: You will need to own the skin for the chroma you are purchasing in order to use the Golden Chroma.
PhilipN (NA)
: Does the event skin thingy include skin or just chroma?
: Yeah. Agreed. The number one problem with League and the reason League will never go back to the glory it used to be is because of the new League community. Yes, its own community is destroying it. Any attempt you make at trying to balanced or make the game more fair or enjoyable, the community comes in with BS like "You're just salty." "You're low elo scrub. You can't anything until you get gud." "CC them." (As if there aren't items and champs that counter CC) "Why are you talkign about this champ when this champ is doing that?" It's full of players that don't appreciate using their brain and only want to play it for the adrenaline and when you touch their champs that they get that adrenaline rush off of, they automatically get defensive. After that, the champ roster is the next thing. There are over 120 champs for what exactly? And half of them recycle and reuse abilities from other champs. With so many champs, every champ has to have the same thing (CC, gap closer/escape, and high damage/broken ability) to even be considered viable. Hence, when they reworked Garen and Morde, they were extremely broken. Then after that comes the pro players. What people don't realize is that they get paid to play the game so even though what they say might be a little more persuasive, it doesn't change the fact that whatever they say or suggest, they get paid off of playing it. This point was evident uring Worlds when Riot refused to nerf champs that needed to be nerfed simply to "avoid disrupting pro play." This game has turned into Yu-Gi-Oh. Once I creative and unique game that was fun to play as there weren't as many things that were considered broken. Sure, things get boring but if you really enjoy the game, you will never stop playing and you could recommend it to others. Now, they have effectively pushed the limits over and over constantly changing things that didn't need a change all to appease an audience that will never be satisfied. So we keep getting more busted things and the game becomes less and less enjoyable. The things that made people stay, even the little things, i.e. pink wards, honoring all teammates, etc, have been pushed out or junkyarded to make room for new, uncreative, unoriginal, busted ideas. If it's not broke than don't fix it but Riot kept trying to fix a game that was never broken.
There's one other way to counter Yi: Learn Jax. His E directly counters Yi's double-strike, actually turning it into a weakness.
: Change Early Surrender Vote and Fix Matchmaking
I think a ranking system based on solo stats would take away from the teamwork aspect of the game that exists in mid-to-high MMR. As Voli jg, I have been the playmaker that got the key carries ahead and did all the unsung hero stuff (sort of like the D-mid in soccer who never scores goals or makes eye-catching last-ditch tackles, but still serves as a vital metronome to keep the rest of the team ticking), only to get a B- or even C+ when the game was over because of my deaths (deaths that I died in the process of teamfights that I initiated and we won 3-1 or 4-1). I do, however, think that there is a happy medium: Leave the system as it is, but cap the amount of LP that you can gain in a game where you get C- or worse, and the amount you can lose from a game where you get A+ or better. Either put a hard cap on it, or subject it to a multiplier (e.g. "50% of what everyone else gained/lost").
: Riot, As usual. You haven't fixed a bug and I literally lost a ranked tft for it
Are you talking about the bug where it just doesn't load at all? Because the only thing you can really do with that one is hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and shut out of League of Legends (not the uxrender process(es), the other one). This typically gets you back in in time for the minion rounds, though not usually the first carousel.
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: I had a similar issue just now. I had 4 shapeshifters and 4 yordles and it only showed 2 shapeshifters and 1 yordle. It didn't even bother to show the 2 wilds I had on the field. The numbers kinda randomly changed from round to round. The next round it was mostly correct, but still only 3 yordles.
I was going Yordles/Sorcerers (one of my favorites, just put Veigar, Lulu, and Kennen on the field, and put Yuumi on Kennen to get both bonuses), and I noticed that it only said I had 2 yordles and 2 sorcerers instead of 3 yordles and 4 sorcerers (I did have a two-star kassadin). I had to click and drag each yordle off the playing field to figure out which one wasn't counting (it was the Lulu), and when I dragged her back on she started counting again.
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: You own Me $5,000,000.00
You've left this in the Teamfight Tactics bug report forum. It doesn't sound like a Teamfight Tactics-specific issue to me.
: I would recommend you submit a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) to Riot. they will be able to help you there.
