: [Champion Concept] DhaMa, The Force of Balance
I have a few thoughts for a kit concept. I feel that the White one (Dah?) should be focused on buffing, or protecting, and the black one (Ma?) should be focused on damage. This way separately they represent contrasting ideas, but together they achieve balance. So keep this idea of two contrasting characters when reading my kit concept. Passive: In order to keep balance Dha and Ma take turns using spells. The character currently in front will be the one attacking, and using a spell will shift to the other character. Both characters will have different Q, W, and E abilities, but the same ult. _Dha Q("Life"): Dha fires a thin green wavy beam in a thin line, very similar in width and range as Lucian's Q, out of both eyes that heals all characters, , whether they are friendly, or enemy. I feel that it should also leave a green particle affect briefly on characters affected, and have kind of a happy chime when used._ **Ma Q("Death"): Fires a beam of the exact same range and width out of its eyes as Dah's Q, but it instead is a damaging red fiery beam that comes out of its eyes, that make a deep gong noise, and leaves a trail of blaze. ** _Dha W("Pull"): Dha's Antennas glow a bright white as Dha pulls an enemy, or friendly, character towards it a short distance with psionic power. _ **Ma W("Push"): Ma explodes with psionic power pushing a single enemy a short distance, slowing it, and dealing moderate damage. ** _Dha E("Ward"): Dha Flies over to an ally and does the pose you illustrated where Dha is blocking purple beams. Dha will then dispell all auto attacks on that shielded player, until either X auto attacks are dispelled, or X amount of time elapses. Until this buff ends all abilities used will be performed by Ma. _ **Ma E (Afflict): Ma flashes a dark purple and then places a hex on an enemy champion. This hex will put a purple Ma's face of the champions head, and during the duration will decrease their damage, and deal dot damage. ** R ("Equilibrium"). Dha and Ma come together and for a large Yin Yang symbol (Just like the one you portrayed) It will have a brief cast time and once finished all Champions in a large radius centered on Dha Ma will have their health % averaged, putting all affected champions at the same health %. The important thing to take from the kit I created isn't the abilities themselves, but rather the theme. Every ability reacts in equilibrium. Dha brings positivety, and Ma brings the opposing, or complimentary element. I feel that their whole kit should be about achieving balance.
: Looking for Silver-Gold-Plat Players Ranked 5v5 Team
IGN: PipsqueakTheBold I'm a mid gold player looking to learn support. My current champ pool is {{champion:16}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:37}} and I'm currently trying to learn {{champion:412}} and {{champion:432}} I'm 18, and my job only works me from mornings-afternoons (7:30 -3:30 CMT) with Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays off, and with the ability to change my days off each week as long as I alert my boss the Thursday the week before the requested day. I work very well with other people, am very open to criticism, love teamwork focused strategy, and am always trying to improve my play. I'm not very vocal during games, so I shouldn't interfere with shot calling, etc.
: Someone more talented than me make this happen please
Here I did it for you. I hope it is up to par.
: My thoughts on how to improve Team Builder tl;dr included for the lazies
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