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: I just want to see a world where tank junglers are relevant again.
The thing is tank junglers aren't as fun to watch. Farming isnt fun to watch. There should be risks/rewards to every playstyle. Ganking leaves you vulnerable to counterjungling. Farming leaves lanes unattended. Counterjungling leads to overextension/possible ganks or jungle fights.
: Please make junglers less gank relient and more farm relient
gonna have to disagree with this. the farm meta(remember devourer?) was not fun and while lanes would suffer the junglers could just farm, but that doesnt promote helping your teammates and instead promotes solitary tunnel play which isnt conducive to a team game experience. Plus, how is ganking not fun for you like forcing fights is partially what the game is about because then you take objectives. If you want a farm simulator maybe play nasus in the toplane, but dont touch the jungle. There's also a difference between farming efficiently and then ganking or only focusing on ganking(to varying success) because you should ALWAYS be trying to farm in order to keep up in xp or gold, but also take opportunities as they arise to gank and take leads/make leads or advantages for the team. That is exactly what a jgler is supposed to be doing, and it requires immense focus and concentration. I am sad about the dark harvest changes because it diversified the meta junglers, but ultimately this means that maybe in the future they will tune/buff other runes for a more jglers to make them more viable.
Miirik (NA)
: With Leona's new skins, can we get her in other roles now?
All she would need to be able to play in other roles is to be able to proc her own passive. It doesnt make sense that by herself she doesnt even really have a passive at all. Lux has a very similar passive and because of it is able to play in multiple roles(it is only her basic attacks and ult that proc the marks, but because she has the agency over it rather than someone else, she is able to fulfill multiple positions). That way, you can very easily imagine leona players in the toplane with an ap bruiser(her ratios really arent even that bad) or full tank or tanky ad bruiser too. She is a great champion who is fun to play and can make some really sick dives. if they find her being able to proc it herself is too much, maybe tune it down for herself proc'ing it only, like maybe half effectiveness??
: PETITION to give the LEGENDARY Lunar Eclipse to Diana and make it into a VS Event
: cant you just take Manaflow band, and land Voidspikes?... Ive been top laning/mid laning as Nocturne all season on my main account 1tricking it to plat1. I have no mana issues, and Nocturne is far more mana intensive than Khazix is. Take manaflowband, youll be fine.
is that the full ad duskblade/stormrazor mid/top nocturne? the nuclear build? statik shiv and triforce and IE?
iiGazeii (NA)
: Is it ever worth it to go Shadow Assassin Kayn over Rhaast?
in my experience, most of the time if your team has a lot of frontline and cc but is lacking damage, going SA is better because although you are another beefy frontliner as Rhaast if your team cant capitalize and convert ganks when summoners are on cooldown into kills then you aren't effectively doing anything. But 90% of the time, Rhaast is a better choice because of how much survivability he has. SA Kayn doesn't actually end up doing that much more damage, but is just more mobile and harder to kite because he can cleanse slows and cast his w without having to stop moving.
: Honors
I agree, I do want to be able to honor the enemy team sometimes
BleKz (EUW)
: Refunding CD and mana on a skill that allows you to farm better is a way better qol change than increasing numbers which will also increase his jungle performance imo.
I agree, the q change has legit 0 impact on his jungle clears and makes him an okay laner. I think they should do something to Lane Kayn too because Lane Kayn is legit non existant right now and it sucks because that's a champion i'd like to see more in pro play or become viable in other positions.
: i Wanna reach gold 3 in 3 days ! Gold 5 atm
I'd recommend Kassadin in the midlane actually. He's very strong at the moment.
BleKz (EUW)
: I started at preseason 5, so unfortunately I wasn't able to play Kha mid at his prime, but have been playing him jungle since I started. But since I'm main mid I want to play Kha there, I sometimes play him in my smurf acc but the lane phase is really XD
you rushed manamune and cooldown boots and brutalizer to get to cdr cap and heavy mana regen ASAP and then just spam poked ur laner and lane all day and never died bc it healed you. It was honestly so fun and it even made it into pro play a few times I think
: Do you really want solo carry potential?
The way I see it is if one person has carry potential and the other team has carry potential on an individual, then it is up to each one, individually, to play better or carry harder for their team. I would much rather have that considering I have trolls/feeders constantly in my games. If you think nothing will change then you didnt play a few seasons ago where climbing if you were good individually was pretty easy because you had more singular impact on the game.
