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: What is the one phrase that puts you on full tilt?
The single "?" in all chat after you miss a skillshot or something that would have saved you/ gotten you a kill "gg jungler never ganked me" when they shove the wave every time they get to lane and die as a result, and i'm playing a non-diver jungler so I can't help them
: *starts by telling us his mastery on the champs like we're supposed to care*
Well I would go off on a rant about how Battlecast Illaoi was the worst of the three to pick, however I only have like 30 games on Illaoi so it doesn't pertain to me that much. However I play all of these champs so Im letting people know I'm not just come filthy casual that's complaining even tho he doesn't play the champ.
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: I like how Zoe gets untouched but Heimer's Beam damage gets reduced by half.
Lmao this thread is funny. You guys act like The Donger doesn't just completely fuck over every melee champ, and make for a completely uninteractive lane for every party involved. The Donger sits in the middle of his turrets, and farms while keeping you pushed under turret so he can get free farm and just wail away at your tower and you. If you don't have a way to clear all three of his turrets in 2 seconds don't even bother trying to go on him or clear out his turrets. Meanwhile he can push as much as he wants because if the jungler (most of whom are melees) even attempts to gank that's just a double kill for The Donger as he runs around his turrets while the big turret three shots you. Get close to killing him and he'll melee stun you. At least Zoe has a level of counter play. You all act like she's just a brain dead champ with a global E and infinite flashes. Wrong. Zoe does NOT do well into melee matches with gapclosers, she does NOT have that much mobility, and the mobility she does have relies on YOUR mistakes. Her CC is delayed meaning she CANNOT immediately deal with you if you get close. YES you're going to get one shotted by a Zoe if you're NOT standing behind minions, DONT have wards on the other side of walls, and stay in the perfect range where Zoe can just poke you for free with no threat to her. Zoe is balanced you just need to dodge, keep wards up, stay behind minions, and play champs with gapclosers. Heimer is NOT balanced because he's a brain dead champ that lets turret AI play the game for him
: Zoe was actually nerfed a lot harder than the on-paper patch notes leads you to believe. The delay on her Q>Q>R making it Q>R>wait>Q is pretty big because now she can't get that extra range until after she's fully out of her portal, which means for awhile a lot of players are going to 2nd Q too soon and it end up stopping short. In addition, she no longer gets Gunblade from minion drops which is pretty big too.
Wait she doesn't get gunblade anymore? Fuck. That was one of the most fun things to do as Zoe. Early gunblade cheese.
: I think that last thing is gonna be true during any VGU no matter how awesome it is. The old champion effectively ceases to exist and a new one is put in their place with a similar look and mechanics. Pour one out for the pre-rework {{champion:78}} mains. Both of them.
{{champion:19}} was a great rework. They kept his simple playstyle and mechanics, didnt get rid of any of his mechanics (kept blood scent, on-hit magic damage, basic chunk sustain Q, suppression ult) but also made him more useful by adding in the fear mechanic and Q dash through, allowing players with alot of game time on WW to really stand out from the newbies without having newbies look like trash, like say on Lee Sin or Riven.
: welcome to season 8
Wait... Lulu turns Kog'Maw into a 1v5 machine... but he requires Lulu? That would be a 2v5 machine lol.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Yeah, Pointless for some of us that own 700+ skins :) Besides they don't need to work on existing Mastery, they need to add more of them with different rewards.
Well just because you have alot of skins doesn't mean you have all the legacies on your main
Flemman (EUW)
: what about champ without legacy skin tho :p
Not all champions were created equal.
: Pointless for me... All I really want is {{champion:18}} as my Summoner Icon from being at the 1M Points Club {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
You have ALL the Trist skins? Even Firefighter? Damn.
: Why the players of League are most notably upset at the developers
Players: Towers die too quick! Rito: Adds Rift Herald and Demolish --- Players: There's too much damage! Rito: Adds a new rune system that excluding one tree pretty much offers damage on every rune. --- Players: IP grind for runes is too hard! Rito: Makes RNG IP grinding instead, nullifies honor capsules and chests from S's. --- Players: Games are too short! Rito: Adds Triumph, Future's market, etc. to make games even more snowbally. --- Players: We want reworks that just modernize the champ, not redesign them! Rito: {{champion:28}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:6}} (don't get me wrong I love all these reworks, but I would be very mad if I mained one of them before the rework)
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: "Vayne should never be meta, when she is, theres a problem" - scarra
Vayne being good is always indicative of a tank meta. Which we are currently in. So yeah.
saltran (EUW)
: Dear Boards, which ADC dou you want to be meta?
{{champion:498}} she has counterplay, her damage is avoidable, she doesnt have a frusrating laning phase, she is good at teamfighting and soloing without being overbearing like Twitch is. Also {{champion:202}}
: Okay bois I did it! I wrote an essay on why I hate Singed :)
IMO Singed should be the next big rework on the list. His kit is THE most frustrating to play against, right up there with Tryndamere.
