: I fear it would limit build diversity and also force some champion to build some items so one item that is core or very good on them only get really good if they build a certain way. People scream at Riot for diversity, and this would pigeon hole even more. It also mean that unlockable quest by buying other item mean you are better using your 3400 gold on something more efficient and building IE after.
How is this any different from Warmog's requirement for the hp regen at 3k hp? I also dont see how this would be pigeon holing a build path either. This gives people the choice of a few things. Either spend the money for IE and get a boost to damage and grit chance. Or buy a BF sword and then rush a zeal item for ASP and Crit chance. It essentially brings back some choice rather than every ADC rush Stormrazers because its the most cost effective item right now.
: Your phone autocorrected "crit" to "critics" a bunch of times.
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This is why Riot is the best company. They actually listen to their player base and explain to us why they decided to keep certain things for a certain amount of time.


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