: Am I the only one who imagined a crack-head geeking out while reading this? I couldn't make it through it. What are you saying!? Slow down. Use complete sentences. And why do you have Runaan's in here. Nunu & Willump are melee champions so Runaan's doesn't work on them.
t14M4t & rUN44nS 4R3 200% mOr3 3Ff1c13nT TH4n NU8nU p4441cW, wH1CH K4n k4TCh up TO ThOZ3 1T3MS 1 just l1St3d 4T 400 4d, wH1l3 tHoZ3 4d 1T3Ms w1lL do T3h s4M3 4moUnt oF DmG 4S 400 4D NU8NU P4ZZ1v3 4t < 0r = 2 170 4d; FOr Som3 oDd r34son, nU8NU p4zZ1v3 Do3S'nt sT4CK MuLt1pl1c4t1v3ly, onLY T3h DUR4T1ON 1Ncr34s3S 4nd 1t k4N 4lso CR1T, 8UT 1t'S k1Nd4 po1NTl3sS to 8u1Ld 4D w1t T3rR18l3 4tt4ck SP33D 4nd loW 84z3 DmG 1vl u9, + 0 4d r4t1os On 4lL h1S oTh3R 481l1T13S
Rioter Comments
: I was literally joking because the enemy team didn't let you play the game and instead spam killed you over and over.
A joke ya see is subtle, but noticeable after a 2nd glance, maybe I was pretty salty when it happen, but now I can see it, sorry about the venting triggered post, It blows having certain "Muh 0 item lvl 2 3 (buffed){{summoner:14}}Electrocute Powerspike "{{champion:7}}{{champion:236}} {{champion:91}} gets deleted under turret + zoned from minions repeatedly as a squishiy asf lvl1 2{{champion:1}} with 6 sec death respawn timers, really what I shoulda done with stay at raptor camp while the minions died under turret, not ff at 15 since they judge so god damn harshly for a really bad game decided so early as champ select in 10 mins, keep calm from the flaming afking teammates and not try to gank others lane with like lvl 2 or 3 0 items 0cs when the enemy 2 lvls+ ahead with 1 2 items just to maybe get like 3 or 4 lvls off them dying with gold. Like I am so god damn sick of these mobile high stats & base dmg champs with 0 items build diversity practically the same, killing me in under a sec, like how am I suppose to counterplay that, when arm is garb due to conq,bunch of pen, and mr is disgustingly {{item:3155}} It get's to the point where if they have 5 ad assassins, I can't afford to build arm as my team will most likely will be wiped since tanks get cleaned up alongside balloon squishies. so you gotta delete them before they delete you. But anyway, its hard to see emotions in words if you don't, hmm, russle em up a bit like a _~~bazinga~~_ _cowboy _ ,perhaps something more **dashing** > etc. wasn't really expecting jokes on these types of boards besides the flaming, biased, not much,but "righteous" minded community,at least it's better than the brutish elegant politics debate that stirs up some chaos.
: Also you posted this thread in the wrong section, there was no gameplay because you wernt allowed to play. lol Maybe post it in the bugs or player behavior and moderation section.
Is player behavior not a reflection of gameplay? You got game 1, 2,3 etc, Logs from that game, matchhistory from the game,feedback from the player that shows hints of what the gameplay is like and how rito constantly ignores it causing a repeat. I really rather not post in player behavior because it's notorious for being disgusting sadistic by actually witchhunting punish you in the name of lord rito saying everything you type is fake and stuff, give proof,well you shoulda provided logs,screenshots,videos,sup feedback,matchhistory,comparisons of your recent games dying etc huuge hassle and effort for a low chance of being viewed., taken 100% deserved for a petty little crime like saying die 3 times not at any1, but the champ dying to express feed and even with gathered votes, it goes ignored for like 2 whole weeks by then the bans lifted, and you got nothing while the masses forgot about it, it's honestly a cesspool and barely any1 reforms/gets appealed when they others can't easily forgive as much as rito not publicly apologizing for every big issue constantly brought up but never answered. And lately I've seen some behavior posts in bugs that isn't witchhunt,but helpful, guess it's a much chiller place than PB You don't have to read this bit may be a bit too much for your head. Like seriously getting judged by the book cover and called out for intentionally feeding when on the death chart locations of me it's literally always next to teammates,they also die near me, my own turrets, my fountain, base, It's really never honestly run it down mid into the enemy turret, fountain, I mean some of my teammates go 0/9 and go unpunished by 15 min mark, but If I double that rito and people freak out when it's actually very possible, I've had games where I went died like 24 times and yet go unpunished because it's a higher min mark like 26 mins multiple times, yet don't know why hey you rtuin this 1 game for a few 15 mins, heres 14 days you get to be timed out, that's so bs. cause this kayn/lissandra was barking at me for dying this game and others for dying last game, It wasn't a fun game at all to have such a snobby person tell them, oh hey just stop dying, it'll surely help them stop right? no then asks for ff 15 rep so so in all chat, some enemy agrees to join the harasser it's mindboggling.
