: What are your thoughts on the Vel'Koz matchup (though I know it's not very common)?
Ori beats Velkoz past early game. Velkoz should just push the wave and poke, and not get close to Ori.
Mirkhail (EUW)
: what you usually do when you are against an assassin like Zed or le Blanc? Is a zhonya worth rushing against ad assassin? How do you usually proc thunderlord in lane?
Assassins are scariest when you don't have any pressure on them, because then they can start zoning you and chunking you for half your health if you try to walk up and get a cs. Paradoxically, the safest way to survive against assassins is to not let yourself fall back into a defensive playstyle. How you should go about accomplishing that is different against the different assassins. Against LeBlanc, I try to push the wave and stay inside the minions so she can never hit me with her chain, and if I'm out of potions, I try to shove the lane and back
Dororox7 (NA)
: Hey Lemon do you think {{champion:61}} is a mobility champion or is she a immobile champion or is she in the middle?
She's immobile, but her W and shield help her from being crippled by her immobility to the same degree that other immobile mages often are.
Ciggyy (NA)
: ***
I don't use range indicators. I think that if someone is used to the range of her spells and radius of damage, then smartcasting allows you to pull of combos with the highest amount of fluidity. Liandries can be good if the enemy team has a few mega tanks. I sometimes build Liandries + Rylai's as my 2 situational items (the other 4 items being the core: Sorc shoes, Morello/Athenes Dcap, Void Staff). The extra health + slows + %current hp burn are all very useful against bruisers and tanks.
: But seriously though... how many times do you miss your ult on a daily basis? {{champion:61}} {{champion:61}}
I think some people would be surprised at how often I miss my ult, if they haven't seen me play before haha A lot of the time I'll ult somewhere that I expect an enemy champ to walk into within the next .25 seconds and they'll get hit by the ult if they do. But if they don't keep walking in the same direction, then my ult won't hit them. Ults like that could fail half the time and make you look like a bad Ori, but the other half of times, the ult ends up hitting, and you look like a god Ori.
Jet Sett (NA)
: Hey, from your perspective, how does Twisted Fate fair against Orianna? I haven't played against any in some time and I don't wanna forget how to play against her because of it. Oh, and any tips in general for laning against Ori would also be appreciated. Thanks for your time!
Past level 6, don't try to trade with Ori. Just shove the wave and then look to roam. That's probably the best thing you can do to beat Ori on TF. Don't try to beat Ori in lane, try to beat her by shoving the lane and outroaming her.
: Hello Mr. PlasmaLemon! I'd like to ask, what general tips could you give on laning someone who would directly counter you, say, in a blind pick, you have to fight a Zed or something, (not sure if that's a big counter, I just speak from experience). I seem to have this issue a lot when I play Ori, and I'd love to main her full-time. Thanks in advance!
Hmm... In general, if there is a matchup that you tend to lose 1v1, pay attention to how exactly the enemy is able to gain pressure on you, and start being considerate of that the next time you're in the same lane, so you can try to avoid the same thing happening again. Also, use your auto attacks on the melee minions, but use your Q to last hit minions that are too far away to safely auto attack. This is a very helpful against people like Zed or LeBlanc.
: Thanks PlasmaLemon, I've been trying to learn Ori for a while now but I sometimes have trouble telling when to Ult. I've never considered the ult-flash before. I have a question, if you don't mind answering. Is using the ball to shield someone trying to chase someone else and then using W to speed them up a valid tactic, or is it better to try to position the ball somewhere in front of the fleeing champion instead to try to catch them off guard and slow them? I'm never sure which would be better. Once more, thanks for the tips in the guide.
If an enemy champion is escaping, I would recommend E+W'ing whichever one of your teammates is closest to them, especially if they have CC to use on the escaping enemy if they get close enough.
