Naalith (NA)
: I personally think his new art design is as good if not better than the old one, especially because it lets him be made of petricite and have better thematic cohesion with Demacia. Most people who hate new Galio do so because of the gameplay changes they made. They turned him from a tanky mage into a magey tank, then decided his tank aspects were too strong so made him back into a mage, then decided that was too strong and now the character is basically dead. If they did a gameplay revert on Galio with the new art intact I don't think people would be sad.
Agreed, his new design absolutely screams DEMACIA!!!! He's easily one of my top if not my top visual design rework champion. Yeaa idk wtf they're doing with his gameplay. I don't play a lot these days and from what I've read basically Galio is either too OP with his kit when it isn't nerfed for pros, so they nerf it down and average players now cant use him.
: What's your favorite champion artistically/design-wise?
Honestly... {{champion:21}} I know her design isn't "amazing" but she's sexy, powerful, and a red head.
: Galio, hands down. He's so stoic and majestic looking.
New Galio is so beautiful, I understood people missed his old design, but his new one is just amazing.
: Pronunciation and how to do it.
I logged in to upvote this. It seems like an obvious thing when they are giving us languages that don't even exist. A lot of fantasy books do this.
: They're getting better about having the champions use certain words in their voice lines but to this day im not sure how to pronounce Shaco's {{champion:35}} name.
I believe it's SH-AY-KOE although I always used to say SH-ACK-O
: Idea for a Sona VO Update without any actual voicework
Oh yeah I totally remember you posting this idea before, absolutely loved it then and i love it even more now. I really hope they take this idea to heart.
: Wouldnt say I'm totally against a cape, although I'm not enthused by its feature either. But I hate LB's tiara and the staff. Her staff contributes nothing to her character both in-game and in-universe. It serves one auto-attack animation, while lore fails to even remotely mention it. If even the writers have no use for it, why keep it around? And I think a simple hood to obscure her head would certainly complement her mystique aesthetic much better than a senseless headpiece could ever do. I think LeBlanc IS league's Tilda Swinton, but I highly doubt Riot would change this existing character to be anything other than distinctly feminine, nevermind how compelling a character like 'Faceless' is as this gender-ambiguous entity.
Zapzya (OCE)
: I think that a thin Gragas wouldn’t be the worst skin in the world. Sort of like reverse Annie in a way. I don’t know how they would portray the body slam animation, but it might be a kinda funny skin anyway.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Small Boobs Ahri,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ej1E92rE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-28T23:47:09.439+0000) > > Ahri Wukong relationship Ahri doesn't want a relationship, not after what happened in her past. Unless Rito decides to retcon stuff. Ahri and Kong are vastaya, so they've likely met at some point.
Pssh, not all Vastaya know each other, gosh. (joke on not all X know X)
: Technically they are the losers. If someone said, hey losers, good game or hey losers well played, I don't see how that could be reportable, given the context that they did indeed lose.
But it's how we associate words with feelings. "Hey losers" has a negative connotation even if the people are a losing team. "Hey losing team" sounds a lot less vicious due to it not being a classic insult you say to a general person/team/etc.
Rioter Comments
: I think they need to collect everything they said from the beginning and make a list of what is canon and what is not. Since there is so so much. Spread around everywhere its really hard to just confirm or deny it in few stories...
Seriously though, like a comprehensive list of facts or something. I feel like there was someone who used to come on the boards and make these grand lore summaries and even then they were useful but right now it would be a godsend. I love a lot of the stories going on, but a lot of it just so disconnected through release times and retcons. It also would be nice to get a timeline or a "start" point for the lore. Something where you can start at one intro point and then just expand from there depending on who you dig but also being able to see how it connects to other champs and events. I guess maybe the map is doing that, but it's not really.
: Should we? Or shouldn't we? That's the problem. I remember with the Aatrox QnA some rioters said that they don't know if Myisha is Zoe wink wink, other straight up said no. And what do you do then?
