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Gall (NA)
: When you're level 8 and try to buy an elixir of wrath
enshine (NA)
: any league quotes you unironically use in life?
"We see all, we know all, we are....stuck!" I get tempted to use that Eternum Noc quote sometimes.
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Manxxom (NA)
: Swain with new change reaches 17k Hp:
: Kalista sees Poppy's W now grounding units that use movement abilities
Moody P (NA)
: Illaoi is dead
: I received a death threat from a post I made here in Player Behavior
Nameless, accused summoners, unfit even to be cinder...
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: just support things
That's what happens sometimes when your champion is built around going "GET DOWN MS WARMOTHER."
: Surefire Way to Improve the Game
: No joke, when is Urgot seriously gonna get nerfed?
Falrein (EUW)
: If you could meet your favourite champions once...
{{champion:266}} I know you want to kill the gods, but barring that, did you know that Diana is capable of killing you for good? {{champion:63}} You used to be an apocalypic-tier fire elemental. Now you're a teenager having a nuclear hissy fit. Lame. (Burning noises) {{champion:56}} (Fleeing) {{champion:154}} Honestly, you're nicer than most Zaunites. You deserve better. {{champion:29}} Tell me an epic tale of scavenging! {{champion:16}} (Hands over a copy of Dune) Read this, you might like it. {{champion:6}} You realize you're Bane, right? {{champion:114}} I hope you're not planning on killing your way to the top, because it seems like your only talent right now, and that seems quite Noxian. {{champion:105}} YOU! (loud swearing). {{champion:141}} You're a cool dude, but try not to forget that the goal of war is peace. {{champion:427}} Go have a talk with Zyra, she's being mean.
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Šeriu (EUW)
: Custom Skin community needs your help
As a game design and art student, I was really eager to get into this scene. But I found out too late, and it makes me sad.
Quáx (NA)
: A Few Great League Jokes.
Yorick walks into a bar. He tries to order a drink, but can't. There is no counter.
: Can we up Esports Viewing Experience with Biometrics?
: It would help if a single male in this wretched game wouldn't walk all hunched up because apparently all the men in the rift have scoliosis.
: if you ever give malzahar a full visual update make him hot again
Yes, but Kai'Sa _shouldn't_ be imo. Or at least be more mutated. I'd really rather not continue the trend of turning the Void from a proper eldritch dimension of horror into a purple color palette for your magical boy/girl and oh there are some monsters and stuff I guess. Hot dudes are fine, just get your peanut butter outta my damn grape jelly.
: I hate the jungle exp nerf.
Yeah, I have no idea what they were thinking. And you can still level 2 gank just the same, so the "problem" wasn't even fixed!
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: Probably something about stepping out of line and using violence as a disciplinary action, so the Cleric might see himself as a good person simply using something to correct people and not see his violence as an inherit evil thing.
Right. So why would he call the Pupil's defense a lie then?
Falrein (EUW)
: It's a legend. It may be true, it may not be true, but in any case it must have deviated from the original story. What happens as the grandmother tells might not be in details what happened in reality (assuming it did happen). It is emphasized to show his guilt clearly in my not-so-humble opinion. On another note I just have one problem with K&M's update. It's great and all, love the stories, bios and Canticles... But I have no idea where they currently are and what they are up to. And while I know I "have to wait and see" I don't know how long I have to wait in order to have more stuff on them... And I fear it will be long :/
I mean of course it's a legend but that doesn't excuse poor characterization. It feels more like an error than an exaggerated detail to me. Yeah, the current state is weird. I also don't understand exactly WHAT they are. Their mom was the Aspect of Justice. So what are they? Is their mom dead? Why do they have her sword? What even are their "job titles"? Though I know there's supposed to be some mystique, it feels poorly explained.
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: This game makes me cry
Sorry matey. Just roll with it. Find some premades who don't tilt or flame. League is better with friends, by all accounts.
: Phase Rush Melee Buff Idea
It's perfect on Tahm Kench. You can drag someone REALLY far back.
Tixtop (EUW)
: The Akali subreddit just died along with the champion (my opinion)
: Unpopular Opinion: Support is fun
Right???!? Playing support is WAY more relaxing than other roles! You just get to hang out and ward. Plus you team will tell you they love you if you save their lives, which is fun in and of itself :D.
: A Critique on Scathlocke/Lore Team's view on Good and Evil
Yeah, paragons and monolithic evils are what make the morally grey characters more interesting. We need proper contrast.