I left a support ticket and the person who responded (who may or may not be a Riot employee; I think they get some outside people who are considered experts to help with their chat responses if I understood correctly) said to disable my antivirus, run Hextech Repair Tool, the usual, and not to have any overlays. But it seems not to just happen when I have an overlay, and I'm pretty sure Malwarebytes isn't causing the problem (I've had it a few times over the years in regular Summoner's Rift play, but **extremely ** infrequently, so it mainly seems to happen in a large minority of games in TFT. Unfortunately, it seems to only affect my ranked games, which means it's either Ranked in particular that's causing the problem, or this particular patch since that's when ranked came out and I started playing it.
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PhilipN (NA)
Update: It hasn't forgotten how many custom pages I'd bought, so I can make my pages for free, and it seems to remember the new ones I make right now, so I might just be able to recreate all my pages now. I only had about 6 or 7 custom pages anyway. As for the summoner spells not being the same when I log back in, I will find out later whether that keeps happening when I play another game.
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PhilipN (NA)
: New Ranked System
p.s. Is NA not getting the new rank tiers until later on next season, or just not getting the position ranks until later on?
Nevurwin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PhilipN,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3tdn9ENM,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-02T20:38:45.542+0000) > > 1) Will the ranks be similar in level of play? (In other words, will the border between Bronze and Silver hover around the same MMR that it does today, or will next season's Silver 4--the new bottom rank of Silver--be about the same level as mid-silver nowadays, or something like that?) Will the achievement of climbing to Gold next season be the same as climbing to Gold this season, or will it be more like climbing to mid-Silver or even mid-Gold in past seasons, in terms of the Elo you need to be playing at? I believe the rank values will remain the same aside from~~ low-mid bronze which is the target area for Iron~~. These players will be getting divided out into lower ranks because there is a large bottleneck of players in that tier. The climb to Gold will remain the same, or be easier since more people will now be in a more fitting rank instead of bottle-necked at a certain point. Edit : This new tier will diminish inconsistencies among matchmaking. It will feel like you're in control of more of your matches. Edit 2 : correction , The bottleneck actually occurs at low-mid silver and that is the target area. > I guess the gist of this question is, "What will the conversion factor between old rank and new rank be?" Will new Bronze 1 be roughly equivalent to old Bronze 1, or old Silver 4? > > 2) With position-specific ranks, will it require us "Fill" players to play more placement games? For example, will it be necessary to play 10 games in each role to get a rank in that role? I could be playing placements for up to 50 placement games if that's the case! Yes, you will need to play placements for each role... assuming our region gets the system implemented. I don't think they are starting with NA. Assuming all goes well, we should get the new system by the 2nd or 3rd split. However, your positional ranks wont be drastically different from your overall main rank. RIOT stated they will essentially all be tied together. So i imagine if you're platinum+ you wont be getting silver or bronze in any role, no matter how poorly you perform.
> [{quoted}](name=Nevurwin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3tdn9ENM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-02T20:56:18.483+0000) > > I > Edit 2 : correction , The bottleneck actually occurs at low-mid silver and that is the target area. Wait...so does that mean Bronze is dropping to Iron, low-mid silver is dropping to bronze, etc?
Waifu Birb (EUNE)
: Clash Ruined
This is boards.na.leagueoflegends.com. Perhaps you're looking for boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com?
: Tilt Proof Clash Team, looking for players
Sounds fun! I'm a B3 supp/jg main who can flex any role except for top. Nami/Braum/Leo/Morg/Sona supp, Vi/Voli/Jax jg, have fun playing Morg mid too. I play Lucian/Ashe/Kayle bot when I'm not playing support. (Cait too, but she's not that good right now.)
: LF bronze/silver/gold SUPP MID & Jungle
I'm a B3 supp/jg/flex main. I main sona/leo/braum/nami/sona supp, vi/voli/jax jg, and morg mid. I have a few adc's I like to play as well (lucian, ashe, cait when she's decent, and kayle as a pocket pick).
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PhilipN (NA)
: New Ranked System
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ItsLowbo (NA)
: Not necessarily - they already had the option to build Eye of the Watchers, which gives them the same slot efficiency they will have after this change. We'll be monitoring the relative power of damage supports.
It certainly will be an interesting experiment, as damage mage pseudo-supports (*looking at you, Xerath*) are currently in the meta as is.
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Yes, we'll be testing it out as part of the upcoming AP item pass. Not guaranteed it will be a part of that, but if not we will try to bring it back somewhere else. We'll also be looking for a way to bring back Talisman/Reverie. We will be monitoring tank supports to see if they need a way to defend an indivudual ally in addition to Knight's Vow.