It's honestly annoying. There are so many little bits thrown around, and like you said Rioters then confirm while at the same time denying things. The lore is extremely not cohesive right now and it's more of a task than anything to try to follow along and keep up with everything.
: This is actually happening?! This sounds like a perfect VS. event. I really can't decide!
: Meowrick's Cats don't fit in the already established cat thematic set by Meowkai.
I kinda like how they're these machismo pissed off cats lol
: Morgana and Kayle's 975 RP Skins are not up to standard.
Riot makes me want to spend money on them less and less. I don't buy RP anymore and I used to buy a lot of skins and play League a lot.
: Because she has more skins than every Ionian champion put together
Kagiretz (NA)
: Riot, Please Dont Make Volibear Corrupted by Void.
I really dont think this is the direction they are going towards. The most believable theory I saw was a potential Voli VS Cho battle and even that seemed a bit far fetched.
: > [{quoted}](name=KestrelGirl,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EEoAGyAc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-01T22:54:03.778+0000) > I'd expect to see a lower rate of mental illness than real life, thanks to the lack of modern societal pressures that are messing us up IRL, but it would still be present. *However...* it might not be acknowledged fully or treated properly. So not everyone might *recognize* that it's a thing. I think tha Runteterra has more reasons for mental illness than modern social pressures: * Living in Zaun and knowing that you can die from getting a papercut {{champion:19}}, meeting the Mr. Pain on the market {{champion:6}}, or just being well as knowing you will die anyways because your lungs are fucked up by all that Grey. * Living in Bilgewater and knowing you are getting robbed, stabbed and thrown in the water to drawn for lulz. * Living in Piltover and suffering from trying to build a career and gain wealth because you don't want to end up in Zaun. * Living in Shurima and having to move from city to city. {{champion:421}} * Living in Noxus and...well, you don't have to be afraid of anything if you live in Noxus because fear is for the weak and Noxus is not for the weak. * Living in Freljord. Period. * Basically living anywhere in Runeterra knowing that you can get tortured and killed in your house by a demon {{champion:28}}, be eaten by a random beast, get killed while coming home, get your living flesh rearranged into a messy organic sculpture by a maniac (who will never get a death penalty) {{champion:202}} , get your ship sank because some little shit decided its fun to pull a prank on you {{champion:105}} or be annihilated by a comet while on duty because another little shit {{champion:142}} got annoyed. I say, people of Runeterra must be shook 24/7.
"Living in Freljord. Period. " Hahahaha really though, I'd be born and just be like nah let me freeze right now I don't want to do this.
: Tbh I don't even like her new lore that much... Like, it's fine, and the concept is cool, but it's just not the same Janna we've had before. I kind of miss the old version, but if Riot is really set on this new Janna fitting their story going forward, then I guess we just have to deal with it. Anyways, since her design is also pretty outdated, I expect her title to change to something more fitting if she ever gets a VU (or even a VGU). But she's not really in absolute dire need for one compared to other champions, so it'll probably be a long time before that happens.
Personally I really liked her old lore and her new lore. Wouldn't have said no someone with new Janna's lore as a totally new champion while just updating and revising Janna's old lore for Janna. The idea of a young vagrant girl in the depths of Zaun slowly but surely discovering her magic potential to eventually become a world renowned mage is a great story.
: Been disappointed with pokemon for the most part since gen 6. I hope this gen is better.
> [{quoted}](name=General Matty,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0jH3Ooqf,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-27T14:51:54.466+0000) > > Been disappointed with pokemon for the most part since gen 6. I hope this gen is better. I dont think I completed gen 6, and if I did I don't remember doing it. It got so boring tedious in an easy way? Idk, it just wasn't fun.
RJay123 (NA)
: Sorry haha, I wrote as my thoughts formulated on it so it felt a lot like a long, winding trail of one thought after another. I'll go fix that now Edit: Hope it's more organized now
Hope that didn't come across as mean, it's just very intimidating seeing a wall of text like that. About to read it now, it's a lot more welcoming chopped up.
