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: Well you know, this is an animu/waifu thread
Keyru (NA)
: GD Wardens
I'm about 57% okay with this, give or take a few noodles.
: How do you win against teams with superior wave clear?
TL;DR: Pick champions that will force them to fight when YOUR team wants to, grab an ultra-strong split-pusher, or nab/bait Baron and siege items to get them off the turret or you will never siege them. Kayle is super short ranged even with her E up, so try to abuse that. Gangplank's Barrels make things a little bit tricky at the later stages of the game when he has them up almost 100% of the time being able to 1-shot a wave with ease, however if he gets to that point you're likely looking at a rough teamfight down the line anyways. If you're stuck without waveclear and they have someone like, say, Viktor, you'll have to be clever about it. You'll likely need the Baron Buff to prevent them from one-shotting your wave, or something like a Banner of Command/Zz'Rot Portal to amplify your sieging ability or negate their anti-siege. Also, as others have said, split them up! If you top laner is a beefcake (Maokai, Nautilus, etc.) you'll want to have them tanking the tower for you. If they're a split-pusher (Fiora, Tryndamere, etc.) have them go to a side lane with their Teleport up (if they have it) and split-push until no towers remain. If they are capable of winning a 1v1, the enemy team is required to send 2 or more to deal with them, leaving you with an extreme numbers advantage in a teamfight and giving you the ability to siege or capitalize on objectives around the map to amplify your siege. Your ADC will play a vital role in this if you don't have someone like Ziggs who can take towers with ease. Make sure to help keep them alive and healthy/safe to push the towers for you. If your ADC is too scared to get in there and take a few chip shots at the tower, you'll have to play around that and move with them. If the enemy team is composed of something like Xerath, Gangplank, Cho'Gath, Brand, and Caitlyn, it's going to be rough to actually siege on them without having them insta-clear waves and stay safe behind their lines. You either have to poke them out or pick a VASTLY superior team comp in champion select to win a teamfight or clearing towers will only be a dream. For team comps against super wave-clearing champions, look into hard engage. You want something that says: "Hey, we're fighting NOW, no more of this bullshit hiding behind your tower clearing waves." Maokai/Nautilus/Malphite essentially guarantee one or more targets are going to have a bad time, and with a few items can safely tank the towers for MANY hits while your team fights the enemy or sieges. It's always rough playing against a team that can lock you down from extreme range, so you'll likely have to play around your Ultimates/Summoner's Spells to effectively siege - just make sure not to overextend for too long and get picked off when disengaging, as they will be quick to turn the siege around on you!
Mordius (NA)
: Nice try guys [and girls]
Did someone say anime? http://imgur.com/a/0FsAp
Jack Mana (EUNE)
: Mastery icons. "set a counter"
I'm not sure if /ignore stop the mastery spam, but either way it's more of a personal issue. I love spamming my Mastery Emote when I Flash into a skillshot that otherwise wouldn't have hit me or Tumble into a hook as Vayne. It's all about perspective and how you view it - if the Lee Sin Q -> Q -> Ward -> W -> Flash -> R's my carry into the enemy team, I feel that he earned the right to spam that Mastery Emote. He put quite a lot of time and effort into earning that and practicing those mechanics and it paid off for him. Usually players seem to get the most "tilted" when it's an RNG factor or someone like Malzahar uses his Mastery Emote when he R's you knowing there is little to no counterplay without a QSS or your team peeling him off of you. Spam your Mastery Emote back (Ctrl + 6), there's nothing stopping you from doing it - provided you have the Mastery yourself. You can also Taunt/Joke/Dance etc. (Ctrl +1-6) to give the enemy team a healthy amount of BM back or to show good sportsmanship between players. In a battle of wet noodle tanks (think Nautilus vs. Maokai) it's always fun to dance back and forth or cancel autos on one another as a friendly gesture of BM, since you know damn well that neither of you are going to kill each other smacking away for 20 minutes.
: Is there any way to escape bronze or am I just bad?
As others have said, try to stick to a smaller pool of champions and roles. From the looks of your OP.GG, you seem to do best with: Marksman: Ashe/Xayah Mid: Annie/Veigar Support: Bard That's at least 5 champions to be able to maximize your potential on, and should prevent you from being pick/banned out. Nearly all of them are incredibly viable in solo-queue as well. -Ashe brings the initiate and is a hyper-carry team-fighter later on. She provides very valuable vision for her team as well as a safe poke. -Xayah is a very safe ADC with her Ultimate being able to survive things that most ADC's should not, and her feathers are a pseudo-Kalista rend with a root. -Annie is always an amazing initiator, and is a staple for newer players to get the hang of things. She's easy to farm with, kill with, and is moderately safe. -Veigar brings the pain as well as control with an AoE stun. Being infinite scaling means he's in a similar boat to Nasus: you'll never get outscaled by items end-game. -Bard is a play-making support that does ridiculous amounts of damage in short bursts. His Ultimate is game-changing, being able to stop Dragons, Barons, Towers, anything you can think of. He also brings incredible safety with his E being able to teleport his team through walls and bait others. Being able to heal and scale infinitely (to a degree) is just icing on the cake for him. You buy Control (~~Pink~~) Wards, this is great! Keep doing this, I can assure you that there are at least 50% of players stuck in Bronze that don't buy a single one - EVER. This is a huge plus for vision as well as denying the enemy team vision. You can also bait with it, and be able to sneak objectives with one around as well. You also mostly upgrade your free Trinket at level 9, keep doing this on champions that have an advantage on this! As an ADC, your positioning is your life, and stepping one inch too close to that bush with a Pantheon begging for you to face-check it is often certain death. The Farsight Alteration will allow you to face-check from relative safety, as well as lasting an infinite duration (if nobody kills it). For a Support, you'll often want to grab a Sweeper's once you've gotten a Sightstone, as this allows you to deny the enemy vision and doubles as a stealth and trap spotter for your team. If the enemy only has 1 Ward down to your 4, they're much more blind than you are, leaving you far more access to their jungle - and more importantly, their base. Your CS is okay for your level, I'd always encourage stepping it up if you're able to, as Gold will allow you to hit powerspikes sooner and be able to carry games harder and faster. Aim for 8-10 CS/minute if you're in a lane with dedicated farm, less is totally fine if you're roaming around and making use of your time, but if you stray too far away and get greedy for kills you'll find yourself in a tough spot going back to base with little to buy. Remember that 15 CS is about the equivalent of a kill, so if your laner is 45 CS up and 2 kills down, they're effectively 1 kill ahead of you in Gold. Try to steer clear of "feast of famine" champions. Gangplank is super fun once he gets going, but he requires a VERY large investment of time and Gold to even be remotely useful. His Ultimate is great, but very few people will let you get to the point where you're at 6 items and taking 90% of their HP with a single barrel. In a similar trope, try to stay away from "I need a team" champions. Someone like Galio requires immense team backup or he's self-suiciding with his Ultimate. I main Rek'Sai, however I wouldn't dare bring her into a game where I feel there is going to be a lack of synergy or follow up. Sometimes you'll have to feel it out - if your Riven top lane locks in Ignite/Exhaust as Summoner's Spells, she's probably not going to be any use to the team and will be looking to pad her KDA and boost their ego. Champions that are heavily reliant on outplaying their opponent don't tend to do very well, simple champions like Tryndamere or Jax who can split-push forever are far easier and provide much more utility in the lower brackets. Your builds look fine and are tailored around staying alive - this is awesome keep doing this! Most players at your MMR will go "FULL DAMAGE 1000+ AP ONE-SHOT NIGHTBLUE3 CLICKBAIT" and try to do what a Challenger-level player does - and inevitably end up falling short of their goals. Building even one defensive item will save them from TONS of damage as well as be able to be useful for more than that 1 magical 1v9 outplay. Hope this helps, best of luck to you! It's definitely difficult to climb, but remember that you can't guarantee the enemy team will have even 1 good/smart player, whereas if you, yourself pick up that role, you're guaranteed that 20% chance that they won't have. You'll definitely climb as your macro and micro-management skills improve, make sure not to flame your team and try to play around winning lanes - even if you're the only one winning. Watch your replays to learn what you could do better in every situation. You'll often find things that you never saw in game since we're all usually laser-focused on our champion and can't see the big picture of what's going on.