Thilmer (EUW)
: "Ezreal is still broken with several key masteries because the problem is Ezreal"
Idea so Ezreal stops abusing the shit out of all on hit items with Q: Only make it so that it grants on on hit with at least 3 stacks of his passive. That way he can't just insta-gib people with Triforce, Manamune, Duskblade, and Klepto. He'll actually have to pop a few Q's first or go in with his full combo to get it.
: To Hell With Your Outrageous BE Prices On Masteries
I ain't going to buy it with straight BE. I better get the fricken shards. Good luck getting shards for 4800+ champs tho... Luckily rn I'm working on Nasus, Tristana, Veigar and WW.
ssamiaa (EUW)
: {{champion:92}} Her design is basicly torn out of an anime who fits a dark star theme better then an anime character
Anime villans fit the dark star theme. And despite her backstory Riven looks more like a protaganist. Just look at her hair!
: Dark Star Urgot is a near perfect fit. Everything about his kit and spell effects screams 'This works for Dark Star'. Plus new Urgot skin would be nice. Tahm Kench would also be cool but personally I'd really like a Blood Emperor Tahm for the next round of Blood Moon.
I'm still rooting for Blood Moon {{champion:141}} and {{champion:164}}
Red Shaco (OCE)
: Also the difference in power between the strongest champions and everyone else is so much that there's not even any room to outplay anymore.
> [{quoted}](name=Red Shaco,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nRtWBWle,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-22T07:20:30.593+0000) > > Also the difference in power between the strongest champions and everyone else is so much that there's not even any room to outplay anymore. *cought cough* veigar *cough*
: Beautiful Winter Wonder Ahri by LRY CiteMER
Yes because them clothes will definitely keep her warm in the winter... her tits and thighs gonna get frostbitten lol
: it gets progressively worse -first no choice -then no variety -and i still face the same champs over and over, so we didn´t even solve the problem from the original. wp
No to mention that apparently only toxic as hell urf champs get christmas skins? I swear to god there is a Maokai or Veigar on the enemy team. Every. Goddamn. Time. Meanwhile you get to eat infinite Ziggs, Karma, and Fiddlestick's poke.
Adrirenn (EUNE)
: 2018: urf with mana 2019: urf with cooldowns 2020: lol i think im very drunk now {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
2049: URF, but instead of real Manatees they're cyborg Mantees that act exactly like real Manatees. Featuring Harrison Ford.
: Every time when new URF comes it feels less and less fun...
2015: WOO URF 2016: So urf... but you can't pikc your champ? Kinda lame but okay... 2017: URF... but you can't pick you champ... or your skin... and its an even smaller pool than before... no skin boosts...
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: Top Lane is the new support.
As someone who played mostly top last season this season its just so fuckign bad. Doesn't matter how hard I win lane or how good I play, unless I'm TP roaming bottom every time its up it doesn't matter.
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: Junglers' Feel "You want me to help you, I gave you everything"
"Please report [jungler], didnt gank once all game" No {{champion:17}} I literally cannot gank as {{champion:28}}, when you've autoed every single minion, push your laner under THEIR turret, shroom every wave, and don't ward to prevent the inevitable ganks.
333lom (EUNE)
: Regardless of that, he's supposed to be handsome, and I'm not seeing that here; your argument would make sense for someone like Rhaast who has a very visibly inhuman body. Here, I'd expect to see regular musculature.
I find him handsomer in the new splash
: Didn't really read your whole thing, but I don't really think Zoe can be compared to the artillery mages. Her Q has a very short range and it's only with her ult that she can extend it. She can't just send out abilities from afar and just hope they hit someone to get some poke off like an artillery mage can. Her E can have a ridiculous range but it can only hit 1 person. All the other artillery mages have much longer range and aoe.
That is true but with her massive range on her short cooldown ultimate, and the fact that she doesn't have a instant AoE disengage tool like Veigar's E, Ahri ult, or Syndra W, she plays much more like artillery mages IMO by having to be much more carefulw ith your positioning. Both classes look for ranged CC and then unload their kit unto a target. She's a hybrid like Lux.
: Zoe is a champion that rewards bad gameplay.
