: [GAMEPLAY] Champion ultimate/Summoner Spell cooldown time bug
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: Everything you need to know about the 2015 World Championship
Rhiel (NA)
: Level 1 - Master Stream
Just letting you know streams don't belong in this part of the forum.
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: Streaming solo queue [Gold]
still streaming 6 wins right now in series
: Streaming solo queue [Gold]
back again stream's up
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: Lf a reliable mid laner for rank 5's
I'm down i'll add you in game if you're still looking for someone.
: LF MID and TOP Gold+ Serious Ranked 5's, TRYOUTS 9PM EST APPLY NOW
IGN Name: Lmaginex S4 Rank:S1 S5 Rank:G4 Main Role:Mid Champion Pool: {{champion:103}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:131}} Skype (Y/N):Yes What is your greatest asset to a ranked 5's team? I'm easily approachable and friendly. What is your greatest weakness to a ranked 5's team? I don't really have much input unless it's a serious matter. Does your playing schedule fit our practice schedule? Yeah. How many teams have you been on and what is longest time? Not many. I've really have only been on some with friends for lan tournaments around New York. Willingness to Sub if not make the team? That's fine.
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: Feenix Gaming needs a serious Mid
Rank- s3 Role-Mid Top 3 Champs- Ziggs, Katarina, Viktor Curse Voice- I can use anything. Tourney Experience- I've played in lan's in NY and CT Strengths- I can do stuff. Weakness- I can't do some stuff. Time Zone-EST
: 24/7 : 5 Vs. 5 Recruiting for Ranked Team (TRY OUTS STARTING)
IGN: Lmaginex Age: 18 Rank: S3 Top 5 Champs: Graves, Lucian, Vayne, Caitlyn, Jinx. Availability:Let me know when i'm needed and ill make time. Voice Client?: I can use anything.
: Competitive Silver/Gold Tournament Team looking for Mid.
Summoner Name: Lmaginex Current rank/elo: s3 Age:18 times available: Any time after 3pm EST right now will change in 2 weeks to anytime. Role applying for:Mid Top 5 champs in role: Ahri, Talon, Katarina, LeBlanc, Zed Playstyle: I wait alot. Past experience with teams: Played in some LAN tournaments in New York with friends.
: [recruiting] LF High Gold + - Top & Mid - for Serious 5vs - tournaments WILL happen
IGN: Lmaginex Role (Main / Second if applicable):Mid Rank season 4: s2 Current Rank:s3 Age:18 Are you available at times listed?: Yes. Occupation (if student, what are you studying?): None at the moment. Going through vocation school training soon. Preferably Computer engineering. Anything else you would like to add: I can get along with anyone.
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Perf (NA)
: Vital Spark Gaming Recruiting!
IGN: Dxrin AGE: 18 TIMEZONE: EST -5 RANK:S2 ROLE:Top TOP 3 CHAMPS: Irelia, Jax, Vladimir 5'S HISTORY?:None online but I have played in Lan tournaments in new york. WHY SHOULD YOU BE ON THE TEAM?: I can get along with anyone. FINAL THOUGHTS: None.
Firestar (NA)
: LF Top Jungle Mid
IGN: Dxrin Role: Mid Top 3 Champs: Talon, Zed, Katarina
Aegeriel (NA)
: Element 6 Gaming: Serious Team Needs Filling.
IGN: Dxrin Nickname: None Time Zone: EST -5 Times Avaliable: Anytime just let me know when and i'll make it there. Role: Mid Played Champions In Above Role: {{champion:91}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} Solo Q ranked: S2 CS/10 Minutes: Around 70 Reason For Wanting to be on a Ranked Team: To become a better player. Teamspeak 3?: Yes, and any other voice chat you may want to use. Age: 18
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Męiko (NA)
: Team Elite Exile Try Outs Top lane only
Age:18 IGN:PhantaSee Teamspeak: Yes/No If you do not have it download it you need it. Yes. Current Tier: Silver Role:Top Weaknesses: Decision making
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Saintt (NA)
: Team Supernal Synergy Recruiting TOP and JUNGLE (MAINS ONLY) TRYOUTS NOVEMBER 11TH ALL DAY
IGN:sinsante 1. Role applied for: Jungle 2. Top 5 champions (in order) Rengar, Lee Sin, Evelynn, Udyr, Kha Zix 3. Solo queue rank S4 4. Ranked 5s rank: None 5. Runes/Masteries up to date? I own every useful rune in the game. 6. Competitive experience: Played in lans on Long Island NY 7. Availability: Anytime 8. Skype/Mumble/Teamspeak: ALL 9. Willing to be a shotcaller? Yes 10. Willing to be captain? : Depends.
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: Team nVus is Looking for teammates!(Mid and Top)
1. IGN: PhantaSee 2. Timezone: EST 3. Rank:S5 * G2 Last Season 4. Age(we want people who can stay on late): 18 5. Role: Mid 6. Top Champions: Ahri, Syndra, Zed. And more just don't really want to list all of them here. 7. Experience:3+ Years of playing the game. Experience in some LAN tournaments in New York 8. A little about yourself: I can work well with anyone. I rarely ever cause problems.
: Seems Legit Gaming LF D2+ (Paid/Sponsored) Tryouts 10/26 @ 6PM EST
I'd be down but the highest i've reached is G1 so good luck man!!
Big Seth (NA)
: Gold V ADC Looking to Start a Serious team with set Practices.
IGN:PhantaSee Name:Darin Age (18+):18 Time Zone:EST Role:ADC/Jungle Top 5 Champs:ADC{{champion:67}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:22}}Jungle {{champion:64}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:28}} Curse Voice/Mic?:Yes and any other voice chat program you may want to use. How Easy do you Tilt: 3 Are you comfortable verbally communicating:Yes. Biggest Weakness: Warding mid game Team Experience:Not much team experience outside of playing with friends all the time.
: Serious 5s LF Gold+ Players.
IGN: PhantaSee Age:18 Role: Jungle/ADC Champion Pool:{{champion:64}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:67}} Strengths: Map control when jungling. Knowing when and where to pressure lanes. Weakness: Ward control mid game. Rank:S4 * G2 Last Season *
Tulamood (NA)
: Creating High Gold team for tournaments
IGN:PhantaSee Role:ADC/Jungle Rank:S4 * G2 Last season * Top 3 champions: Vayne, Jinx, Corki/Lee Sin, Kha'Zix, Evelynn When you are available to play:Anytime just let me know when so i can be on. Voice chat programs:Any you want to use ill get it for sure.
: Creating Ranked 5's team
Age: 18 Rank:S4 * G2 Last season * Role:ADC Top 3 champs: Vayne, Corki, Ashe Raidcall: Yes Availability: Any time
Chrome3D (NA)
: Need a duo bot lane for ranked 5 (Pref: Silver 5 to Gold 5)
Username:PhantaSee AGE:18 Position:ADC Rank: S4 * G3 Last season *
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: Looking for Support/Jungle for Ranked 5's team G5+ *Join raidcall after posting *
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: ADC Recruiting for Competitve team G5+ Join raidcall after posting!
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: New Team looking for ADC & Support GOLD V + Pref
Summoner Name:PhantaSee Rank:S5 Due to account hacked then banned G3 Last season Role:ADC Top 3 Champs Played: Vayne, Ashe, Varus Teamspeak/Mic: Both Age: 18 Times available for practice: Anytime just let me know before hand and i'll make sure i get enough sleep and stuff like that so i will be available.
: Streaming ADC in silver *Help is appreciated*
: Streaming ADC in silver *Help is appreciated*
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