wjmagno (EUNE)
: Punishment
Riot is in denial that there are any problems with the system I have played the game since season 1 and was part of closed beta. I have seen the game gradually get more and more toxic because of lazy mods , trolls and cheaters. Because of the lazy mods not judging anything and leaving it all up to their algorythem my origional account was permanantly banned after I had a group of hacking trolls report me AS A TEAM and did so repeatedly. not all players that are permanantly banned even deserve to be punished at all. Also if you have a guy talking about how your a shit player for 40 min how can you get punished for responding in a rude way? the mute button works nicely but sometimes you need to talk to your team to get a working stratagy to win the game. The mods don't want to believe that their HOLY ALGORYTHEM does not work because then they would have to judge cases or pay somone to judge cases. The punishments WERE way to light and no one cared about them and NOW they are way too harsh and no one is caring about them because they just create fake acounts or "smurf accounts" as they are commonly known. The mods also refuse to believe that many people have smurf accounts because it shatters their delusion that their punishment system is working because they don't see many "repeat offenders" but the thing is most people just create a new account or they have one account they play nice with and another they use to cheat and be toxic on. People talk about this in the forrums all day every day I really don't understand why riot refuses to see what is right in their face!!!! They need to have punishments that are ONLY for the people CAUSING the fight or problem and THEN they need to be things that people care about somthing like this: #1loading times If they have to wait 20 min after they sign in before they are allowed to play because they went afk the last three games they might think twice #2 items allowed to be used If you were toxic or trolled in the last game now you are limited to being able to by ONLY certain items or you are limited on how many items you are allowed to use in your build for a certain number of games #3 limiting the use of their favorite champions for being toxic or trolling or going afk If they like to troll or be rotten when they use a certain champ they might learn to not be like that if they are not allowed to use it a certain number of games because they were toxic or trolled.
scazzman (NA)
: a concern i have about the punishment system
They need to re-build the punishment system they are too fast to punish people and they should NEVER punish both sides. The mods seem to think that we should be treated like small children and both sides of ANY argument should be punished no matter who was in the wrong or started it. That is like the police punishing the rape victim because "she was involved" in the crime. The mods refuse to put the effort in to finding out who was trolling or harassing and would rather use a computer algorythem that automatically decides who was being bad in chat by words used and often punishes both sides of the argument because they don't want to put the effort in to judge fairly or sort reports. The punishments are WAY too harsh and if they are going to have harsh punishments they need to have a way to be forgiven after so many games of "good behavior" because face it everyone has a game or two once in a while where there is that one champion that is ruining it for everyone and toxic in chat. They need to have punishments that affect game play rather than chat because face it no one cares about chat unless they are trolling or really into talking while playing. With the voice chat no one has to worry about text chat now either. I feel that they should NEVER punish both sides unless both sides are being toxic. Most of the time there is a troll or toxic player that STARTED the problem and tilted the other people on the team. Punishments should affect game-play so if your toxic you don't have as much fun and eventually it's not fun to play the game any more if your going to be toxic or harass people and you leave. trolls, cheaters and toxic players are all doing it because they enjoy making others mad or feeling like they are winning if you make it not fun anymore they will go play somwhere else and you don't have to deal with them.
: Is toxicity getting worse or is what people percieve as toxicity getting worse?
I agree they are getting TOO sensative and kinda unfair in many cases. The ban system SHOULD NOT BE automated and is WAY too severe somtimes and sometimes WAY too lenient. There are GROUPS of toxic players that will harass and mock and BULLY people into saying things that SEEM toxic and then report them. I have known a NUMBER of people that this happened to. they need to make it 50% player based judging WITHOUT summoner names to make it impartial and 50% moderator judged. I think what they should do is 1. put a case out there and randomly send 100 players a "invitation" to log into the website and judge a case. Players that are seen as more fair by the game moderators are asked more often. Once you give your verdict you get 1000 blue or orange essence. 2. Grade the reports on severity into THREE levels. lvl 1 severity is minor insults, critisizms and so on lvl 2 is mocking verbal harassment lvl 3 is racism, homophobic comments and or harassment along with any type of racism. 3. Once BOTH the players AND the moderators have spoken the tally FOR and AGAINST are combined and the final decision is done and punishment is given. 4. ALL PARTICIPANTS NEED TO BE ABLE TO BE PUNISHED often a player is NORMALLY a good sport but can be PUSHED or HARASSED into BEING toxic if a group of players harassed the player into being toxic and then reported him THEY need to be punished NOT HIM. 5. There should be two categories that are known ONLY to game moderators the "recoverable" players and the players that are SO TOXIC they can be banned without worrying about it. the "redeemable" players should be given more leeway but ONLY judged by at least THREE moderators and if it's a severe punishment the player can ask for a ONE TIME "second chance" of three DIFFERENT moderators to vote on the same situation. EVERY situation should be treaded as a unique event because some poeple just have a bad day or run into a herd of toxic trolls in a row or even the same troll many games in a row. There should aslo be "blue essence" penalties with the ability to go into the negative. If people are penalized blue essence or orange essence for being toxic they will be more likely to stop.
: How do you track your Honor progress?
They SHOULD have a % towards the next honor lvl with explanations on why you earned or lost honor with the option to ask devs for a ONE TIME appeal on each decision of lost honor.
Rioter Comments
: Is there a reason minion block is a feature? It's Really troll especially when my own minions do it.
I don't think your OWN minions should be able to get in your way but I can understand ENEMY minions getting in the way.{{sticker:draven-pose}}
: Towers
I agree that the towers need to be more powerful as they get closer to the nexus the big problem recently is getting people to push and destroy towers. All I have seen recently is around 75% of the people playing are SO dumb they think getting kills is all that is important and then when they lose they argue over "who fed" normally spending the rest of the game harassing somone because they died alot.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: *sigh*.......anyone know how to kick a freakin lose streak..... I'm so tired of it....
you could always try a new champion and work on ONLY playing with people you KNOW are going to push and work together............... Recently I have had a problem finding people smart enough to push and destroy towers. At least HALF of the people on league lately are SOOOOOOOOO dumb they think getting kills is all that matters and they don't push to destroy towers until the enemy team is SUPER FED and then they argue over "who fed".{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
KoKoboto (NA)
: Buff towers but increase rewards for getting kills or other kinds of objectives.
I agree that they need to buff towers a little bit but if you think the game is about getting kills you need to uninstall and go to a game that is about getting kills. The goal of the game (if you know how to play) is to destroy towers and eventually destroy the enemy nexus and get kills on the way. If ANYTHING is done about kills they need to NERF the rewards for getting kills because half the people that play this game spend all their time trying to pretend they have skill by faking their kdr and letting their teamates die instead of helping.
: TOWERS!!!!
I'm starting to wonder if they need to make TWO regular game modes one for idiots that don't think towers or destroying the nexus matters and one for people that know how to play and push and destroy towers.
Immane (NA)
: Why is it so hard to get people to destroy towers?
The problem with the attitude "do it yourself" is if the enemy team is paying attention in any way they will ambush and gank the hell out of a single champ trying to push simply for the kills alone. I feel they need to split the regular mode into two categories to better serve the players. Game mode #1 people that are going to ONLY go for kills before a given amount of time and then have game mode #2 regular mode that requires destruction of the nexus and towers.
Immane (NA)
: Why is it so hard to get people to destroy towers?
I have found that around 70% of the people playing this game would prefer to fake their KDR then actually win. They want to pretend they have skill because they have "this many" kills and ONLY "this many deaths" but they are too stupid to know that ANYONE can fake a kdr


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