I personally think that the answer to the tank-support question is yes, specifically because there's a strategic difference between instant, short-term shields and DPS redirection. One is a bit more useful against burst damage, while the other--though it can help somewhat with burst--is balanced more toward countering sustained DPS such as an ADC would provide.
Fearless (NA)
: It was very satisfying, but it has a ton of overlap with other defensive options, most clearly locket. We're not saying we won't look to offer some defensive options in the future, but if and when we do, we'll be giving power that has a bit more uniqueness or interaction to it. FOTM right now is one of the larger contributions to shield stacking problems, and has some of the least interesting build impacts and gameplay.
FotM had NO overlap with Locket, at least in games where the enemy team went full-physical damage. Do you have any idea how bad it's going to feel to invest in a ton of magic resist against teams with no AP (or with incompetent, useless AP players), JUST for the item active? That item's as situational as Old Galio--incredibly strong, but ONLY if the other team is reasonably AP-heavy.
: Please do not implement the changes until you have the actives for the current support items placed somewhere else. These actives are very clutch for supports and we need them. Edit: Also, why remove FOTM active completely? It makes no sense and forces tanks to get locket in order to get a shield. You guys once talked about making that item not 100% necessary of an item to take. If you don't put the FOTM active item somewhere else, you will be backing out of that statement. This also seems like an excuse for forcing people to take the ever so shitty rune Guardian.
I know, right? If you think being "forced to buy sightstone" is bad, just try being forced to buy an MR-heavy item like Locket against an all-AD team comp! I have the feeling fewer people will be playing support now...
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
The problem is this: People who play at higher Elo feel like FotM isn't as necessary because "we can just build Locket." However, for people at lower Elo where it's common for the opponents to either 1) pick an all-AD team comp, or 2) end up in a situation where their only AP damage dealer is feeding and not doing much damage, it can feel REALLY BAD to buy all that magic resist JUST for the shield active.
: actually, FotM is better than Locket if you are in lane/a 2v2/3v3 situation, since it doesnt decay and actually slows after 4 seconds
Maybe if you're in mid-to-upper silver or above, where the other team won't make the mistake of picking an all-AD team comp... But if you're in low silver or below (basically the bottom half of ranked players, plus more than half of unranked ones), it feels REALLY bad to build Locket when you're either 1) playing against an all-AD team comp, or 2) playing against a team where their only AP damage dealer is too far behind to do much damage.
PhilipN (NA)
: LeagueClientUxRender.exe hogging a GIG of RAM?
Bump! I just thought I'd add that reinstalling the game did no good.
: performance wise, 7.22 is unplayable
Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to see what's using so much extra memory. In particular, see if LeagueClientUxRender.exe is hogging like a gig of ram (that's my problem that I posted about).
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: Learn More: Worlds 2017 Missions and Loot
Me, I'm just happy to win an orb or two over a four-week period and find out what skins I get (and reroll them if I don't like them). I'm not paying for the special ticket or anything.
: I feel bad for anyone trying to grind to Gold. Since <=Gold is the biggest portion of the playerbase, and also the most likely group to not take ranked seriously, I don't want to think about all the "5 tp or I feed" bullshit that we're about to see.
Fortunately, you don't need to put up with "5 tp or I feed" because the ONLY time it counts is when you're in a 5-man premade where everyone agreed to be on the same page. I had a friend invite me to a ranked flex game where he said we were going to do the no-ranged-champs challenge. I was a bit unsure at first (I wanted to do that challenge in norms) but he said, "Why not?" In the end, he picked Zed in the bot lane, I went Voli jg (one of my mains anyway, so I was unaffected), and we won cleanly. Hey, 23 LP is 23 LP!
: How tf has riot not have noticed your work yet? You deserve a goddamned corporate gnar skin by now.
I'm pretty sure that's what they tried to do when they created the Gentleman Gnar skin. Only problem is, King Dellron responded to that by writing Gentleman Gnar into his story as a separate character from Corporate Gnar!
: Patch 7.15 notes
I just wish they'd find a way to tune Cho'Gath so that he can still have his E be a mana-free passive. He may be stronger now, but he's not as good at the things I've always liked to use him for (e.g. Bronze-level CSing using the spikes, split pushing/wave clearing, or jungling using the passive spike damage on every camp). I feel like it's a nerf to my style of play--the wave-clearing AP mid (or hybrid AP/tank mid) Cho'Gath.
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: Legacy Client Now Retired
One problem I see with the new postgame screen: The postgame chat covers up the last player on the list so that you can't honor or report him.
