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: Ascension is the worst
Hexakill is the worst.
: I would so fill my profile with the most useless clips ever First video - Fail Flash Second video - Warding Third video - Just pointlessly following scuttle
: is hexakill that popular!? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
No. But Rito doesn't care what is popular. I mean they came out with AR URF when no one wanted AR.
: I bet ??? is Doom Bots
: ***
Yea, but unlike Hexa, URF is fun.
: "ARURF is now available and blasts through Sunday evening (we’ll shut it down very early Tuesday morning--usually between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM)." While technically correct, I think "Monday evening" is what was intended.
What I think they were saying was that it shoots all the way past sunday, not that it was ever meant to be read as "we're shutting down sunday." Like "URF is so out of control, it just blows past sunday, and won't stop til monday!"
: But its URF. There is no one-sided. They would add in the trade element too in case you really get someone unfamiliar. But then of course, I support the idea of increasing ban count to 12. That would surely fix the common pick.
"But it's* URF. There is no one-sided." Bullshit. Why do you think there was an "URF meta" to shift away from? Why do you think they MADE this game mode? There's EASILY going to be one-sided URF ARAM. Get a champ that is absolute shit in URF? Guess you're gonna have a bad game. Yea, there's (hopefully) going to be re-rolls, but for people with smaller pools, that doesn't help when they used theirs already, and don't get another one for 3 more games. And playing a champ that isn't your idea of fun, because someone decided the "URF Meta" was lame, is... well, lame. The only reason I'M not super worried about it is because I own every champion, and I'm hoping the re-roll system of ARAM is present here. And if it's not then this is going to be even WORSE than I thought, because then you really ARE stuck with whatever shit champion luck throws to you. I play ARAM pretty regularly, and there will easily be times when teams will have entirely shit comps to play against a team that will steamroll them. There WILL be one-sided games, URF will not change that. If anything, it will make it worse.
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: "Nobody was mad about the stagnating meta in URF!!!" Hi guys, Thea here, and I was beyond done with URF after the first night because it was annoying seeing the same stuff over and over. And if you pick something different for fun you just get rolled because you didn't pick "optimal" champs. I think all random is a great idea for a rotating mode. Now if URF never comes back in the standard format that would be kinda lame, but every other time being random? Sounds good to me.
This is actually a wonderful solution. Rotating between ARURF and Standard URF would allow those who want to play with a randomly appointed champ to do their thing when it came around, but wouldn't remove standard URF for those who just want good old URF back. Maybe even have it come up more often this way too, that way neither party feels too down when it isn't their turn, because another on is near enough that they can look forward to that. Either way, more URF, less Hexakill.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
All I have to say on the argument of "bring back URF" is: less boring game modes (e.g. Hexa, D.N.D., Poro king?) and bring back the things people WANT to play. Seriously, Hexakill? That was the most obnoxiously boring game mode you could have come up with. Definitely NOT Dominion? Didn't you guys RETIRE that game mode? Like... for a reason? Why are you perpetuating these modes when you KNOW people don't want to play them? Why are you TRYING to alienate your player base from Rotating Game Mode Queue? Sure, some people might like Hexa and D.N.D. but you have MANY more players that have been literally begging you to let them play URF and more desirable game modes. At this point, you might as well make them ALL custom game modes, and let people play them as they want. Because honestly, I have more friends that play ARAM than normal now because we all just want to have fun. Something your current rotating queue is not doing. People want to do the fun, cool things, and you're restricting them from that under the guise of "if you have too much, you'll get bored of it." Which is a poor argument on its own.
: He means weekends.
He THINKS he means weekends, when he SHOULD have meant weeks. He's talking about the history of URF. In the past, we didn't have URF for a weekend, we had it for a week(s), something OP doesn't seem to realize. So his statement is still wrong. We used to have more URF in a shorter time when it was once a year, which is the point here, and the counter argument to what OP said. 1 week > 2 weekends.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Doom Bots > Definitely Not Dominion.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Malzahar Direction
Will there be an update to make Shadow Prince Malz as awesome as he should be?
Pika310 (NA)
: So you're saying randoms are allowed to enjoy Sona, but not her actual fans? Because Riot doesn't want us to? Your statement is both avaricious and arrogant. It must be difficult looking at the world through your rose-tinted glasses.
Pretty sure what he's saying is everyone should be allowed to enjoy a champion/skin, no matter how they play. Calling anyone a fan of a champ, and then saying that champ isn't good enough is pretty much an oxymoron. If you're a fan, you'll play her no matter the changes, because you like to. Calling out randoms because you're an "actual fan" is by far more arrogant and avaricious than the person you're countering with those terms, because you seem to think you're more important than other people playing the game.
: still gonna call it spray and pray
Still not going to call it anything cuz it's still terrible.

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