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: what did ea do? i dont play any of there games
> [{quoted}](name=ZoeIsMyBae,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7qTElFXo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-14T18:43:02.688+0000) > > what did ea do? i dont play any of there games Basically they are making people grind to get champions so they get fed up with grinding and use real money to buy the characters. Also so players will have to use their currency on characters instead of getting loot boxes and buying the loot boxes. So basically, exactly what Riot is doing right now.
: :c This is a hard answer to give because I totally love having Aery around too. In the past, she showed up all the time and was given equal "visual weight" in all of her states - her ready state, the active and the cooldown state (where she travels back to you and actually needs the most player attention). Unfortunately, we found in testing that this made it really hard to tell all of those states apart. We want to give each rune the appropriate amount of gameplay visibility and even though having Aery float around all the time is satisfying (because I love herrrrr) it's actually not great for clarity - if she's around all the time in ready/active/cooldown it actually makes it harder to tell which state she's actually in for everyone who needs to play around that info. Adding to the problem, she also has more states than similar keystones like Comet. Thus, we made the call to have her be present for her most important states that need play for them (active/coming home) and to act more like a buff for her ready state (which she kinda is because she is a rune, after all). We've found that this change makes her significantly easier to track and play around for both enemies and owners. PS I like to think that when Aery goes away she's actually returning into your heart though, where she came from. 💕
Bruh. Why you Rioters always talking about "clarity" but dont display CD's on the smaller runes like Scorch and Manaflow Band? And the thing that has bothered me for a while now: Kayn's passive bar. So confusing. How am I supposed to " track and play around" Kayn's passive bar?
Amxen (NA)
: {{champion:202}} _"Crazy bitch tried to hit me so I shot out her tires."_
Wrong. Jhin would never use such barbaric profanity. {{champion:202}}: "Art cannot be stopped. But fools can be made into a performance."
: It is going to take forever to unlock 6300 champs now. Roughly every 150 games played.
Wells since games only last 10 minutes this season anyway shouldn't be a problem /s
: They've pushed this game to the point of being extremely not fun, yes. All the champions you WANT to play don't have a place in the meta now because other champions snowball harder and can one shot you no matter who they are (looking specifically at the gd Tristana E buff). These runes are supposed to be fun, not tilting as all hell. But hey, because there's literally no defense against some of the stuff they've put out, we can't do anything but die and slowly feel our souls wither away. The game was toxic before preseason. Holy nutcracker, but today is the worst I've seen for toxicity, both from myself and others because this stuff is just. NOT. FUN.
Play on PBE. Super chill enviroment, no toxicity, free skins. If you aren't looking to play Ranked then the PBE is relaxing.
Xonra (NA)
: This right here is why I hate updates this massive. They miss so many champs in the shuffle. Pretty much all my champ types are bad this preseason, when I could play around that before. Like, I could still get away with Morg mid before into quite a few matchups. It is legit just a joke to even try right now. I loves Rumble top, but you will get your shit pushed in right now before you get strong enough to fight back.
Why? Arcane Comet is fricken good on her.
: Even Lux wouldn't want it; if she wants extra damage that only applies when she lands a snare, she might as well take ~~Thunderlords~~ Electrocute which does much higher damage. Her main poke spell (E) will cause the comet to miss most of the time. The same is true of SO many mages. The Arcane Comet just screams "this is the thing you want for offensive mage power" - it's even the chosen keystone on the default "I'm a mage!" runepage - and yet so few mages can actually use it all that effectively. Why is the default Mage Keystone so incredibly niche among mages?
I think you underestimate the power of Lux's E slow. Also it's not even niche. Even if it does miss that means they had to dodge it. You can throw another spell where they will dodge to.
: The new major mage rune, Arcane Comet, seems really bad. I admit I haven't tested it out too much yet (it's only been out for half a day), but I keep seeing it miss targets that are simply walking around.
its meant for hard CC mages like Lux, Ryze, Anivia, etc. If you can't lokc them down it not worth taking.
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: Zoe is here! Discussion page.. and yeah she was indeed a true aspect in targon
Zoe is AP Riven confirmed? Just kidding, but seriously this champ is gonna have an insane skill cap and floor. I can't wait to master her :)
: "Don't be fooled by her childish appearance—Zoe is an ancient being, a cosmic messenger of Targon" ... ಠ_ಠ
: Heal became common for supports to use instead of Exhaust because it worked with Ardent Censer. It wasn't because of Bruisers and Assassins.
All engage supports like Ali, Leona, Rakan don't take Heal tho... they take Ignite...
: Lee Sin was never even a competitive pick at all this year's Worlds, especially the Finals
Ye instead we get {{champion:113}} but hey at least its not LS haha
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Dimwitt (NA)
: What was worse was hearing him sob into the mic. Dude needs the biggest of bro's and something to drink so he can bounce back.
: That new champion looks absolutely infuriating to play against
How about we actually wait until the reveal before we go on a witch hunt for champs??
: The scary fact about Zoe being an aspect is that........
Kassadin Stark warned us about this... The Void is coming
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: Her visuals don't fit League. She looks like a character from a Disney Pixar movie.
