: Competitive Ruling: Counter Logic Gaming
Remember when game competitions were referee'd by common sense and not draconian legal dogma with ridiculous fines? Pepperidge Farms remembers.
: the problem is, and I do not speak for riot in any way shape or form. But if we took the entire player base of league, there is no way that they can release URF mode back permanently without taking down the space on their server that something else currently occupies. So I agree that URF mode should come back, that was incredibly fun, but I also think that I enjoy having new featured gamemodes, which would have to be traded off in order for URF to come back permanently. Just be patient grasshopper, it'll come when its good and ready. {{champion:48}}
Fortunately, that isn't how *most?* multiplayer games work. From what i gather Riot uses a distributed server platform, so basically when you get matched in a queue with other players for a gamemode, the platform checks what resources are availiable (# of servers, vm instances, etc.) and requests that a server host the match, you're then connected to that server through the client. Implementing URF as a queue *might* increase wait times for games. Implementing URF as a custom game mode would do nothing but increase the volume of custom games on the platform. The down-low is that bringing back URF right now is not in line with the objective of creating this string of custom gamemodes.


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