Suitaro (NA)
: I know that trick lol. but it's too dangerous to go into the pit. I usually prefer E drive by and smite.
That's what I meant, but yeah it's fun to pull off too.
Suitaro (NA)
: Lol Bard got dragon pressure though, with ult
Actually, E+Smite is more potent.
Áery (NA)
: Uh no, all of the items listed above _except_ Ardent can be efficiently used to help other allies. The only reason why supports are so linked to their ADCs is simply because they're the most consistent source of damage that doesn't play around cool downs, so at the end of the day why not help the person who will be doing the most damage. Until Marksman lose their ability to keep their consistency in fights then there would be a switch in fights of who a support should prioritize to keep alive, but even so there have been games where someone else was carrying rather than my ADC and I have prioritized saving them over the ADC and turned out well. While enchanter items benefit ADCs the most (Like being able to proc Knights Vow more often) it's also the ADCs who will be doing the most consistent source of damage which is why they're prioritized over other carries, and until they lose that consistency nothing will change.
Well the issue is not only items, but their abilities kind of force them to be superglued to the ADC to be effective. Valid point, though.
: Yeah, the entire enchanter role is in a horrible spot right now. Enchanters are barely even playing the game. Outside of Nami's bubble, and Soraka playing semi-aggressivrly in lane, most enchanters legitimately do not interact with either enemy or ally champions besides their own ADC for most of the game. Positioning wise they're typically behind their own backline, drastically out of sight range of the enemy team screens away. Gameplay wise the majority of their power budget is placed into point and click shields, heals and buffs. Like you said most of their items are about empowering the ADC. Enchanters should play a highly proactively role supporting their _TEAM_. When I play support I want to support my team, I don't want to be the ADC's bitch. Currently the majority of enchanters are barely even real champions in their own right, they're a back up reservoir of stats and resources funneled into their ADC. A health battery.
I have to vouch for Nami and Taric being the best designed enchanters. Taric's half Warden, so that kind of throws that out the window. I always say Nami is actually somewhat hard to master, and unlike most enchanters the difference between a good and a bad Nami make the difference between an LP gain or a loss. To be effective with Nami you have to time your trades, use abilities on the right targets. Every other enchanter support is facerolly.
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: There is a rune sample builder on the release page that should answer that question. You pick your keystone and three mini effects, and then you are able to pick a secondary "tree" other than your keystone tree to pick three more mini effects.
Oh whoops. Didn't notice somehow (was on mobile). Thanks.
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xelaker (NA)
: Where are all the complaint posts about your own adc wrecking the enemy?
I think people just dislike the overall dominance of ADCs over a game, not just being stomped by one or bad matchmaking.
: I hear F3ORA was banned from the message boards because her love for Fiora was called "spam" by the community. The cold heartless community... of Fiora haters.
Yup. It's back alright. You never know how good you had it until it's back. The quote is something like that.
: Fiora's gameplay... do you still like it?
Is this a F3ORA post? The mannerisms and lack of logic really suggest it.
Dovildas (EUNE)
: Still no yasuo fix.....
Actually, the only fix to being bad is to get better.
: Yeah protobelt was a failure. I don't even build it anymore, opting for {{item:3146}} or the {{item:3092}} build. It's clunky to use, rarely do you get every missile off, and it scales like shit compared to the other hextech items. Immobile mages need an ap youmuus, that increases their movement speed with an active but debuffs you from using dashes for the entire duration.
Wouldn't you just dash and then use it? Just saying.
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ananke (NA)
: Most fun builds?
Full movement speed + ghost on Rakan. You can hit 1500+ if you buy all the movement speed items with actives.
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: I can finally quit this horrible game
You didn't quit the game, you were banned. Don't play victim.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pie Cubed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=z7dEoKUj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-12T21:06:36.219+0000) > > 1. Do you do anything other than farm downvotes? > > 2. Look at the one common factor between all your games. Hint: it's you. > > 3. If you think KDA is everything and become a stat whore, you're never going to climb. so tell me omniscient one. how is it that my team mates all going negative in 20% of my last 20 games me being bad? KDA isnt everything? You can have the 0-8 feeders and ill take the 9-0 guys. I wonder who would win more games? If i was going 0-8 as shaco every game i would lose every game. You literally see it in my match history. Every one of your lanes were solo'd killed by the 6 minute mark. Well you should have carried that game harder. Like i said you say the only factor is me and yea the only factor is me doing well in my games.
Then if you were so high and mighty, you have 4 chances to get shitty teammates. Enemy team has 5. Some games are plain unwinnable, but to blame your teammates and being a stat whore for every game you lose will not get you anywhere. You're probably the type of guy to die once in bot lane then flame the top laner for not using his teleport on cooldown, flame the mid for not roaming bot when he's dead, then blame the enemy team for hacking. Edit: looked at your NEGATIVE winrate over hundreds of games. Yes, it's totally not your fault.
: guys elo hell doesnt exist......
1. Do you do anything other than farm downvotes? 2. Look at the one common factor between all your games. Hint: it's you. 3. If you think KDA is everything and become a stat whore, you're never going to climb.
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: The worst players
Yeah, that'll happen. But it also goes both ways. Just because someone is 3/0 does not give them the right to be an asshole, but yeah I agree with you. Some people just can't accept that they can't carry every game.
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: @Riot : These Star Guardian Quests Ask Way Too Much of the Player(s)
I mean, it's a challenge. If it's difficult, that's really the point...
BuppleBg (EUNE)
Do you even know what loss prevented is for?
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: Sion can counter Rift Herald
So can Bard ult, but that Sion thing is clever.