: Hey PlasmaLemon! I main Talon, and I don't frequently experience laning against Orianna, but on the occasions I do, she seems to bully me out of lane and keep me from snowballing. You had said above Talon is problematic for Orianna, but I seem to be having trouble against her. How do I keep her in check? What are some things that can really shut down Orianna? Thanks, Sciraen
Orianna can play very aggressively against Talon early on, because her range is superior, and her shield and W make it very hard for Talon to win a trade if he E's onto her. A gank can shut down Ori pretty hard against Talon. So coordinate with your jungler and try to set up a gank if Ori is over-extending. Past level 6, unless you have a lead, you probably can't 1v1 Ori by yourself, if the Ori knows the matchup well. So if Ori is trying to freeze the lane, go roam, and if the minions get close enough to your tower, you should be able to farm safely, because if Ori tries to pressure you, you can kill her with the help of your jungler. -Sincerely, someone who is Plasma
: Hey lemon!, I've been keeping track of your games, plays, and streams, etc, for a while now, I really do think you're a very skilled orianna player and I would really like to improve with her, as an inexperienced orianna my question is basically, how can I improve my mechanics with her, I seem to do fine in lane with her usually, winning about 70% of the matchups, but in teamfights I feel very limited, I feel as if it is because my combos/spells are not making contact, what are some ways to really improve my mechanics with her such as my ult triggering faster, or perhaps teamfight Positioning. thank you for your wonderful content and streams, I will continue to be a fan as long as I continue playing league. and that's forever <3
Thanks :D Hmm interesting question. Teamfighting on Orianna can be very hard to get the hang of. I'd suggest just trying to focus on zoning with your ball (and yourself if you can do so safely). Have your ball be in between your team and the enemy team, this makes it very easy to get off poke and possibly start a fight by yourself by catching someone out, and it also makes it hard for the enemy carries to follow up with their tanks, if their tanks engage on your team. Does that make sense?
: Hey Plasma, I've been rolling Orianna a few times on ARAM and going with a Support Mastery page (picking up Windseeker's Blessing) Is that a viable strategy for her there? Would Deathfire Touch or Thunderlord's be better?
Hmm I want to try doing that next time I get her on ARAM. Thunderlords gives Ori more damage, but having more of a support-oriented build and masteries for ARAM is fine.
: Thanks for all of these answers 1) Do you ever build Nashor's Tooth for fun, or is it a newb-trap? 2) Do you ever buy two Doran's Rings instead of rushing more expensive mana items?
1. Haha I do build it sometimes for fun, in normals/arams. Not in ranked though 2. I sometimes pick up a second Doran's Ring if I'm building Morellos.
: Hello. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to answer some questions about Orianna. 1. What is your standard item start on Orianna? I mean very first buy when the game starts. 2. Does it ever change? Why? I realize you do 12/18/0 in the mastery tree, and everyone always mentions the keystone they chose. I often find myself being unsure about the selections in the middle of the tree. I can probably deduce why you chose them so no need to explain unless you feel like it. 3. Intelligence or Precision? 4. Merciless or Meditation? 5. Double edged sword, feast, or expose weakness? 6. Vampirism or natural talent? 7. Bounty hunter or Oppressor? 8. Secret stash or Runic Affinity or Assassin? 9. Wanderer or Savagery? I realize that some of these may be a matter of preference, and gameplay style. But I am curious about your personal choices. Gl hf! See you on the rift! (Not really because I am 6-1 in qualifiers and too anxious to keep going in ranked at the moment).
1. Dorans ring + 2 potions (usually biscuits with the mastery) 2. Nah not really. Doran's just gives the best stats for Ori out of anything else that you can buy at the start. 1. Intelligence usually, but Precision sometimes. Precision gives you a slightly better early game. 2. Mediation 3. Feast 4. Natural talent. 5. I prefer bounty hunter personally 6. Secret Stash 7. Savagery
: I have two questions. 1. What do you think about this Ori build? {{item:3174}} or {{item:3165}}(situational), {{item:3115}}, {{item:3135}}, {{item:3089}}, {{item:3116}}, with {{item:1311}}? 2. Have you ever played Ori while inebriated?
1. Don't think I like the Nashors here. Attack speed on Orianna is fun but it's a lot harder to get off auto attacks past laning phase, so you should focus on improving the damage that you CAN safely get off, which is your Q/W/R. Also nashors + morello or athenes puts you at max CDR. You should avoid hitting max CDR with your items, because if you have max CDR, you can't take advantage of the CDR that blue buff gives if you happen to get a blue buff. 2. Haha Ori is probably the last champ I would willingly play while not thinking straight, be it from sleep deprivation or something else. So no, I haven't.
