: Quinn Changes Coming Soon - Strike from the Sky!
Did some playing around on PBE. Fellow longtime Quinn mains will probably chastise me, but the passive changes feel weird. Proccing Harrier mid-flight without the triple arrow/special AA launch SFX is unsatisfying, even if it’s a buff to Quinn. Some kind of new Harrier proc SFX (and making the triple arrow a crit effect instead?) would help remedy this, but sound/visual/animation changes might be out of this project’s scope. If these QoL changes are deemed to be too strong and sound/visual changes are out of the question, I’d almost prefer Harrier to stay as-is on live. The buff is nice, but the feel is... strange. I’d like to hear other Quinn mains’ thoughts about the feel of the new Harrier.
Beebop (NA)
: Random idea, what if hurricane bolts can proc harrier? Like it would increase her team fighting but I find it would make the item extremely core for Quinn. Would like to see given some thoughts.
> [{quoted}](name=Beebop,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=6G472GTv,comment-id=0071,timestamp=2018-02-28T01:50:30.720+0000) > > Random idea, what if hurricane bolts can proc harrier? Like it would increase her team fighting but I find it would make the item extremely core for Quinn. Would like to see given some thoughts. They do on PBE.
: Patch 6.16 notes
Xerath's E is Shocking Orb, not Eye of Destruction.
: Hey pepveneg, I wrote Taric's music :) While I'd love to help you play this piece at your school, we currently don't have a streamlined way of releasing sheet music to our players - but rest assured we are working on it! We will be making an announcement on the boards when that is ready. Thank you for your patience! Ed the Conqueror
Yo! This track is amazing. I think it's the highest quality piece of music released so far for League of Legends. Great job!
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: > [{quoted}](name=Valor Bot,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Uwi8flR9,comment-id=000200000000000000000001,timestamp=2016-03-04T07:14:51.553+0000) > > Hey Riot Ranger! Thanks for the reply. Any updates on this? I really hope those unique Skystrike sounds were salvageable. > > Also, on a slightly unrelated note but pertaining to Quinn, it seems like all of her auto attacks are currently using her crit animation rather than her standard auto attack animation. Is this a bug or is it intended? > > Cheers! Hey Valor Bot, appreciate you staying on top of this. It is something we are trying to get back into the game. All I can say is as soon as we can but I hope it's sooner than later! The animations for her attack is something that we like right now, how do you feel about it? Thanks again Valor Bot!
Quinn used to have (I think) 4 different auto attack animations (the last of which was her "reloading" her crossbow). They used to flow together nicely when she attacked repeatedly. I think I remember reading that they were removed because of clarity issues or something, which was a little disappointing.
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: I think on the Quinn update generally, we actually didn't see her as "heavily reworked." What we intended for her was primarily the changes to her ultimate, and then supporting changes to make that work well. Admittedly, we missed the mark on the proper supporting changes, hence our reaction to re-institute a utility-focused Q in 5.23, but we do think that the changes to her ultimate open up a lot of doors for her both strategically and tactically. That said, I know there are old Quinn mains that won't agree with that.
As a Quinn main, I've had a lot of fun with the new Quinn. Thank you for your work.
: List of champions with multiple passives because reasons.
I guess I don't understand Syndra's inclusion. Her passive improves her spells at max rank, but doesn't necessarily add functionality. Q sooort of does (increased Q damage to champions). Meh.
: As somebody who loves Quinn...
If they were to buff the execute, it should be only at later levels and by a slight amount. Her ult is pretty strong at 6. (Note: Quinn is my go-to ADC.) Kind of off-topic, but I like to go standard ADC itemization on Quinn. I see people build BotRK first and then Youmuu's, which I really think is suboptimal. I've spent hours in custom matches and AD/crit build feels so much better. Her spells scale with _**bonus**_ AD, so it makes sense.
: Game Breaking Archlight Skin Bug
: i dont see the problem...it does physical damage right? thornmail reflects physical damage + the "most" on-hit effects
Thornmail is supposed to reflect only basic attacks, not single-target physical damage spells.
: Quinn's E (no auto) procs thornmail damage
I've never noticed this, but given her multitude of existing bugs, I wouldn't be surprised. Funny how Azir had several patches of bug fixes... meanwhile, Quinn...
: If your favorite champion gave you a conversation heart, what would it say?
: Quinn
Having played Quinn quite a bit, I think she needs only a few things to be looked at. First, obviously, her AA lag. It's atrocious. Fix that foremost. Past that, her kit is pretty versatile. You can max Q for damage, W for utility, and E for mobility. I like to max W second for the AS/MS, and your ult is much stronger in the midgame to help her scale to her normally subpar late game. So how would I fix her late game? Yeah, adding a health cap to Skystrike would be good. Maybe buffing her Skystrike level 3 damage would help, too. (Riot has been experimenting with nonlinear base damage, like Ahri's E.) But the number one thing I'd like to see is a cooldown reset of Vault (her E) when Skystrike is cast. This would open windows of opportunity for Quinn to ult into a skirmish or team fight, do damage/assassinate, then Vault back out of the fight to proceed to kite. Currently her ult is suicidal in team fights, and I believe this will help. This will not buff top Quinn in lane, which I know Riot is weary of doing (except for the fringe case where you ult, E in, Skystrike, then E out just to get another Harrier proc). A slight nerf to Quinn's early game might be in order for this change, however... maybe making the blind last 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s from a flat 1.5s. Or something, idk. Just my thoughts. I don't think Quinn needs an overhaul (new splash, though?) or something like separate Quinn/Valor cooldowns (as that would be way too bursty). Just some nudges and some added functionality to her E (which wouldn't be unprecedented... Singed recently got a root as a pure buff).
: Gain 10lp per win. lose like 20.
Solution: win more. Your MMR will improve.
Snolen (NA)
: You thought Dorito flavored Mountain Dew was bad?
I guess they make a "sister" brand with real flavors: http://www.rocketfizz.com/lesters/ But really, I bet the sweet corn, PBJ, and pumpkin sodas are good. I've eaten sweet corn ice cream before and it's surprisingly awesome.
: So there's a skinned Shaco on the enemy team
I've found that it has less to do with the skin and more to do with if they have a bunch of squares as their Summoner's Name. THAT's when you should panic.
: Ghost is only useful on
I'd say it's valid on long range squishy mages.
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: I need a new troll jungler.
Quinn. Funny thing is that she can actually work as a jungler.
: Discuss how much you dislike Trick2G and Nightblue here.
Yeah, let's hate streamers that go out of their way to teach us the game.
: Ranked 6W 22L
6-22 is not ELO hell. It's your fault. Hit up normals and improve. Never ever be happy with a win -- still analyze what you did wrong and fix it for the next game.
: Is it okay to be scared of ranked?
Sure. But the ranked season is almost over, so it doesn't really matter now. It all resets soon, so you can probably play more relaxed knowing this.
: Whats after World Championships?
The Galaxy Championship begins. Samsung White looks pretty good, but Team Narxol'az from Neptune has a better bot lane and a superior mid game strat.
: What is Gnar's weakness? I'm interested in hearing.
Mini Gnar is squishy. Mega Gnar is slow. Also, his waveclear is pretty poor.
: Just got banned from NeoGAF ama
> Bunch of white night weaboos who are all into being politically correct They're the opposite of politically correct. There was a thread where a girl posted pictures of exotic animals she hunted and GAFfers practically threatened her. "Wow, I hope a lion gets a gun and shoots you. F---ing c---." Etc. Also, if you aren't ultra far-left on the political scale, Off-Topic doesn't care about your opinion. The moderation is honestly just abysmal.
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