deathgod5 (EUW)
: What champion passive would be completely broken on other champions?
Not exactly a passive for a passive, but Teemo's "Move Quick" passive would be terrifying to graft onto Hecarim's E.
: Try 600+ Ping... damn Hughesnet. Satellite Internet SUCKS. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS! I had better internet at Truck Stops as a Truck Driver. I had better internet Deployed to a War Zone in Iraq (true story, the Internet there WAS better than Hughesnet here). This is America, how the hell is Broad Band not available to everyone that has a roof and electricity? Damn Obama!
You do know that the office of President has absolutely nothing to do with the distribution range of cable and satellite internet providers right? This is in no way anyone in the government's fault.
booahah (NA)
: Hey bud wanna play me? {{champion:105}}
Hahahaha! Your comment actually made me look at the person above you. I was like "Wait, wtf that sounds familiar-HOLYCRAP IT'S TRIN!
: wait, so does that mean that since League porn does exist. And technically it can be considered fan art. Does that mean that Riot also owns all of the League of Legends porn?
Truly the question that had to be asked. Upvoted. (Just gonna sneak away now)
: No Quinn's item is fine lol why would she go mana item so early?
Her Q and E make her mana hungry early for her burst on monsters. Her Q aoe allows her to heal off multiple enemies at once.
: Sweetheart Sona
...FUCK. I have DJ Sona and I'm still buying this skin.
: So, is there a reason Ranked is now placed in the first position when selecting Summoner's Rift?
Happened to me. I accidentally played Nocturne in ranked with that instead of just dusting him off in a normal first. I was incredibly confused at the end when I got LP.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Truer words have never been spoken.
Cindikle (NA)
: I wouldn't care about that Static Shiv as much as that passive charged ulti critting from Cait. 700+200%ad(we'll say 250). So 1200 damage. passive amps this up to 1800. Critting for 4500 physical damage. {{champion:266}} Grants his ulti stats to his allies. {{champion:32}} Ulti destroys the rift and everything in it. Just like in the song. {{champion:1}} Playing this champion is now a new mini game. Where you click on the map and fire spawns there dealing damage to anyone in it. This fire never dies unless you use water abilities on it. Slowly spreads over grass, bushes and trees. {{champion:69}} Is seen as a poison mage {{champion:42}} Moves at 500MS. Because helicopter goes faster than feet. {{champion:104}} Each basic attack now fires multiple shots in a cone. {{champion:59}} Upon death, transforms into Leblanc {{champion:222}} Can choose to ride her R {{champion:54}} Immune to CC. Can walk through anything. {{champion:17}} Grows horns. Horns grow every time he kills a champion. {{champion:161}} Killing an enemy champion grants him a % of their stats. {{champion:115}} Explodes on death.
I love how your Graves statement turned out to be a prediction.
What the actual hell did I just witness here?! O.o
regonas (EUNE)
: What type of champion LoL still doesn't have?
Tanky AP Rammus is something of an Armor Based Mage, though only his DBC scales with his armor. AP Malphite gains some damage from his armor on his E as well. Other than them, I don't see much in the way of armor scaling.
: What happens when you divide lee by his cousin?
: You can't hit him for the most part while windwall is up anyway so this really accomplishes nothing.
The counter to Yasuo becomes flanking him?
: Akali....Kennen....Shen.....Zed.....Lee Sin..... 3=/=5 syntax error
"Five!" "Three sir." "Oh, er yes. Three!"
C3Sound (NA)
: I tried to pitch Cross-Fit Trainer Illaoi. It was quickly shot down.
That is incredibly tragic. I would have insta-bought the bundle instead of shelling out IP for just the champ if Cross-fit Trainer Illaoi was the release skin.
Meddler (NA)
: Just checked with ManWolfAxeBoss, those changes are indeed still in effect and we don't have any current plans to modify them.
You have a guy named "ManWolfAxeBoss" working at Riot?! Here, have an upvote.
calisker (NA)
: Snowdown Preview
Snow Day Syndra.... Fuck. I'm trying to save some money here Riot, can you STOP making awesome skins for champions that I like? It's like you're trying to make me break my screen from all the money I'm throwing at it.
: > [{quoted}](name=ToiletteOfDoom ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=K8Ws7gcn,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2015-11-19T13:38:02.633+0000) > > When attacking a tower as a melee do i position myself properly when the caster minions form a perfect barrier behind me, lined up nice and neat in a half circle creating impassible terrain? Your saying its my fault i had to flash my own "team" to get to saftey? You dont let the minions attack the tower if there is too many of them to safly attack the tower or move around them. Its really not hard.... Oh btw i main katarina mid along with talon both are melee and i have no issues with this.
Katarina can E to a minion to get out of the minion block while Talon can obliterate his lane opponent and flee into the jungle with his speed boost. You're not exactly helping your argument there.