I want to get my point across by making a solid argument without sounding like i'm just blindly stating my (somewhat biased) opinion, so please read before voting! --- I'm sure in the brief time that Zoe has been out you all have thought it pretty ridiculous when you see a Zoe land an E from across the map, and instantly oneshot you or a valued team member. However this isn't an example of how busted Zoe may or may not be. Is Zoe strong? Yes. Is she broken? No. Zoe has counterplay and can makes mistakes, however they are a bit more forgiving than other champs in a similar class. If we really break her down, Zoe is a fairly immobile, very squishy mage, with windows of opportunity in which she can't do much, and that is fairly weak in the early game. That being said, she does have some glaring issues with her design. Zoe is an artillery mage, like Xerath, Ziggs, Lux, etc. That means she does long range burst damage, and the current moment is excelling at it, but like her artillery compatriots she is VERY easy to catch out once you finally manage to get in the range to do so. This means that she doesn't have a complete lack of counterplay. Once you get within a certain range, her Q does very little damage, and her E is not reliable at point blank range due to the fairly large cast time. Her ult doesn't help with this, is isn't a true mobility tool that you can use for an escape, it for setting up your combos. Her only way to get out of a sticky situation once she's in it is Flash away. Flash doesn't drop from minion RNG so if she has a spare one up that's due to a mistake on your team's part with positioning your flash into an area she can easily access the shard. If she attempts to access it in a dangerous position this is n opportunity for your team to go on her and abuse her squishiness. Another opportunity to go on her is right after she uses her ultimate, or misses an E. With her ultimate it's easy to tell where she comes from. You can use her Enter portal like you might use a Draven indicator. You can aim skillshots at it, put a Veigar E around it, collapse ont hat position, etc. And like I explained in the last paragraph, once she's caught out there's not much she can do. The other window is when she misses her E. Yes it is on a very low cooldown so this window is not very big. However it is there. Without her ultimate and/or E, she won't be able to stop you from doing whatever you want with her. She can't outplay you without her E as long as you aren't insanely squishy. Her laning phase is also one of the weakest I have ever played (I have probably 60ish games on Zoe by now), at least if your enemy has some idea of how to play against you. If your lane opponent has any form of mobility (e.g. Zed, Kat, Talon, Kassadin) there is little to no chance you will be able to get damage off against them unless they take a bad all-in. Not only this, but unlike other Artillery mages, she doesn't have a large AoE harass spell that goes through minions like Xerath's Q, Lux's E, or Velkoz's W. In order to damage you at all she needs to have good positioning -- in order to maneuver her Q around the minions without making herself vulnerable to all-ins -- and you also need to have bad positioning -- in a place that exposes you to her Q, not behind minions/overextending. She loses nearly every matchup as long as the enemy laner plays passively and focuses on farming. Now that I've covered why I think Zoe isnt BROKEN, lets talk about the areas in which I do think she is too strong. Yes her E cooldown is probably the biggest issue. The constant E's feel very hard to play against due to their massive range and spam-ability. I would suggest nerfs to her E cooldown in the lategame, and make it so that you only receive the CDR on it if you actually damage a slept target. Her E is most annoying in the lategame so lategame nerfs make sense without hurting her already fairly bad laning. She also shouldn't be able to just try her E again quickly after she doesn't follow up on her initial try. This is frustrating to play against. The other glaring issue I find is that Zoe does alot of damage with not very many items. A lost chapter is basically all she needs to be dishing out some serious damage with a basic combo. To remedy this I think that lowering the base damage and increasing the scaling on her abilities is the way to go, so that she remains as a strong lategame mage without being too disgusting in the midgame. The downside to such a nerf would be that she would be even more feast or famine than before, but right now she's performing a little too well with not that big of a lead. Thank you for reading. If you have feedback or disagree with my argument please let me know and we can discuss. --- Now this following note is a bit biased so take it with a grain of salt, but I think the slow nerf on her E should be reverted, or at least reduced. As a Zoe player myself that extra bit of slow makes a big difference as to wether or not you hit your Q reliably. ######(bring on the downvotes)
: Some decent offers. Looking at the twitch skin and the MF skin right now.
> [{quoted}](name=Cronofuge,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6vHodJVj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-12T17:09:41.228+0000) > > > > Some decent offers. Looking at the twitch skin and the MF skin right now. I have M7 on 5 of those champs. Goddamn you are lucky
jovack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fairyfleur,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4mwbkHkE,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-12-10T05:18:57.810+0000) > > Yes, you are an underleveled ADC against a (likely fed) mage, what did you expect? This can happen with any mage that's ahead versus a no-MR squishy. I don't expect to lose 100% of my health at level 11 or 12 from one shot, non-slept? Which other champs can 100% your health with one skill... one non-ultimate skill?
> [{quoted}](name=jovack,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4mwbkHkE,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2017-12-10T08:47:44.707+0000) > > I don't expect to lose 100% of my health at level 11 or 12 from one shot, non-slept? > > Which other champs can 100% your health with one skill... one non-ultimate skill? Videos or it didnt happen. Theres no way that a Zoe killed you with one Q from 100% HP at Level 11 unless you were INSANELY underleveled and underfed.
: Jesus christ what the fuck is Zoe?
Her Q pretty much her own damage source...
: You'll eventually get M6/M7/an S on a champ if you play them long enough
Was M5 with Kassadin. Went on a crazy lucky streak and got 5 S's in 5 games. Woo! I ain't that good tho haha.