: have you met zed?
Fk that champ like it's so bs to have like 200+ arm and get chunked for 1300+ by 3 shurikens from ult and shadow cause muh true dmg arm pen build.
: New Akali is the end of League of Legends for me.
Yeah I could see why Alkaline could be a problem for you, even with 160 mr she chunked me for 700 with ult and 200 from a passive alone later on in the game when she went something like 0/7/2 in the beginning, she can hit like a truck, but it is so silly for her to use her donut shroud thingy and just blatantly standstill in the same exact part, it's like once players got rid of the middle covering her shroud they forgot how to kite like trying to walk around in Veigar box around the corners with all those aoes from playing too many mobility champs and not walk dodging with a immobile champ in a looonng time. I mean then again I played lissandra into her 4 aoes xd and it wasn't a fun time at all for her.
: If mages were allowed add targeted AOE damage to their spells, that would be be broken right?
Makes me miss old {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} basically 1 shotting the wave, 1 IE 50%crit dmg is replaced for true dmg against champs only, and 2 none of the zeal items were compensated for the loss of dmg against epic monsters, jg camps, minions, but nerfed instead etc. 3. that item is just used to wave clear faster and apply most onhit effects 2 more times per auto in front of them,4 it doesn't apply {{item:3124}} twice neither to the sub targets.
: How are the people in silver better than high gold low plat
You'd be suprised what elo hell does to ya, well to their sanity, anyway basically what happened was at some point amongst the seasons5 and up, it was like bronze eventually got into silver which silver got into gold and gold stays gold thus bronze=gold and vice versa, now with the elo boosters and such, they are gonna play like bleh, and they don't really care too much since your rank doesn't deteriorate in that division for the season, so its a fiesta as losing costs more lp than winning, so having the forced 50% wr blows,general smurf duo with bronze teammate just to help them climb, etc. It's rare to see a honest silver since matchmaking is rigged now a days, you can't train around your lvl, but are forced to play against opponents much higher thans your while also caring for lower teammates on your back just so queue times become shorter which results in less skill overall.
: To recently unperma'd players - how are you doing with your account?
Not so great honestly, They are now strictly suspending for dying in a game where dying happens a metric ton in early game while reducing death timers depending on lvl and how long the game is going (6 secs death is faster than 8 sec recall) as that is apparently "late" quality game content for 1 game, yes only 1 game, and strictly monitoring you so if you say anything demeaning even if it's not super bad like stupid, or express negativity even slightly directly at nobody, wait in base for 3 mins you'll get punished and it just blows how rito is triggered while tightening their iron fist up our touche and even if it oh woops wrong person, they rarely take it out and say deal with it even if you have hard proof and evidence with a community rarely supporting you. Honestly the game has become much worse really, when some1 pointed out the 50 game inting nunu and rito was like maybe he having bad day u know, so let him go, but in sooooo many of my games, you die like a few times the whole team screams You're INTING REEEEEPOORTED /all ff15 rep xoxo, and so many people get punished now it's ridiculous, they just added another pile of reports to player behavior about feeding, and that's 1 less discouraging thing to look at in the boards as they scream justice in a game where you can get 30kills in under 24 mins.Like for real they harassing about me dying and such and it's not making me play better, they give up and sit back to watch you die, not use heal(when ignite deals a million dmg) accuse you when they are doing things much worse, then pettily stay in post chat and rep your ass crying with their fake eye drops(you already are dead/lost a piece of your soul when you play this current game as it steels your sanity in order to survive playing)just to smile like a devil when they see you are punished as they check your op gg lets see 1 day has passed 2,and so forth, it's so pathetic and sickening what this game does to you as they hid behind rito back while watching you get impaled when winning/losing the game isn't fun, but witchhunting/getting revenge is.
: Why Do People Hate Toxicity?