BleKz (EUW)
: Making Kha'Zix mid an option without buffing him in the jungle at all
I'm for it. Remember the good ol days of kha mid? Maxing w and all? that was some good stuff :')
: Lul like that's a problem. Probably one of the most annoying ADCs out there. Crit scaling ADC with good escape that can be buffered to avoid CCs (therefore difficult to gank), that resets on takedowns or fully charged bomb, insane pushing power and fast at taking objectives, on demand steroids and a get-off-me point and click ultimate. All her kit is point and click (except rocket jump but who actually cares) and she gets access to insane range the more levels she has. Yeah definitely a good time to be alive when she's meta.
yeah, they really should remove the buffering element because it's a bit unfair.
F Ù Ń (NA)
: > People should just adapt to the meta, it will have ups and downs but it is still balanced in that sense. Except for Z O E, thats another subject Dude please grow up. It’s Zoe, she got nerfed hard, u happy? 43% winrate and now it’s going to plummet even lower b/c of you. A person that can’t dodge SKILLSHOTS. Zoe has her time in the Meta for 6 months, and got nerfed hard for it. Also I bet Zoe counters one of your characters
Zoe was oneshotting champions legitimately from 100% hp from a massive range away at no risk to herself and getting 3-4 free flashes typically and movespeed bonuses. and the aoe the bubble leaves was a zoning tool that really wasnt fair.
Zilèan (EUW)
: Well, I can definitely see ultimate changes, because Zil's ultimate doesn't provide some sort of "counterplay". I like the idea of lowering the ultimate's range if balancing is needed. For me, tho, the passive of Zilean is pretty weak. I never felt like I made a difference in any games by providing a "free level" 2 minutes earlier than the norm. In my opinion, they are going to nerf the corrupting/time warp tonic combo as well as Zilean next patch, which is kind of sad, because he will get hit indirectly with the corrupting nerfs. Zilean still remains one of the most fun and versatile champions in LoL, in my mind. He should get back to a niche pick, although I like to see him on the pro stage. Regarding the kit, however, I feel like it is pretty "fresh" in comparison to other champions, being released after the Zilean rework. I hope I was able to share my fears and doubts about the "Zilean-Meta". I don't want him to be changed, buffed or nerfed. He is in a good spot right now, rewarding players, who put time into learning him. Zilèan
Fair enough! I am glad that at least you think the ultimate range could be nerfed because it isn't exactly a fair risk at its current range. Zilean should have to put himself more in harms way to use the ability on an ally
Gall (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Phoneixflare,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3ItAq0Az,comment-id=000600000001,timestamp=2018-09-10T23:18:54.507+0000) > > plus, why is it only a 90 second cooldown when it's a 300 second cooldown for the summoner spell itself? if you made the cost extremely high and made it limit to exactly 1 scroll bought per player per game it would STILL be a busted item. I don't think you understand how crazy strong teleport is...considering the fact that adcs even started using it awhile back. Good point on the cooldowns. I say lower the teleport summoner spell cooldown but introduce teleport scrolls. That way adc's will still be inclined to take heal since they have a second option for getting back to lane faster. Maybe make both the spell and the scroll a flat 180 second cooldown.
So, recently, they just nerfed the teleport cooldown because it was being used too frequently and by pretty much everyone. I dont see why they would revert the change if they are adding ANOTHER method of teleporting to lane
Gall (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Phoneixflare,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3ItAq0Az,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2018-09-10T23:16:51.150+0000) > > dota2 isnt even close to the same game for 1, and 2 I think actually it is too strong tbh heck they even put the effect on boots and I think that's absolutely busted too Oh I thought you played Dota2 and had knowledge on why it's too powerful. I used to play a lot back in the day and it was one of the most balanced items in the game. Almost everyone had to buy at least one at some point in the game, but I haven't met a single person from the game that complained about it. Their community would probably outraged at its removal, therefore the item must bring some enjoyment to the table.