: Orianna is reasonably difficult to play well, but I'll admit it's not rocket science, and during teamfights she's crazy safe. In lane though she's immobile and pretty easy to gank. I'd put lux in there instead, or the I JUST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH A LITTLE category. Because a crazy safe mage with ridiculous poke and burst, relatively easily landed cc, a cooldown reduction when she kills someone with her midlane-long high damage ult, AND an aoe shiel, totally isn't obnoxious. You get to lane if you've given up even one kill and she can 100-0 you with a single combo if she lands her q. And with ultimate hat her ult cooldown can be under 20 seconds, just over 10 if she gets a kill with it after level 16.
I dont think Lux is as annoying as Ori simply because you have to land a significant amount of skillshots while weaving in autos to actually one shot somebody. Ori is basically making sure you stick your ball and then pressing ER in teamfights. It's pretty tilting to have her one shot three people at the same time with her insane ultimate and neverending poke in lane that hurts like hell.
: Surprised you didn't mention Zed (although I <3 zed)
Ive never had much of a problem with zed because the types of champs I play he's just not good against {{champion:141}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:5}} I like duelist bruisers :) unfortunately they are shit in this meta lol
Rommel (NA)
: How is Thresh a low skill champ? Also how is he supposed to "go ham"? I'm pretty sure most people would back me up in saying Thresh is NOT a low skill champ lol. Yes I'm a Thresh main and yes I know I'm biased but this is basic stuff here.
Oh whoops I meant to put him in the BEYOND CANCER category, fixed it. I do concede Thresh requires high skill.
One35 (NA)
: Your Least Favorite Champion in the Game
##PHANTOMAXOLOTL's CANCER TIER LIST --- BEYOND CANCER: {{champion:84}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:412}} & {{champion:117}} Between the disgusting mobility, ability to reduce or completely avoid damage altogether, insane damage, scaling, and the fact that they literally will not die, I consider these champions top notch tilt worthy. Seeing any of these champs in champ select instantly put me in a bad mood, and for some reason if you main one of these champs you are probably that guy that spams laugh, mastery emote, and types "LOL" and "ez" in all chat when you make an "outplay". Yeah sure your champ might require good mechanics but you ain't a god when you're 4/2/2 so knock it off. I NEED CHEMO: {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:33}}{{champion:81}} & {{champion:61}} I hate these champs because they are LOW RISK, HIGH REWARD. They have some of the simplest kits in the game and they will abuse that to utterly destroy you if you make any mistake. Many of their "combos" are just pressing R and going ham, or going ham then pressing R, without much thought to it. Being killed by any single one of these champs its frustrating because it feels like they put absolutely no thought into actually killing you, it just happened by some accidental button presses. The good thing is these sort of champ's players are usually aware theyre playing some low skill shit and don't try to pretend like they're gods. I JUST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH A LITTLE: {{champion:103}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:50}} These are the champs that are just gonna dick on you in lane, and given the slightest lead they will continue to shit on you without mercy. Don't expact to get any sort of a lead against a majority of these champs unless it's a very favorable matchup. Some of them require skill, but some not. Somewhat toxic but will only get to BEYOND CANCER level of toxicity if you feed into their egos by getting mad. They live off of rage and negativity.
: Your Overcharge mode really sucks and is not fun. If it werent a mission i wouldnt play it.
Its pretty much just shitty, hypermobile Ascension with only ADCs. Meant to market the new skins. So yeah, it was bound to be shit haha.
: Zoe's E is so frustrating to play against
> Get hit by E 1. Walk behind minions or a beefier champion 2. Collapse on her now that you know where she is I know this comment is gonna get downvoted out the ass by people who hate Zoe but she has pretty obvious-but-small windows to outplay her. Yeah it's annoying but i dont see why its any less annoying than a Lux Q or Ahri W which have equally short cooldowns on their oneshot combo and powerful CC.
NiamhNyx (NA)
: Again, Varus is not gay, it is Kai and Val that are. People actually need to read.
So when 2 out of 3 people combined into one body are gay soulmates, with the third being a ancient being with pure bloodlust and vengeance, the whole is not gay? I think not.
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: Varus being CHANGED to Gay feels wrong for his character
: PSA: Lux Should be your League Role Model
What about Elementalist? "AM I THE ONLY ONE WARDING?"
Cocho (NA)
: it always cost alot. I remember buying mystery champ shards, just do disenchant a few to get m7
> [{quoted}](name=Cocho,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=btYiMVWt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-27T21:41:15.719+0000) > > it always cost alot. I remember buying mystery champ shards, just do disenchant a few to get m7 Yeah but it was at the most 3 shards, maybe 4 if you got super unlucky. And even if you did get a 90 BE champ it always gave you like 100 extra worth of compensation.
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