: You Otter Check Out What's In This Floof Thread
http://punpedia.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/2ccdb87a6a02af63e2e53ec8bb377c5e.jpg TAKE MY UPVOTE.
: So is Grave's cigar not in NA?
It doesn't appear in the Collection tab, however it does work when loading in game as well as your portrait when playing. It also doesn't work viewing another teammate as your target, however it at least works for you when playing! The cigar is also definitely on the in-game model.
: Punishment guidelines
Punishments can always skip tiers and be escalated depending on the severity (i.e. racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. will generally always be punished more harshly than general flaming). If you've got a history of being banned before, it's very likely that they would issue a more severe punishment if there is no reformation. That being said, you'll want to post the chat logs here if you're looking for any assistance from the community. Without them it's difficult for anyone to weigh judgment on your actions and help you with ideas for the future.
: New client reconnected
Yep, happening to a lot of us unfortunately. The workaround in Service Status doesn't seem to remedy the issue, and OP.GG shows us still being in a game. Not really sure what to do to fix it currently.
: bug or nah?
It's the exact same way that Rek'Sai is able to deny Lee Sin's execute on his Q. For Fizz it's very easy to see when the Ultimate is going to go off as you have a debuff and a visual countdown of "3...2...1" to help you out. Definitely not a bug, Knockups are intended to stop all mobility or they would have virtually no use against champions with any form of it as they would continue on their path.
: ranked game while in 10 min of the game already ,
Happening to a lot of us unfortunately. OP.GG shows the game is still going on, yet it doesn't give the option to "Reconnect." I'm not sure what the workaround is, as changing the Windowed Mode settings doesn't seem to fix it. Hopefully it will be addressed soon!
: Game just dropped?
Looks like it's happening to a lot of us, OP.GG shows the game is still going on yet restarting the client gives no option to Reconnect. Changing the game settings for Windowed Mode doesn't seem to remedy the issue either, so I'm not sure how to workaround it.
koshkyra (NA)
Happening to a lot of us unfortunately. I'm not sure what the workaround is as changing the game's Windowed Mode setting does nothing to fix it. OP.GG shows I'm still in a match, yet I'm able to queue up for another without the option of Reconnecting.
: Game Crash
Just happened to me in an ARAM. OP.GG shows I'm still in a game, however it's not giving me the Reconnect option. Very confused, I feel terrible if my team is all there and I'm disconnected from random issues, but I'd like some clarity on what's happening or a workaround, changing the game to Windowed doesn't seem to fix it for me.
: ARAM Changes for 7.10
I greatly appreciate you taking the time to look at ARAM and how the large amount of changes have affected the game mode, as well as listening to the community on a large portion of what was said. I do feel that potentially there is some room for improvement in some areas, however I'd like to wait and see how the changes will move the way teams are being played as well as itemization. > Guardian’s Line > Feedback has been pretty consistent that the Guardian’s line is a little bit weak. We generally agree though to different extents on the different items. As a result we’re doing a small +50 Health Buff across the board and an additional small buff to the Hammer and Horn (+5 AD,and +50 Additional Health respectively). I like that there's an eye out for these. They're already exceptionally weak and with the ARAM starting Gold of 1400 there was almost 0 reason to pick them up early. The +20/5 HP Regen on the is {{item:2051}} always going to feel lackluster, though, since ARAM is highly based around speed. Very rarely do I have the time (aside from champions like Mundo or Garen, in which case I would still opt for more HP-based items) to sit and regen while remaining safe. Someone like Katarina will just run in and pick up the quick-kill and dash back out. I feel that there could be room to change it completely to a % Regen passive, something similar to how {{item:3028}} items work or a pseudo-Mundo passive to help out champions like Poppy that would much prefer to have an effective method of "staying in the fight" rather than executing to remain useful. The damage reduction is always welcomed, especially early game, however with a solid amount of Armor/MR being able to be bought early the 10%+ more mitigation is always going to be more useful and will build into better items faster - made worse by the drop in effectiveness on DoT abilities whereas raw stats don't have this restriction. {{item:3184}} is in an awkward spot, I feel the +5 AD and +50 HP will definitely help it out, however it's still going to be outclassed by a BF Sword on most AD's with ratios that are leaned towards high-AD builds ({{champion:119}} ) or others that simply want it for the early poke ({{champion:15}} ). Someone like Vayne will definitely look towards picking this item up, however if she's looking to build a BotRK it's only setting her farther behind towards her completed item and powerspikes. I'm not sure how to balance this item out honestly, as I feel that it will be in a good spot in regards to value for purchasing, however the problems of Doran's-style items selling for abysmal amounts sort of off-sets the incentive to buy them. {{item:3112}} Rito pls. This item could stand a full-scale rework IMO. It's almost never bought and provides next to nothing for value out of the item. Even with the buffs to it, I'll highly doubt it will see any use as building a Lost Chapter will provide a near infinite supply of mana, similar AP, and build into the staple of nearly all AP builds of Morellonomicon which provides INCREDIBLE amounts of value. While I'm all for the extra HP, I'm not sure that the MP Regen is in a healthy spot. It's lackluster as Howling Abyss provides bonus mana regen anyways, and champions that desperately need a large mana pool ({{champion:13}} ,{{champion:69}} ,{{champion:34}}, {{champion:136}} {{champion:38}} , etc.) will often opt into a Tear and/or Catalyst early to offset their costs. The Mana Regen is already ridiculous at higher levels in Howling Abyss, and encourages spell-slinging towards "end-game." I feel that this item could perhaps be in a similar trope to Guardian's Horn, being able to change the mana to a percentage (%) regen rather than a flat amount, similar to how the Mastery Meditation works. It would encourage players to still build those Tears and stack 'em up while providing a moderate amount of sustain. The main issue I see with this is that it could become too overbearing if left unchecked and would be never sold, however if the AP is so much smaller than other AP items I don't see this being too much of a problem. I do enjoy reading about the changes to how cannon minions are going through, this could definitely help off-set the experience transients that are so heavy-handed in ARAM sometimes, I only worry that a comp that has basically nothing until level 6, but spikes incredibly hard, will have that much of an advantage to carry over though. I don't think that this is too much of an issue, mainly because those champions (like {{champion:32}} ) are essentially useless before that point on Howling Abyss. Letting them hit 6 faster against a comp of Xerath, Sona, Ziggs, Varus, and Ezreal will allow them to actually be useful and "fight back" when they've been farming under tower for 20 minutes. On the flip side, the aforementioned comp hitting level 6 faster will only serve to further "stomp" games that would otherwise be somewhat even if XP/Levels were more balanced out. I look forward to seeing how these changes will play out. Thanks again for taking the time to make these changes happen as well as listening to the community - it is greatly appreciated! I hope things will see a more even playing field and less of a stomp between games, as currently it feels that grabbing an inhibitor is almost certain victory if the losing team has no methods of fending off the 300+ AD Super Minions at 10 minutes and giving them time to scale.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A1parHYL,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-05-01T21:47:45.065+0000) > > You might not have asked to queue with them, but I'm pretty sure you are one of the trigger points in making them rage and they int in retaliation. but they are absolute garbage and keep making me lose. Like if you have a 20% winrate its time to stop playing.