: Heeeeeey Plasma its ya boy yenben from da streams, my question is Why is u so awesome? :3
Hey :D It's a secret I'm afraid.
: Hey plasma, you're an amazing ori player, but how do i beat her in lane as {{champion:238}} or {{champion:157}} , with {{champion:238}}: i rush hexdrinker, but not into maw, i try to harass her with shadow when she Q-W's but when i try to fight back her E is a cock-block, and when i attempt to assassinate her, i W behind her after R so that i can go back to R shadow to juke her R and then go back with W, but she still manages to get her ball on me and obliterate me with {{champion:157}}: when an ori Q-W's i attempt to bait her E with my E and i usually get a rank in W around lvl 4-5 ( its useless cuz of bugs and the nature of it...) and block her E for maybe a kill, but the leash distance always gets me, i do have MR runes but they arent effective, but i do start {{item:1054}} or {{item:1055}} depending on how i feel about the ori Any other tips? Please and TY for reading this ! <3 {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hmm, my answer is the same for both champs: Avoid extended trades with Orianna, focus on constantly shoving the wave into her tower, so that either she's forced to use her spells to counter-push the minions, or if she doesn't do that, the minions will push into her tower and you can poke her for free as Zed, but just go farm jungle camps or roam after shoving with Yasuo. Pretty much, the most reliable way to beat Ori as Yasuo/Zed is to take advantage of the fact that she uses mana and you don't. That's jusy my experience laning against those champs as Ori
: Ask an Orianna Main - Completed
It's been great answering your questions so far! I'll be sure to answer more questions throughout this evening and over the next few days, so do feel free to keep asking more. I'm going to start streaming at around 6-7pm PST tonight, and I hope that you have a chance to come check the stream out if you're interested. Here's the link: https://www.twitch.tv/plasma_lemon
Ichinose (EUW)
: Hello ! Do you think ori should have the upcoming mage update ? Why ?
No way! Ori is already a very well-balanced and unique champion in my opinion, and the mage update should focus on champs with less healthy playstyles.
: I've been waiting for someone like you for 2 years since I started playing League. Ori is in my top 3 fav champs. Do you get E at level 1? And what do you think about Hybrid Pen Marks instead of Magic Pen?
I usually take E level 1 if my lane opponent can trade with me level 1. Q is good if you want to push the wave early on. I take hybrid pen marks sometimes, against people I can auto-attack a lot, like Fizz or Talon. I'll also take Precision if I take hybrid pen marks.
: Do you think ori will work ot if you play her in the mid lane but go more tanky then ap and act as a CC provider rather then going for kills, i have done this with vel and it works great. ( this is not my main account, old one was hacked)
Yeah, Ori can work with a tankier build, and sometimes it can be the best thing to do. But in general, I think it's better to focus on damage, as Orianna's AP ratios are great.
Sneakos (NA)
: I guess I'm just not seeing the same success I used to see with her. Could usually win lane, or at least go even, and then just decimate teamfights. Now it seems if my lane opponent isn't an idiot, I can only go even and I find it hard to translate that into map pressure when my other lanes lose. What do you do when your other lanes underperform, and you didn't stomp your lane?
If I didn't beat my lane and my other lanes also don't do too well, I just hope that my team will have stronger teamfighting, so that we can make a comeback.
: Hi PlasmaLemon I'm excited to see a Orianna main on league. ^-w-^ In games sometimes I noticed that when I shield and ally like a Malph or a J4 for a combo ult they always get out of range and I mess up my ult ^T-T^ is there a way i can position myself to be closer to them without getting caught out by the enemy team because I usually tend to be stay in the back line with the ADC? Another question is how do I counter a Le Blanc Orianna so far is the only champ I can handle a Le Blanc but sometimes I do a lot to in some games .^;w;^ Thanks for answering my questions <3
With J4 and Malph, I usually just keep the ball on myself and shield them AFTER they engage, to avoid what you mentioned. The only champs I'm likely to shield before they engage are champs with stealth, like Wukong, Shaco, Rengar. I mentioned Leblanc on another comment, hope you can find it
North888 (NA)
: All this and no mention of how great her passive is? No mention of some of the silly little side things Ori can do with stuff like Nashors. It makes me a bit sad these are such straightforward questions. As another main (granted not nearly as well ranked as this one), I find having a bit of AS on my Ori runes really helps her laning giving her powerful passive bonus damage. Most don't know to watch for her autos due to the scaling bonus damage.
