: they should have an option to counter-report or at least fight the report, ive been reported 3 times so far for nothing. ive been reported twice while playing {{champion:35}} for "Hate Speech" and never say anything in the chat. then i see ppl in the chat cursing at one another or had ppl get rude with me for not ganking their lanes enough. rito needs to fix this issue, or at least look into their reports like they are supposed to.
But is it an issue? If you're doing nothing wrong in your other games, those reports won't go anywhere. If you ARE doing something wrong in your other games, well it's those games that'll get you in trouble, not a game where you never said anything and played Shaco. And Riot DOES track people who are reporting a lot and having nothing come of it. Their reports get weighted less than others and so won't ping your account the same way other reports might (at the very least, that's how it worked last I heard).
Neamean (NA)
: I know who is in Yi's flash back
Annnnnnnnd time to go rewatch that opening theme on youtube. So thanks for that.
: "Then again, maybe you're saying the person isn't banned because riot is full of liberals" this is what I mean. The guy needs to be banned, no questions asked. You say that kind of thing, it doesn't matter whether you are joking or not you need to be banned.
I would say the person isn't banned because no one has sent in a support ticket highlighting his behavior yet. Riot has demonstrated that the'll ban people for less time and again- or have you never seen the "hey guys I've been banned but didn't deserve it" threads? Political bent has nothing to do with it.
: Where did I make a death threat?
You didn't. The OP's "friend" did, the guy you're apparently defending because all the "liberals" are attacking them... for uttering death threats. Then again, maybe you're saying the person isn't banned because riot is full of liberals. Frankly you're not exactly clear on what exactly you think being liberal or conservative mean.
: Nah this is kinda llike the BLM thing going on, conservatives want to get rid of and stop the BS but liberals keep promoting it. Do you see where I am getting at? the guy with negative comments is the bad guy and rito is the people rioting on the streets saying he didn't do anything and the its the victims fault
Isn't uttering death threats a crime, though? Regardless of political bent?
Darrus (EUW)
: ***
Question: How does one wear a bikini as the primary outfit and not turn out half naked?
: What are her legs doing? I don't mean it in a weird way, I promise! ;-; Things just don't add up to me. Lol. This is really nice though, I'm terrible at digital paintings so I really respect people who can do it well. Colouring in general, really. Good job! :D
I think her left leg, the one we can't see at all, is more or less coming straight out from her body (so at an angle from our perspective) and her right leg is crossed over top and resting with her right calf on her left knee to keep it supported but also high in the air. (Also it looks really nice, good job!)
: Yeah, I live in San Jose and my ping is now 65, which is not a big deal at all. I don't mind the server change one bit. I think Riot is fucking cheap for not making two servers, and I pity the Hawaii playerbase, but it doesn't really affect me at all.
From what I recall reading it wasn't a matter of cost, it was a matter of if they made two servers than there was no good way for people in NA to actually play with each other across the continent.
: > [{quoted}](name=Some Burnt Paper,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gpB08Hcq,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-08-24T08:00:50.776+0000) > > Anyone else think that instead of trying to keep this weird metal guy that steals peoples' souls and also has a giant mace for some reason, Riot should either split Morty into a big metal guy with a mace and a cool tanky dude that rips peoples' souls out with his > **BARE GODDAMN HANDS**, > > or > > just make him a tanky metal dude with a big mace considering how many soul stealing people we have nowadays? I mean > {{champion:103}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:412}} Morde is the first of the soul stealing line up, why should he be the one out of the game? Wat bro? Your description of Morde is so imo shallow I don't even know where to begin on your supposed "weird metal guy". Let's break down who Morde really is shall we. * He is a wraith who is hinted to have once been either a general or a King of the Shadow Isles, centuries or perhaps millennium ago. * It's also hinted that Mordekaiser's armour is actually his own prison. A chain either he put on himself or from another individual to protect not Mordekaiser but the other he comes across. As what's underneath is way deadlier than what he appears to be. * He has a strong sense of hatred and is affiliated to pains, suffering and ofc, fear. As such his weapon of choice is a gigantic mace and controls metal shards for his own amusement. * It's also suggested that for an unknown reason, Mordekaiser seems to use attacking and cursing others partially as a way to harm himself, as he is unable to do so normally due to his unremovable armour (or the status of being a ghost) but he is capable of reducing his own life force through casting his spells. However whether he does it for masochistic desires or simply wishes for an end of his existence is unknown, it may very well be both at the same time. * He doesn't seem to be sane as a result of his incredibly long term mental torture. He changes his persona very frequently, sometimes as a strong willed king and for the most part, a lost soul who seeks only destruction. * He obtains souls to form an army/followers, possibly a remnant of his psychic from when he was still alive as a king/general. Some are recruited against their wishes, some welcome it. And he does seem to ignore normal civilians and children while choosing only those with power and abilities or other special conditions that he may find intrigued by, which makes him also stalk the slums to "save" those who are incurably sick and add them into his ranks. Still a boring piece of metal to you?