Krigjer (NA)
: > Her damage also has the issue where she doesn't duel very well. You blow your damage on the first Q + powercord AA, and then you have this long down time where you can't do any damage, and most other champions just carve you up. She's a SUPPORT, why does she have to have the ability to duel?
It's not the dueling that frustrates people so much, it's the: {{champion:37}} "oh the enemy is at 20% hp and I'm full, let me go finish them of --- oh my Q-AA didn't kill them, I better ---_I'M DEAD?!_" {{item:3812}} rekt
YuGiHo (NA)
: play vlad, he cant wind wall that q
Wind wall actually stops the heal projectile from returning to you though.
: No one plays him because he is awful. Melee with no leap or stun and he is slow as hell. HE was better before.
"no stun"? Which Sion are you playing? The bugged version where you can't use his Ult or charged Q?
: Your name is gorgeous like you
You sir, just drew my attention to OP's name. I believe it is a hilarious name that actually made my day. @OP I am supremely sorry you had to go through the toxic cesspit that was that player's attitude.
Rioter Comments
: Games right now HAVE no late game i agree. champions like Ez, Kog, and all the other late game ADCs(minus vayne cause she's still overpowered) can't get anything done in time to matter when games are ending at the 20-25 minute mark. The extra permenant health keystone is dumb and no one takes it when they can get a free (soon to be nerfed) 2% damage reduction to everything or 4% true damage life steal (I believe it's true damage) Yasuo's and tryns just crit for days with 2-3 items, healing every 2 seconds and laughing all the way as they deal a ton of damage.. Jungle is very slow on some of the AP junglers as well as the gold cost associated with runeglave and warrior for not a lot of stat gain. I could go on, but I'm hoping that they will fix a lot of this.
The Grasp of the Undying doesn't actually steal health from the enemy from what I've tested, it simply causes the next attack to heal you for the % of your maximum life.
Velivolo (NA)
: WHERE is my CDR????
Your support - if you built sightstone + support item - now has an extra item slot. You can feel free to snag a Frozen Heart to (help) deal with their amped AD, or something else with CDR.
: In some instances we make minor changes to make their portraits more readable on the minimap. Base Kayle is another good example of this!
Katey strikes again with helpful information. Thanks Katey!
My reaction was something like: 0:01 - 1:40 Awwww... ahaha that's funny... Oh, my god that's just adorable... etc. 1:45 Wha-OH Noooooo! Nooooooo!! That is NOT okay! Noooooooo-ho-ho!
: "Just CC him". It's logical but not all teams have hard CC. You can't make someone play champs with CC if they don't want to, that's the truth. You really have to be bad to lose a game as Tryndamere. If the enemy team has him, we lose. If we have him, we win. This is what I have noticed.
If your team doesn't have any hard CC, then your mid should be taking Exhaust/Flash instead of Ignite or Teleport. While not hard CC, Exhaust can hamstring a high burst or high DPS champ in a meaningful fight that allows your team to then take objectives.
: You do realize they removed the base damage right....
It starts out-damaging its original values at max rank when the target has over 1500 hp. So....pretty much anyone who actually built any health item at all.
: >Idc if you are being harassed, idc if you give up first blood, idc if we are losing... DONT AFK!! You are not in the right, . . . A squirrel managed to blow up one of those boxes in the alley behind the house. Now I have no power. Staying *at* my keyboard really doesn't help much at this point. The game will have to finish without me. (Now guess which part of that excuse actually *didn't* happen.)
~~League of ~~Legend~~s Lore~~ states that timeless game is continued to this day.
: I found what Fizz is based on
O.o Oh god, it's REAL?! *Psycho chord*
kJs (OCE)
: {{champion:62}} *long and crazy laugh here* {{champion:4}} Too eaassy. {{champion:223}} My hunger's never sated. {{champion:236}} Be purified. {{champion:266}} Witness my masterpiece! {{champion:126}} For our tomorrow! {{champion:90}} Usher the void. {{champion:75}} The cycle of life an death has been completed. {{champion:421}} *loudest and longest screech in her sound file* {{champion:432}} *mixture of orchestral brass and synth slowly crescendo*
I'd honestly love to hear that Aatrox line when he ults.
Leafie (NA)
: Something that I'm legitimately tired of
Just pointing out {{champion:56}} doesn't have a "Third Attack" ability. His passive reads: Umbra Blades - Static Cooldown: 10 Seconds Nocturne's basic attack is periodically enhanced, dealing 120% AD physical damage to his target and surrounding enemies, and healing himself for 10 / 18 / 26 per enemy hit. Basic attacks reduce Umbra Blades's cooldown by 1 second. In no possible way is that a 3rd attack proc unless you're attacking less than 3 times in 10 seconds, in which case you're wasting his damage potential.