I have played dota2 and used to play the original warcraft 3 mod extensively. If almost everyone has to buy one at least once in the game, you don't think that's an item that displays a bit too much power/impact/influence over the game? I don't think it brings enjoyment to the table so much as it brings a utility that everyone/every hero pretty much wants or can use, so the argument of 'no one complains so it must be good right?' does not follow. Take note that this is also a game where it is much easier to tower dive and towers don't deal true damage to attackers and you can 'stack' jungle creeps as they spawn and collect massive amounts of gold and exp and solo their Roshan('baron' equivalent) with certain heroes as well as deny exp and cs from your opponents. Also, there is high ground which causes a miss chance on attacks, buyback, gold penalty on death, talent points, and no summoner spells that are needed. Additionally, the core gameplay is based on a 3 core stat system(str, agi, int) with abilities that do not scale with your stats for the most part. In this way, games in dota2 are often much longer and thus adding walk times to lane without some sort of item that could place you immediately at the tower are semi-necessary and appreciated a lot more than they would be in league.
: Everyone knows this joke of a champ, would be the first of the new releases to get a skin, and legendary too. Only trash kids play him, and majority of the playerbase are trash kids... makes sense.
: > [{quoted}](name=Phoneixflare,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yjd6TdJz,comment-id=002f,timestamp=2018-09-10T21:07:56.915+0000) > > um... > > this is an ability that allows a character that would otherwise get slaughtered by ranged champions to actually be present as a threat in melee range. yasuo is only really good in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. he's a very high skill ceiling champion False.
You honestly just sound salty and lack a logical argument as to why it shouldn't exist. Ever played a melee/ranged matchup in lane without a defensive tool to protect against ranged spells, particularly ones with cc? Yasuo is a champion that operates being able to outplay ranged champions/abilities with good windwall timing/placement. I enjoy that fact because otherwise there would be no reason to not play ranged engage champions over the melee ones if the yas is on the other team. And it being able to come out and counter abilities allows for counterplay of ranged abilties and champions. The counterplay to yasuo is to play someone that doesnt need to utilize skillshots to be effective in lane or fights wherein his windwall is not useful. So, since it has counterplay, I am gonna have to say this is all just your subjective whining. The entire kit of yasuo revolves going in and attacking. if he can't do that then there is legit no point of the champ existing. what would you put in his wind wall's place even if it were removed? While we are at it, let's remove spellshields too! They don't even take skill to use because they automatically block abilities and dont need to be aimed. Let's remove Braum's Unbreakable, something core to his kit and identity. Let's take out fizz's untargetable portion of his playful/trickster too. Contrary to what you personally think, a lot of people enjoy yasuo's windwall and think it's pretty useful/good/healthy for the game. Yasuo is easily countered by hard cc, much like any melee carry champion. If you could chain cc on yasuo and delete him considering he has to get in melee range to use ANY of his abilities except for after he has a third charge of his q active for the solid 4-5 seconds he retains it, then his kit gets countered completely by anyone with ranged zoning tools. Even just high damage ranged abilities would nullify his effectiveness. Also, having yasuo exist as a counterpick has made other champions rise up to counter him as well. This was displayed in the EU LCS with Wukong being picked and now he's a much more common pick. Wukong does well against Yasuo early because his windwall doesn't change the effectiveness of any of his spells/abilities.
: ***
if it only procs lichbane once, in which lichbane procs everytime an ability is used(not including if the auto is used before the cooldown window on spellblade)...why should zoe q proc her passive twice if the interaction is similar to lichbane's passive? the two function in a very similar and I would say near identical way with the SOLE exception being zoe's q procs the passive twice for no good reason.
: Ultimate skin concept: Dragon Acolyte Kayn
100000000000000000000000000000000000000% agree with this and do want it
: Sorry, just salty since basically every champion released after Camille gets a new skin while she still doesn't have another one. {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:141}} And then such a high quality hurts, since I bet they will just throw a random 975 RP skin at Camille and call it a day. :/
Well, I for one hope it's a great skin they release for all the other champs needing some love! I'd love to see like a dark-star camille or something of that nature, maybe super galaxy or chemtech camile
Gall (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Phoneixflare,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3ItAq0Az,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-09-10T21:13:37.253+0000) > > yeah, we're not bringing that item from dota2 into this. that's waaaaaaaaaay too strong and literally everyone would buy one. It would have to cost like 1500 gold and be a consumable and at that point why even have it. Is it way too strong in dota?
plus, why is it only a 90 second cooldown when it's a 300 second cooldown for the summoner spell itself? if you made the cost extremely high and made it limit to exactly 1 scroll bought per player per game it would STILL be a busted item. I don't think you understand how crazy strong teleport is...considering the fact that adcs even started using it awhile back.