The toxicity is more fun than the game itself when its 1 sided, something to the pass the 15 min time, I enjoy seeing/getting harassed cause it allows me to feel the little emotions I have from getting bursted in .1secs, threatened, flamed pinged ? over and over again, but eventually.... you'll get bored of it,you see 3/7 of them get punished while you get away most of the time scot free. that's just how bad the game has sunk into the toxic cesspool while being super strict about reports that are like chopping off a pinky nail, used to be a great game for people with addictions and depressions to go to where you actually get challenged right up next to your skill challenge with insane 1v1s like a nunu vs syndra both have no mana but nunu clapped her with 10 autos, but I don't really reccommend this game to any1 anymore unless they like seeing a ticking timebomb of toxicity when you hit no on a ff 4/1 vote as they accuse you of hitting no when you're the first person to surrender and is revealed to your whole team lmao, it's like you're playin {{champion:161}} and just analyzing what a human would do in this situation with the reflection of how they feel about the "game", ah but it makes me feel a bit sad that there's barely any1 kind and playful(although a bit annoying but charming) in chat anymore since now it's a gloomy game where "top 8%competiveness?>92%fun" so players now a days just are edgy, cold hearted, merciless,muted every1, ask for reports,harass, m7 emotes ez right click "skill" champs etc etc, honestly if you want to steel your sanity play this game, a few mistakes will get a metric ton of complaints from the "team" mates at least once per game on either side. Oops sorry for the long post,I'm really bad at summarizing and thinking with proper grammar etc.
Glîtchy (NA)
: So.... Twitch jg is feeding?
Hmm Generally Twitch jg is a coin flip, if the enemy doesn't know about the lvl 2 invade first blood twitch then by all means you should snowball and gank 24/7 to get ur items so your able to actually jg, But if they do know in higher up elo, they'll just play safe by turret and you'll be completely famine of gold as you struggle to kill the jg mobs while their jgler farms and invades/counterjgs better than you do as you're forced to ff 15 as you can't do a thing+ with the funneling nerf, you won't be able to even farm minions as you are getting 10 less gold.
Rioter Comments
: You straight up intentionally fed, dude. A person would actually have to try to get 18 deaths in 15 minutes. I'm surprised you hit the "Yes" button when someone surrendered at 15. The ban is justified.
Did you read that I hit lvl 6 near the end? And that I wasn't even allowed to lvl up as the opponent seem to insta kill me when I got near the wave. You know that whole it's faster dying than backing lvl 1? and that death respawn timers don't matter early and when ur low lvl you get back into the fray so damn quick, I think I spent a solid 7 mins trying to get to lvl 2, and upon being near an enemy champs death around 10 mins I lvl'ed up 3 times just from that alone. So No it's not fking justified at all when rito trys to make a shape shift a strategic, unique, every1 gets a chance early,mid,late game counter picks,every champ is viable even if your bad, into a fking 10min"lategame" meta 1shot aram fiesta run it down at eachother type of bs fighting flashy game, Is that Fun for you to play? Sitting in the side lines as you watch the whole team collapses, along with the towers your supposed "last line of defence" thats a wet noodle as they don't do their job, cause wowee it sure is fun standing around and not "playing" cause you can't get past them to farm, even if you group, they are just Giant consuming snowballs of burst. Because clearly you're whiteknighting rito dk if you haven't gotten bans before. It's not fair and clearly your view is skewed from ignorance since you believe this is so called "justice"? Then why does it continue to happen more than ever with nothing truly solved? No... It's not really the players fault but majoritylys Rito ignoring it, They want shorter death timers, shorter fights, mobility to get back into the fray, it's part of their plan for the game but it's really causing the community to legit feel cancer int as I've legit had games where both sides get like 70 to 50 kills in fking 30 mins so no. It's not ok to see the 18/2 varus, in 15 mins, no it's not ok to see the 32/6 rengar in 20 mins, It's unhealthy as hell so that is your so called Justice that you defend. Simpleton Whose side are you even on? The veteran communitys pleads that go ignored or Ritos loyal disposeable mooks.
: You atleast did more damage than several people in the game, annie is an outdated champion that is not suited in this meta where everyone has mobility, not to mention her short range, ofc youre gonna feed, while tear is a considerable buy as a support due to the fact that it gives mana and can eventually be upgraded into a heavy duty cdr ap mana and anti burst item...it put you at a further disadvantage because it delayed your magic pen items which most ap supports rely on. Sorry.
I sold my Items at the end for a tear, Why say sorry when it's clearly ritos fault for not balancing around the rest of the champs and instead of reworking every single 1.
