: Why is this still a thing?
Would be easy if client wasn’t aids.
: Can someone please explain to me why junglers are good for the game?
Can’t believe this hasn’t been down voted into the ground. Should mid assassins not roam either?
: "Stop Dying"
It means don’t duel, poke or fuck with the enemy. Other lanes/jungle are winning. Sit tight on the fucking turret and get carried. Try to poke some cs with skills and don’t trade at all.
SnupRawr (NA)
: Just quit a fucking bot game
Lol had a 5v5 game with all bots and me. My bot Renekton fed 2 kills and went afk at lvl4. I had to get three pentakills to win.
: junglers want to have their cake and eat it too
Junglers want everyone to eat there cake, and not ruin the party.
: ADCs must pay for their transgressions.
I really wish supports would announce to team, there using it. Ive fucked over supports as a jungler( I didn’t know why they were spam pinging minions for that half second). I do agree with the post.
: Riot is removing Positional Ranking.
I won’t play top, I hate top.
: I hate to say this. But the gameplay boards at the past month is like...
There were so many people complaining about these buffs. This board is so delusional.
: I just vs Rengar Top
Farm carefully if you don’t give him kills, he will be useless. Wukong will have his game changing ult for team fights. Winning lane isn’t always about getting fed.
: Can we take a moment to realize that Riot is putting Ranked back into a bad state?
Positional ranks sound good, problem is you’ll que your iron rank position. Then strolls into lane a gold/platinum player. Position rank should match everyone’s lane against equal competitors.
: Yi.......
Don’t forget about ap Yis full healing to give him infinit sustain in lane.
iSennª (NA)
: Kayle is destroyed for me.
Lol never saw i a Kayle before the rework. I like all of sudden all these Kayle mains are up in arms.
: To those who never get chat restricted or suspended, how do you do it?
I always avoid it I usually just type mute all. When I do get sarcastic, it’s always just one comment.
: matchmaking sucks, can't tell me u dont force 50% wr
There are players that breeze threw the ranked ladders of lol, over and over. Most games appear to actually be winnable if u play correctly. Not saying I do, but watching some streams you can see it.
: Just a tip for anybody who wants to make a point about a champion being imbalanced or broken...
Why don’t you show yourself feeding the op champion there first two kills.
: When people feed and then use damage graphs as a way of saying "you're bad"
People don’t go mid or top because they get the most cs. It’s for the juicy 1v1 battle royal. Really give me the most verbally abusive csing player you can find. Over these all in diving feed bots.
: Banning account permanently isnt a solution
I control myself(I don’t have a banned account) but I’m finding it hard as of late. It just sucks when people ruin your game, flame everyone, won’t surrender and you have to take it. No situation in the real world is that ok. You can’t afk cause that ruins everyone’s game, you can’t respond. Just report to a faceless company, there’s no satisfaction, just abuse.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: ?..... You can spam morgana Q to all infinity. That mana cost is so low and so is the cd.
Yeah get zoned while it’s on cool down, you’ll have nothing to offer while it’s on cool down.
ZeFlame (EUNE)
: Thresh nerf
Lol play Morgana and c what life is like when you miss a snare.
Fìzž (NA)
: Just make picking Yasuo reportable already
Yeah all yasous play the game like it’s street fighter. It’s like can you farm and not duel your lane opponent every 20 seconds.
Blaxonec (EUNE)
: They are still playing and not banned.
I get responses to my reports like once a month. So tired of all the lies in this board.
: Has the game been more toxic than usual lately?
Lol the first couple of seasons, you all haven’t seen toxic.
: League can you fix the ban system
Lol it’s like buying shoes for a sport, show up with a garbage attitude. Then they cut you, should they have to pay for your shoes.
: Leaverbuster System
Lol yeah you should be banned, don’t leave games.
: Jungle main players please answer my question
: It is okay to be competitive but
Yeah I’m pretty sure most people play to lose. Because they sure seem to love to feed and mash no.
Mituss (NA)
: Returning to the game after 2-3 years, Started back in season 2. game worth returning to?
I have fun regularly, the toxic players in lol seem to post here.
: Pings Shouldn't Be Limited
People that are feeding non stop pinging me to be careful pisses me off. We don’t need anymore pings, if your blowing threw your pings you are prolly tilted.
: Revaluate why are you playing a duolane alone knowing that you are basically rolling a dice every game to determinate if you get a bonobo on your side or a competent player. It's basically the same from the other side aswell, that's why tired of getting horrible supps I started to play mostly with premades.
