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: there should be a traditional mordekaiser skin imo, as u can see, the new model looks totally different now, both in color and details, so a tradiotional mordekaiser would be pretty nice
Yes please can we keep a skin that does not make him look like the skeleton king from diablo
: The absolute worst thing about New Aatrox is that Riot will not listen to the Community
So did {{champion:266}} take over {{champion:92}}'s body? Are they removing {{champion:92}} from the game cause this is literally the same character minus the edge perk and him being able to dash through walls.
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: Champion Reveal: Kled, The Cantankerous Cavalier
Since we can't have Mario and Yoshi can we instead get Harambe{{champion:20}} and zoo keeper {{champion:51}} ?
: Champion Reveal: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
SO you guys basically took Ecco the dolphin and made him a human?
: We're actually not sure about that right now. For launch, this will probably be the case, as the minions were designed specifically to fit in with the architecture on the map. In the long term, we may port these to the other maps, or create new ones altogether.
Will we get to see a super minion anytime soon? I was looking forward to seeing the new design


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