> [{quoted}](name=Warwick the OP,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A1parHYL,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-02T04:53:35.006+0000) > > but they are absolute garbage and keep making me lose. Like if you have a 20% winrate its time to stop playing. https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=warwick+the+op https://euw.whatismymmr.com/warwick%20the%20op (Not enough data to calculate your Ranked MMR, likely due to having only a SINGLE Win, Bottom 25% Normal MMR - 1075) Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you fall under this category as well? You're rocking an 8% Win Rate (having won only one game) in Ranked (Bronze 3) with a 1.39 KDA (32% KP). I also can't find a single game that you've bought a Control (~~Pink~~) Ward or upgraded your FREE Trinket at level 9. You also have a 0% Win Rate over the past 7 days in Ranked. I could nit-pick at this all day, but it wouldn't be of much use if you aren't willing to learn. Check out your replays and see what you could have done to improve. A little bit of introspection will go a long way in this game. The only person you can change is yourself. You are matched with players that the system deems of similar skill level (MMR) to you. If you feel that you are much higher, the games should be incredibly easy for you - even with "feeding" teammates. On-topic: There's NEVER an excuse to flame someone. If they're doing poorly, try to encourage them and pick them back up off the ground rather than beating them into bits. Use encouraging phrases to try and help them and show you're willing to communicate in a friendly manner. More often than not, someone that's going 0/10 will be VERY happy to talk to you and work together to get their score in a better place so they're more useful to the team. It also shows you have some decency, as well as understanding and empathy for their situation. We've all had bad games, and you never know what someone else is going through on the other side of the screen - being a friendly face in a crowd of negativity can sometimes makes all the difference in the world for that person.
: @Tantram: A few Player Behavior system changes I'd like to see
DTM, you've been chat restricted 316 times prior to this, {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} your permanent ban sh....wait. Kidding, couldn't resist :D. I do like these ideas and hope that some of them will see some light in the future. 1) Yes. Far too often do I see threads on PB&M along the lines of "WTF RITO X BAN FOR THIS?" and defend the fact that they had no prior warnings. With some form of better warning system I honestly think it would give players a chance to reform (especially if it's their main account with tons of time and sweet skins). 2) For the love of all you believe in let's give this some attention. Even if we can't completely mute pings for communication reasons, being able to limit hearing the pings from someone that's "?" Pinging 6 times every time their cooldown is up would be invaluable. I've had many games that were completely winnable and fine where teammates would simply Alt+F4 out after seeing a teammate spam pings on them. 3) This would be great as long as the players don't have ANY method of being able to reactivate their chat during the game. I like the ideas you proposed here, as it will help those that feel the need to spam "??? GGEZ U SUK KYS" every game stop from doing it, or be able to be reported more swiftly when they decide to use their limited messages for only the most egregious offenses. 4) I rather enjoy this idea, it gives players that little reminder of "Hey unfriendly player, you're already escalated up the punishment tier, try not to slip up again - remember you're in our system already and we're keeping a close watch on you {{item:3348}} ." 5) I feel that this would be great, however I'm not sure how it would be accomplished honestly. Sure, building 6 tears or 6 boots is pretty easy to see that someone is beyond the point of caring, or 10 deaths under the enemy mid tower in 5 minutes with 0 pathing or interaction, however on the flip-side I don't know how it would account for actual "new" players to the game that are either having a bad game or trying an off-meta build (and learning ADC-Ryze or something else similar doesn't do so hot). Thanks for bringing these issues to light and hopefully they will get some positive attention and move things in the right direction! I do agree that there are a few outlying issues (such as pre-game lobby reporting, as you mentioned) that could definitely be implemented to prevent the whole "MID OR FEED" sort of mentality. Hopefully we see some of these suggestions brought up in the near future!
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Heimerdinger Changes for 7.10 (Request for Comment)
I feel that a lot of Heimer's problems stem from him being heavily reliant upon turrets (and thus AP) to remain even remotely useful against melee champions, as once they build a slight amount of MR your turrets can be walked up to and killed in 1-2 hits. His Auto-Attack animation could definitely use some love as it's incredibly difficult to consider using as a last-hit mechanic in clutch situations when you could W half the wave. That being said, his identity in League is always really confusing for me. I'll pick him top into Darius if I want to force him to stick to top lane - this is exactly what the Donger is great at. He oppresses enemy melees like his life depends upon it and will absolutely siege your turret in the blink of an eye. This forces the enemy team to essentially be a man down the entire game while you afk-top. This isn't always fun for either party, however it's something that needs to be kept in mind for the enemy team. If Darius (or any bruiser-esque laner) decides to make a Teleport play, you know damn well that your Teleport will only get you killed since you require prep-work to be useful. This leads to some awkward times since the enemy laners know that you won't TP in, and will (more often than not) just sit in their lanes and wait for assistance. If they leave, Heimer takes the tower and continues on to the next tower with little recourse in his mind. He's also a very discouraging target to gank. If he puts a trifecta of turrets in the mid lane there's no way Kha'Zix (or any other non-tank) will even consider walking there - it's literal suicide as the turrets take over 50% of your health while Heimer just walks away and spams mastery emotes and laughs at you. This makes it so that he's forced into playing safe and behind his turrets or else his damage and safety is simply gone. The downside of this is "playing safe" for Heimer involves placing 3 turrets down and AFK'ing behind them as they auto-push a wave. He has very little in regards to "interaction" in lane, as walking up to him as a squishy/pre-MR build (and subsequently his arsenal of turrets) means he's going to E -> W you or E -> R+W you and take most of your health bar away in a fraction of a second, leaving him free to push turrets if left unchecked. As for the changes, I feel they are a step in the right direction to some degree, however if the turrets are still able to be incredibly easily destroyed, I feel the nerf may be heavy-handed. Heimer always requires "setup" to be useful (unless he's incredibly fed) and without that he's going to have a bad time. With the turrets being instant-charged from E and rapidly (20% per rocket) charged from W, it's upping his burst potential (and combos) if someone dares to challenge him inside his fortress while simultaneously demolishing his ability to be useful against someone with AoE or multi-target abilities. Someone like Fiddlesticks or Brand who can throw out a single spell and ruin half of the Donger's kit is already a nuisance, and will become a nightmare if Heimer can't "bait" them into turret range. The Q changes are rather awkward - it almost gives players an incentive to sit on Rank 1 Q and max W, which already hits like a truck, while relying on the beefier AP Scaling from Q to give them a "free pass" in keeping it under-leveled. The W changes are okay, his Rockets cost a TON of mana early, however upon reaching a Morello's or any other mana-sustain item it's negligible. The cooldown reduction on them throws me off, and further pushes this towards the skill that should be leveled first, as it will easily out-push turrets early game and provide much-needed poke against more difficult match-ups. The E changes are VERY welcomed. The larger hitbox makes it actually usable on a competent opponent, as 90% of the time it seems they'll see a flying grenade and give the old "nope" and just walk away from it while it provides no utility. The lowered cooldown at early levels helps him out and makes it less punishing when missed, as often times laners will freely walk up to you if you whiff it and punish you for a significant amount of time, and increasing it later makes him less of a teamfight AoE-stun monster - giving you guys more freedom to move power around, I feel. For the R changes, I appreciate (and I'm sure many others do as well) you guys not going out of your way to give Heimer a full-scale rework. His Q is already a "I'm going to fight this or die trying" sort of thing, and discourages a lot of what would be assassins from continuing their pursuit against the Donger that has 0 mobility. The W is also a single-target nuker, and does very poorly if trying to "spread the wealth" to many champions - I feel that perhaps there's some leverage to give some clarity on the range of it (like a small indicator while Heimer is firing), or perhaps allow Heimer to somewhat re-position the rockets between waves. It's always depressing to see a ton of rockets fly beside that enemy champion who side-stepped for half a second while your team "?" pings you. For the E, I feel that it's always going to be situational. It's VERY easy to see and to quickly just say "screw this" and side-step immediately to avoid most (if not all) of the splash. Perhaps if there was some room for changing it, I would suggest making something akin to how Doom Bot Brand worked with his W (although to a lesser degree) - making a normal E hit the ground first and "splash" out several other grenades to have a larger teamfighting impact. Even if the grenades no longer stun, a significant slow would suffice to allow his team to actually engage, rather than hoping everyone is a sitting duck for them. If a team is already positioning in a straight line, they're going to be melted by the likes of Xayah, Varus, Lux, Ahri, Xerath, etc., so it's increasingly difficult the higher up you go in ELO/MMR to have them misposition in such a drastic manner. Finally, I'd like to say thank you for posting this on the boards and getting thoughts on this before bringing it out live. I look forward to seeing what Riot does with Heimerdinger and have great hopes for seeing him more consistently across all ranges of MMR. These changes seem like a step in the right direction, even if it's not his "final form." Thanks for bringing the attention to the community, it's much appreciated!