9kPluzZ (NA)
: Complete list of Heal Heavy champions:{{champion:8}} Oh Mah Gud Riot "resolve this horrible unbalance." LMFAO
{{champion:75}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} Just a few that you missed.
Rhojin (NA)
: The Risks of MMR Boosting
In regards to the "account sharing" part of the issue I have a question: If someone is playing the game with a friend/family member/etc watching over the shoulder and the player has to AFK for something important (bathroom, baby, front door, etc) and the OTS spectator takes over to avoid compromising the game due to a several minute loss of a teammate, should this be punished as Account Sharing?
: Well she can still wardhop, where they can't.
Fizz doesn't NEED to ward hop. He can "empty space" hop wherever the hell he wants. Zed can deploy his shadow wherever he wants.
: Do Skins Affect Your Gameplay?
Whenever I play as Project: Leona I feel godly and invincible, and usually end up doing 2-3 times the damage as when I play Iron Solari Leona. Eternum Nocturne puts me on a feast or famine mindset, I either stomp or flail about incompetently. DJ Sona just... yeah, I don't even need to say anything about that skin.
Noctius28 (EUW)
: thing is Garen normally has the HP to at least make it to the Villain Vayne on the other hand...
: Theres a difference between "overpowered" and "unfun"
I'd like to see Yasuo's crit chance passive capped. Something like: Yasuo's critical strike chance from items, runes, and masteries is doubled. This bonus can not exceed 5/20/35/50% (at levels 1/6/11/16). Tie a bit more functionality of power spikes into his ult so we don't have Yasuo reappearing in lane with 45%+ crit chance at level 5.
: Kindred AS: 0.625 (+0% – 42.5%) Vayne AS: 0.658 (+0% – 68.0%) Twitch AS: 0.679 (+0% – 57.5%) Kalista AS: 0.658 (+0% – 56.1%) Lucian AS: 0.638 (+0% – 56.1%) Caitlyn AS: 0.625 (+0% – 68.0%) Ezreal AS: 0.625 (+0% – 47.6%) She has low base AS (which matters a lot) and she has some of the lowest growth besides Jinx (who has minigun' steroid).
: "Popular champions are popular because they are fun"
I love Veigar because I'm one of those guys that was terrible at CSing and Veigar gave me much more incentive to farm better. (Also the other stackers are fun because of those mechanics for me) I love Karthus because he has this presence in mid lane (when he's not getting obliterated) that just says "I own this lane, I preside over it, and I control where it goes" and that's fun for me. I love Sona's theme, I played Sona long before DJ came out (RIP Silent Night Sona Skin) and I enjoy both her pre-work and rework kits. Nocturne was my original favorite because of the Darkness theme on his ult ...Awkward. I forgot what my point was...
: Well, when the fact came to light that Soraka tends to be the star of the show, it was only a matter of time. As for Janna, she was likely picked for her breathtaking performance.
: Huh, odd. I figured when he went mega, he got more health because he gets bulkier and tougher, and his movement speed boost is due to him condensing all that energy again and needing to release it in a quick sugar-rush state. Tooltips aside, of course. It was just my impression.
: this is really pathetic
Revealed comment just to downvote. @OP: Rock on. Janna's a fun champion, I agree.
: If two champions had a DBZ style fusion, what would their fusion name be?
Ø Flex (NA)
: After Months of Reporting Trolls
Obviously fake, the Tribunal doesn't exist. You've just been trolled by Rito.
: He doesnt need his autoattacks...His minion and DISEASE makes everything die...Its so annoying playing with him but the thing I love is...His ults range is so small xD In laning phase I was Annie vs Malz and I took Cleanse for his ult but he didnt use it even one time during the laning phase and I got a lead because of our jungler's Shyv gank,But his Disease is so fking annoying! IT MAKES YOU LOSE CS OR DIE
Honestly one of my mid picks against Malz is Cho'gath because he can eat the E and sustain back up in a single wave. Of course this ends once Malz gets blue buff and/or {{item:3151}} but by that point you can wave clear like crazy and just walk away to grab raptors or wolves. EDIT: By "eat the E" I mean: standing next to the first space-aids'ed minion to snag the DoT after it jumps, costing Malzahar a lot of mana for very little in return.
Voidac (NA)
: YES!! AHHHH YEEEEEEES!!!!! Seriously. I might cry.
: I think mostly because of this: []( Neither of them are really fun to play against though
: Do you think (X) champion is OP? Or are you unable to beat a certain champion?
Did that as Lux once... went 13-2-22 in mid lane. Don't think I landed a single laser either. >.< Did that as Ekko and Fizz, both built as tanks. God that was aggravation for everyone. Did that with Darius... ended up 3v1ing the enemy support, mid, and jungle by their blue and walking away with 45% HP. Instructions unclear, please advise.
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