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Vogue One Hundred, A Corporate Story_** {{champion:268}} "I sense a disturbance in the sand." {{champion:83}} "What could it mean?" {{champion:268}} **"WOAH, HOLY FAKE PERSON TARKIN!"** {{champion:83}} "Huh, what did I do?" {{champion:268}} "You died years ago. Get out of here with that CGI crap. Bringing Champions back from the dead with computers, not right. Thing didn't even look like Yorick. **SOMEONE GET ME A REAL SERVANT, I FEEL WEIRD TALKING TO MYSELF!**" {{champion:11}} "Y-y-yes Seth, you called?" {{champion:268}} "You bet I did. I need someone to vent to. I sensed some great threat in the sand. I fear a team of elite saboteurs has come to destroy everything we have worked on here." _**Meanwhile:**_ {{champion:104}} "Are you sure you know where we are going?" {{champion:39}} "Of course I do. I just need to get my bearings. It's hard navigating games. Now, was Dawngate before or after Heroes of Newerth? {{champion:64}} "I'm pretty sure it was over by Dota 2. Just take a left up here." {{champion:39}} "Oh yeah, right." {{champion:81}} "Why are we taking directions from the blind hobo?" {{champion:53}} "Ha, I won again! You really are terrible at this game." {{champion:36}} "Mundo lose?** MUNDO NO LIKE TO LOSE!**" _"Cleaves both of Blitzcrank's arms off."_ {{champion:53}} "Now that's just rude." {{champion:104}} "Always let the Mundo win, kid." {{champion:81}} "So, is there going to be anyone trying to stop us. Or is this just going to be another walk on the runway?" {{champion:39}} "Sadly it's not going to be that easy. The Dawngate plans are being held by Seth the Sand Mage. Rumor has it that they are going to make sure he is the next champion in League in exchange for guarding them." _**Meanwhile:**_ {{champion:11}} "So I have to ask, why are we the ones protecting Dawngate? Why not hire their own guys to do it?" {{champion:268}} "Because, this story is only about League of Legends. So everyone in it must be from it too. Except for that one weird time that a couple of people from Overwatch showed up. Also, EA prefers getting others to do their work from them." {{champion:11}} "Makes sense. So, any idea when an attack might come?" {{champion:39}} "Right now sucker!" {{champion:11}} "Oh jeez, I was hoping it wouldn't be this soon." {{champion:268}} **"STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! NO ONE TOUCHES THE DAWNGATE PLANS AS LONG AS I STAND HERE! YOU WILL N-"** _"Gets shot down."_ {{champion:104}} "Everyones always all high and mighty, till you shoot off a limb or two." {{champion:268}} "Ughhhh, sand soldiers, Yi, **ATTACK!**" {{champion:11}} "I will not let you pass." {{champion:39}} "Well, it appears I'm at full health, but so are you. Which means I can still stun you for ten years. **CAUSE THATS HOW FAIRNESS WORKS!**" {{champion:11}} "Rito, why....." _"Gets stunned for an indefinite amount of time."_ {{champion:81}} "There are too many sand soldiers, and I broke a nail. How can someone fight like this?" {{champion:53}} "Maybe if you would let me use that magic gauntlet, we could get through this." {{champion:81}} "No way! You are a robot, robots don't get to shoot people. It's the law, or something. Besides, knowing your sassy butt, you might just slap me with it." {{champion:64}} "Alright, there's no way we can get through this. Let's just accept our defeat and leave." {{champion:36}} "Blind hobo man, Mundo maybe talk about you get job too if help get plans. It pay boatload money." {{champion:64}} "I am one with the cash, the cash is with me. I am one with the cash, the cash is with me. I am one with the cash, the cash is with me. I am one with the cash, the cash is with me. I am one with the cash, the cash is with me. I am one with the cash, the cash is with me. I am one with the cash, the cash is with me. I am one with the cash, the cash is with me." {{champion:268}} "Why is he so mobile? **CAN'T ANY OF YOU STOP HIM?**" {{champion:53}} "I don't believe it, that idiot is actually making progress." {{champion:39}} "Never underestimate the power of the cash." {{champion:64}} "I got it, let's get out of here!" {{champion:268}} "**WAIT!** Don't go, join me. Together, we can side with EA and rule the mobas together." {{champion:39}} "We are never coming over to the dark side with you." {{champion:36}} "Now Mundo put the ax to you." _"Chops Azir."_ {{champion:39}} "Seth the Sand Mage will never get in the League of Legends." {{champion:268}} "Maybe not, but I will make it, even if I have to do it under another name and it takes me years. **I WILL RETURN!