Zuil (NA)
: Why doesn't league put low prio que players together?
http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/01/ask-riot-banished-to-prisoners-island/ It's mainly due to them trying to give players an actual chance at reforming. If they don't, they're escalated up the tiers of punishment until permanently banned. It's also very difficult for someone to reform if they're surrounded by constant negativity as it becomes the "social norm" at that point and is very discouraging to try and better one's self.
Keyru (NA)
: Discord Verification
Keyru (NA)
: Discord Verification
Keyru (NA)
: Discord Verification
Keyru (NA)
: Discord Verification
: how do i tell if a person is actually blocked from me?
I'm not sure I understand the situation correctly. Did you follow DTN's sticky at the top of the page? It's worked like a charm for me! If you Blocked them they should certainly appear on the list. I just now tried DTN's method to test it and it worked fine for me. I was able to see the player's name that I blocked immediately, and was able to remove them with a click. Perhaps restart your client if it's not working. If they're not on the Block list then they're not Blocked and you will still be able to see their messages and mastery emotes in-game. Perhaps there is a bug in the system, though. Does the name have any special character or anything associated with it? I'd definitely recommend sending in a ticket to Support and/or use the Bug Report option in the bottom-right of the new client if you can't get it working with restarting the client and other minor troubleshooting. It could be something stuck on their end if the player has an awkward name (something like: 피자 애호가) might not show up due to us having an NA Client without the Korean Letter Packs. Likewise, Riot can probably assist you with something like that. Best of luck OP, hope it gets resolved fast!
: how do i tell if a person is actually blocked from me?
Click the cog-looking thing in the top-right of the client (Settings). Then scroll down to Block List - all the names of the Blocked individuals should be listed. The Blocking system (ignore) removes them from your friend's list (if they were there) and moves them into your Blocked List. You should see a list of players names come up and be able to remove them as well. Hope this helps OP!
: Those monsters, they wait, while you are dead a flurry of punctuation, and upon your revival, they remind you, as if you owe it to them and must help them that you are now alive.
> [{quoted}](name=Destructive55AZ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=YgA2uzEH,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2017-05-01T03:50:09.717+0000) > > Those monsters, they wait, while you are dead a flurry of punctuation, and upon your revival, they remind you, as if you owe it to them and must help them that you are now alive. My personal favorite are the ones that spam "?" Ping when someone gets hit by something like a Lux E (or other nearly impossible to dodge spell) so hard that they end up getting killed in the process by something like a Blitzcrank Q and then want to blame the team for everyone else being at fault. "If you didn't suck I wouldn't have died." {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Thank your for the legitimate advice, I have bad games, and i do dumb shit i know, Fiora is one of few that can cause trouble, Ive recovered sufficiently though, just went 14/3/3 Cs sucks but i was farming kills
> [{quoted}](name=Master0fMetal,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4EaQvkWQ,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-05-01T04:05:14.286+0000) > > Thank your for the legitimate advice, I have bad games, and i do dumb shit i know, Fiora is one of few that can cause trouble, Ive recovered sufficiently though, just went 14/3/3 Cs sucks but i was farming kills For sure. Fiora is always a nightmare in the top lane. She's either snowballing and rolling through an entire team like a hot knife through butter or is completely useless. Her teamfight ability relies on being able to essentially "delete" an out of position target as fast as possible to gain her healing and continue being useful by tagging Vitals on targets or trade her life for another. She has very few "hard counters" and thrives on facing other melee champions. If you check out Pantheon or Jax they tend to fair a little bit better. Jax can play around with his E and force Fiora to burn her Riposte early to guarantee his stun, and Pantheon can just throw Q's all day to make everyone's life miserable. Also Quinn is an absolute monster against most melee top laners. If Fiora Riposte's your Blind (Q), you can now disengage/engage her safely with your E. Hope you do well in your future games, best of luck!
: I wish it would show what my team was saying to me and why I acted this way lol... This community is so soft. I haven't been punished in months though.
> [{quoted}](name=RadioactivDragon,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=XmRnccqi,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-05-01T04:04:21.517+0000) > > I wish it would show what my team was saying to me and why I acted this way lol... This community is so soft. I haven't been punished in months though. What your team said isn't important. They didn't type out the things that came from your account - you did. You're punished solely on your behavior and your behavior alone. This is why we have a Mute feature, as well as Reporting them after game if you feel they deserved it. There's never an excuse to act like that towards your teammates. As Djinn said, if you were punished before then it's clear you didn't learn your lesson. Riot obviously feels this way and this is why you were banned. Coming on the Boards to flame the community that is willing to assist you further serves as proof of this. While friendly banter is encouraged if both parties are okay with it, there's a difference in a little joke here and there and blatantly flaming teammates. A little bit of introspection will go a long way - how would you feel if you were in Lucian's shoes the whole game while your jungler was flaming you?
