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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
To be honest man, this current solution to gold funneling is pretty lazy and it feels like a bandaid that hopefully will be removed when you learn how to fix it properly. I dont know what the solution would be to fix gold funneling, but it really doesnt effect solo queue much at all. After some changes that were made, its hardly done in solo queue at least from plat and below from my experience. I dont know why you need to rush this BS out to live. Isnt it possible to just make this something on the Tournament Realm rather than have it live.? So now what we have is a mechanic that punishes junglers for getting ahead of everyone else on the team. Feels super bad. I hope you guys find a better solution. If i were you guys, i'd look to the past and why gold funneling never worked before and why it only worked recently. Look at mid lane and support. Support power creep has been crazy in this game over the years
: In my mind, here are the reasons to increase number of bans: - Give each player on the team a choice - Increase champion diversity by making it easier to shut down no-brainer or over-dominant picks - Potentially make spectating (especially esports) champ select more interesting - Maybe less motivation to use picks as an additional ban? I concede this one is iffy. And here are the reasons not to increase bans: - Champion select lasts long enough already - If you just keep increasing bans, at some point it gets silly (30 bans?) - Could shut down some very specialized comps (e.g. protect the Kog) - Could shut down signature picks (e.g. Froggen Anivia, or just the one champ that you really like to main) For champ select, it doesn't have to be the case that duration just keeps increasing, and it still feels a little long to me personally today. Maybe we should just shorten it. For the slippery-ish slope argument that ban numbers could potentially get silly, we could also just not do that, and as I've said before, it doesn't have to be the case that ban numbers just increase forever. Maybe we go to 10 bans and that lasts for the next several years? (We also make new champions at a slower cadence than we used to, so "What do when you have 200 champs?" isn't a problem we'll need to tackle soon.) The final two cons ("could shut down") is a little trickier, but could potentially be mitigated with some kind of snake draft so that all the bans don't happen at once. If you sense the enemy team is specifically trying to shut down your strategy, go ahead and lock in those champs you do need, or else pivot to a new strategy. I do think it would be unfortunate if pros and players alike just shifted to more generalist champions since they couldn't count on important team synergies. It's not uncommon in game design to be dealing with competing goals (such as making champion select fairly quick but also making it interesting). You just have to decide if one goal is ultimately more important, or try to come up with a novel solution that can meet both.
While I think 3 bans is good for competitve play, solo queue it becomes a lot different. I play ADC and if i don't get a ban it is simply unfair that I have to go up against someone like Fizz on the enemy team. Unlike any other role, you can have a million kills and the enemy assassin can just 1 shot you if they are fed as well. That is my only reason why you need a ban for each player, because certain champion invalidate you evenwhen you are fed and you cannot rely on your teammates to counter them
: No, this was just last split when Rek and J4 wasn't even played. But in all honesty, Lee is in a pretty bad spot right now.
Lol you getting downvoted. These kids on here think J4 was meta. wat
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: Explain yourself Riot
After the 1-3 Fotm/OP bans you are going to see the same bans over and over. Soraka, Fizz, Zed etc, champs that are unfun to play against
: New player experience is the least fun i've ever had playing a game.
"new player expeereince" isnt a new player shut the ***** up
: easy to access information without lag. Always make sure you update your content.
> [{quoted}](name=w0nderw4ll,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=fQdXYbYZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-21T22:42:44.861+0000) > > easy to access information without lag. Always make sure you update your content. The site im currently working on has no adds and is very fast! content wise, do you like current interviews with LCS pros? what kind of questions do you like to hear from them?
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: 10% wasted CDR is 300 gold, it's not much, and it's not even completely wasted since it also helps you to reach the cap sooner. The timing is important. It's not 100% optimal, but I'm pretty sure the current change on PBE is a net buff for Nasus, and probably for Hecarim too.
: What? You shouldn't have to practice to get better at something? One: Yes, you get better at playing the game by playing the game. But there's a reason basketball players practice dribbling, free throws, passing, etc. individually to strengthen those specific skills. It makes no sense to say that the ability to practice individual mechanics is somehow limiting or a drawback. Two: Like I said earlier, this makes literally no sense. In a game where you have to use third party programs to learn how to play the game at a basic level because of the out of date tutorial, look up champion numbers and ability scaling because they aren't in the client already, and the confusing rune system that involves putting in a lot of IP just to have a few standard sets, the ability to practice outside of actual games is the barrier to entry? What? Players hang out in Bronze V right now and don't leave the game, the only way for them to practice is to bash their heads against normal matches until they hopefully learn enough to start climbing. Being able to just focus on last hitting or learning a champion's mechanics better would drive them away from the game? His exact issue was addressed, but he disagrees with the point made. Is this not for open discussion of the issues players have with the game?
I really think the basketball analogy is terrible. Basketball almong with other sports, requires your body to perform many different physical tasks with different muscles. Unlike sports, we only use a very small amount of muscles that require coordination. Still, though, it requires you to gain muscle memory and coordination in these muscles, so I would be wrong in only stating that. But what exactly do we need a Sandbox mode for that we cannot practice already? I understand there might be some practicle used to pro teams or somethings, but the reason a silver II player isnt diamond isnt because they cannot practice by themselves. This goes back to the basketball analogy. We dont need to practice a single aspect of the game for hours at a time, like Shooting 3 pointers, or CSing minions. BUT lets just say we do, well we have customs already for that. Nevertheless i do think that this should be implements, lol. No reason for them not to, i just dont think its that big of a deal, unlike replays, which is a big deal
: Riot Pls
I seriously cannot understand how replays aren't in the game. I mean i literally cannot understand tht. you can probably write a 800 page essay explaining why you don't have it and I would still not comprehend it. You could hook my brain up to a super computer from teh future and directly download data into my brain to help explain why you don't have replays, but I still will not understand. Dota 2 and Heros of the Storm has had this since day 1. Its a joke and you honestly deserve to be ridiculed about this. Fuck dota and fuck heroes, but i just cant believe we dont ahve replays in season 5 let alone going into season 6
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: Vayne Should have 500 Range instead of 550.
Look up her health and armor at level 1. She is one of the squishiest champions in the entire game. Then think about her Q, straight up a bad move until level 4 or 5 when the cd is actually decent. Sadly it's been nerfed over the years and Vayne will basically never become a top tier adc unless there is some item/ buff to her that help her. Her W isn't that great until more than 1 point and her condemn is very situational, on top also having no wave clear. 550 is totally fine. I say she won't ever be top tier because of her terrible early game. Laning is very important in solo q and it's hard to dominate your lane with her unless u pick correctly. In LCS, early game objectives are more important and she really is very bad untill 6. Rip old Vayne ult CD, rip old Vayne condemo auto attack reset, damn those were the days when I actually player her a lot in solo q. Go read about her in season1, it was hilarious how op she was. Side note: before Corki's phos bomb was chamged, imo he was the hardest counter ever to her. Most people traditionally think Cait, but back then it was impossible to dodge phos bomb since it was instant and his up front op damage was just way to much for her to handle. Q -> auto was a classic poke. Rip old phos bomb lol


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