Huh, I didn't know a lot of those finer detailed points about Morde. Actually makes him quite interesting, thanks for sharing.
: sometimes you can send riot a support ticket explaining the situation and they might give you the RP you need. They did it for me before
An art tribute done in MS paint is usually also provided.
: welp just ganna have to main ekko
Nah, doesn't look like he's resetting himself at all- he's still hurt in the same way. No resseting health with that! Could possibly do a death prevention trick and moving him to a previous point in time, but no self res (kind of how like Tryn stops his health from going before 1, but it isn't a self res).
: A word that doesn't exist is being defined like an real word. Forum users are funny.
The word "meme" existed BEFORE the internet was a thing, refering to the spread of ideas/imagery/behaviours within a culture. Older than you think. 1976, by point of fact.
: It just doesn't make sense to see someone take 50 arrows in the face and see the exact same damage done as the guy who took one arrow in the face. Yes know there's a mechanical reason for wanting to do that, but as a player it's very aggravating to see immersion broken so obviously.
If you're worried about something making sense and immersion breaking, you're already lost to us. *has a moment of silence* But seriously Cynical Giant is correct, it's NOT a shotgun skill, that's grave's thing. Ashe needs to fill her own space.
: > [{quoted}](name=TotalJerk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GxhbPEAc,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-04-06T04:22:56.316+0000) > > Stop. That entitled attitude is exactly the kind of thing that DOESN'T get you what you want. Notice how I mention what they owe, thus turning it from an entitled whine OP into an actual legitimate post. Since it's been literally years since we last had a ban increase, and we need another one. We have 123 champions available to pick/ban, with 6 bans. ~4-5% of the roster is removed, per match. Dota 2 currently has 110 out of the 112 Dota heroes available, with 10 bans. ~9% of the roster is removed, per match. We need more bans. It's that simple. Riot sucks at balancing their game and we need ways to lower the overall number of FOTM picks and get us back to a better state. Ahri is a great example of Riot's incompetence to 'rework' or 'rebalance' a champion. They've been tweaking her and tweaking her and now she's got an insane movement steroid on top of her already crazy mobility and burst with a hard cc on a wide skill shot.
TotalJerk's point is that the mindset that we as players are owed anything is why there is a problem- mentioning what they "owe" us doesn't make the post any less problematic. If we believe we are entitled or owed something then it's fine for us to get completly outraged it doesn't happen, exactly the way we want it to happen. People would LIKE more bans because X reasons. Sure, valid post. But RIOT -owes- us nothing.
: I found out why NA players are so salty
: There's never a good reason not to get the ward trinket. It's free. It doesn't take up an item slot, so non-support champions don't have to sacrifice their damage to ward. Then you should always upgrade your trinket for a measly 250 gold. Then you get 1 free ward a minute (so I do believe it would pay for itself after about 3 to 5 minutes). Wards are a main advantage in League because vision wins games. Vision saves you from getting ganked early. Vision saves you from 4v1 when you decide to split push.
Oh, I know, I don't disagree. I was simply expressing the point of view of why people wouldn't think that getting a ward and warding regularly is a good thing- even if they are wrong.
: "Ward won't help us win."
It's because it is a consumable item that gives no statistical advantage to either yourself or someone else on the team. For someone focused on "doing all the damages", it seems insane that someone would want you to have to keep buying something that doesn't help you deal damage for the WHOLE GAAAAME. They don't have any concept of the subtle advantages that you can gain in LoL. Basically, it's the same thing that causes young kids getting into pokemon to always have pokemon with 4 damaging moves. If it doesn't make the enemy pokemon's health bar go down, why is it good for me? Even if you could use a move that does zero damage to make the other guy incapable of actually doing anything.
: urf is disappointing now.
I've been so far primarly playing Zyra, but I've been picking Sona too. NOT because of any kind of meta or overpowered interest, but because I have DJ Sona and Kinetic is an AWESOME piece of background music for URF.