: Refusal To Gank
To be fair, both junglers didn't do so hot in that game. Your Yi (6/9/8) had 47% KP with a 1.56 KDA, their Xin (3/6/6) had 27% KP with a 1.50 KDA. Both did abysmal damage as well, and neither of them bought a Control (~~Pink~~) Ward or a Sweeper's, so there's no excuse for not being warded up and seeing them coming. I don't believe Fiora went to 16/5/4 (4.00 KDA) with 61% KP and over double your damage (while you went 2/10/8 (1.00 KDA) with 33% KP) due to Xin Zhao. It's likely due to several other factors. Neither one of them counter-jungled very well nor did they farm efficiently either - both are in the lower sector of 4 CS/minute on champions that would otherwise steamroll the jungle with a few items. Your Bot Lane did exceptionally well this game - arguably better than anyone else out of the entire game. From the looks of it, they capitalized on their Teleport (and thus, objectives) advantage as well as the fact that Fiora was MUCH stronger than you were at a faster rate. They had 3 Dragons, 1 Baron, and 10 Towers to your 1 Dragon and 2 Towers. She also itemized much better than you did, picking up a Maw and a GA to counter both your damage as well as your team's, whereas you picked up pure damage with a Rylai's, Gunblade, and Sorcerer's Shoes. Remember: Fiora does %Health True Damage. She doesn't care if you have 10,000 health or 10, she's going to hit for a Percentage with her Ultimate and Passive. Building more Health is like itemizing to her advantage in this scenario, while gimping your own defenses and damage output. Next time you face her, pick up Teleport instead of Ignite and some early Armor if you know it's going to be a tough lane. Losing out on XP and Gold from minions puts you at a severe disadvantage, and likely why Yi didn't want to come top - he was already up there cleaning up the waves crashing to tower judging by the CS since he was 27 CS up on you (as a jungler, mind you). There's no sense in ganking a lane to feed the laner harder - as a jungler we look out for these things. If you're not warded well and keep feeding your laner, there's nothing we can do to help, we're only going to make the game harder. This is probably why he likely spent more time around bot/mid lanes. Master Yi also didn't want to come top and give Fiora another kill considering she had 8 CS/minute while you had 3.5 CS/minute. Try to focus on Farming, at 4 minutes she already had double your CS. At 30 minutes, she had 235 to your 103. Looking at the items, it took you 13 minutes to complete your first item, and 27 to complete your third (including boots). At 26 minutes Fiora had 5 completed items. There's no way in hell that a competent jungler would come up there, sorry to say. Yi was sitting on 3 (nearly 4) items, at no point could he stand toe to toe with Fiora. She will instantly Riposte (W) his Alpha Strike (Q) and proceed to destroy him with her swift burst. She also had a Ravenous Hydra for Life Steal combined with her Passive, as well as a Guardian Angel. Yi would have had to out-sustain and kill her twice - that's not going to happen. If he had any Magic Damage On-Hit items, he would have to deal with her Maw as well, not a fun time for him. Also, a side note, if you know that your laner can easily 1v1 you if you step too close to them (such as Fiora who can constantly dash-reset on you), upgrade your FREE Trinket at level 9 to a Farsight to be able to check bushes from afar. This also works in tandem with itself as it lasts forever until killed, and will give you ample time to retreat if you see the laner, as they will likely kill it (if they see it) giving you that split second to react. Walking up to a bush and placing a Ward only to find a Wild Fiora appeared is never a fun time. On-topic: To convince a jungler to gank you'll want to be willing to listen to criticism yourself and take responsibility for your own actions. If he's not coming up there because he's in fear of his life, you need to be willing to accept that and play safe/build defensively if needed. Your jungler is busy with other lanes as well as farming his own jungle while being in fear of a 16 kill Fiora running around the map or Teleporting on top of his team. Babysitting a losing lane is not his responsibility. Try to make plays where he can't to assist your team. It's a team game at the end of the day, and playing as a team will take you much farther than relying on your jungler to win you a 1v1 lane. Play towards your winning lanes - if you're feeding your ass off it's probably not the best idea to sit top lane and farm while waiting to die again to "be relevant eventually." It's much more beneficial for you to go to another lane or counter-jungle the enemy jungler at that point. Everyone wants to play Chiefs, but nobody wants to be an Indian, as they say. For League, everyone wants to be the carry, but very few people are willing to accept the concept of "getting carried." Your Bot Lane could have easily carried this game if they had SOME form of front-line. As Mordekaiser (a melee champion), you can be that frontline. Being able to survive for 15 seconds in a fight (and thus peel your carries that are winning the game for you) is much more valuable than dying in 2 while dealing no damage. TL;DR: Look at your replays to see what you could have done better. Neither jungler had any influence on this game - Xin Zhao had less damage than either Support, so I highly doubt he was "tower diving" the entire game. Master Yi did nearly double his damage, but was still in the rather low category. It wasn't your jungler's fault. Build properly, ward up, and learn from your mistakes. Knowledge is power. Flaming/blaming your jungler is a scapegoat reason to not improve yourself.
: The Struggle For lvl7 Mastery Tokens is Real.
Your KDA is great OP, keep it up and I'm sure it will drastically help you getting those tokens! Things to work on for getting those tokens: 1) CS'ing. It's incredibly important for contributing to your overall grade. They have separate counters for how much lane minions vs. jungle minions you're farming, so sneaking in some jungle camps here and there is effective. Even games where you'll have a lower KP (Kill Participation) your farm will have a major effect on your grade. Aim for 8-10 CS per minute on a laner. You're definitely sitting around the 6 CS per minute range which is great, however Warwick is an incredibly potent farmer and with a Tiamat can easily achieve ridiculous numbers - a lot of players tend to do the AFK-farming route on champions that can do it unfortunately, which makes it that much harder to get the S/S+. Warwick can also counter-jungle the enemy team very easily due to his %HP Damage on Q and in-built sustain, so if you're bringing him to top lane try to keep this in mind to bolster your score further as well as off-set the enemy jungler. 2) Kill Participation - make sure that your overall KP is having an effect on the game. Although it's not the most detrimental thing in determining a score, having somewhere around 60% and higher KP means that you've GREATLY influenced the map. I don't believe there's a set number to aim for, but do the best you can! It's always difficult for top laners since they're on their own island, however if you're snowballing do the best you can to apply pressure to your lane (as well as others) and push some towers down to get the enemy team to come to you. This will allow you to have a higher KP by "tagging" more enemies as they come, as well as freeing up your team for more objectives. 3) Warding. You buy Control (~~Pink~~) Wards and this is great - keep that up! However with Wards you'll want to be a bit less stingy with them to help bolster your grade overall as well as help your team. Denying enemy wards always plays a moderate factor into this so if you're able to grab a few it certainly helps! 4) Upgrade your trinket and use it as often as possible (while still maintaining good use out of it). Same thing as #3. 5) Game Length - the shorter the games the less CS you're able to farm as well as compete with others that have a similar grade. A Challenger player that ends the game in 15 minutes with 150 CS and a perfect KDA is going to have a killer grade, however the average player won't have this and as games progress will generally start to fall off in farm, thus killing their score. 6) Dragons/Barons - While I'm not certain if it plays into it for Top Lane as much, the amount of Dragons and Barons can definitely influence a score, even if only for Gold alone. Try to help your team around those objectives and gather as many team-wide resources as you can! For example: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2458653149/235309289?tab=builds&participant=2 This match was either an S or S+ for myself (Rek'Sai jungle) and my mid laner (Annie). The overall KP was decent and our farm was okay, however our Top Lane didn't get an S on this due to farming and KP, even though he had GREAT influence on the map and contributed immensely to how teamfights played out as well as maintained a low amount of deaths. As others have said, you can always take champions into an off-meta role to help out with getting the grades, however it's sometimes more harm than good if the champion doesn't have the necessary skills to back up their role. Warwick does great in a solo lane or melee matchup, however he tends to get bullied out immensely if taken to Bot (or if facing something like Quinn/Teemo top). Just remember that you're weighted against everyone else that played that champion in that role, so picking a champion that's popular or a stream-favorite will be MUCH more difficult to achieve if there's a lot of people playing it (unless they're all feeding horrifically, then enjoy the freelo! :D). For example: Out of 10 Lee Sins, 1 of them is Gripex/InSec, 3 of them are decent, and 6 of them are feeding their asses off. It's much easier to grab an S/S+ for him than a lot of other champions just because he attracts so many players that 6/10 of them are going to be feeding, and if you're in the 4/10 group you'll likely have a MUCH higher grade than others. However on the flip side: Out of 10 Singed players, 9 of them are Singed mains (since he is rarely picked) and feeding (feed2win mekanix) while bolstering some of the highest CS in the game. The 1 guy that isn't a Singed main is likely to play safer however will have a MUCH lower CS score than the others since he's not comfortable with proxy/lane-farming or knowing how the poison will deal damage, thus having a significantly lower grade than the others - even with a great KDA. Hope it helps OP! Best of luck to you, I'm sure you'll get that Mastery 7 soon!
: Will installing custom skins get me banned?