RJay123 (NA)
: A Consideration of Who Morgana and Kayle Are
Oh jeez, please learn to paragraph your thoughts.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Placentas,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=UlPxk5BF,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-02-20T22:45:35.428+0000) > > I really like when Kayle ults Morg and the final sequence of quotes is just > > "Sister!" > "Kayle!" > > That really got me. Especially Morg's voice when she says Kayle. To me it shows they might not like one another, having incredibly opposite views, but I think at the very end of the day they would both care for one another. BUT WHO KNOWS. From the interactions, I really got the feeling that Morgana cares about Kayle. She's the one who got abandoned and heartbroken, but she never stopped caring for her sister. I'm not so sure about Kayle though...there are some subtle signs, but she's definitely more blinded by her idea of justice...
Yea after listening to the rest of it I would agree. Morgna seems genuinely saddened by losing her sister and the rift that it caused in her family. I feel like Kayle would smite Morg out of rage, but Morg would never smite down Kayle or it would have to be crazy extreme for Morg.
: [Arclight Brand] The Chroma should be the Base Skin Color
When you do a side by side it's really obvious lol
: It doesn't look like that cuz this is a smurf acc but I'm a MF main too and yes, GGMF is lackluster, it could've been greater and we got an "ok" skin. This skin reminds me so much to Pulsefire Ezreal evolutions.
Right? It's basically on tier with Pulsefire Ez. If each MF change had an upgrade with each ultimate level, even if it was just small, it would have made the whole thing feel more complete. Such a cop out Riot. I don't really spend $$ on RP on them after that.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Kayle and Morgana Special Interactions
I really like when Kayle ults Morg and the final sequence of quotes is just "Sister!" "Kayle!" That really got me. Especially Morg's voice when she says Kayle. To me it shows they might not like one another, having incredibly opposite views, but I think at the very end of the day they would both care for one another. BUT WHO KNOWS.
: Fix K/DA Ahri's Tails
The yellow is just gross. It's like when you're super dehydrated but pee a lot and it's the dark yellow gross color.
: Aether Wing Kayle 4 forms screenshots
This is pretty badass, glad I got the shard a looong time ago. But like...they couldn't do something like this with MFs ultimate skin??? For fucksake.
: can you bring us back the blonde hair kyle ? she looks like riven DB
Ifneth (NA)
: But then you’re just obliterating any notion of good or evil, even though they obviously exist, both in fiction and life. Some people are heroes, saving people from burning buildings, and others are villains, like serial killers. It’s not just some backward hokum.
He isn't obliterating it, he's pointing out how good and evil aren't static things throughout all cultures. In the Frejlord war is seen as an awesome thing, it's the way people want to die a lot of the time. It's about glory and honor. So therefore, is an avatar of War really that evil from their perspective?
: What kinds of music would the nations of Runeterra listen to?
Zaun is definitely blasting some industrial shit like Rammstein, KMDFM etc.
: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
"Kayle was League's version of Samus Aran: An androgynous and fully armored angel with practical armor that didn't make it readily apparent that she was even female. " I like this comparison
: Candidates - who is "C"?
Cassidin Calista Cai'Sa Cezreal Colibear
darkdill (NA)
: What would Quinn's view be on the "mages in Demacia" topic?
We don't really have that much in terms of characterization for Quinn so it's hard to say. My opinion is a bit bias since I love mages and main Quinn. But I don't think Quinn would be anti-mage. Quinn didn't grow up as an elite, she grew up on the outskirts of Demacia in the wilder parts of the land. As we have seen in some of the short stories, the more rural Demacians don't hold the anti-magic view very highly. The entire one town was basically starting a mini civil war because one magical child was taken away from their town. Quinn is also supposedly well traveled, if it hasn't been re-conned we know she has been to the Frejlord and most likely other places on scouting missions. She's also very solitary outside the company of Valor so I could see Quinn being an observational person and realize magic isn't what the Demacian government is claiming it to be. I think the one argument that would have much validity for Quinn being anti-mage would have been her encounter with Lissandra if that wasn't retconned. Encountering such a fierce force of magic could potentially sway her mindset towards anti-mage or at the very least wary of their powers and how strong they can become which is a big part of Demacian's anti-mage propaganda.