Draico (NA)
Yeah I've just gotten this too, kinda funny at first but now just annoying
: Giving away $100.00 in RP once a month. Free RP
Entry: Phrixscreoth Server: NA Comment: Sure, I'll bite.
: if you're gonna complain
I feel like people are more willing to just assume the champ is OP rather than realize that they are not as good a player as they think they are and have some room to grow better.
: Lux Redesign / Model Updates Concept Art
Oh my god, I love that so much. I played nothing but Lux from level 10-30 and have never been happy with any of her skins. But this is FANTASTIC!
Visigoth (NA)
: In game quests could be so much more
I have to admit, that one with {{champion:38}} and {{champion:90}} made me wince a little. Nice job xD
Yutaji (NA)
: ***
That doesn't make it ANY less creepy.
: Welcome to the era of tanks.
To quote Left 4 Dead... *ahem* **TAAAAAAAAAAAANKKKKKK!**
: Paparazzi Lux
Yeah I really like this idea!
: What do you call a fed Bard and Braum comp?
: Have you seen blind people in real life? It's scary how fast they run around and teleport. They have to be put on a leash and given a seeing eye dog to hold them back.
This is truth. As masters of mind over matter, since they cannot see the obsticles, the obsticles do not exist for them. The world bends around them and provides a straight clear path to their goal. They can thusly move much faster than us normal folks for they do not have to worry about turning- the world does it for them.
Nahara (NA)
: Huh... I just checked, and she really doesn't... I always thought her E had a slow on it...
Everyone kept REQUESTING a slow for her E, but it's never had one.
: Riot even for somebody like me, this is sad.
Ack, my poor heart ;a;{{item:3070}}
: The real problems with Katarina
I like your post. It's well thought out, it isn't ragey and the soloution isn't rediculus. Having said that, I'm not sure if it's entierly needed. What I mean by that is that Katarina hasn't been buffed lately. Not directly anyway. She got her passive changed recently to become harder to reset, and before that she lost early pressure on her ultimate and lost spellvamp on wards from shunpo. So she hasn't been changed since the time she was out of favour, she's just become noticed by people again (probably thanks to the whole Deathfire loss and Luden gain). That would suggest to me that she never hit an underpowered or unplayable state, she just rotated out of popularity and now she's rotated back into popularity. And that just like she did before, as the meta and various other people get buffs she'll rotate back out again. Having said that, I'm not really privy to the same kinds of statstics that RIOT is privy to, so I could be completly wrong and she could actually use a nerf. In which case your suggestion seems like a good one.
: Saving some unfortunate people some RP
Wow, I knew about Riot Girl (which I can't get because I don't have facebook) and Unchained (which I already have) but I didn't know about the Dreadknight one :O *picks up*
Beryll (EUW)
: After playing Bard a lot, I think he is a bad SoloQ champion
I agree, Bard is probably not a great SoloQ champion, even taking into account the learning period of first being released. My question is... why is this a problem? RIOT has no problem with champs that are more situationally effective. Galio is more effective against a magic based team comp. Yasuo works better on a team that has knockups. Regardless of how well champions are balanced for their niches, niches EXIST. Having champions that require more team based coordination is not a bad thing. So what if he only ever gets picked in premade games? I remember when Leona came out, and people clamoured to give her the ability to proc her own passive, to make her less dependant on her team. RIOT never budged, and never will budge, on keeping it the way it is. When it comes down to it, League is and always has been a team game. Having a champion that works better while coordinated with a team is not a problem.
j j (NA)
: You are telling me people cannot fathom learning the general concept of an ability in a game or two rather than being disabled from using it for X amount of games . levels? You are also telling me they can't practice these concepts in bot games to understand it better where these abilities SHOULD not be restricted? People build up the confidence to use the ability over a course of a couple hundred games but they get the general idea. How hard is it to understand the concept that if I exhaust player X they get the debuffs it states for Y amount of seconds? See we rotate champions and that is much more of a burden on new people and players with experience than learning summoner abilities. Summoner abilities are basic as hell. I clearly stated that people learn to grow their confidence in a summoner ability over time but the concept of an ability does not take over X amount of levels to grasp. It is generally grasped in a game or two granted it is not your first league of legends game ever. Load of crap. Maybe you struggled but other people would not struggle with basic abilities such as these. Also work, school and life is much more complicated than the concepts of these summoner abilities. My point exactly.