Rioter Comments
: Sorry for late reply - But I think I might of solved it - I see an option that says "Close client during game" - It was checked and it says it will take longer for scoreboard to appear - so i'll see how this goes, Thanks for the insight, I didn't know about these options located here
Hey don't sweat it, just tinker around a bit within your own capability like doing some ones elses dishes in a unfamiliar kitchen and you'll know where to place it around you in no time without having to ask them for every single location to place the variety of dishes that you comfortably scouted out. ~~definitely not to raid their fridge and snacks xd.~~ P.S. Understandable for late reply since rito has been ignoring a constant pileup of repeated issues, I sometimes come on here time to time to see the state of the "game" fiesta that happened this patch, although barely play as much I used to, which I'm sure a lot of others on the boards here do too.
darkdill (NA)
: There's still no Champion who uses an actual whip as a weapon. Thresh doesn't count.
Old {{champion:266}} used a whip sword {{sticker:cass-cry}} qq now he gets a crit garen passive edgy hunk of metal to swing.
Rioter Comments
Kaìju (NA)
: Can confirm Rek bot isn't the worst thing ever. She has built in sustain after fighting so as long as you don't lose a trade too hard you can normally sustain pretty well, plus she loves squishy laners to dive at 6. You get the knock up into the Q and E with R, all the while they can focus her or the ADC.
Too bad the biggest nerf to Rek'sai is most people keep referring to HER as a him, an IT would of been better or helicopter either 1 is fine.
Mοa (EUW)
: Lee Sin ignores Syndra E while dashing with Q
That blows, even {{champion:103}} charms {{champion:64}} during q and he still dashes straight on top of her, you'd think they finally implement stop dashes midway through but it only applies to {{champion:78}} , regardless of the dashing champ, cc'd and all they just don't honestly stop during the animation.
: [Gameplay] Tryndamere Rage
Well you are dealing like -1 dmg to yourself when you pick up a honeyfruit, it's listed somewhere just to make things a bit easier, and yes honey fruits are like minions due to the coding nature of it mumbo jumbo. It's fine, although It'd be nice to not have {{champion:78}} passive activate on wards,plants, even though you get the shield for killing it or {{champion:37}} empowered attacks on them.
: Issue i've dealt with for months
Hmm did you enable low spec client? to make it appear faster or did you have close client during game option enabled as well, they are making the client eat up a lot of resources with all the fancy effects and visuals so tuning it down should help with the honor screen appearing faster.
Kazutó (NA)
: Jayce with Essence Reaver
in b4 buying 6 {{item:3508}} on champs with 0 ultimates such as {{item:3070}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:60}} {{item:3070}} qq probably doesn't work with nimbus cloak, presence of mind, ult reduction ~~cap~~ ultimate hunter
Jinglepot (EUNE)
: [GAMEPLAY] Pyke invisible
Yeah and igniting khazix, leblanc, wukong doesn't even show either when they stealth/camoflauged/invisible even though it's listed as revealing them, smh camoflaughed stealth champs update is cancer and confusing.
Nocalex (NA)
: Pyke doesn't get bonus HP
The real use behind hp items for pyke is so you can get the arm/mr from the stats +unique passive while getting dmg from the health. I mean you already have a bunch of cc and true dmg ult so being more tanky = less dying or you could just delete 24/7 with the risky build, now I'm not sure what are the interactions between the tank runes and overgrowth, and cinderhulk, since I don't own pykle, but I'm sure they blow.
: Disconnect while Loading in but no reconnect and can still queue.
Simple, you saw the future where the match went horribly wrong that you gave up the game so your future self travels back in time to hit the kill switch on that particular instance causing you to be a challenjour dodger as you won't be punished at all. I'm joking of course, no you won't be punished, yes idk if the game is still going on but Rito has been known for uh hotfixing during live games so it may something due to that and it doesn't appear in your match history so it's as if it never existed, but only for those who witness it, it's happened quite a few times already w/similar posts,still not fixed after so long and probably will never be. Just take it for granted, if you win/lose supa hard you can do better in the next game before the 50% wr skewers the mmr skill lvl.
: Lux's R
Hmm, you aren't by chance having the cursor kite near your champ or hover over map right? Cause it's happened quite a few times that I completely whiff the ult in the wrong direction similar to {{champion:22}} {{champion:39}} ,{{summoner:4}} while trying to kite backwards like it can't tell if your cursor is ahead of you or behind you as you maybe ult faster before it registers the direction you're looking/hovering at feels pretty bad to slip up in a rush.