: Papercraft skins splash and skin bios
Oh wow, I love how the format is that each champion's bio is a piece of overarching story. I am so excited for more paper craft skins!
: So are Vi and Fiora gay?
Can we not down vote this for no reason, its a legit question considering the skin bio is obviously hinting at them being lovers. Personally I'd be happy with Vi and Fio being canon, but I doubt they would ever have a chance to meet so it doesn't matter.
: Still no Volibear update every w/ more Freljord stories?
Curious, how do you feel about the whole 1000 pierced bear idea? Personally not a fan of it, or how I am imagining how his design willl change with a bunch of shit poking out of him.
: I am Carlos on expanding old skin lines
Sukishoo (NA)
: Yeah, I think it's a fun theme they could bring a lot of champions into
Very true as seen by Willump. They did a fantastic job with him. He reminds me of art by AJ Fosik, really trippy wood work with monsters. Also the music video "The Music Scene" by Blockhead. After seeing Nunu I was thinking Volibear would be really cool as papercraft. It would be his most interesting skin by far, and he deserves something other than slightly different armor. Also Trundle would be awesome as a papercraft troll. His abilities would look great too, a colorful papercraft pillar would be great to see. Oh Lissandra too! Papercraft Quinn anyone?
Sukishoo (NA)
: Papercraft Anivia and Papercraft Nunu & Willump
I honestly find these to be so wonderful! I love the concept and it looks they were well executed too. Anivias recall is gorgeous, hell the whole skin is, I almost wish it was a new champ. Nunu's recall kinda gave me chills seeing them work together to create Anivia. I don't play either one of these champs, but I totally adore these skins and would like to see this skin line expanded upon.
Terozu (NA)
: Is Spell Thief Lux still Canon?
Don't think so. They just update the lore for it, and it was basically just a joke. Something like, Lux cant steal spells and magic like Sylas but she can recreate spells that she sees or somethin like that.
: 13 champs over 1000 days w/o a new skin
Wow, that's crazy Dark Star Varus is that old. It still holds up pretty well, I love that skin.
: so whats up with lux
I think Lux will represent the path in between, a harmony of sorts. I feel that Lux is able to understand, and has experienced both sides of this oppression against mages. On one side she is a Crownguard, an elite Demacian and therefore is supposed to be anti-magic. However she is a mage and she knows what it is like to have to be hidden away and hide who she really is. So from that I would guess Lux can understand Sylas' view and those of other mages. However Sylas did trick her and make a fool of her, but I think Lux would be able to understand why he felt the need to do it since she feels imprisoned herself. So she can see the dangers of a rogue mage, but she also knows what it's like to just be a "normal" person who happens to be a mage.
: If your champions lore were to end permanently...
I want Miss Fortune and Rafen to be pirate queen and king and eventually "run away" to live a secluded life together relaxing and enjoying one another's company until their final days. Miss Fortune deserves something nice.
: Gentleman Tahm Kench Skin?
I mean he's already wearing a suit and top hat, maybe as a 750 skin but they don't make those anymore.
: Correct me if I am wrong, but he isn't in tier 1 for a VGU, is he? Meaning that it will probably take some years before he gets such an update.
Not sure what the current standing is. I know he's towards the top, but not sure about tier 1. Yeah it's unfortunate, I doubt he will be a 2019, more like 2020 VGU.
Neamean (NA)
: New Brolaf VFX
Im fine waiting for his eventual VGU. Other than his axe throw, I find his kit to be super boring and would hope to see some drastic changes to it.
QMighty (NA)
: God I hope so. I feel so starved for content even though Sylas basically just came out.
I feel ya, the info they gave his was more so like a hard confirmation. Most of us could guess that Demacia is heading into a civil war type deal between magic supporters and anti-magic followers. Like sure it's a huge shake up as they teased...but we didnt GET much from it.
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