>You are telling me people cannot fathom learning the general concept of an ability in a game or two rather than being disabled from using it for X amount of games . levels? You are also telling me they can't practice these concepts in bot games to understand it better where these abilities SHOULD not be restricted? People build up the confidence to use the ability over a course of a couple hundred games but they get the general idea. How hard is it to understand the concept that if I exhaust player X they get the debuffs it states for Y amount of seconds? I answered this more or less in my other reply to you. You know the one. Seems redundant posting it twice. >It is generally grasped in a game or two granted it is not your first league of legends game ever. But that's what we're talking about here. People's first games ever. People who have less than 50 Beginner Bot games under their belt. Glancing at your profile, you've got over 1500 NORMAL games, over 300 ARAM and over 250 Dominion. That's not even taking into account how many bot games or how many ranked games you've got under your belt. You can be saftely considered a better than average, well seasoned player who knows the game really well. Of course YOU can easily pick up any new champ, item or summoner spell that RIOT can throw at you within a week. But for a player who barely has it in their head that if they keep trying to chase an enemy they'll die because of the turret? Someone who has no experience with MOBAs and just installed the game this afternoon? Yeah, life and school are more complicated. But I don't understand what your point is. "Life is more complicated than these spells, so they shouldn't force you to not be able to use them for 10 years"? They don't. It doesn't mean you don't need any time to understand their details. You're given time to learn the skills you need to succeed. And you are taught them in an order that builds on the leasons you've already learned. First they want to teach you how to survive. Then they want to teach you how to fight. Then they want to teach you how to get around the map.
j j (NA)
: There are many uses for teleport, flash, exhaust, heal that people still today do not grasp but that does not mean they cannot be used in their simplest forms by a noob. Of course they will not utilize it as if they played over 250+ games. By your definition we shouldn't allow heal at low levels either because you can use the movespeed to escape, get a last hit, save an ally, save yourself, bait, and the heal can bait, save your or an ally from near fatal dmg. There's too many uses of most summoners but they will understand the basic use of it. People who don't have the ability to use certain summoners are punished because they cannot experiment with summoner abilities while in most games they play opponents who WILL have these abilities thus creating confusion.
Just because something cannot be done does not mean that they nessiciarly SHOULD be done. I'd like to point out that your "too many uses of most summoners" list covers Ghost and Heal, and is inherintly misleading when compared to my single list of use cases for flash. But in any case, of course Heal and Ghost would have more uses than their primarly obvious ones. That is called depth of design. I think your problem here is that you're not able to filter out your personal experiences and understandings of the game through someone who lacks that knoweledge. As I said, I watched two different people go through this learning process at the same time. They didn't care about being able to get to other people's lanes or get over walls- they barely were able to handle not dying whenever the bots approached them. So that's flash and teleport out for things they cared about. Exhaust and Ignite? Sure they were fighting in lane, if you can consider "standing still and hoping that my arrows kill this guy before he punches my face in" a fight. This is where RIOT is encouraging the players to focus on simply being able to survive in their lane over trying to get kills on enemies- afterall you can't be an effective teammate if you died in a random, useless skirmish. If RIOT were to provide exhaust and ignite, they would TAKE exhaust and ignite... and die in the first seconds of the fight because they havne't learned to move and attack yet. Heal and Clarity are two spells that help a new player do things that a new player understands ("make my resource bars go back up") and provide something that RIOT wants to teach ("don't die"). They are not being punished because they are not yet in a place where they need to know how to use that ability. This is RIOT's way of DIRECTED learning. "Here, you've got a bunch of things to learn. Don't worry about this stuff yet, we'll get to it in a bit". And it really was a bit- my one friend has hit level 10 in under a month of non-continuous play (they started Febuary 16th and hit level 10 last week). They now have all their spells avalible to them in a time frame that, on the grand scheme of their potential League of Legends carrier that is fairly meangless. What have they lost out on, exactly? If your concern is that they are missing out on the time where they could have learned the more "useful" spells to the level you think they should have, answer me this: If my now level 10 friend had access to all the summoners since they started, would you want to play Ranked with them now, confident they have learned everything they need to learn by this point? If the answer is no, then why does it matter that it took them a couple weeks to get access to spells when they won't be ready for your level for months?