: [GAMEPLAY] Mordekaiser's W is invisible af
You should really look at how much bugs mord has, this is one of the 200s+ already listed in details "mechanics" where if you are a mord main, you will abuse it to your advantage since rito doesn't want to touch his unbalanceble fiesta of bugs since it may create even more bugs by removing 1, hence this is the true power of bugekaiser.
: League welcomes everyone!
{{champion:53}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:107}}
: Okay, well, guess I don't need this post anymore. I FINALLY FOUND IT! For anyone curious: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=159606
Noice a refreshing simple,yet fun fan made reference post that gives credit, geez I thought you were joking about directonal(couldn't find it thought it was a whip sword), but it actually was using angle lateral degrees with a giant buster sword. You'd probably used math and deductive reasoning outta the 1310 champion concept pages x10-20, grats.
: Just saw Rek'Sai is the highest winrate support on champion.gg
Most likely very little playrate in that role,but someone with experience, you got knock ups, sustain, true dmg, more abilities early lvl,execute,poke,engage,disengage,radar,tanky?
: Looking for an old post
UN: Dystory PW: Rinoku,Prodigy of ~~Aatrox~~ Darkness Re: Is this what you were looking for?
: > [{quoted}](name=Peritheus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=80GluGl3,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-03-18T17:10:25.169+0000) > > A light hearted jab parody of the sad courageous desperate 1 last shot @ curious ideal best friend lady exist lonely nice guy post, this parody took a little bit of the weight away after everyone gave their love doctor reviews and experiences, knowledge, the best they could tell in word form even if it&#x27;s in hidden gems like this one. I don't know which post you are referencing. Do you mind offering the link?
> [{quoted}](name=mikemcparty,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=80GluGl3,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-03-18T18:49:53.266+0000) > > I don&#x27;t know which post you are referencing. Do you mind offering the link? Joking or is this sarcasm? I mean it's literally the first line brown text link in the post at the top below the title https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/ujbg6Kbt-do-nerdy-wholesome-girls-exist P.S. Now the boards are recently filled with this inspirational relief jab parody meme about others horrible posts inception with a teeny bit different topic from the original why OP why???
: What even is this?
> [{quoted}](name=mikemcparty,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=80GluGl3,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-03-18T16:19:20.461+0000) > > What even is this? A light hearted jab parody of the sad courageous desperate 1 last shot @ curious ideal best friend lady exist lonely nice guy post, this parody took a little bit of the weight away after everyone gave their love doctor reviews and experiences, knowledge, the best they could tell in word form even if it's in hidden gems like this one.
oUwU (NA)
Spook him with teemos natural predator, the carnivorous tyransaourus leaverbuster(can smell your stealth),also that you'll prob be #1 priority for a 5man dive and flamed by both teams since they consider him santa and must be slain to stop his cray cray mischievious deeds(emote spams) and it's fun blowing up the squishy(even though he places millions of mushrooms @ random eventually killing the low health adc that proceeds to shout your name is satisfying as well+stopping a whole team from pushing but easily countered at higher elos.)
Rioter Comments
: welp nothing to see just your typical angry rant thread that not even the OP has any idea what he is talking about
Alright pal, enlighten me since you're so soo condescendingly knowledgeable, experienced heavily in your reasoning since you claim that you know the ins and out of what I mention in this salty, shite post, I mean surely surely! you're just not talking out your @ss without backup that others have never before experienced/ can relate to while being ignorant of such fact you legit come into others post like mine and downvote my new comments for THEIR eyes to see and judge below that were sarcastic,grain of truth and "helpful" with your biased cocky attitude, infact I'm sure you can't even respond "normally" without thinking carefully now which is something to scoff at you cactus(~~prick if you couldn't decipher that~~) you.
: I...I can't read it. What...what does this even say?
A bunch of run ons and grammar mistakes; Copy paste/cut the irregular structures into convertcase.net and choose Sentence case, ty for reading my stool post ;^).
: Wait are you saying that you are mad that you became a permanent ward and were punished for it?
Wardmo is a legit support thing, that filthy xp stealing moocher, using your passive gets you punished, especially when there's no minions around and nobody stepping on your shrooms.
Eedat (NA)
: That is the ugliest block of text I think I have ever seen. Holy hell dude
!EsRoW StEg yLnO Ti
Rioter Comments
Sidia (EUW)
: Hello, if you shut down your computer while the client is doing anything it is possible that you crash some client files. Therefor the client will go into a repair mode and clean the crashed files but also wipes all user data (Server, ToS accepted, account name saved) to save your client from further problems. Greetings Sidia
Ah Thanks, I rarely ever use the repair mode since most of the time it's not needed for most people.