I've experimented with attack speed from runes and I actually do like it a lot. But it doesn't scale as well past early game.
: Why do i become a god when i use Orianna ?
I wonder about that as well. Even if I practice another champ and get good with them, I can't ever seem to win as easily as I do with Ori. Idk what it is about Ori, but I'm a god at that champ apparently and I can't say the same for other champs I learn. Well except Lux. I'm a pretty god Lux tbh
: Hi!! I've watched some of your games before, i main Orianna too with nearly 150.k so far, do you have any tips for climbing with her?{{champion:61}}
Hmm, tips for climbing with Ori... Don't just automatically build the same thing each game, be sure to consider all the choices.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Hello Plasma Lemon; I thank you for taking the time to give advice to us players who are looking to learn the Lady of Clockwork. Now, I'm gonna keep things simple here for the most part; played Ori a few times during a free week, fell in love with her, and then once her Heartseeker skin came out I finally bought her as well as the skin. Now, generally I basically only play ARAM and am forced to bots frequently as well thanks to my amazing internet connection. Thanks to the two though, I feel I pretty much have Ori's combo down as well have come up with my own decent style of play for her. What I most want to ask you about if my kind of, "Go To" item set really. When it comes down to much, based off an average game, my full Ori build ends up being something along the lines of; {{item:3048}}, {{item:3165}}, {{item:3152}}, {{item:3089}}, {{item:3100}}, {{item:1311}}. What are your thoughts on that? My focus is CDR but generally to be as destructive as possible still. Also, mind you, this is just the basic over view, items easily vary depending on enemy champions and build. Thank you though for taking the time to both read and reply to this, I appreciate all your thoughts on the matter as well as anything else you may wish to throw in as well.
The biggest issue with that build is that it lacks magic penetration. If the enemies get any tanky, that build will be ineffective. I'd suggest replacing the WotA with Void Staff. Lich bane/Seraph's aren't optimal, but they're not that bad either. If you're playing ranked I would suggest avoiding those, but if you like them in ARAM's/normals/bot games then it's completely fine to build them if you ask me.
Po0od (NA)
: in a matchup between an oriana and a yasuo of equal skill, who will win
It's really hard to say, that matchup can go either way. Yasuo can get ahead if he is constantly putting pressure on the lane and not giving Orianna a chance to back without missing minions. But if he doesn't get ahead, Ori has the advantage in 1v1's. So if both players are taking full advantage of everything their champs offer, Yasuo has the advantage early on. But even if he gets ahead, it's easy for Ori to straight up outscale him as the game goes on. Though if the enemy players are coordinating, they can end the game before Ori has a chance to scale up.
Omikaye (NA)
: Are you a robot irl?
Yeah basically. I tend to be very analytical when taking in information, and overly technical and specific with my choice of words.
Orijuana (NA)
: Orianna main here [ Orijuana - summoner name :^) ] I'm really happy to see this Q&A up because I feel like Orianna is so amazing yet so underused and often ignored. I am very proud of my Orianna play and am always looking to improve, and now I finally have a chance to ask one of the best some questions ! 1. One of my hardest matchups tends to be Leblanc. Generally speaking, if the Leblanc is not too experienced I can handle it well and usually win lane. However, once I face a Leblanc that plays at a higher level I start to find some difficulties and the lane go often go either way depending on how tricky she is. Do you have any basic or advanced tips for surviving this lane? 2. Building off of that, I tend to ping MIA like a mad man when a laner leaves and opt instead to farm. I know that this is not optimal, but I also know that I can personally have a greater impact in teamfights if I can maintain gold and my teammates follow my pings. Of course in solo queue, this is not always the case. Do you have any guidelines for when it's best to roam as Orianna or when it's best to focus on yourself and farm? 3. I used to always put 2 points into both Q and W pre-6, but since preseason I've been doing 2 points into Q and E. Is there any significant disadvantage to this in your opinion? If so, are there situations where you would recommend it anyway? 4. When running RoA Orianna, I tend to forego either Morello or Athene's and instead use Boots of Lucidity for CDR. I also sometimes run a build which goes Sorc Shoes - Morello/Athene - Lich/Ludens - Lich/Ludens - Deathcap - Void Staff. I really like the movement speed and kiting ability of this build and don't think that it suffers in damage or utility. Do you think that either of these builds have significant disadvantages versus other Orianna builds? 5. Thunderlord's is my favorite mastery ever. I find it to be incredibly troll in how that thunderbolt can deliver truly unexpected damage. You noted in someone else's question that your favorite thing to do was kill a laner as they move up to take some cs. My favorite thing, in the same vein, is to hit someone with a Q+W+AA combo when they are low but don't think that I have the expected damage. When in lane, sometimes I try to land only two hit combos to whittle the opponent down, then finish them off with the use of Thunderlord's. Is it better to just simply unleash the full combo whenever I am able to get it off without risking myself? Thank you so much for doing this. I hadn't known about your stream until now and I will definitely be visiting. EDIT: My own bonus question: What do you feel is the difference between a master Orianna player and someone who's just good with her?
