Saezio (EUNE)
: Vods-> LPL(left column)-> watch 2 games. I think LPL reg season is the only one to start yet
Actually, it says no VODs available for LPL
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: Spend 25 gold in one turn
Okay, yesterday this would not work at all for me. Today, it did. I just saved my gold until I had like 80 and spend almost all of it. So it doesn't have to be exactly 25 gold. Also, it was later into the game, NOT in round one like some other people are saying. Maybe they have fixed the bug, but it finally worked for me after many fails yesterday.
: Has anyone been able to complete 'spend 25 gold in one turn' mission?
I think it's a bug. There is another thread about it where a lot of us are facing the same problem. I would think you need to complete the game before you determine if it's a bug or if it's from quitting. Someone said you have to spend it all in turn 1, so 1-1, 1-2, 1-3... idk if getting that much gold is likely in that alone. Going to try it later
: well i got the quest completed now so i think they fixed it?
Did you spend exactly 25? Can you tell us more about how it worked for you? Maybe some of us have the bug and others don't, or maybe it has to be done a specific way.
: Spend 25 gold in one turn
Same issue. I spent 25 in one game, didn't work. I thought maybe I did the math wrong. Played another and spent 80 in one turn... still didn't work.
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Ahhh... I'm a little on the fence because in general I try to be kind to everyone. But I also know that there have been instances where people were total jerks to me and I lost it... But even so, I want to try. Do mine :D!


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