: how about MOUNTING a drake??? Morkekaiser´s f***ing metal rework fan concept (large post)
: ATTENTION ALL SHEN MAINS! If you do this, there may still be hope!
OMG I thought this was about vorpal blade. ;_; I had my hopes.
Elfezen (NA)
: He has normal eyes just like any other yordle, he opens them in the Dominion cinematic http://lolwp.com/wp-content/uploads/Teemo-S2-Trailer-2.jpg
: Hit Master on my main account 2 weeks ago. Here's what I've learned.
: man, i didn't even state any sort of opinion and I'm already being drilled into hell. classic
y0r1ck (NA)
: Globals for deaf people.
I have my game muted and would love this. Pls add
: Why does Shen have such low base and scaling HP?
I miss Vorpal Blade ): He needs that back
: Low logic always amazes me
i am one of those dumb people. but it's mostly cause i am very dumb in real life too. No ones ever really taught me how to build so i just go tank when someone doesnt guide me through it lol
: Anyone remember this monstrosity? https://i.imgur.com/KTX010r.jpg?noredirect
MysterQ (NA)
: I have nothing against it. BUT I don't think it is a huge disadvantage to not hear it either. Like it is a pretty small difference probably. But nothing against it.
Youd be surprised how many times that fucker has literally snuck up on me cause I can't hear him coming ;_; I'm afraid to play against him for that reason
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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Heimerdinger Changes for 7.10 (Request for Comment)
I don't know about you guys, but for me personally, Heimerdinger's identity was the fact that he scaled massively with %Base HP Regen items, till he could hit crazy numbers like 60 health a second mid-late game. Now that's lost I don't know what's left of him except some boring mage ):
: What if you get a sheen proc, a titanic proc, and a crit all in the same auto? There should definitely be a crazy animation for this.
: Poro Model Change (aka Where are the eyebrows???)
: Can Taric have his ability to duel back now?
I would love to see his kit more around his passive. Like the last incarnation of Ryze. A mixture of autos and abilities that tie and chain together. Maybe reward him if he keeps a constant chain with fabulous sparkles and some practical bonus.
: That E change sounds amazing and would definitely fit his "ninja" theme, dashing around sounds awesome
I like Shen to be an oxymoronic Tanky ninja. A mix between Braum and Akali I guess.
: Shen buffs? Let's do it right. (Everyone encouraged to participate)
Return Vorpal Blade. Have W be around him. Make E 2 charges but greatly reduce taunt length. Perhaps make R redirect damage from the target to Shen. Just some ideas to help me protect my teammates.
: To everyone saying "I stopped playing 'X' because they kept getting nerfed"
Not very related, I stop play Shen for I miss his old Q. Not much else but I play him more nowadays.
: Ult buff: Reduces her base CD on tumble by 50% for the duration. Don't worry, you can just pink ward the invisibility!
then all they need is to add untargetability during the tumble, like fizz pole, and we're all set!
: Who do you main? And more... (Interview/Survey)
Q: Who do you main, and why? A: I main Shen. I have my team's back. I miss old Shen Q. ___ Q: Do you prefer one trick or diversity? A: One trick. So I can master him. No sense of being jack of all trades, yet master of none. Choose and practice. ___ Q: Do you play ranked? A: Not much at all. I'm not good at this game yet. ___ Q: When did you start league, and who was your first champion? A: I started season 4. I played Varus. ___ Q: What are your favorite things about League? A: Supporting my teammates. They need a lift, everyone does their part, and together we win. ___ Q: Have you made friends through playing League? A: A few. ___ Q: What does your summoner name mean and why did you pick it. A: Not related to League. Phil Fly is a Weather Guy. ___ Q: Will you be playing in five years? A: I will never know until five years. Perhaps we will meet again then.
: Bewitching Morgana Splash Art
These are probably the best tits we've gotten in a while
mirAcIe (EUW)
: Let's hear both sides on the upcoming Evelynn VGU
: PSA: Stay Loyal to your Main!
I lost the fun in Shen after the rework :(
: Why does no one play ziggs?
personally I just view him as a worse xerath. I'd like to see him fleshed out as someone who applies a lot of pressure to lanes and towers.
: Garen in urf is a lot of fun, this setting is supposed to be fun? Relax
I'm just saying, it isn't really fun on the receiving end. You don't even get to watch your health go down --- it kills you before you can react. I mean hell, it's a DoT ability, it shouldnt kill in 1 tick.
: lol how many champs need to be banned or disabled for URF?
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Decrit (EUW)
: Nami for Katey
Fish titties
Drahcir (OCE)
: yeah, i hate it when people are playing nothing but {{champion:105}}
: Most the time when talking about champions I just say "X ult" Here are a few exceptions, and the names that I call them: {{champion:22}}: Giant Ice Arrow {{champion:1}} : Pedobear {{champion:9}}: SURPRISE PARTY! {{champion:55}}: Starting the Blender {{champion:202}}: Pew pew pew {{champion:61}}: Sucker Ball {{champion:133}}: Valor To Me!/Racecar/Fast as fuk boiiii {{champion:16}}: BAAAAAA (My teammates have to make goat noises in VC for me to ult) {{champion:134}}: Ball too Hard {{champion:8}}: *Insert and STD here*
{{champion:98}} "I'm your guardian Angel" {{champion:17}} "Combat Shroom!" (Only if thrown directly into the middle of a teamfight) {{champion:122}} "Dunk!" (said with a different intonation depending on if i'm dunking or BEING dunked)
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: Bonus IP weekends every 2 weeks / Month
i think itd be cool if for every consecutive first-win-of-the-day, the bonus got bigger and if you stuck with it for a whole week it would give you a huge bonus and then reset the counter. like every consecutive day you get 30 more ip, so it would be 30/60/90/120/150/180, and then on the 7th day it would be something like 400 or 500 to reward you for keeping up every day. And then it would reset back to the 30
: Yeah just .75% lower winrate this is nothing at all
uh, pick rate dude.. it was double..