1. A skilled LeBlanc can be a nightmare to play against. I'm the same as you, I can usually handle laning against her, but I still get beat up sometimes by good LB players. I think the most important thing is to not let her get control of the wave and start zoning you. If you have some minions built up and pushing, shove the next wave and back. 2. Other champs are better at roaming than Orianna is, like TF, Ahri, Fizz, Zed, LeBlanc... If your team has good vision control and your lane opponent can't 1v1 you, then it's usually safe to counter-roam. If you're stronger than your lane opponent, only try to pressure them at their tower if you have vision of all the enemies. Otherwise, it's probably better to shove the wave and roam yourself. If it's not safe for you to counter your lane opponent's roaming, then all you can really do is ping mia/spam careful pings along river, and hope that your team keeps your lane opponent in mind. And if they don't, and get killed, and blame you, just know that they have no good reason for blaming you. Hindsight bias... If you expect it to be better not to roam, so you decide not to roam, but as it turns out, your roam would have been better... Well you couldn't have known how things would turn out at the time of the decision. 3. Personally I think at level 5, 3 points in Q, 1 in W and 1 in E generally gives you the best power. W/E give a lot of power at rank 1, while Q isn't really a one point wonder at all. For example, your rank 1 E gives 10 armor/MR, and additional ranks only increase that by 5. The first point is the most useful. You can't really say the same for Q though. 4. Lucidity boots were pretty good earlier this season, but after getting nerfed, their not nearly as cost-efffcient. I pick up Ludens after Morello sometimes, because as you mentioned, the movement speed is very nice. Orianna only has 370 movespeed at base + sorcerer shoes, which is pretty low. If I get Ludens, I usually pick up Alacrity enchantment on my boots shortly after. I don't think Lich Bane is worth building on Ori though. 5. Yeah haha thunderlord's is great. In lane, I often proc it by Q'ing past my lane opponent, self casting E so the ball hits them on its way back to me, and autoing once. This is a less risky way to proc it, as the shield makes it harder for your opponent to trade back damage. Also, you can do this a lot without going oom. I try to avoid using my W early on in lane, because it costs a ton of mana. Also, that's a good idea, autoing your lane opponent twice, then surprising them with the burst damage from QW + thunderlords. But it's not common for your lane opponent to just let you auto them for free. Bonus: A master Orianna takes full advantage of everything her kit offers. Someone who is only good with Orianna doesn't.
McAnnex (NA)
: What is your general opinion of Orianna as a Support?
It can work, but there are probably better champs to support with.
ThanhSon (EUW)
: Hellu, i am also an Orianna Main, i just love her <33 Which summoner spells would you recommend in which MatchUps? When would you use which? P.S: you have a new twitch follower now :3
Hi! Personally I take ignite most of the time, and if not Ignite, probably TP. But other spells like exhaust, barrier and cleanse can be good sometimes. The main reason I take ignite is because it makes me a lot more scary early on in the game, and I have better pressure on my lane opponent since it's easier for me to burst them down in an all-in. Exhaust can give you nice safety against champs like Zed and Yasuo. Barrier can give safety against champs like Fizz or LeBlanc. TP is almost always a decent option in farm lanes. I always take it against Lux, because she can farm and push the minions without getting close to me, which she will be very likely to do if she see's I have ignite, and I won't be able to take advantage of ignite as much that game. However I would recommend only taking ignite if you're confident in the matchup. If you're unsure about the matchup, a summoner spell that gives you safety is... well... the safer option (who would have guessed?).