j j (NA)
: There isn't much to learn about the summoners. It takes 1 game to learn each summoner. There is more time needed to increase depth on how to use a select few summoner abilities on certain champions or situations that comes along with experience. Experience somebody 1-30 would not get until they played a couple hundred+ games. So, restricting them makes no sense aside from giving players incentives to buy xp boosts to get summoner abilities. From a marketing stand point they would want you to believe they restrict it for the benefit of the player to not take in so much information but let's be real it isn't much we take in much more when we study for classes, work, or things in life in general. Do not tell me it is because it is to break down knowledge. That is idiotic and gives me this image on what the company has perceived players to be. Imaging people as idiotic or only able to take in such knowledge because of time allocation and how they only have so much capacity to learn in a given time is bullshit. It simply comes down to encouraging people to spend money on xp boosts plain and simple it has nothing to do with players ability to learn because in order to utilize certain summoners as previously mentioned that experience comes along much after level 30. Most people do not properly use summoners to their fullest potential until they reach 400 games and even then they lack in depth experience on how to use them vs more experienced players. That is not the case for everyone but they will understand the fundamental basic uses enough to the point where even a level 1 could use it just as well as a level 8-10 player. Not to mention match making is terrible for lower players now due to smurfs and also less increase in new players over time since the game has been out forever. Restricting summoner abilities makes zero sense when level 1's get paired against level 10-15 players in games. Same how level 7's can face lvl 20's. Masteries I understand as they would not impact the game as severely as having X summoner ability or giving people diversity in their play style early on. But also with the decrease in diversity in summoner spells half a decade I can easily say these are noob traps. People are not idiots they can get the basic ideas behind the summoner abilities but it's all about money see? It's a free game, so you can't really complain but I will not allow this perception on the new player base to be the case as why summoners are restricted. Precisely why the summoners which were perceived as the best were given at higher levels. At that point in time, which in most cases it still stands today. The incentive to buying xp boosts = Ranked. Creating ranked teams. Mastery points. Rune slots. Higher tier of runes. **Summoner abilities.** Sense of accomplishment / unlocking all lvl based content.
Ironically I'd have to say that this is one of those times that a high level ranked player such as yourself is actually in a WORSE position to give advice on the conversation. > Do not tell me it is because it is to break down knowledge. That is idiotic and gives me this image on what the company has perceived players to be. Imaging people as idiotic or only able to take in such knowledge because of time allocation and how they only have so much capacity to learn in a given time is bullshit. It's really, really not. One forgets that modern video games have grown quite complex and that the control schemes are fairly specialized. There is a lot of muscle memory that goes into using a controller, or even a standard WASD/Mouse combo. And a MOBA style game is even MORE specalized, even for someone used to playing video games. >From a marketing stand point they would want you to believe they restrict it for the benefit of the player to not take in so much information but let's be real it isn't much we take in much more when we study for classes, work, or things in life in general. Keep in mind that learning to study for classes, do work and general life things are skills that we had to learn over the first **10 years** of our lives. You in particular have been playing League at a high level for at least 3 years now. You've had a lot of time to fine tune your abilities and really have the mechanics of the game sink in. There is a lot you do in a basic league of legends match that you do without even having to think about because of the time you've put in to allow that to sink in. No, for the most part people aren't idiots. But it still takes time and practice to build up the skills you need to be able to unconciously do all the things you need to do in an average game. Time that you must put in before you can really sit down and think about the implications of what you are doing.
UPfreely (NA)
: just like runes and masteries riot heavily neglects this part of the game. wouldnt be surprised if they removed clarity/heal and left new players with only 1 summoner spell
Riot's explicitly stated that Clarity is designed as a new player summoner- they completly expect players to stop using it as they gain more experience in mana management. And Heal is used at all levels of play.
Vettahn (NA)
: Just wondering, why do new players not automatically have all summoner spells?
Having just recently gotten two of my friends into the game and been with them every step of their 1-5 experience, I have to say that they have enough on their plate to worry about which summoner spells they should be taking. My friends had enough trouble understanding where they were in a 1v1 fight and would constantly stand still as Ashe in the middle of the lane while the bots would walk up and kill them. Between positioning, items, the skills of both the person they are playing and the person they are fighting, minions, turrets, gold, last hitting, brush... there is a LOT of stuff that you learn early in your carrer that you take for granted at level 30. Heal, Clarity and Ghost are very straightforward in their use cases that a new player can intuitively understand how and why they would use them. But, take flash. You can use flash to get in range to land a skill or get in that last auto attack. But you might not have enough damage to actually kill them. You can use flash to get over CERTAIN walls. You can use flash to get out of the thick of a fight, or dodge a skillshot- but you can just as easily use flash in a situation you can't actually escape from. When an enemy has a gapcloser, or waited to use their stun until after you flashed, or are just faster than you. Flash has so many uses compared to heal ("get more health"), clarity ("get more mana") or ghost ("run fast") that any new player won't be able to effectively use flash until they get the basic skills down first.