It fits league just as much as Ivern does. Stop hating on *bubbly* champions haha
: Let's be real, if any skin votes had a space theme, it would win every time. Not sure why this community is obsessed with space.
Because space is cool lol. and we only have 3 other space themed skins. So. Hmm.
: Illaoi pumpkin carving
T-That's... not p-p-possible... wtf.
Kythers (NA)
: Help, I'm having too much fun playing Jhin
Penns (EUW)
: so burst mages and assassins cant oneshot people anymore because "damage creep" what do they do? lul
How about not one shot, just... do burst. Like their supposed to?
TBH I voted for it because it reminds me of Leviathan Wakes, one of my favorite books.
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: I feel for ya, I main Jhin. Jhin is legitimately THE scariest human character in the game, and one of the scariest in general.
I honestly feel like Jhin is one of the best characters of all time, in aesthetics, lore, everything. I love him so much. I cannot accept he is evil. Insane? Yes. Evil? No.
: I disagree with skin votes. The average playerbase consists of people with poor taste that will always vote for "le epic futuristic skins xD". These people are the same reason every new AAA video game ip is some dumb-ass sci-fi game - Fuck you guys. **Adventurer** is the skin for connoisseurs such as m'self _tips deathcap_
Auurun (EUNE)
: I was waiting for new Illaoi skin since she's my main, but.... Honestly I don't like any of these.
Bruh how. I have M5 on Illaoi and goddamn I love Adventurer and Deep Space. Anything is better than that 1350 purple chroma.
Hardwyre (NA)
: No, increasing their profit would be releasing all three, OR not making 3 skins and only releasing one.
But if you make a skin out of a option that would be less popular then that less money. And if you make all 3 skins that means you're using 3 skins worth of resources for a skin on one champ, which means you're making less profit since the skins will only appeal to players of one champion (and a pretty unpopular one at that), opposed to if you were to spread them out over many champions.
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: Sliding Scale of Champion Morality
GreenLore (EUW)
: Actually I'd say Cho'gath has one of the worst chances to get an ultimate skin. Not only is cho'gath the only champion who has 2 legendary skins that are still in the standard shop(others with 2 legendaries usually have one that is inside the vault),while all other champs with ultimate skins don't even have one legendary skin,but like Satomikun mentioned,he is on the list for a big visual&gameplay update. And updating the ultimate skin alongside 2 legendary skins would just really take a huge amount of work. Not to mention that it is likely that once cho'gath gets a VGU,he'll actually have an evolving model for all of his skins,making the gimmick of his ultimate skin redundant.
Yeah but face it both his "Legendary" skins are 975 quality with new voiceovers
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: No you can just wait a while like all us pantheon lovers waited for the baker skin. {{champion:80}}
But you can release Baker Panth any day. Candy Kayn can only happen once a year
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: Does anyone else think that Riot should've prioritize other champions for a rework before Irelia?
{{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} Aesthetics: in game model, shitty particles, shitty VO, shitty SFX, shitty animations. Lore: shitty lore Gameplay: one of the most toxic champs to play against and with. his gameplay is just absolutely shitty. his entire early game is centered around trying to bully the enemy laner by getting random crits, he plays like a chicken despite being a berserker — pushing until someone comes to deal with him, then running away, or if you're a champ with no long hard CC hell just full on dive you with no consequences because his ult is on a stupidly short CD for what you can do with it. In fact the entirety of your winning is completely dependent on wether or not the enemy team gets fed up enough with your free reign of toplane and decides they need to 2v1 you to actually kill you, making it a 3v5. Otherwise you're just a useless piece of crap. That gets the first couple of towers and farms for the rest of the game.
: Oh my god .... Vicktorious Graves hurts me
Particles look great. But the actual skin looks cheap, more fitting for Toy Solider Graves haha
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: Why should I ever want to be above Bronze?
I really just want to get gold for season rewards and then I'm fucking done. it sucks crushing someone in lane as kench and they getting 5 shotted by the fucking ADC while I'm permanent stunned by the Sejuani jungle and Lulu keeping me slowed for eternity. If I manage to get into range of the ADC then lulu just shields her and ADC gets to walk away.
Dicerson (NA)
: "...absolutely despise tanks." _Is Mastery 7 Ornn_ Nani? EDIT: AND vi, too! Also, since when was Rhaast NOT a tank?
Ah no. I meant I don't like playing AGAINST Tanks. As you can see nearly all of my M7s are ADCs or have some sorts of true damage, % HP damage, armor shred, armor pen, etc.
: The new champion teased already?!!!!
HYPE HYPE. I am gonna main the shit outta this new champ.
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: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Yasuo.
Only people who watch Rick and Morty are intelligent enough to play Yasuo.
: Samsung is a great team, and they went 1-1 against LZ in the summer split. I do not think it was that big of an upset. I mean TI5 was crazy, this was more a mild suprise.
Yeah but Longzhu was up 6-0. To see them absolutely sweeped by a team that nobody had expected was pretty wild.
: Really 3-0 SW vs LZ ?
: Yasuo isn't considered an Assassin anymore according to the client. (Which is really weird considering Master Yi is one)
Have you ever gone up against a fed ass Yi tho? He gonna shred you faster than a Zed in most cases lol.
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