**" {{champion:126}} "Woo, we did it team. Another successful mission." {{champion:39}} "Jayce? What are you doing here?" {{champion:126}} "Well, this is the one-hundredth episode. And I'm the one-hundredth champion. So I thought it made sense." {{champion:39}} "Yeah, but this is a prequel. There aren't a hundred champions here. You're not even supposed to exist yet." {{champion:126}} "Well then, why is Azir here?" {{champion:39}} "That's Seth, that's what everyone called Azir when they started making him around this time." {{champion:126}} "Oh, alright. I guess I'll go and stop making plot holes." {{champion:39}} "Do you wanna join the team?" {{champion:126}} "Yes please!" {{champion:39}} "Alright, I guess we can make an exception this time." {{champion:36}} "Yay, Mundo make new friend. Which me will have leave in gutter after me get high pay job." {{champion:39}} "I trust you guys can deliver the plans safely?" {{champion:81}} "Yes, I'm sure these boys can handle it. But Princess Ireleia dear, are you not coming with us?" {{champion:39}} "Not anymore. I had enough left in me for one last mission. But I've been at this for so many years. It's time I stopped and went home. I will never forget you, Vogue One Hundred. May the cash be with you. _(That's it, the season four finale. And as you may have guessed, the one-hundredth episode. It feels great to make it to triple digits, thanks to you guys. A Corporate Matter will return with season five on January 30th. Until then, glhf.)_
"I had enough in me for one last mission. But I've been at this for so many years. It's time I stopped and went home." WHOA...THE FEELS...One of the most eloquent and touching Carrie Fisher tributes I've read.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
I think Poro King is going to be interesting this time--it seems from what we saw at All-Stars this morning that they've added a new feature where you can use different kinds of Poro-Snax to give the Poro King different types of power-ups.
: I think all supports are huge closet egomaniacs. I desire recognition all the time and yet am starved of it. But every once in a while when it does get recognized... well, its like finding an oasis in the desert. I honestly think I enjoy that more. Getting complimented all the time dilutes the feeling. Having to work extra hard for it, and when it does come, its usually a more genuine appreciation. Look at most ADCs who get good, where pentakills come easy. They hardly even crack a laugh anymore its just "another day at the office". Now look back at all the times you got a triple kill as a support. People lose their shit, yourself included. I sort of like that feeling which is unique to supports.
PhilipN (NA)
: Hextech Chests Reset
Yeah, if you get a chest while playing as, say, Sona (whether it was because you or someone else in your premade got an S- or better), you can't get another chest while playing her until after this season. I'm just not sure whether you regain the ability to get a chest with her at the end of this ranked season, or at the beginning of the next one.
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: I just played a ranked game, they had MF support. Our Cait and Zyra fed like there was no tomorrow
Yeah, that's what's been going on at Worlds as well...Cait/Zyra turned out to be an OP duo, but then MF support turned out to be an even-more-OP counter to Zyra. But I'll tell you the truth--I laughed a bit when I saw Cait/Zyra being played at worlds, just because I'd just accidentally discovered that they have great synergy in bronze, with the Cait traps protecting the Zyra plants (just put a snaptrap under a plant, and watch the bronze players fail to resist the temptation to step on them XD)
: Photos from Day 3 at Worlds!
The seventy-minute thriller was between Cloud 9 and the Flash Wolves, not Splyce. TSM played Splyce, and that game was a somewhat shorter thriller--TSM overcame a 6,000-gold deficit to win!
Denten (NA)
: {{champion:432}} Hey Brad Pitt {{champion:150}} Screw you. No for real, screw you to hell. {{champion:104}} No. I will not say it. {{champion:236}} MUH N*GGA {{champion:90}} SO. MANY. LITTLE. CREATURES. {{champion:92}} Actually, I haven't seen her a lot. {{champion:16}} Guys, just use {{item:3165}} or {{item:3123}} {{champion:106}} Bite my shiny metal ass {{champion:154}} WTF TP ON MY BLOB {{champion:238}} oh god.......
I actually just learned that you could TP to the blob by watching the NALCS playoffs:)
: WHERE IS {{champion:104}} 's CIGARRR
LOL did you see the reference to that in the new Yorick champion spotlight?


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