: Nami is cancer, so nah. We don't need more of such champions.
KoKoboto (NA)
: What if Sona's aura's had a little wave moving out from the center. Timing your spell casts when the wave reaches the end of the aura would amplify the ability slightly? It'd also go in tune with the music. I don't really know how combos could work with Sona's kit because I'm thinking music and I'm thinking she only has 3 notes to play with lol.
About the three notes, yeah. But a lot can be done with few notes, as you can see in music. I've no idea where this can go, but it's just to fuel some thinking.
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: Nami is cancer, so nah. We don't need more of such champions.
: Nami is cool, but Bard is the best in terms of design imo.
I like them both. Bard is the most fun champion in the game, especially with the Snow Day skin where you can mock the enemy team for getting beaten to death by penguins. His kit just makes for laughs, but is amazing in the right hands, too. I still like Nami more, but Bard is a fun pick for certain occasions.
: Actually, Nami is a great example of a generalist champion, which is something we need far less of in the game, not more. Nami can heal, deal damage, CC, initiate, peel, and give speed to her allies. That's quite a lot of varied utility without a whole lot of specialization or niche. Basically, if Nami's numerically the best healer or if she's got the strongest poke, there's no reason not to pick her, while if she has subpar numbers compared to more specialized champions like Soraka and Lulu, you have no reason to select her. Nami, Thresh, Lee Sin, and Lucian are the main generalists that we have in the League, and their pick rates rarely change unless the environment around them warps tremendously. To Riot's credit, they did a lot to try and reduce Lucian's pick rate by making him much shorter range (which sharpens his niche and reduces his general usefulness) but Lee Sin, Thresh and Nami are still a problem in that area.
To me, I have 3 reasons to ever pick Nami in Ranked over other supports: 1. Into team fighting comps, she's really devestating in the right hands 2. Into autoattack-heavy comps. Example: Jax top, Xin jungle, plus my ADC. Lots to enhance with E on these guys. 3. She's just fun. I'm basically your friendly neighbourhood Nami enthusiast of these boards, like almost every champion has someone who will stick up for them on these boards.
Raksha (NA)
: When you make great plays as support but no one notices
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abdul569 (EUW)
: I got ulted by the new urgot for the first time
I feel so left out. Till today I still have not experienced the Urgot ult.
: Unpopular Opinion: Enchanters as a class aren't well designed, period
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Ahris (NA)
: Facing Ahri is always a free win for me.
If you previously claimed to having ditched being an Ahri main, why do you still complain? Just play someone else. If it's her lore that appeals, that archetype exists in many different games. Just move on. Literally the only way you can succeed in giving Ahri buffs is to annoy Riot into submission (and the rest of us). Just play someone else. I've seen Ahri feed, get fed, be in the middle. Her winrate is near perfection in terms of balance at the moment (according to If you feel she does no damage, then I once played Zed and failed horribly, did no damage just because of those games, they happen. Does that mean Zed is underpowered needs 1000+ damage ult level 6 to make up for his weak late game to make him etc etc you get the idea. Just Play Someone Else That and nobody wants to see your professional shitposting skills.
: First off volibear is not in a bad place and doesn't need buffs
If every other champions needed nerfs, wouldn't that make them all OP, thus making none of them OP relative to each other, since it balances out? This would make Volibear the weak one, therefore everyone else is not to be named "better than Volibear," but Volibear is worse than everyone else (almost).
iPapii (NA)
: ok so if i win games obviously ill get more lp for wins right?
Yes, it should be. It isn't a flawed system, though. You can prove yourself worthy of said rank by winning lots of games. Streaks affect MMR heavily. I speak from experience. Best of luck to you. Just get a good win streak.
ìTrash (NA)
: Is Yasuo getting a re-work or a nerf?
I mean, Yasuo has a large player base, so reworks would screw over Rito Games $$$ making, likely number adjustments and isn't he already kind of balanced? Like, statistics-wise?
iPapii (NA)
: Can someone explain why im getting 25 lp losses and 15 lp wins???
Your MMR is way lower than what it should be for your current rank, therefore the system makes it harder for you.
: Hi riot gaming officers , unban pls .
1. Wrong board. Try Player Behavior. 2. Three month bans don't exist 3. If you're referring to a permanent ban, it's not going to be lifted, hence the name "permanent"
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Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pie Cubed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JbvoBwkq,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-29T03:54:32.572+0000) > > I'm playing around high silver to mid gold level, and for some reason people still don't have the brains to buy an Executioner's against Soraka. Suggest them to build it. At the start of a game say you should rush an exe calling vs that cancer healer >Then there's the idiots that shotcall Baron because it's so smart to do Baron with 4 low health members, 2 inhibs down at ally base and everyone else alive. Serious question, but at what elo do people start recognizing that it's not all "flash in 1v5 oh big play$ I carry 0/5" mechanics? It was a desperate call you already had 2 inhs down baron would be a comeback
I did suggest it. Then our ADC started getting pissed off at me for saying "build Executioner's it's Soraka" saying it "doesn't solve problems." Gold elo at its finest. The problem was we were already losing a tower because of the inhibitors, and by the time Baron got even close to low the enemy got there. I warned my team to play defense, but they didn't listen. That was a bad call you can tell from a mile away.
Tumex (EUW)
: U know u can just ban janna then right?
: G3+ is when you start noticing a difference in players
I have to disagree. That's the elo I demoted from because my team was so smart to say Executioner's is useless against Soraka and where people whine when then troll because nobody had the common sense to group.
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: @RIOT: Why didn't Ornn have "Heat" as a resource?
Because he can breathe fire, so he shouldn't have to worry about overheating himself? Idk
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