: Did your game crash for that Nunu game last month too? You should probably check your connection and run the Hextech Repair Tool. Although, looking at your match history you may want to take a break from league anyway. You seem to have a lot of, ummm, toxic games. That seems, to me, to be an excessive amount of games with nothing but {{item:3070}} built.
if you mean literally there's a lot of games where I bought nothing but tear, then those were matches that were total losses anyhow and by that point i sell my shit and buy tears because losses make me cry get it
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: You guys at Riot need to know that though he was notorious for being toxic and just straight up disgraceful, recently it wasn't just him being toxic, no, it was the viewers on his stream telling the other players (through League obviously) on his team to either ban Draven or feed I would assume. And to add on, in games where he was mildly flaming others (which we all do sometimes) people would still report him because he's basically known for how toxic he use to be. Recently in his games he's not as bad as he use to be, he actually is becoming a better person. But, you know all this probably won't make a difference and it's not enough for Riot to reconsider the indefinite ban of Tyler1, but it was worth a try I guess.
he use to be USED* TO BE??? boi u dumb af??? when did he stop being toxic???
: Patch 5.16 notes
Don't you mean "Academy Keyori?" C'mon, now. Easy mistake.

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