: in my opinion URF isn't that fun but ARURF is a lot better!, i say work on ARURF give us bans, and then that would be great for a permanent gamemode only because people pick broken things and tryhard in normal URF, or just give us nexus blitz!, but i do agree to make a chill gamemode for the people who are tilted from ranked, etc
the lack of choice ruins the mode. Have champs like vlad perma banned before bans even start and urf is amazing. Choice makes everything better. You and a buddy can do something stupid as a team. Double movespeed hec and rammus. Double adc who spam abilities is also fun. The lack of choice truely makes it range from okay-boring-infuriating.
: Agreed, in fact make all the game modes they have created permanent. It makes no sense that they dont?? It would be like if call of duty made battle royal and then said that it was only available 4 times a year like hello that makes no sense
I cant tell if you are being hyperbolic to make fun of the idea with the first part but a Cod battle royal actually sounds dope.
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Did you verse a dude who kept on saying brocoli in ranked? Edit: nvm you are EU so you probably didnt
Pyrosan (NA)
: That is the intended purpose of juggernauts though and I don't think Shyvanna can hyper-carry much - Nasus has many shutdown options so it you're getting to that point he can hypercarry you just didn't play against him correctly Illoai maybe? I don't really see her as an issue champion They're all immobile and designed to endure, you just needa run away and blast them as they chase you but if you get caught you're gonna get splatted Could also answer with another juggernaut tho
> They're all immobile and designed to endure, you just needa run away and blast them as they chase you but if you get caught you're gonna get splatted That doesnt matter when they have some way of still dealing damage, or getting you close. Morde has his pull, Darius builds Deadmans, has ghost and has his pull, plus a 90% slow, Illoai will just pull your ghost and deal half your health by the time you get out, which will slow you by like 70. Irelia has 60 dashes because if she builds sheen it oneshots minions, Nasus has a up to 99 percent 5 second slow.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Cause some of the need it badly. There were some that had kits which were unfun to play or play against. Galio for one, had a lot of disconnect. He threw what was like a ball of energy, and then another let out a gust of wind. So taking the idea and putting them together worked alot better. Then he had a taunt where he couldn't move and was pretty easy to get away from. Now he can dash into fights and taunt. There's a lot better combo making when kits actually make sense together.
He was not that bad though. They could have changed his ball q to his new q without much change. His e was damage that gave movespeed, lets make it a dash that throws wind so it is like his old and new e. Keep his old ult. Make his gameplay around his fun ult. They didnt have to change his class entirely to keep fun aspects of his kit.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Indeed, this is the nature of this kind of thing. These companies need to make money and regardless of how fun or how balanced a champs kit might have been, if their playrate is pushing 1% and they aren't making skins for them they aren't making money from them. Akali, Irelia and Aatrox's reworks have probably been hugely successful in not only to get people playing but also selling skins. This kind of thing has happened to me a few times in my hobbies. Marvel comics changed, stories were bad and emphasis was on the MCU characters or changing character to fit the modern world, ignoring 40 or 50 years of story telling to appeal to a new audience, the older audience who have been reading for decades ignored as long as the new money comes in, no one cares that Falcon is now cap and he's Captain America, the book was about Steve Rogers, not Captain America., Falcon is a great character in his own right I stopped reading X-men because of the changes Marvel had, being badly written didn't help. The same occured with Tekken 7, Lei Wulong who I have played in all Tekken games since 2 was not in the launch line up for Tekken 7, he and a few other regulars were essentially held behind paid DLC. They don't make money be releasing 30 characters in a game anymore, they make it by releasing 20 with 10 in DLC. Said could be said about how they are treating new champs vs reworking ones in LoL. They said they'd do less reworked and more new champs but there are so many outdated champs in this game, this must mean generally reworking champs, redoing all the skins is just not as profitable as making a new champ getting new players in because of them. No new players arrive because of a reworked Yorick. :P Sorry if I've misunderstood your point.
I get where you are coming from. Money is important to a free to play game but my specific issue is that they give up on salvageable champs. Urgot could have went in hard on his targetting poke and be one of the only ad mages. Instead they made him one of the most painfully generic juggernauts. His old ult can somewhat work with an ad mage playstyle but since it didn't work with the direction they took him they took it away. Making galio be an entirely different role is another example. Yorick and warwicks reworks show that even the most simple and one note reworks can be salvaged.
Dyromic (EUNE)
: Why didn't you mention Nunu at all in your post? It was probably one of the best reworks Riot ever made, it kept the things that made Nunu Nunu and expanded upon them. Although I love the new Yorick and love what they did to him, you can't possibly say it's the same as the old was, his ghouls needs some time to prepare and his Muramana iterations got deleted. The old one was a complete madman who could duel anyone at any time (his abilities were only gated by CD) and the new one need preparation to do so. Nunu would be a better example for a fitting rework (alongside WW of course).
You are right, nunu was an amazing rework but it feels like the exception not the rule. Also i said yorick rework was good. I mained old yorick in season 5 and i loved the ghouls. I understood that 4 abilities that do the same thing was not salvageable. But ghouls were. The ghouls were the best part of yorick and they kept it. The issue with most of the new reworks is that they completely remove every defining aspect of the character and replace it with something vaguely similar (Galios amazing fun ult on his w with a lower range and no ap damage for example) i believe all of the failed reworks were salvageable but they just stopped caring.
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