: Grinded non-stop in solo queue for a month; here's the result.
Honestly as soon as i decided to just say Fuck it and have fun, i jumped from Silver 3 to Gold 4 in a matter of weeks. As soon as i stopped "grinding" and just playing the game for fun, not only did i get better, but i started having fun again.
: > [{quoted}](name=PhoenixArc,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=AKNt8aHx,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2019-08-21T21:24:57.687+0000) > > You must be new here. They did do that. Season 1-3 i believe they had Starter Pack and the Champion Bundle that you could purchase the game with. There was even a Digital Collectors pack that included all of the champions in the game as well as a few xp boosts to get to level 30 faster. Some of these bundles came with exclusive skins like Black Alistar and Young Ryze. You had to purchase both the Champions Bundle and Collector's Pack to obtain all of the launch roster. And it obviously didn't include skins (only contained the special skins that came with the bundle but otherwise no other skins) and it was only at the very start of the game when there was like 40 champs and it doesn't extend to any releases beyond what's included in the pack. What I'm referring to is basically is being able to purchase an "unlocked" status for your account where all contents in the game are unlocked for now and any content in the future as if you have purchased the golden pass to the game that holds the key to everything that will ever be in the game in 1 go, which is atm only available (I think for free) to tournament players since they're sponsored by Riot. Needless to say, a sensible price for something like that probably will never exceed $200 dollars so long we're not dealing with ripoffs. And obviously Riot can't have that, since they want to sell you bits and pieces each worth $10-15 dollars; and such a privilege is only given to pro players who've each on their own already made Riot thousands if not millions.
So essentially you want a Season Pass included in the game which unlocks every skin Riot will ever make, every champion Riot ever creates, and every event Riot ever puts out. You also realize that Season Pass' only really exist for games where the amount of DLC is limited. Riot is planning on releasing content until people stop playing their game. They have to somehow keep up revenue to not only make the game better, but to also keep releasing content that people enjoy (and give people a decent paycheck). The core function of the game is still available to you without any money spent. None of it is pay to win (which it technically used to be with the old Rune system) and you can enjoy the game to its fullest. Skins can be obtained for free and there is nothing locking you out of gamemodes. Do you honestly believe with EVERY skin and champion Riot has released, that a measly 200$ is a fair price to charge? You've probably paid more money than that buying coffee every now and then and yet you still do it. The difference is, the 5$ skin you just got, you can keep using over and over and over again. This is a business model that doesnt lock you out of content that is intrinsic to the game.
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: Being a casual player in league is straight up demotivating
Heres my question. When did you start playing? I started playing start of Season 1. I fell in love with the game. And thats that. I fell in love with Summoners Rift. There was no ARAM, there was no URF mode. No events, hell there wasnt even ranked yet. I consider myself a casual player. Maybe a few games a week. Ranked here and there. I play fill usually because i like to mix it up. I still have a ton of fun. You do mention that winning is whats fun. You do have to remember this is a PVP game. You winning means someone else is losing. Now if their version of fun is ALSO winning. Well that literally means noone can ever be happy 100% of the time. Try to find other ways why you enjoy the game and forget all the fluff that Riot has added through the years. If you started league as far back as i did, try to remember why you spent hours and hours playing one game mode when nothing else was available. If you didnt start that far back...maybe play a few games without the inention of hard smashing your opponent, and see what else makes the game fun.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sadalsa,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=AKNt8aHx,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-21T17:25:55.354+0000) > > I'm sorry, i'm not seeing the problem here ?? you're playing the game for free, so what if they put prices on additional features that you were doing fine before they existed ? If there is an option to purchase the entire game for $60, hell make it $100, and it unlock all champions, all current and future skins, emotes etc, a LOT of people would pay that without even blinking an eye. Why doesn't Riot do that? Ofc, because selling shit in small bits is a LOT more profitable. The f2p is a still a business model. It's not some charity. Not to mention, the players still need to commit time to earn the "free" contents. It's not like it's free in the first place because time is quite literally money. It's the same kind of 'free' that you need to finish a survey for the shop to get your "free" burger or whatever; it's just not free, and only so in a very specific context of cash but not wholly given free of charge as you just paid it in other forms instead.
You must be new here. They did do that. Season 1-3 i believe they had Starter Pack and the Champion Bundle that you could purchase the game with. There was even a Digital Collectors pack that included all of the champions in the game as well as a few xp boosts to get to level 30 faster. Some of these bundles came with exclusive skins like Black Alistar and Young Ryze.
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: I tihnk i may quite playing toplane honesly. This role suck
Funny enough i was experiencing this until i decided to play Fill. Unsurprisingly i started getting Support. I decided then i would just strictly play support mages (Lux, Brand,Zyra) with a focus on Lux. I went from Bronze 1 all the way to Gold 4 in less than 30 games. Here is what i gathered from my experience. In low ELO you cant expect lanes to be consistent. Either your teammates are gods or they are trash. Never an in between. If you are decent enough at skillshots, picking Lux is basically a free win. Most players down that low dont know how to dodge skill shots that easily. Many ADC players still havnt fully grasped the concept of attack moving. Most support players will usually run in a straight line at you so they telegraph when they want to do something. Here is what ends up happening. You outpoke most duo lanes as long as you maintain good bush control. Once you hit level 6, 100-0 the support or ADC should be easy as long as you hit all your spells. Now, you've shut down both the enemy ADC and the Support. You've just turned the game into a 5v3. It almost doesnt matter how bad top or mid is doing. Just keep farming off your bot lane and get kill after kill. Lux is very much a hard stat check. She can either 1 shot you or she cant do shit. But at that ELO its very easy to get to a point where you are dealing more damage than the midlaner. At this point your team should be able to group up and win pretty much all fights unless your positioning is just crap. Ive gone on massive win streaks doing just this. Shutting down two people is a much more guarantee of winning the game than trying to go top and coming out ahead of the top laner. tl:DR Play Lux support and carry all your games till Gold
: I fear it would limit build diversity and also force some champion to build some items so one item that is core or very good on them only get really good if they build a certain way. People scream at Riot for diversity, and this would pigeon hole even more. It also mean that unlockable quest by buying other item mean you are better using your 3400 gold on something more efficient and building IE after.
How is this any different from Warmog's requirement for the hp regen at 3k hp? I also dont see how this would be pigeon holing a build path either. This gives people the choice of a few things. Either spend the money for IE and get a boost to damage and grit chance. Or buy a BF sword and then rush a zeal item for ASP and Crit chance. It essentially brings back some choice rather than every ADC rush Stormrazers because its the most cost effective item right now.
: Your phone autocorrected "crit" to "critics" a bunch of times.
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: Riot Pls: Ranked Pls - 2017 Season Ranked Changes
This is why Riot is the best company. They actually listen to their player base and explain to us why they decided to keep certain things for a certain amount of time.


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