Saevum (NA)
: Wow I didn't know that hackers would target league accounts to cheat. That's bs. It would be horrible if Riot just leave this to die like nothing happened. You probably had limited skins plus your own purchases.
I probably have close to $1000 usd worth of skins on the account + all champions + 100k blue essence building up after 9 years/10 years. It would have been devastating if the account just went poof and for something I didn't do.
: Got banned for Scripting?
I got my account back!! THANKS RITO!! and also shoutout to the one positive dude in these comments.
: unless if you got some cool skins they want or they are just using a dead account to test their scripts out and when your shit gets banned just move onto the next dead account. That way when they find one that works and they dont get caught they can just use it on their own account without getting caught.
You can't trade skins though right? I don't have nay rp left on there also so I don't think that's it. I do have hundreds of dollars worth of skins because the accounts over 9 years old though.
: It can take up to 42 hours, normally, to get a response. Just be patient, you'll get a response soon.
Thank you so much. Okay you're the first person that's postitive/given advice. I appreciate it so much ty!
Manxxom (NA)
: Think about it, the scriptor might not want to risk their own account by scripting, so they just bring the chaos off of someone elses account they can get their hands on.
I dont understand though. This isn't an mmo or anything, so them playing on my account nets them absolutely nothing??
: damn you guys beat me too it. TO the OP, make a support ticket, that or dont script. and with a name like L9 HITLER, its a little sus to think you wouldnt be doing something fishy or not allowed, not to label.
Yeah That's not my name. I got hijacked and they changed my name. I have never ever played pyke or neeko before and they were spamming it in ranked... look at the previous seasons. Not even in normals.
: Sounds like you need to contact support then.
Yes I have submitted a report like 14 hours ago and haven't gotten a reply. I'm so anxious about this.
: wait wtf i didn't even notice my name was different.... yeah so it seems like someone hijacked my account.
Guys please... I don't know what to do and I don't know where else to go. Please help me I'm so sad.
: Got banned for Scripting?
wait wtf i didn't even notice my name was different.... yeah so it seems like someone hijacked my account.
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