: Looking for 3
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: pool party aram - need 3 - bronzish level ...
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: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
Pieking9025: Blood Moon Elise n just in case u didnt see what i said i still think u are an amazing person doing this just amazing
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Rose568 (NA)
: ARAM pool party event!
: Pool Party LF more
my curse voice is the same as my LoL name
: Pool Party LF more
if ur still looking im here for playing anything lol Pieking9025 invite n ill accept anytime if im not busy
: Party!!!!!!!
Tricxee (EUW)
: Need a pool party team, or someone to play with 5 man
: ARAM for Pool Party, need two members!
Molly (NA)
: Pool Party ARAM (LFM)
if there is ever any time u need a team mate for aram I'm your guy Pieking9025 just send an invite and ill accept if I'm available which most likely I am.


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