Budlyte (NA)
: Thunderlords is Inconsistent
Also funny is that his W can proc thunderlords just by hitting 3 of the rockets
: The Sun
The sun is an extension of Heimerdinger's hair. He created the whole universe and he watches over us
: We should get Hard Level bots that play like Scripters
For me, I've had a similar experience with Overwatch's hard bots. They aren't as powerful as you've described, but I practiced against them for like a week, and then when I moved on to pvp for the first time, it was like everyone in pvp were easy bots lmao
: Udyr: Passive: Stays the same QWER: each can get to lv 6 now, (thus no lost points into a stance you wont use). When he gets an ability to level 6, he gains a permanant buff based on that ability. This effect can be stacked with the abilities actual buffs. Q: At level 6 he gains x% of AD, and x% AS W: At level 6 he gains x% lifesteal E: At lv 6 he gains x MS, stun activation time down (8 to 6 seconds) R: At lv 6 he gains a permanant aura dealing x damage each second
Getting to lvl 20 as udyr on Urf is one of the strangest feelings, because for once he finally can max all of his abilities haha
Rozair (NA)
: If you were to rework your main, how would you do it
Shen I: Reflects a percentage of damage back to attackers (calculated before resistances, and reflects the accurate damage type (magic, physical, true)). Damage reflected starts real small, maybe like 3%, increased by 1% per 250 bonus hp. This is so if he stacks health, he can do damage (as opposed to health+resistances, which would make him have the highest EFFECTIVE health). Q: Works like his old Q. Throws his blade, placing a marker on an enemy or neutral monster. Allies who damage the target gain health over 3 seconds equal to a small percentage of the damage they deal (counts as a heal for Ardent Censer & Athene's). Shen receives 1/3 of the healing done this way (doesn't apply when Shen is dealing the damage himself). W: Works like his old W. Shields for a small amount (with AP scaling), and grants him a small percentage of damage reduction for a small duration. E: Same dash-taunt as right now. Taunt duration reduced, but now has a charge system like Akali's ult. Maybe a max of 2 charges. R: Same ally-targeted global blink as right now. But instead of granting the target a shield while channeling, it redirects all damage that target takes to Shen, and then reduces that damage by a percentage (not much, maybe by 25% (with AP scaling). Compare to that Galio's 50% and Alistar's 70%). As you might've guessed, his passive reflects damage back to the source of the attack. So overall, he isn't much different. He's still a slick, tanky ninja who helps his allies. The big difference here, is that with the thornmail-like passive, enemies will think twice about hitting you. But if they go for your adc, they have to watch out for your ultimate, because then they will also get hit by your passive. I've always viewed Shen as this guardian angel type of dude, and I want him to function like a big wall of hp (ironic, because he's a ninja, lol). Like a lot of other tanky supports, Shen has to rely on his teammates working with him - in this case, THEY have to deal damage to get healed by him, THEY have to kill targets he locks down, and THEY have to know where to position themselves to get the most out of his ult. His passive is more there to make sure he's a bit more creative than a bunch of damage reduction, but with his kit, I tried to keep him as simple as possible while maintaining a level of complexity to what he can do.
: "Shen’s global presence should come at a tradeoff:" yeah..its called auto losing top tower
not to mention it's an ULTIMATE, and most other ultimates don't seem to come with any "tradeoff".
: Thank god they're changing so he can only get the arm pen if he crits
MagÊ (EUW)
: If Shen is nerfed for World
I miss Vorpal Blade ;_;
: Ginger Bard Man
yo his chimes can be gumdrops
Ningendo (NA)
: What are your favorite sounds in league?
My league's sounds have been broken since i downloaded it 2 years ago, i dont know what league really sounds like outside of the occasional youtube video i watch :D
: What if Sona's heal is now based on how close she is to her ally?
I'd totally be up for just stuffing my face in her tits for max heal
: It does stack additively, rioter confirmed it.
: The important thing to note here, is that it makes you go faster. The acceleration (slope) seems to be about the same across all the options, so I would guess it's a constant speed increase - as in, each second (or game tick) you speed up by the same amount Keep in mind, there is the soft cap on move speed, so things around 500 move speed are kinda weird.
the numbers themselves are right -- i literally recorded my speeding up, and then wrote each number and pasted them into the graph.
: I'm not gonna lie, probably going to try this later. Support Shen so we don't have a top laner with Ardent lmao.
adc's gonna rage till they get that 2.7k shield tho
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: @Meddler, any changes for Heimer?
I think they should beef his turret health and regen. I don't think damage has ever been a problem for him. His ulted W (the rocket barrage) has like a 220% AP scaling if you can land all your rockets (easy if they're stunned). His big issue is having his poor turrets one-shot. :(
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