: Is there a reason you don't like Archangel/Seraph's? You said mana and AP are important, and it provides both. Since you'll be farming early and not really try to go for kills, I feel like this would be great item. Is it the CDR?
Archangel/Seraph's lacking CDR is definitely one factor. The way I look at it... Yes having a bigger mana pool is nice, but is it necessary? Basically I think that Ori is better able to take advantage of stats like CDR and AP from other items compared to mana items. What I meant when I said "mana is important" is that "you can't use your spells if you're oom." The goal isn't having a big mana pool, the goal is "being able to take advantage of your spells and their AP ratios" - which you can't do if your oom. Going oom is something to be avoided, and a bigger mana pool helps avoid that, but it's possible to avoid going oom without spending gold on a bigger mana pool, which lets you spend your gold on other things. Does that make sense?
Sneakos (NA)
: I use to main orianna hardcore in season 4. However, I feel she is so much weaker now then she was back then. Do you think she is falling off due to all the item changes that really don't favor her?
I don't think that Orianna is any weaker than she was in s4. Rather, other picks are stronger, in some metas, especially early on in this season. Recent item changes have actually favored her, and I think she's in a good spot right now.
philimix (NA)
: what are your thoughts about orrianna not being so meta and only mostly played is lcs?
Being a very versatile champion, Orianna is almost always viable imo. If she's not being played much in the meta, it's probably because she's getting outshined by other picks, rather than it being because she's weak in the meta.
: Have you ever tried Orianna Jungle at some point? I've made it work in several games where i had the right team. (engage heavy) Aside from her slow-ish first clear, I've found that she excels in the jungle. As a bonus, Runic Echoes makes Orianna pretty much never run out of mana, covering one of her early weaknesses very quickly.
An Ori jungle could be abused very hard by the enemy jungler/laners early on. I imagine that she would do fine and could potentially be very effective past early game though. I haven't tried it any time recently myself
Bamiie (NA)
: This is friggin' sweet! Thanks for taking time out to talk to us! I have like a bunch of questions but I'll just do my top 5. (I'm trying to avoid questions that you've already answered but forgive me if I ask again without realizing it.) 1. Have you ever tried support Orianna? If so, did you like it? Why or why not? 2. What do you believe is the hardest combo to pull off as Orianna (when you're by yourself)? Also, why do you believe this is the hardest combo? 3. When I played Orianna for the first time, I knew her playstyle revolves around her ball but it was hard for me to position my ball in a good place and keep the enemies on their toes. Besides doing flash combos, what are other ways you can position her ball to your advantage and also keep the enemies on their toes and/or unsuspecting of what you'll do next? 4. Orianna is notorious for her ult (especially with a Yasuo on her team.) But what do you do if the enemy ends up avoiding your Shockwave? How would you make the best from that situation? 5. What is a thing about Orianna that not a lot of people know that actually affects her playstyle quite a lot? *BONUS QUESTION!!!* What is one thing you'll never get tired of no matter how many times you play Orianna?
1. I've tried it a few times. It can work, but I think there are better options to pick as support in most situations. Personally I don't like it, because I feel Orianna is pretty weak when under-leveled and without items, which she would usually be as support. 2. Hmm I'm not sure. I think in general it's more difficult to pull off good ults with the ball on yourself (with or without flashing) 3. So if the ball's on you and you target to Q somewhere out of your range, you'll walk forward until you're in range and use Q as soon as you're in range to use it. The ball will then spend a bit of time traveling before reaching where you targeted. But if you stay within the ball's range and Q the same location, the spell hits immediately since the ball doesn't have to travel. Try to take advantage of that. Keep the ball in front of yourself so that, if you try to Q someone in front of you, the ball will be closer to its destination at the start, and will reach its destination faster. 4. If your team needs your ult in order to win teamfights, and you miss it, then it would be best for your team to try to kite back and not let the enemy team engage, and wait for your ult to come back up. However, Orianna can still have a strong impact without her ult. If you don't have your ult up, then try to stick close to your adc and play more defensively. 5. Managing mana, at all points of the game. Playing Orianna with Athenes + Blue buff or with RoA/tear very different from playing her with just Morello and no buffs. Bonus: Engaging on my lane opponent as they walk up to get a cs and killing them.
