Tomosima (EUNE)
: Which pre reworked champion do you miss the most?
: Personally I like that Viktor is more of a villain now, the league needs more villains.
People having villains as black and white are checkerboards is a good thing. Don't get me wrong, villains are great, but when you cut corners to the point where it feels like you're cutting an entire side, things are bound to be arbitrary, especially when there was already good lore taking place.
D Hardy (NA)
: I am not positive but I do believe that Power Chord does more damage to the plant than a normal auto correct? If it was someone's intention that they use Power Chord in order to clear a plant faster... say its going to kill your adc, then that would be a very good reason for Power Chord to be consumed. As plants are very similar to minions it only makes sense. Also Power Chord has no effect on a ward while it does affect plants so why would it be consumed by wards. I assume nasus Q is consumed because nasus has the potential to stack wards, not because nasus Q does more "damage" to wards. Just in case anyone considered that rebuttal
I think op means the jungle plants, (vision, knockback, heal) wrong are one shot anyway unless I am mistaken horribly.
: I wouldn't mind Lee Sin being p/b for the World's patch tbh
Verdade (EUNE)
: Champions who missed the mark
Hi there. I think you hit the mark with the other two, but had a little misconception on Swain's personality. I think that Swain's personality is unique because of the ambiguity. Him having dual personas which are still similar makes him a more readable character. Swain was portrayed more stoically as a general, and becoming a man/demon *literally* brings out both physically and mentally what lies under his skin, and his true personality. I feel like that is his current identity and should be stuck with, and maybe even emphasized. I feel that embracing or committing to one portion of it would only make him lose a great portion of his whole identity. Anyway, this was just my idea of what I saw Swain as when I first saw him, way back in s2.
: I'd give my hand for it.
What if you wanted Viktor's weapon though? You'd get a hand, too.
: @RIOT HELP! Player told me he was going to commit suicide
Suicide is a serious topic, so idk why people are making jokes here or bashing on people who are suicidal. i really hope that he's okay and that something is done here.
Sweetiex (EUW)
: PSA: Please wear a seatbelt.
I clicked this expecting this to be funny or complaining about the current state of the game to be honest. But thank you for actually reaching out and caring about people in a place where the mood is (primarily) distasteful. Thank you for sharing a painful portion of your life in hopes of others learning from it. Thanks for the reminder, fellow summoner.
: they just nerfed xin stop complaining holy shit
This really wasn't a xin qq thread (if that's what you thought this was really all about)
Wuks (NA)
: The loss of a great community member
Rest in peace, my brother of League. You'll be missed. ;(
: Today is my Birthday!
Happy birthday Fish
: Is this program legal?
Try what others have said: basically send in a ticket and wait; don't do anything or you'll probably get banned
: D is for Dashing{{summoner:4}} and Dancing{{summoner:6}} around the Map! F is for Fire!{{summoner:14}} and Friendship{{summoner:7}}
that... actually makes sense. i just put flash on d to start out, and got to used to it to ever change it. the way i thought about it was, "i'd rather flash my d than ignite, smite, or teleport my d" jkjkjkjk not serious dont kill me
: The Story of My 6 Banned Accounts and What I Did on the 7th One.
Fateborn (NA)
: I didn't take it out. I moved it to his R as Ultimate, just have to click R twice to use it.
Oh, my bad. I meant to type "change" instead of "take out" lol
Fateborn (NA)
: Vladimir The Crimson Reaper [Relaunch Idea]
I think that his W is far too important part of his original identity to take out
: Personally, I enjoy lanes with interaction (like {{champion:268}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:202}} ), but I also enjoy "dead farm lanes" in the sense that it's a means to an end, and that end is outscaling and destroying my foes ({{champion:45}} {{champion:75}} ). There's an art to surviving lane to rule the lategame. I'm all for giving Vlad interaction in lane, particularly based around his sustain (Zac is amazing for this with his blobs). The issue with Vlad's laning is that it suddenly turns from dead-farm to outsustaining anyone that hasnt beaten him into uselessness at around level 9/WotA + CDR boots. Want me to add "make Vlad's laning less dull" as a suggestion?
Sure. Coming from someone who hasn't enjoyed enough Vladimir to say that I'm a main, I feel that his laning phase shouldn't be *as* safe and yet still be very effective later (though still safe enough to turtle). I also think what you said with WoTa + CDR is pretty much true. I think in general he just needs more interaction.
: Vladimir mains, arise! What are the cores of our Champion?
Curious about what Vlad mains think about making lanes "dead farming lanes"?
: ***
"the technology just isn't there yet"
: {{champion:10}} Q is now replaced by her old, damage reflection ult.
{{champion:10}} attacks enhanced by E still count as melee and thus can apply 2 stacks of Rageblade, and Ravenous Hydra
: People who whine about what is and isn't a dragon (e.g. Shyvana would be considered by many to be a wyvern rather than a dragon, likely by D&D standards) are the worst. That said, winged dragon are _obviously_ cooler than non-winged dragons.
