's great that riot established an openly gay character, but there's plenty of other characters that are either considered to be gay by the community but aren't confirmed or have no established sexuality at all.
Huh. I'm confused how that is different than every other champion they have updated the lore on, but I see your point.
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: they were effectively an IP sink before too though. you'd buy random champ shards and disenchant until you had enough to unlock the mastery. so its a change that's really just in peoples heads
I remember I bought so many of those random champ shards to unlock them... you're so absolutely right it hurts...
Galacius (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Crusina Luachra,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=hAaYMrEs,comment-id=000000010000000000000001000000010000000000020000,timestamp=2017-11-11T15:32:11.308+0000) > > But it wasn't the stuff he talked about on that article, but a different event. Nonetheless we frequently went on the site to check to see who they were trying to doxx and stuff and stumbled across...that. I edited out the link to the questionable content.
Not Safe For Life is generally how I feel about the human race.
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: > [{quoted}](name=3SheetsTotheWind,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1qkd8Ols,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-10-09T17:13:07.788+0000) > > You're right! My bad. Wait, doesn't that _also technically_ mean that toxic players make up _less_ than 0.006% of the player base? I mean, the number is already ridiculously small as it is! Well...While it depends on the severity and duration, and a bit on your _definition_ of toxicity...yes.
> Well...While it depends on the severity and duration, and a bit on your _definition_ of toxicity...yes. I think that definition of toxicity part is a great point. They wouldn't ban those other things either if the playerbase found it generally acceptable.
: Consider next time saying "Die to the tower" or something along those lines. It has the meaning you intend, without opening up a can of worms in "kys"
: Entertainment value.
I mean, I think it is in case they (Edit: they meaning Riot) really did make a mistake, but the idea of this ^ made me laugh. Thanks
: "Die to buy"
: Hi Riot Xenogenic, Just tested it out on the PBE. You guys did a great job with the rework, but I'm very concerned about his new R and W interaction. Not sure if it's intended or a bug, but the ult is not stunning enemies anymore. That's a pretty core gameplay mechanic of Xin Zhao that I am sorely missing right now. Right now in live, his main combo is ULT - walk to stunned target while pressing W for AS - AA - Q - E if they try to escape. In the PBE the Ult no longer stuns so after Ulting, you can't just walk up to the enemy because they're not stunned. The new W also interrupts your movement commands, so using it after the ULT basically completely prevents you from reaching your target. Can you guys put the stun back? Without the stun, you basically removed the majority of his ult's initiation potential and turned it into a plain disengage. PS. I still love you guys.
I'm pretty sure they removed the stun because of the new ability to block damage from people outside his circle. It has the same effect of allowing him to single in on one opponent, and if both were to be in the spell, it would be quite overloaded.
: So if he's running away from a fight, a common sight will be him casting his ult as he runs to become immortal? Any thought to making the arena require him to actually hit someone with it?
He can still be hit by CC though, and if they have no CC to speak of, then maybe he deserves to be able to make an escape.
: Sejuani's W1 displaces minions/monsters and W2 doesn't have increased range.
Her W2 does have some increased range compared to the swipe, more so than Rengar but less so than Xin's current changes.
: Yeah. He has a new animation for W, of course, but we also updated his run animations, idle, his Q animation, etc. A lot of that was just polish but some are new (like the Q sequence - it's now a 3 part attack sequence that clearly shows Q1, Q2, and then Q3 hits)
Just saying, I love what you guys did with the Q animation, it is very clearly translated.
: honestly its mainly luck in onslaught. because if you get the pathway map in the last 3 rounds before the big one it is nearly impossible if you don't have zone control, a tank and at least 1 supp.
RNG so fun ;w;
: Yes, definitely. It's no one's fault. It's whoever they have a good direction for, as others have stated. I just feel like if the world was fair, it would be Morde and not Swain :)
I think part of the reason it was Swain is because they had developed such a strong idea for his character, as has been evidenced by bits and pieces in the last maybe 6 months of new lore.
: Some custom made emotes #4
These are funny, but the Kled one especially isn't ever going to make it in game. XD
: not every champ buys Zhonya's/GA, but most champs buy boots. the boots mastery potentially applies to every game while stopwatch doesn't stopwatch is meant to be used in lane to prevent being dove and punished heavily, having boots earlier could cause roamers to increase in power spike not having to buy boots early (by 10 minutes, you should have your 1st item done/ almost done) Stopwatch is a one time use and doesn't offer any stats
and the boots one gives extra movement speed throughout the rest of the game honestly, the more we talk about it, it sounds better to me
: They are also making vision runes that can help those issues.
Skorch (NA)
: I think they are one of those things where assholes will be assholes. But respectable people will be respectable. Similar to URF we cant let a few annoying people ruin a feature. Personally i think its also a good way to laugh at yourself when you fuck up, or congratulate a good play. Without the feature toxic people will be toxic anyways.
: tbh that's your fault. I don't think we should just not include a feature because some players don't want to spend the time to mute someone.
People I can agree with! I feel so bad for the team at Riot that worked on this, seeing as how it has been received on the Nexus. I think I will enjoy this feature a great deal, as I anticipate using them a great deal with friends (as we already flash mastery sarcastically upon death and other mistakes). Hopefully this doesn't completely discourage the team.
Elikain (EUNE)
: I don't think Riot will update it now as the work for the next season may have already started (runes reforged). Riot is changing a fundamental system that has always existed in League and this takes time and effort to do properly. They certainly can't and won't start these big projects in parallel as then they would be competing for resources. Not to mention that a certain team of people at Riot is also ironing out some FPS issues and that's also a pain in the ass to track and fix as nothing's clear but likely cuplrits may have been found.
Exifile (OCE)
: Pls Riot Make this
Still want Crazy Old Cat Lady Yorick more, tho.
: I havent earned like 3 weeks, And i totally misinterpreted your meme
The Key Fragment drops are timed really far apart, but I know me and my friends recieve them pretty much the same day. You get more based on how many games you have played (I believe, bc I've gotten way more in the drops recently when I have been playing far to much).
Salson (EUNE)
: I'm just guessing here, but writers could work on champion personality and voice lines.
They do, and voice lines delve deeply into lore on newer champions, so this is a very astute explanation.
Beas7ie (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=EinarUlfar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9UBZX3BG,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-29T20:56:25.612+0000) > > I believe Alt+Left Click whilst hovering over the item. :o But then how do you ping when an opponent has burned a summoner spell like flash?
I hold tab and click the summoner spells next to their champion icon.
Is this the Darkk Mane one? :O I approve.
Elikain (EUNE)
: It's not about "real" people having to respond to your ticket. Riot can't physically punish a player for one game and they don't make it a point to do so. Even if you report him to the support and he's on their watch list, they still won't be able to tell you the verdict. Yea, some people are real %%%%s and clearly troll a game and in these instances, even i can get discouraged when they aren't immediately punished for their shit. But you have to understand that intent needs to be determined in order for some dumbass to eat dirt. I wish Riot's system was a little more strict with players like these (something Blizzard isn't afraid to do for their Overwatch community) but i honestly couldn't tell you that harsher punishments for milder offences (less games) would do us any good. You'd then also be held accountable for responding to their taunting and could also face penalties for even acknowledging a troll and that really depends on how fiercely you react to them trolling your game. There are always two sides of the same coin.
This a very well thought out argument explaining why Riot reacts the way they do, and it makes me feel kind of guilty for getting frustrated with their system. I wish this had received more attention.
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