Rioter Comments
Skycrowx (EUW)
: Mages aren't strong anymore midgame like they used to be.
Definitely Late game, midgame isn't so great for some mages, while buffing a few who synergize with the reworked ap items as it was a indirect nerf to early game, especially most off ap "supports".(if you aren't an ap snowbally early- mid game assassin with great base dmg like {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} who rely on getting takedowns to smoothly transition into late game build) so I just have to rush a {{item:1058}} into {{item:3089}} aka not spend my 500g at the start in order to actually waveclear to barely keep up against others cs they earned through kills, turrets,and assists etc as the minions powercreep so hard you can just miss all the cs/still struggle to waveclear with abilities while others have an easier time. If I stopped csing around mid game and roamed got nothing done, I just threw my barely lead and become obsolete for the rest of mid game and forced to wave clear againnn that is, If I'm even allowed to hit late game in games that are supposed to be 15-30 min games already decided by 1st turret, 1st blood, 1st bot roams, while feeling like {{champion:75}} except without the amazing powerspike midgame nor his early game dominance at lvl 6 but to be called useless early to mid, since a nasus at lategame ain't gonna touch their mobile carrys with their metric ton shields and heals, + maxed out cc cdr, I gotta rely on cs or snowballs early as much as possible.
Hmm maybe if you submit a doodle you know for like some few rp 1 time thing etc to sup, they might ~~take ~~give you a tiny bit of rp just for you. hmm that is if they still do that stuff.
: Best feeling in the game
It's even more satisfying when your just about to hit save on your freshly new created rune page and it cock blocks you.
: Make Rakan Melee
Rakans.... ranged????? wut
: I got ganked level 2
Because you don't hug turret or you overextend?
fínćh (NA)
: Can you people explain something to me?
Do you kiss your parents with that mouth?Cause I feel bad for them constantly wiping it off from a runny mouth, especially one that's full of ignorant, ungrateful ships. 13 perma banned accounts, you are the definition of insanity repeating the same thing over and over, expecting change, but futile efforts in a loop, or you just lack a few certain brain cells to comprehend your biased behavior you think is wrong/right, it's both but more so leaning towards wrong as the Brutal Terms of Service expects you to be a Saint in chat or just be a mute after you call your role. It's ironic when you(also tell em nobody likes you when your personality seems to outsiders someone who's stuckup trash and namecalling)call em a kid when you are getting your butt handed to you by your own childish actions and words, and you think it was 100% satisfying wurf don't make the world laugh, tell me, what exactly did you gain out of it that is considered a million wurfs, well go on? Anger, stress, hatred, madness, making a fool of yourself as that "kid" just set your account back again ALL UNNECESSARY if you could idk be respectful and plot your revenge on fair grounds by taking the time to appreciate others IN GAME CHAT while probably saying in the back of your mind with a fake forced smile positive attitude, (I'm reporting this and that for so and such and can't wait to get a player behavior feedback report saying they got punished and move on with my day) in order to quench your controlled emotions scotfree,then only the inter woulda been dealt justice while everyone else is safe and sound and most likely already forgiven after some time. psshuuuu. Anyway, you need to work on not namecalling,insulting,berating,harassing,cussing out other players, you can only do it to yourself,minions,runes,jungle mobs while keeping a cool head so you can just make the worse situtations a little bit lighter for everyone else and please don't try to coach em during the game, it never goes well, and words you say can be taken out of context (like inting, afking, N etc.)since it's hard to display emotion in the in game chat. There's not a single ounce of remorse, or apologys as you gave in to what those "trolls" wanted most from you when you coulda played the situation so much better than your limited biased view so work on going beyond it's horizon, mkay?
Gasolena (NA)
: Banned
Whelp, just wanted to see how many people hit no, so why not and low and behold I'm the 1st no to 44 yes,woo, I regret something, anyway Nobody likes a coach yelling at you about all your mistakes during the game, it just feels bad,puts unnecessary stressful pressure on them and they tend to break,fall apart, tilt harder as they too are about to explode and quit as their heads not in the game and generally don't want to even acknowledge/avoid your prescence at all,very few ever play a 10x times better in situations like that. If you gonna coach them tell em in the pregame lobby what the basic fundamentals of the plan is and signals in the game while having back ups and motivation, and after game what your thoughts and performance could be worked upon out there while giving them hope, and respect what pride they have left also what they did good on in game.
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