: and then in the course of 1 patch, your Main champion, your reason you play League, your baby, your pride and joy.... instantly becomes flavour of the month, OP status, picked or banned in 100% of games... You, now never get to play your main champion.... Your reason for playing League of legends...Destroyed in an instant....
Even worse, it gets nerfed until it becomes obscure to play, and everyone leaves it rotting in the dust.
: Lets Make Mordekaiser Great Again!
His W should just build a permanent wall and reduce the gold of all the enemy champs hit by it.
Anidan (NA)
: You're on the gameplay boards... this question was kind of unnecessary. In fact, most of the "Am I the only one" questions on the League boards look a lot like pandering, if I'm to be entirely honest. "Am I the only one who thinks [widely held belief on the boards here]?" Answer: no. No you are not. Stop asking. I wouldn't so terse and rude if these questions weren't so common.
: > [{quoted}](name=Deitrix,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=VzY8fI0H,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-17T10:46:59.191+0000) > > My most hated champs? Crap... {{champion:157}} , {{champion:23}} and {{champion:107}}? Um... can I just kill myself? Just do what i did. Tryndamere because Hot Wife
Mandaari (NA)
: What about them? Who in their right mind is going to make a new account just for a new champion? By the time they make it remotely worthwhile they could have bought that champion thrice on their main.
I think he means that smurfs can stomp even easier since they can just choose their main champ.
: The different types of Dank Memes in League
Raoul (EUW)
: "Oh nooooo, Dominion is goneeeeeee. It was totaly my main game mode, I only play LoL because of it!"
Dicerson (NA)
: Well apparently less than .5% of all LoL players even played dominion. So it sorta makes sense for them to not support the mode, as balancing it in any way is a headache for them. Still, I see no reason for them to not do some kind of tribute.
They didn't do anything having to do with dom in the past ~10 patches or so; and the changes that actually occurred were pretty insignificant or nothing worthy of closing an entire game map (Dom is a _map_, not a game _mode_). Dom honestly could have been operated by 1 person playing like 5 games per month on it for balance. The most work they have to do constantly for it is for new champions and updated champions, where they needed the make channel windups, etc. The biggest problem honestly was bots, which are now going to be gone from dom since it is going to be deleted.
: I would like to personally thank everyone for actually listening to me. You don't have any idea how nervous I was posting this. I was afraid that me feeling genuine emotion over this game, and how so many are acting like the game'll end soon, would cause people to dislike my post. But the fact that you, even if it is just a few, actually are not just immediately disregarding my post but instead are upvoting and commenting warms my cold heart. Thank you all.
s2 player here. just wanted to say thanks for saying this, i wasn't brave enough to because i forgot how many sensible people there were here.
Big Muff (NA)
: Leagues is on a downhill for me and i dont have fun now. What are peoples opinions on the game now?
Sorry bout your story man, really sucks dude. For me, I get frustrated mostly by company decisions (see Dominion [avid dom player]) and the change of gameplay styles [s2 player] and balance changes that suck the soul out of champions and leave them unfun and pitifully funny to think about, or straight up make the game unplayable. What I do love are the cinematic movies and some more recent lore, (though i honestly preferred stuff like JoJ)
Pheadur (NA)
: I've Become Disenchanted With the Game
I began to feel disenchanted at times starting at late season 4 ): league feels so dry nowadays
Deaeras (NA)
: Look, we all know you loved Dominion, but deal with it. It's too expensive and time-consuming to maintain for 10 000 players, out of the entire 30 million that actually play League. Take it gracefully. Be mature. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
Except they barely ever changed that much about it, just little duration / cooldown / damage tweaks on certain champs which also normally affect ARAM and sometimes TT as well. Most other changes affect all other alt maps or even exist due to tweaks on SR.
: Twisted Treelines players should be worried.
More like, "where is the map going to go?"
: Can we just give Zed the Azir treatment?
I thought you were talking about making him more clunky for some reason..
: Yi throughout the ages
Womp123 (NA)
: I mean...I don't see a difference either way. Seeing just upvotes works for me. I guess if you could see the downvotes, not as many peeps would go to that discussion so that could be a plus. But I don't think there would be a particularly big impact either way.
Idk man, if there were 10 upvotes with no downvotes on an unpopular post, it would be due to a different reason than a post with 20 upvotes with 10 downvotes _ (resulting in 10 for the non-math savvy) _. Anyway, I guess it would just make it easier to see how many people agreed vs disagreed rather than just the grand total
Dunal (EUW)
: Less to do with her E but: I'd personally like to see Miasma become similar to Viktor's R in usage and effect -- a growing, controllable poison cloud. As it stands, Miasma's application and effect, in conjunction with its CD and CC makes it awkward to often apply and I can't see it melding well with poison focused gameplay. It's good for zoning sure, but I think this suggestions makes it more fun for both the player and opponent and also making it more effective overall. Plus, it may give Cassio more nuance/control over her kit as opposed to spamming E. Then E can viably be a catalyst for Q and W rather being the main source of her damage. But W needs looking into in order to support this.