: What skill order do you go on Ori? Do you usually max w or e first? What does the lvl1-5 look like, I'm curious because I recently got into an argument with another player on what's more effective.
I max Q > W > E The higher your Q's cooldown is, the less forgiving of a spell it is. With rank 5 Q and some CDR, your Q has around a 2 second cooldown, and that makes it a lot harder to have pressure against Orianna. Like, if you use your Q and it has a 5 second cooldown, that is a 5 second window that people can take advantage of when fighting you. But it's a lot harder for people to use a 2 second window. Does that make sense? Points in W give 45 additional damage, while points in Q only give 30. So maxing W gives better burst damage, but maxing Q gives you significantly stronger sustained damage and flexibility managing your ball. At level 2, I almost always have Q + E. At level 3, I like taking a second point in Q. Since ranking up Q doesn't increase the mana cost, it gives the spell very mana-efficient damage. Though taking W at level 3 is the safer option if you're at risk of getting ganked, or if you've been trading with your lane opponent a lot and an all-in might happen. I think the only time you should max W or E before Q is if you're playing Orianna as support. Though in some situations, taking a second point in W early in the game isn't a bad idea. For example, if you take Q level 1 + W level 2 and whittle your opponent's health down, you could put a second point in W at level 3 and catch the opponent off guard with its bursty damage.
philimix (NA)
: And, would a dragon trainer orrianna be a cool skin? (The orb would be like a egg or some thing, Thoughts?)
OOH that is an awesome idea! I'm having trouble thinking about how Ori's spells would look if her ball was an egg though. But it's fun to consider. If a Dragon Trainer ori skin ever gets made, I think it would look very cool!
: Hello PlasmaLemon! Thank you for sharing your passion for Orianna! :) She is one of the champions that I would love to master, but I always tend to be afraid of using her and always have that fear of missing that ultimate and then it gets awkward when I do miss it and that is probably why I don't want to use her? Any tips on how to overcome this? Also another question, do you by any chance experience that ''power'' when you use a certain skin for her which leads to the next question of which Orianna skin is your favorite? :) Mine is definitely Gothic Orianna, it's so unique and looks just as creepy as her whole personality :P (Meaning it fits her perfectly) Thank you!
Hi! If you think you see a good opportunity for an ult, don't hold back out of fear that it will miss. Even if it does miss, you haven't done anything wrong by seeing an opportunity and taking it, so don't let yourself feel bad about it if it doesn't work out. Seeing opportunities and taking them is a huge part of learning how to play better! Pushing against your limits is the only way to get to know them. I do feel power with certain skins! TPA Orianna has a particularly spiky ball, and I use that skin whenever I want to be intimidating! I'll use Winter Wonder Orianna or Heartseeker Orianna otherwise. Those three skins are my favorites. I also use Sewn Chaos/Bladecraft Ori sometimes.
: So what you're saying is you guys took back your statements about keeping lane lulu viable. I for one am in favor of solo lane supportive characters and am worried you will remove one of the better designed supports from the game. Lulu fulfills a unique role as a support who carries by supporting. Also make it to where she can shield minions again there's literally no reason to remove that
I agree with you in that it's a great idea for supports to be able to go in a solo lane, because it allows for many different playstyles in teams. If the enemies have a team like Vi, Fizz, Irelia, Leona, then I love going Lulu mid because I can support my team very well in team fights while still fulfilling the roles of a mid laner by doing damage. I think the problem with Lulu in solo lanes is that there's no trade-off for picking it. Optimally picking a support like Lulu in a solo lane would mean that you're trading damage for utility as a team, but picking lulu gives you both damage and utility. I think that reducing her damage ap ratios would be a good idea, because when picking Lulu in a solo lane you need to not be doing as much damage as other solo laners when you stack AP, because you also have so much utility.

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