There was a similar question to this on the boards (yesterday?). It's always a vague topic for Riot as if they allow something and then it turns out to violate the integrity of the game and they decide to punish for it, there will be a wealth of "OMG I WAS BANNED FOR X RITO SAID IS WAS OK WTF" topics on the Boards and flooding Support. This is usually why they tend to avoid giving "approval" to most 3rd party programs that aren't from an absolutely massive company that is widely used (like Curse and Discord). I'll try to add on to what DTM said and quote what I said before, and I'd highly suggest checking out the links they provided to get an idea on what's allowed and what isn't. I'd also suggest checking out this link (although I'm not sure how well it holds up being from 2012): http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2436518&page=17#post27906871 > [{quoted}](name=PlsCheckThisBush,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=l7UbW9lb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-30T02:42:15.741+0000) > > Realistically? No, they likely won't ban you for something that doesn't alter the gameplay or give you any advantage over your opponents. > > Can they? Sure, technically it's modifying the client's files and against the ToS/EULA that we all agree to every time they update the game as well as when we signed up. It's their game and they're able to make the rules as they see fit, however they would much prefer you stick around and continue to play their game and/or spend money to enjoy yourself. The only problem they really have is if somebody is swapping around THEIR skins for the base models, thereby bypassing the system in place since someone put time (and Riot paid them real money) to make the skin. > > I've been using custom skins for years and occasionally swap the UI's around (things like the Frost UI and Challenger UI that I'm sure you're able to find on the site that you found that one). Just make sure that it doesn't alter the way things are seen in the game (like changing positions of the target frame or making debuffs more visible - Riot if you're listening I would love to be able to move my target frame to somewhere not at the corner of my screen). It's an incredibly minor modification, and as long as the game's integrity isn't compromised there isn't really a reason for them to seek you out when there's much more pressing matters like ACTUAL cheaters (scripters, botters, etc.) that are ruining the game for others when you're a person looking to make your UI a little more immersive and continue playing as an honorable summoner. > > Make sure you're not using programs that aren't already flagged as bannable as well as not using things like "zoom modifications" that would give you an unfair advantage. I'd recommend testing out any and all changes you do in a Custom Game/Practice Tool before hand to be able to ensure that nothing is changed in a drastic way as well as doesn't bug out! It's frustrating to queue up for a game while using your sweet Star Guardian Urgot skin (Rito pls, we need this) only to find out that you can't see the particles for when your E hit a target and you're scratching your head every time as to if it was accurate or not. > > If they actually have a problem with it and it's not giving you an unfair advantage, they'll likely send you an e-mail to give you a "heads up" to remove it before any future problems happen. > > Hope this helps, best of luck to you!
: im toxic -im in ban
I'll try to offer some constructive criticism to help you in your future games, OP. Before I start, I'd like to say thank you for realizing your mistake in toxicity and I hope that you work on improving your methods of communicating in the future. > [{quoted}](name=MUSHROOM MIDGET,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=b8VbcP0L,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-30T22:11:17.091+0000) > > there will always be more feeders/trolls/bad players on the other team than on your team. you cant complain about these kinds of players stopping you from climbing. in the long run they will always help you climb more than they hurt you. 1) This is 100% true. You can't guarantee that everyone on the enemy team will be a talented player nor can you ensure that they won't feed. The only person you can change or rely on is yourself, meaning there's at least a 20% chance for your team to not have a "troll" or fall short. The enemy team has 5 players that aren't guaranteed that. 2) Buy a Control (~~Pink~~) Ward - I'm looking at your OP.GG right now and can't find a single instance where you've bought one, even as Support. Wards save lives and provide valuable information to your team, as well as deny enemy vision with Pinks. 3) Upgrade your FREE trinket at level 9. If you're jungling, you'll likely want to pick up a Sweeper's to help give you the element of surprise on opponents as well as deny vision. You can also use this for future ganks if you don't have your Sweeper up, being able to reliably guess where the enemy is likely warded. If Xin Zhao top warded tri-brush for 15 minutes, he's probably going to be warding there again, and you can adjust your path accordingly. 4) Your Runes need work. This is very common is people that are trying to climb and tend to get "stuck." While having that extra 2 AD from your Glyphs looks awesome, it doesn't do anything to help you survive. I'd highly recommend running Magic Resistance or some form of Scaling MR/CDR if you're confident in your abilities in lane. If they don't have any AP for you to go against in Bot Lane, you're always welcome to run Attack Speed Glyphs, however the MR will easily help you against AP champions that like to run Flat Magic Penetration and are hitting you for essentially true damage if you lack MR. Similarly, there is no alternative to 9 Armor Seals in the jungle unless you are an INCREDIBLY safe clearer already - even then Scaling Health is really your only alternative. They will help you stay healthier for longer, allowing you to farm more, gank more, and provide more safety from enemy/minion auto-attacks when you do gank. This allows you to stay on the map for longer and remain useful for extended durations. 5) Your Masteries could definitely use work as well. Savagery is almost mandatory on any champion that will be attacking minions or monster (i.e. everyone but Support). While the 3% out of combat movement speed from Wanderer is nice, it doesn't exactly help you last hit minions nor does it have any effectiveness in trading while you're in combat. Even auto-attacking minions put you in combat, so the bonus is already lost immediately upon entering lane. Try to synergize Masteries for every champion that you play. They can be easily swapped before the game, so there's no reason to not do it. 6) Make your builds catered to what the enemy team has - don't remain static with them. While everyone wants to build a Ghostblade on Draven for the awesome "Tyler1 build," it doesn't scale very well nor does it grant Attack Speed anymore, making it even less appealing for ADC's. The Lethality nerfs also hit it hard, and you'll often find Last Whisper will help you out against tanks FAR greater than any amount of Lethality will. Reducing 15 Armor from 250 puts them at 235, reducing 35% of their bonus Armor will have a much more drastic impact. Lethality has been tuned for Assassin's to, well, assassinate a squishy target. Talon doesn't walk up to a Frozen Heart Malphite and have a good time with a Lethality build. For example, you built a Maw of Malmortius against a team where Veigar was their only source of AP. A QSS/Mercurial Scimitar would have helped FAR more drastically being able to get out of the CC outright, and the Life Steal would have helped your survive much longer rather than hoping that Maw is up and able to save you. Graves, Tryndamere, and Jinx don't care about your Maw. 7) Make sure the items you're buying are useful. Athene's Unholy Grail does absolutely nothing for Elise or Twitch. It only works on Allies OTHER than yourself. While the CDR is somewhat useful, there are far better items to buy that are of much better value for a champion lacking ally shields/healing. Similarly, Rylai's on Volibear is not very useful unless you're going for a Full AP Build. Even then, it's lackluster. Volibear already has an in-built slow with his E (30-50% for 3 seconds), and Rylai's only procs off abilities and spells while applying a 20% slow for 1 second.. By the time you've slowed them with your E and flipped them with your Q, the item has expended its usefulness. If they're not in minions, they can simply walk away from you if your R isn't up to continually slow them with the Rylai's at that point. Try your best to learn how you power-spike with certain champions. Irelia before a Trinity Force isn't super powerful, however once she grabs it she's able to SIGNIFICANTLY increase her damage output. 8) Make sure you're taking the right summoner's spells. Teleport/Ignite on Elise doesn't work too well, as she relies on having an enemy target to be able to Rappel to in Spider Form if she intends on escaping that way. If you're pushed up to the minions in lane, there's no way to get it off in a good spot. Flash/Ignite would be more appropriate, however Teleport/Flash will allow you to have greater map pressure as well as remain safe and come back to lane if you're in a bad spot to avoid missing a ton of minions for Gold/XP. 9) If you're Supporting, make sure you're actually Supporting. I like that you buy a Sightstone usually - keep doing that! Instead of picking up a Banshee's Veil, Deadman's Plate, and Vampiric Scepter on Thresh, consider picking up a Locket and Redemption. These will drastically help your team and allow you to fend off attempts when people are looking to pick your teammates off. If you're putting yourself in a position where you are face-tanking the enemy team, you need to work on your positioning rather than buying items to compensate - that's a tank's job. While defensive items are fine to protect your own ass, you need to be protecting your carry as well as your teammates. 10) Sometimes you're not able to be useful with a full damage build. On Elise if you're 0/10, you likely won't be useful building Runic Echoes -> Liandry's with such a starved Gold pool - look into Cinderhulk and other tank items at that point to help your team out. Try to look at how the game is going and who will be useful to you as a teammate. We don't always have games where we're the carry - everyone has bad games. This is why a lot of offensive mid laners will sometimes rush a Negatron Cloak against someone like Katarina to help themselves stay alive and not be one-shotted. Sure they could buy a Dark Seal and an Amp. Tome, but they do 0 damage while dead. Looking at your CS'ing (Creep Score), KDA (Kill/Death/Assist Ratio), and overall KP (Kill Participation) it looks like a very common issue that people run into with an "ALL OR NOTHING" style of play where they have to be the carry. They all vary wildly depending on how you, personally, are doing. If you're 10/0, you have killer CS, however if you're 0/3 your CS tends to drop to abysmal levels. Try to work on this and build to be useful. Everyone has bad games and poor matchups, however it's your responsibility to ensure you're making the most out of it. Remember that 15 CS is roughly equivalent to a kill, so being 3 kills up and 45 CS behind means you're effectively a kill down. Try not to overextend to farm kills, especially if you're behind in farm. **Most Importantly:** Try to keep a cool head, don't flame your teammates, and watch your replays to learn. Going 10/0 is great and gives you a wonderful "warm cozy" feeling inside where you're able to hard carry games in that regard, however if you're playing someone that needs to scale you'd be much better off focusing on farming and working on your items to be useful for later, as well as transition your lead around the map. You like Draven and that's fine, however remember he's EXTREMELY mechanically involved, and is a "feast or famine" sort of champion. If he's ahead, he tends to stay ahead. If he's behind, he's beyond useless and is free kills for the enemy team. Try to pick safe champions that can scale well - very rarely will you be able to 1v9 games as you climb, as the enemy team will be looking to shut you down at that point. If you're 3/0 and the enemy jungler notices you're bullying their team under tower, they'll probably be making their way to you shortly to pick up the free kill and/or burn your summoner's. It's a team game at the end of the day and playing it as such will benefit you far greater than being the best 1v1/2v2 player. Picking a champion without any mobility against Blitzcrank, Xayah, Jinx, Lux and Elise is probably going to end in a bad time since hitting 1 hard CC on you is going to mean imminent death with the follow-up.