Lol from playing both roles it does go both ways. I would say there are more horrible supports then adc.
: Queuing with Support Secondary
I always get jungle, i impact the game to.
: I feel like "mental boom" loses more games than "feeders".
It’s so hard to keep mental, when your team is spoon feeding a hyper carry. Feed the lane bullies not there late game champs. I have high honor, I do rage myself:(
: If you say "gg" or "its over" mid-game because of a bad play or team fight, you should quit the game
Dîm Mak (NA)
: Kalista Ult Bond
Lol yeah except in ARAM, when it happens in front of the enemy team. Love when your team kill shots you.
: My team vs enemy team: always same story.
Yeah I hate these nimrods, that won’t just let it end. Specially when Im doing well, it’s like I don’t want to play you with you guys anymore please surrender. Even though I didn’t even rage them they still hold me hostage.
: Please calm down, it's just a game.
I just hate when people feed so hard that the match is the enemies slaughtering us. Then I have a good kda score with good creepscore. God forbid they will surrender thoughe, even after they ruined my game.
: i need a new online game to play
Yeah put me in. Tired of everyone’s skill level all over the place. People that feed kills till u have no chance of winning. Will they surrender after making sure you have no chance to win.(nope)if you play everyday riot will punish you with harder and harder matchmaking . Feels like I just got out of prison after dropping the soap most games.
Oceanwiz (NA)
: Placed against golds + high silver while i am ranked iron...?!
Yeah I got shit on by a plat when I got placed in bronze2. Decided I would play my next 5 games later.
: Wait, you're getting a leash? I'm just asking for help at the 1st buff, as in more than half my placement games, my laners didn't even want to help with that. Heck, a Teemo top even told me "that if I want him to help me with a leash, I need to first gank his lane, then he'll leash the 1st buff".
I would and always just start bottom, I’m low elo too. Mids and tops don’t seem to leash anymore, or at least check in champ select who will.
: Where is Sylas?
Patch said something about a new rotating game mode too.
: Quick Question
Well then your mmr will drop at that role. Intill you get matched with other shitty players not trying.
: I got hit with "you are the jungler you dont need ganks, I have a lane to be in" today at 8 mins in.
Lol kill there lane enemy in your jungle. 5 mins later spam pinging you cause you never gank.
: I also got the same thing. As a support, I ignore everything toxic that the other players say or do and try to do MY best. Increases chances of winning. Instead of having a constant back and forth or you did that so I'm gonna do this to spite you situation. Oh, I do get the "funny" side of the image though. Hehe...
Lol I support a lot and make it very clear I won’t be tolerating toxic talk.
: buff jg
jungle has been behind i lvls, for most of lol existence. Yasou jungle isn’t even a thing? Tryndamere jungle I haven’t seen that in years. Maybe your from a different server with a different meta.
dnsup (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Snarf of thunder,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=6uimf2Nz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-13T00:17:21.703+0000) > > Dont come back to this game in its current state. Its complete garbage and riot is in hot steam right now. > > Leave while you still can! I'm not going to disagree with this.
Baby you should come live in the deepend, I won’t bite.
: Melee assassins usually have a strong engage and can one shot ranged mages. Like Talon who has a lunge and Zed with his ultimate and long ranged poke with his abilities.
: Vision doesn't just come from wards, but from who you can see clearly on the minimap. If you can clearly see everyone on the minimap and they're not near the bottom half of the map, then it's safe to shove bot lane out and grab as much farm as you can. Otherwise simply try to rotate lanes when possible. Mid is the safest lane for you to rotate to typically. If you move to push out other lanes hard make sure your support is with you, unless you're like a vayne or an ezreal with flash up. The rest of it depends on the champions in-game and the state of the game.
Why is your support getting no blame in this? I mostly support and jungle not taking sides. Yeah don’t shove your lane to far blind or not.
Jenivie (NA)
: Masteries
Does anything matter jack shit.
: You told Pyke he was bad, you shouted at Ziggs in all caps a lot, you announced that you were going AFK, you accused Ziggs of trolling, you accused others of trolling, you stated that you AFK when someone insults you. You were on thin ice after previous punishments, and showing up in a report yet again led Riot to realize that your behavior would be an ongoing problem, so they permabanned you. They gave you fair warning; sorry.
Sounds like you suck to play with, good job riot.
Elohaven (NA)
: Riot Review of the Year It's a quote they place if you play yasuo people flame & ban yas
Hate has on my team. Only flame them after of course they feed. Downvote for just being a yas player.
: PSA: A bunch of people got Blood Moon Capsules for free. They are going unpunished.
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