Gall (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Phoneixflare,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3ItAq0Az,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-09-10T21:13:37.253+0000) > > yeah, we're not bringing that item from dota2 into this. that's waaaaaaaaaay too strong and literally everyone would buy one. It would have to cost like 1500 gold and be a consumable and at that point why even have it. Is it way too strong in dota?
dota2 isnt even close to the same game for 1, and 2 I think actually it is too strong tbh heck they even put the effect on boots and I think that's absolutely busted too
: High Seas Kled - Skaarl is some bipedal shark creature and Kled is some Davy Jones-lookin mofo waving a harpoon around
OH YES and he can have a moby dick quote or something
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: Should Tryndamere's Ult be useable while under CC?
No. that's what partially makes his whole kit function.
Gall (NA)
: Teleport scrolls anyone?
yeah, we're not bringing that item from dota2 into this. that's waaaaaaaaaay too strong and literally everyone would buy one. It would have to cost like 1500 gold and be a consumable and at that point why even have it.
: Give Wukong this QoL change, @Riot.
that's actually a HUGE buff. I disagree and I used to main wukong. makes him too strong. aa->q->e->aa->tiamat is your bread and butter almost untradeable combo and making it stronger by removing some of those parts seems unfair to opponents.
um... this is an ability that allows a character that would otherwise get slaughtered by ranged champions to actually be present as a threat in melee range. yasuo is only really good in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. he's a very high skill ceiling champion
: Urgot is strong, NOT overbearing.
I actually think his ulti should scale better with bonus ad and the death thresh-hold should also scale with his damage sorta like Pyke's ulti.
: Can we stop with this true damage non-sense
Yi is designed to be a champion that turns on after a two item mid game power spike with guinsoos/jg item. Even before without conqueror he was still doing a decent job with lethal tempo. And the way you deal with Yi is to chain cc him so he can't attack anyone.
Zilèan (EUW)
: As Zilean main for about 3 years now, I can understand your frustration with his kit. Zilean has his upsides and downsides, like every champ in LoL. Main Problem with Zilean at the moment: His sustain with corrupting potion and time warp tonic make up for his main weaknesses, which are early wave clear and getting to level 6. If you camp Zilean early or push him in until double bomb clears the caster minions, he is going to have a hard time. Zilean had mixed winrates all over this season, the current state of the meta allows him to play to his strengths and almost disable his weaknesses. I can understand why he might get nerfed. After Riot's "balancing" the past couple of patches I wouldn't be surprised. But the kit is not the problem! Zilèan
If the kit isnt the problem and Riot isnt planning on changing time warp tonic any time soon with corrupting potion, yet Zilean still remains a constant pick, then what is the problem and what is the solution? I suggested only what I thought of, namely nerfs to certain abilities(making them require more skill while keeping them consistent with other abilities in terms of cost/risk of using or having on cd/power) and/or ability changes as a whole to consider so he could remain a fresh and interesting pick. I think his kit in general is pretty outdated since one of his abilities is mainly used for one other purpose and that is to double bomb people and get a stun...his passive gives free levels to people which seems to counteract someone being behind in exp(which is a way to beat them by preventing them from hitting certain power spikes at certain levels) I would love to hear more of your input as a zilean main!
: "So long after his release" 1 year... oh, the horror.... /s
why you gotta be so negative? D: I'm just out here appreciating it since release kayn had a really bad alternate skin. As I said in the comments later there are plenty of other champions that need some love too!
: Other Space skinlines that could share the same universe with Odyssey
can we get an Odyssey Kled and Odyssey Ivern?? Ivern is like...basically Groot already...and they obviously need a space cavalier!
: Is anyone a little surprised that Kayn is getting a Legendary?
to answer your two question: 1) because Riot wanted to 2) because Riot wanted to!! I am in love with this skin and Kayn deserves it and even more skins. So do other champions, but Kayn's other skin is like...really bad.
: > Kled > Ivern > Camille
Also, Now that you mention it, Odyssey Kled, Ivern, and Camille all look really cool in my head!! :O
: > Kled > Ivern > Camille
No one said anything about not giving them skins too! I'd love for them to have skins.