: Its what I'm trying to get across, I said the words "basic jungle knowledge" because I checked the game he was a diamond 4 player, pretty high rank compared to me gold 3, so I thought it was common place, better context I was a Jax vs a Pantheon, Pantheon Q goes through Jax counterstrike, and Pantheon Passive blocks some of my damage, especially if it blocks enhanced autos from w, I was on a downhill to begin with, I muted after he says "stop dying dumbass" at around i believe the 19 minute mark when I already became 0-8, but ended the game 9-12-4 (my 8-11 estimate was wrong) with the most cs 428 23,550 Gold in a 48:37 game, I identified what was wrong and improved instead of having the toxic to toxic mentality, but having that done, post game "report jax for toxic"
> [{quoted}](name=That VietCong,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pEVfuJEq,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-04-30T04:12:17.413+0000) > >...better context I was a Jax vs a Pantheon, Pantheon Q goes through Jax counterstrike, and Pantheon Passive blocks some of my damage, especially if it blocks enhanced autos from w, I was on a downhill to begin with...I identified what was wrong and improved instead of having the toxic to toxic mentality, but having that done, post game "report jax for toxic" Great! I'm glad to hear that, if you're able to consistently make strides in that respect then you're already on the right track! It's always refreshing to have someone able to self-identify their own mistakes and what they could have done to prevent them in the future, so kudos to you for that. I'm very glad you didn't stoop down to the toxic to toxic level, as it would have like had an effect on both your mental/emotional health as well as your team's well-being. Thank you for being the bigger man in that scenario. I hope that overall the community can take a lesson from this and be able to reflect back on their past mistakes. Far too many times it seems individuals end up here on the Boards for "how is this toxic" and link some egregious chat logs involving things I wouldn't even want to say to myself in private >_>. Thanks for posting and sharing your story, hopefully it benefits others who can see things from a different perspective!
: Toxic to a bad player is perfectly fine ??????
Being toxic for any reason is never okay. There's healthy ways to communicate, and if they don't want to partake in that it's their decision, Mute them, Report them, and go on to the next game. Constructive criticism and healthy banter is always encouraged, helping your teammates improve is a great thing that will separate you from the rest of the flamers. Try not to use terms like "basic X knowledge" as it's somewhat demeaning to hear as they're playing the role the way that they see fit. I can definitely see how this "triggered' the individual, however it's no excuse for being toxic to someone having a bad game. Saying things along the lines of "gg noob jg no ganks ff20 9x report plz" is always going to have a negative connotation associated with it, and will almost certainly have a demoralizing effect on the team. Saying something more productive like "Hey (insert jungler name), Riven picked up Ignite instead of Teleport, if you're around can you help me out with her? We can put her super far behind and I can help you get into their jungle or roam around/grab towers." If they decide to flame you, so be it, just Mute them and use Smart Pings to communicate at that point. More likely than not, your teammate will attempt to communicate with you though - if they tell you something you don't want to hear you need to be prepared for that as well, such as "Sorry I can't go top right now, I need to clear my Red side and help bot lane out I think Lee is getting ready to dive them." Even if they guessed wrong and Lee was busy getting juked by the Scuttlecrab (queue Silver Scrapes and mastery emotes pls), it's okay. Try not to flame them and do your best with the cards you've been dealt. You can always try to encourage them, however don't press the issue as it will likely turn into an argument rather quickly. Something like "Np I'll try and play safe for a bit. Let me know when you're nearby though so I'll be ready!" That encourages them that you're willing to communicate and that you still need assistance or are willing to work around their schedule to a degree. Sometimes you'll even get a friendly mid laner that will be able to push our their wave and run up to help you when they see that you're a friendly individual that's focused on team play. A small "ty" goes a long way if they make the effort, even if nothing comes out of it. They've gained you a lot of pressure and sacrificed their own by showing on the map. TL;DR: It's never okay to be toxic for any reason. Try to avoid being passive aggressive as well as humans tend to pick up on that stuff quickly, even if the IFS (Instant Feedback System) doesn't and it will affect their playing ability. Everyone has bad games, even ~~God~~ Faker himself messes up every now and again and goes 0/10 on Azir (SHURIMA!). It's part of the learning process and if someone is flaming an individual for poor performance it's likely not going to help them improve - usually it has the opposite effect!
: How is this chat bannable????