Not exactly the most avid {{champion:69}} player tbh, but I think it'd be awesome to have Miasma be on charges (though with a shorter duration, but also a shorter cooldown)
Macilento (EUW)
: Xerath ulti HAS to "zoom out" like the Jhin one.
I actually disagree with this because he doesn't hit in the entire range, only a small portion. The hitbox in comparison to the total range would be totally messed up, and what if you want to ult like 500 units in front of you? You would end up seeing an unneeded amount of space, and aiming would be harder as an inch on your mouse pad would move your cursor like 600 units.
Elipo (NA)
: lol I think he isnt supposed to be a true virtuoso, he is crazy, so he think he is a virtuoso, btw is jhin lore out already or are you just speculating about his lore and or personality?
He didn't say he had to be a true virtuoso, but none of his skills reflect any sort of artistic function. I know, he's know physically supposed to hold a chisel or paintbrush, but don't his skills lack... personality? Imagine the same skills, except on Caitlyn's character model. It couldn't be too far fetched, right? But is in every way plausible, some sort of trapping skill, and a sniping mechanic. Snipers have precision, so consistent crits make sense. Nothing about Jhin's kit is in anyway more artistic or graceful than any snipers, which is why he was a bit of a letdown for me.
Kyrrion (NA)
: Just saw a tip that Wards last for 3 minutes
Or just make them last for three minutes...
: 10th guy didn't accept match? Fine. Now would you stop bringing me back to main page of client?
Whenever I'm looking at masteries, or setting them up, I get sent back there, where I simply wish to burn and cut off my little toe in frustration.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Feathermane (EUNE)
: Kindred has some real readability problems between her ult and the other zone ability than lets her hop around.
When two Kindreds ult at the same...
: my life is a lie
you actually thought he was a turtle? even his champion title is _Rammus, the Amordillo_
: Arcade nocturne skin
I think Final Boss Nocturne would be great. I think it should use the body of the top left one, the head of the bottom one, and the blades of the top right one.
: If neither jungler is there, then I wouldn't say that the jungler is at fault. Yes, if one jungler is there and one isn't, that's one thing, but if neither are there then it's just a 2v2.
Yea, the bot lane doesn't have to win, but they sure as heck shouldn't lose a 2v2
: This is going to come off as a really bad comment for a lot of reasons, but... I disagree with all of this.
Perhaps it wouldn't be as bad of a comment if you just... _provided reasons?_
: Looks too small and light. It needs to have the same or similar silhouette, but this doesn't at all. The only real thematic similarity is the helmet.
I was thinking the exact same thing. I was thinking it would be more badass with a sorta bulky shogun feel, and some sort of bloody war-ax or war-glaive, with blood-red particles and a sort of intense aura around him and his ghost.
: they just like deleting random stuffs without reason....... these smartass designers, or balance team, whoever, made changes for season6, was trying to be a smartass. I always think deleting a item for "rarely purchased" is ridiculous, the only reason you should delete an item is that it's completely broken and impossible to balance. Like what's the good of deleting mana potion? Let's say, if this item is "rarely purchased", then maybe only 5% of the league players liked this item, while 95% of the players don't care. And you deleted it, then what did you get? You annoyed that 5%, at the same time **NO YOU DIDN'T PLEASE THE OTHER 95%** YOU SMARTASS, BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T CARE, YOU ANNOYED 5% OF YOUR PLAYERS **FOR LITERALLY NOTHING.** The same goes with Zephyr. On the other hand, an interesting-look-but-broken item, i.e rageblade, may please 50% of the players while DEEPLY ANNOYED THE OTHER 50%, you still didn't gain anything from it except for the impression that this season is broken, because both sides of the players know this. TD;LR: Stop deleting items, that didn't gain you anything, and why isn't rageblade nerfed to a balanced level already it's been two whole monthes.
I agree with your point of view and your ideas, but it was barbarically worded.
Håppy (NA)
: Please Return Zephyr - Or an item like it
The entire issue of taking things away that not all people use is becoming more bothering. Zephyr really was a nice item. I know a lot of people thought it was trash or didn't buy it, and it didn't quite fit on most champions, but it doesn't need to be taken away. The same thing happened to revive. Sure, nobody was using it, except for a very select few, but it still opened up for some sort of strategy. Just because it doesn't occur in most games does not mean it should not be in the game at all. If that was true, half of the champions, items, runes, masteries, and summoner spells would be gone right now.
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