: The boards are filled with avatar.
Of course the boards are filled with avatars... notice the little picture beside your name? I mean the community was clamouring for them long enough. :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Levyathyn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vE8Wy8l8,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2015-03-13T07:43:33.988+0000) > > The Shiv is a *VERY* obvious trigger, and it lets you know instantly that it's been used, by who, and on what. This can mean the difference in a hundred or so damage to you and maybe another teammate, which can mean everything. It's not major, but having that readily audible sound and a more noticeable effect could mean the difference in a duel. by the time you hear shivs sound it has already did its damage. The sound is more of a vanity thing then anything else.
The point isn't so that you can avoid taking damage by dodging when the sound comes out, the point is letting the person know that their item is on cooldown and you have to charge your damage boost again. The sound feedback isn't for the sake of the person getting hit, it's for the person doing the hitting.
: Then why did he get gutted 2 patches later? The people say that he sucks are bronzies and silver.
Actually you're both right- for the first little while after release everyone WAS complaining that Yasuo was underpowered or useless, but then they figured out how to play him shortly after that. Thus the nerfs.
: Waiting for homegaurd when they are segueing your base
Can't... not read this... in spongebob narrator voice... GET OUT OF MY MIIIIND
TauNoob1 (NA)
: I strongly disagree with the direction they're trying to take the jungle in. If you don't want junglers to have an impact in lanes early game than that almost removes the point in them entirely. They obviously won't have any impact in lanes mid/late game since the laning phase ends and that means that if you DO want a lane advantage (something arguably more valuable that a jungler farming for 10-15 minutes) you'll need to have a 2nd support in another lane. If it turns out the way I think it will I wouldn't be surprised to see a huge shift to 2-1-2 laning soon.
I think you're both nailing and missing the point entirely. Based on this article, you're correct, removing early game jungler presence almost entirely eliminates having them on the team. In the article Morello agrees with you. He says they've failed (in part) BECAUSE they haven't given the jungler something else to do besides just ganking the lanes or farming the jungle.
: GF saw me playing, got really upset about the female champion...
*slow claps* Well played, sir. Well played indeed.
: Riot why don't we have a Loss Prevention System correctly?
As far as Loss Prevention goes... the current rational for the lack of a Loss Prevention is to prevent abuse. If you've got a game going badly, the concern is that people will just either afk themselves, or bully other people into afking so that they can avoid a loss. Which I can honestly see happening. As for people D/C'ing then coming back... the other day I was in a game where both my jungler and my toplaner disconnected right as the game started. They were gone for a good long while, allowing the top laning Riven to free farm. Thanks to a dedicated Ahri in mid, Morgana support and myself on Jinx we managed to hold out long enough for us to actually win the game. Just because a game is -hard- doesn't make it -hopeless-.
: Vital missing info on Zz'Rot Portal
THAT seems like a fairly important bit of trivia.
: Why do we have champions outside of kallista zed and lee
: Jinx is like the most broken ADC right now
I certainitly don't know about strength, but I know I enjoy Jinx just because she's so... stylish.
: Why nemesis draft failed and why it's our fault
In my (short, painful) experience with the gamemode, I found that my teammates would rather pick people they think won't do a lot of damage over something that actually makes sense. Specifically, the other team picked us into burstmages/supports, and we picked them into tanks. Under the rationale that "tanks do no damage". No one seemed to understand what a tank or a burst mage's purpose on a team was, apperently so reliant on metas to do their champion picking for them.
: Does the meta only work becuse everyone agrees to play it?: A thought I had
The reason the meta is used is because it's consistant. It combines saftey, damage and control in such a way that the only weaknesses it presents are on a champion to champion and player to player basis. You don't need to worry about having too much of one thing and not enough of another thing. For instance, a weakness that your team comp presents is a lack of range damage or much in the way of serious crowd control. You have to get right up in the other team's face, and if they can kite you or lock you down you're dead in the water. With the standard meta, you can rely on everyone else knowing how you're going to play, and for your setup to cover most broad strategies the other team will try and throw at you. It's less about an unwritten code of honor and more people not wanting to (or not being able to) effectively convince and communicate a wild idea to their teammates in the time they have alloted before a game starts. So while an off the wall strategy is very effective at shaking up the expectations and reactions of an enemy team, they will likely have far better unspoken coordination to counter you as they have practiced their strategy more often. In short: It's harder to pull off because of communication and time restraints. People would prefer the consistancy of what they know over the risk of relying on strangers in a new idea.
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