Lagertha (NA)
: PTSD, League of Legends, and Recovery
This was beautiful and I am so happy for you! :') I hope your life continues on the upward trend and I am glad you found comfort in league. As someone who has also been through several abusive relationships, reading through your experience made me feel grateful that I managed to have an incredible support system who encouraged me to get out and leave and defended me and protected me. I am not trying to invalidate or lessen my own experiences here by comparing it to yours either. I just know that reading through what you wrote was something I knew very well myself but without the extremes of a child or custody or housing involved because I was so young in my own experiences. I feel like in a similar way league was an escape for me too, because it was during that relationship that I really first started playing. Anyways, I am both proud of you and overjoyed that you were presented an outlet to help you with your trauma. I wish you continued healing and peace!
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: Lux's E, no. You're not recasting anything, you're just ending something ongoing. Zed's W...I'm not sure. I've never seen a Zed with any Sheen item, so I couldn't tell you. It might, though. Asol's Q is a toggle. Toggles do not affect Spellblade. Camille's E...It might. You'd never get a second use of it, because of how it works (Recast window less than Spellblade cooldown, and attempting to attack would end it), but it's possible it would. Jax's E shouldn't, as it's *ending* an effect, much like Lux's E. Not just *all* reactivated abilities, but reactivated abilities that are not a toggle and are not just an effect ending.
but it IS a reactivation that you have the OPTION of using, just like zoe doesnt have to re cast her q at all. She can technically launch it forward straight at someone if she doesnt want or need the bonus damage from the distance. you are just redirecting something ongoing. That's using the same logic as yours. You aren't casting the spell again because it has already been cast. Paddle star is ONE ability with two parts just like the ones I mentioned. You aren't casting Q on cooldown a second time. You are casting the ability, as a whole, with all of its effects, ONE TIME. It would be one thing if zoe's other abilities allowed her to redirect skillshot spells she used because that would make sense and generally would balance the champion out rather than the mess of the champion she is now, but the secondary portion of a spell should not count as a recast if it doesn't across the board for all other champions that have similar abilities in their kit. That's not consistent with the rest of the game and you know it. Asol's q is not a toggle, it is his Starsurge, which is his stun that grows the further it travels and he can again press q to detonate the spell early in its travel time. His toggled spell is his w.
Kythers (NA)
I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH it is literally the perfect opportunity for Kayn...come on now! I think someone even already did fan art of it! please! Need more Kayn skins!
: It would *if* her Q didn't have a recast window of under a second.
does the same rule apply for zed w, lux e, ASOL Q, camile hookshot, jax stun etc? you are saying that any ability that can be 'reactivated' can proc it and should be able to? it isnt like the ability has charges like ahri ultimate or vi e or cait/jhin traps.
: Because you cast it twice. All double-cast abilities can count for things similar to her passive.
does it count for two casts for lichbane?
: You press Q twice, yes? Well there you go.
it is still only ONE projectile. it isnt a second projectile or missile that is being cast. It is the same ability being redirected towards another point. I'm not sure of this, but does Lux E's second activation count as a second spellcast to proc lichbane or not? if it does not, then neither should zoe's Q interact with her passive in the same way of "casting a spell."
: If you have to choose between playing risky and playing safe, play safe
So, if you are behind as a team, you actually have to take risks(in a coordinated fashion, not by yourself) in order to extend your ward coverage and get smaller advantages that can add up or turn into a larger objective advantage. If you stay safe and passive, the enemy will use their lead and press you constantly until you eventually lose. However, that being said, certain champions 'turn on' with certain item power spikes or level power spikes, so in some cases staying safe and farming rather than overextending can be a good strategy, such as kogmaw or master yi when he gets a guinsoos. For the most part though, so long as your team is working together and coordinating and grouping up rather than going on solo missions, you should be able to catch the enemy off guard in a lot of situations where they dont expect you to have vision or presence.
: > Why does Zoe's Q count as 2 casts for her passive? Probably because you usually cast it twice. Duh.
Nah, you aren't casting two projectiles but thematically redirecting one... It should only be one cast of the spell. I agree with OP
: FIddle NEEDS a rework
agree with this one. kit and model is outdated!
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Broken, full damage stormrazor garen does 1000+ dmg with Q and still out tanks 90% of champions. Sure kite and bs but still wtf
gonna have to try that stormrazor addition on top of his core of trinity force/steraks/deadmans if I can afford it...haha!
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