: >I can understand wanting to make league more nuanced but the removal of good and evil pains me. New ***Aatrox*** is pretty obviously a monster. He just has a motivation for that monstrosity that's more than "be evil." He's pretty much past redemption, but you can understand *why* he is the way that he is. ***Dr. Mundo*** is a merciless killer. We just have some insight into *why*. He's the hero of his own story. ***Gangplank*** has basically no redeeming characteristics. Neither really does ***Elise***. We also have some characters that are still reliably paragons of good. ***Braum*** stands out. ***Ivern*** stands out. ***Lux*** stands out, to the point where she puts Demacia in a worse position by trusting someone she maybe shouldn't have. ***Rakan*** and ***Poppy*** and ***Neeko*** are all incredibly positive and "good-aligned." To me, it's a representation of the fact that Superman is always Superman, but he IS shaped by his experiences and his environment. Even at his best he has flaws and weaknesses. Garen is a paragon of Demacia and a noble and just warrior -- but he shares his country's belief that magic is harmful. Because of this, he fights it -- out of a love for his country and a belief (even if mistaken) that it is letting his people down NOT to. It doesn't really make him less good so much as it makes him perhaps uninformed, and opens up the potential of him realizing what it might cost him to hold those values. So the people who want to play monsters still can. The people who want to play heroes still have heroes available. It's just that when viewed from a lens of getting to see the whole picture we may see other factors or outside forces that cause us to reconsider whether that character has room to grow and overcome their own biases.
Um. Neeko walked into a camp and killed everyone with little more than an "Oops! Oh well! Guess they didn't want to listen!"
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Seen (NA)
: This "I give up" 5 minutes into game meta needs to stop.
For the love of god, players these days have no balls. They don't really even want to play. They just want to win. Anything that require anything resembling effort or a comeback and WAHHHH FF AT 15 GG IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN ffs less qq, more pew pew.
Dynikus (NA)
: A Russian esports org signed an all female team
Honestly, they're going too fast, too soon. Remember Renegades? Remi was a pretty good player. Sure, they didn't go too far, and sure, the poor soul stepped down after all the pressure, but it was a good precedent. Start with like 1-2 female players on a team, then work your way up from there.
: I'm not sure how I feel about it being adaptive though... it does mean that Diana could feasibly take it. They dont get the heal or true damage until 5 stacks which feels fairer. Still trash for ranged champions so people like Urgot and Gnar who are also bruisers are still getting the short end of the stick. But no more stacking it up on minions. Its a much more interactive rune
You joking? This is perfect for Urgot. His W attacks 3 times per second.
RallerenP (EUW)
: "Riot should just make a list of banned words" and how not to be condescending.
Now you're thinking with portals. Takes notes, kids.
: There's one unappreciated good thing about Sylas and Neeko Release
Tohkacchi (EUW)
: Nautilus need some visual changes
Arakadia (NA)
: This would be somehow worse than the tragedy that is new Swain ult.
Am I the only one that agrees? Old Swain ult > New.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: How do junglers do it?
Honestly I find jungle more relaxing than other lanes. It's nice to be able to PvE my first few levels without having to worry about the other laner at all times. As for flame, I just hit em' with the ol' "lol xd" or a variant. Nothing triggers anger gamers like the fact that you're still having fun and laughing, and they're not.
: I don't know how to defuse situations where my teammate is angry at me.
Just hit em' with the "lol xd" or something like that. If they're not gonna engage with you in good faith, ain't no reason for you to. Not to say you should be toxic, but just make it clear that you don't care.
: Fear of Tank Metas vs What We Have Now
Honestly, enchanter meta was better. Gave Supports value, in return for becoming a primary target. Here's an idea: introduce better anti-healing items.
: Mikaels is extremely unforgiving outside of high elo
This is why I liked it better when Mikael's had a nice heal attached.
: Riot usually picks their brains coming up with amazing champion designs
: Forget morde, rework trynd first for the love of god
Yeah, Tryndamere is a braindead tunnel vision champ, much like Xin Zhao.
: Greatest Skin Concepts Around (Skins With Images Only)
Oooh, my, that Rek'Sai skin really tickles my fancy. Yellow sparks and grey-brown boxy metal? Yes pls.
: Racism even in a video game
: Well known issue
> [{quoted}](name=Mordepool,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=PORbNeGG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-25T01:23:21.928+0000) > > Well known issue mkay
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