> [{quoted}](name=Gards5FTW,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=a8LBiRg4,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-30T03:06:40.864+0000) > > Game 1 > Gards5FTW: stop feeding bot > Gards5FTW: fuk u dont feed > Gards5FTW: lol ur a retard > Gards5FTW: why the fuk did u back ori > Gards5FTW: fuk u' > Gards5FTW: why did u back??? > Gards5FTW: its a simple question > Gards5FTW: wow bot thanks > Gards5FTW: nice game sense > Gards5FTW: let drag go > Gards5FTW: didnt ward > Gards5FTW: lol report their best player lol good idea > Gards5FTW: bot see how they are warding > Gards5FTW: learn a thing or 2 > Gards5FTW: flaming cuz feeding and not warding > Gards5FTW: not helping > Gards5FTW: ya know.... just being terrible at league > Gards5FTW: lol u ulted me, good jop > Gards5FTW: great work > Gards5FTW: needing to ult' > Gards5FTW: to get kill > Gards5FTW: GO ori; > Gards5FTW: teemo why dont u have abysall > Gards5FTW: nice feed twtich] > Gards5FTW: great work > Gards5FTW: LOL dUDE LOOK AT UR KDA > Gards5FTW: SHUT THE FUCKK UP > Gards5FTW: ur bull > Gards5FTW: wow guys twtich did something > Gards5FTW: DUE > Gards5FTW: tiwtch wtf > Gards5FTW: attack him > Gards5FTW: itiot > Gards5FTW: wat > Gards5FTW: how > Gards5FTW: teemo > Gards5FTW: teemo > Gards5FTW: attack them' > Gards5FTW: u have a blimd > Gards5FTW: wtf > Gards5FTW: omg > Gards5FTW: chill > Gards5FTW: where the fuk yall goo wtf > Gards5FTW: wow thanks twitch real helpful > Gards5FTW: thanks witch wow u coulda done that all they way on the other side of the mapp;..... > Gards5FTW: i cant do anything > Gards5FTW: without fuking engages > Gards5FTW: SOMEONE ENgAFE' > Gards5FTW: it cant be me anymore > Gards5FTW: wow we dont have a tank > Gards5FTW: great > Gards5FTW: i cant deal with the xerth > Gards5FTW: teemo wtf are u doing > Gards5FTW: attack the enemeie > Gards5FTW: U HAVE A BLIND > Gards5FTW: they wont fuking hit u > Gards5FTW: no we werent > Gards5FTW: idiot > Gards5FTW: gg ---------------------------------------- > Game 2 > Gards5FTW: my balls got significantly more saggy waiting in that screen (wait screen was long af) > Gards5FTW: nah man like not just dropped, like middle aged saggy > Gards5FTW: fine nasus u dont get rift fuk u > Gards5FTW: anyONEE > Gards5FTW: HELP > Gards5FTW: DO DAMAGE > Gards5FTW: I TANK > Gards5FTW: sSTOP dying > Gards5FTW: play safe > Gards5FTW: fuking feeder > Gards5FTW: s > Gards5FTW: STOP > Gards5FTW: STOP (kids going in and die immediatly) > Gards5FTW: I need u fuckers to wake the fukc up i cant carry u > Gards5FTW: CAN ANYONE DO DAMAGE? > Gards5FTW: ANYONE AT ALL? > Gards5FTW: u kids are throwing my 4/1 away > Gards5FTW: report mid and bot > Gards5FTW: int > Gards5FTW: UR ASS > Gards5FTW: report bot > Gards5FTW: and mid > Gards5FTW: INTENIONAL FEEDING > Gards5FTW: NOTHING > Gards5FTW: THATS THE PROBLEM > Gards5FTW: wow one arrow good job > Gards5FTW: stop feding > Gards5FTW: report > Gards5FTW: hacks my ult is supposed to supress u > Gards5FTW: it did nothing > Gards5FTW: me lol check the score dumbass > Gards5FTW: #trash > Gards5FTW: just ff > Gards5FTW: pls rpeort bot and mid > Gards5FTW: gg ---------------------------------------- > Game 3 > Gards5FTW: comon yas > Gards5FTW: i didnt see ahri go after me from river > Gards5FTW: it wa too late for me > Gards5FTW: dumbasses > Gards5FTW: why siv > Gards5FTW: why even bother going there > Gards5FTW: these kids are feeding > Gards5FTW: you're all 0/2 shut the rfuck up (kids are all 0/2 and they are flaming me for some reason) > Gards5FTW: yeah ks ur adc great job > Gards5FTW: not agaisnt a 3/2 u cant > Gards5FTW: FUK > Gards5FTW: gg > Gards5FTW: kids fed em > Gards5FTW: look at yas and siv > Gards5FTW: dont fukin blame me > Gards5FTW: zyra should be dead. she flashed > Gards5FTW: make that 1/5 > Gards5FTW: vote yes next time this team is toxic > Gards5FTW: cant get along > Gards5FTW: ahri is pretty fed. who did that??? hmmmm > Gards5FTW: yas I mean...I don't even know where to start. Between belittling your teammates, telling them to "shut the #### up," offering next to no constructive criticism, calling them idiots, dumbasses, retards, feeders, etc., instigating the enemy team, claiming the other team is "hacking," asking for reports on your team, being passive aggressive with "wow guys twitch did something," there's just so much that could be seen as offensive and reasons why you were banned. You're often referring to your teammates as "kids" which is rather ironic in this sense - regardless of their age, you have no way of knowing how old they are until they tell you; even then it's their words. I'd highly suggest you take a step back from League for a little while and take a chill pill while educating yourself on how to interact with other individuals in a respectful manner. For starters, stop making a small novel in every game with negative comments. Having healthy banter back and forth is fine and encouraged as long as both parties are okay with it, however flaming constantly with negative statements is not. There's a difference in communicating concisely and effectively and arguing with someone for 30 minutes straight. If you have trouble with what other people say or find the need to "vent" to either your team or the enemy team, unbind your Enter key, disable /all chat, type /mute all at the beginning of every match, or move the chat off the screen to where you can't see it. Literally anything to get you away from being toxic again, as this is only going to serve as evidence against you in the future if you continue the behavior while simultaneously bumping you up in tiers for punishment.
: Can I get banned for using a Custom Thresh Overlay (HUD)?
Realistically? No, they likely won't ban you for something that doesn't alter the gameplay or give you any advantage over your opponents. Can they? Sure, technically it's modifying the client's files and against the ToS/EULA that we all agree to every time they update the game as well as when we signed up. It's their game and they're able to make the rules as they see fit, however they would much prefer you stick around and continue to play their game and/or spend money to enjoy yourself. The only problem they really have is if somebody is swapping around THEIR skins for the base models, thereby bypassing the system in place since someone put time (and Riot paid them real money) to make the skin. I've been using custom skins for years and occasionally swap the UI's around (things like the Frost UI and Challenger UI that I'm sure you're able to find on the site that you found that one). Just make sure that it doesn't alter the way things are seen in the game (like changing positions of the target frame or making debuffs more visible - Riot if you're listening I would love to be able to move my target frame to somewhere not at the corner of my screen). It's an incredibly minor modification, and as long as the game's integrity isn't compromised there isn't really a reason for them to seek you out when there's much more pressing matters like ACTUAL cheaters (scripters, botters, etc.) that are ruining the game for others when you're a person looking to make your UI a little more immersive and continue playing as an honorable summoner. Make sure you're not using programs that aren't already flagged as bannable as well as not using things like "zoom modifications" that would give you an unfair advantage. I'd recommend testing out any and all changes you do in a Custom Game/Practice Tool before hand to be able to ensure that nothing is changed in a drastic way as well as doesn't bug out! It's frustrating to queue up for a game while using your sweet Star Guardian Urgot skin (Rito pls, we need this) only to find out that you can't see the particles for when your E hit a target and you're scratching your head every time as to if it was accurate or not. If they actually have a problem with it and it's not giving you an unfair advantage, they'll likely send you an e-mail to give you a "heads up" to remove it before any future problems happen. Hope this helps, best of luck to you!
Meep Man (NA)
: Rank The League Nations Based On the Champions Available in their Faction In-Game
{{champion:31}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:90}} Deal with our 5k+ HP front line diving you and eating you while our puppy shreds your entire team. Space aids and research on the side for extra poke, please. Also, we're bigger than you. Yes, we lift...entire teams up into the air. Don't you dare let us get to late game. We will eventually Devour the entire map - you'll probably confuse us with a mobile Baron Nashor running around.
: Your main(s) have lost their house, and you've agreed to let them live with you for a month
{{champion:421}} At least I won't have to mow the yard ever again once she's done with it. On the down-side, she'll probably end up flattening my whole house, and we won't be able to communicate very well. Also, if I get up to sneak a late night snack in she'll know. It'd still be worth it to ride ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) a land shark, and my neighbors dogs can bark all they want I have a fucking Xer'Sai screeching. Suck it. Come piss her off, be my guest - I'm not. {{champion:421}} [Incomprehensible Crackles ](https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/b/b0/RekSai.burrow01.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20141216175956) Me: Click, click, baby. {{champion:44}}
Mawlin (EUW)
: Is there a way to check for 3rd party software in your computer?
There's a wealth of 3rd party software running in the background of your computer, if your friend hasn't modified his client in any way to gain an unfair advantage or using any macro/botting/scripting program, it's very likely that his account has been compromised. I'd highly recommend have them send in a ticket to Support and ask for clarification and/or appeal the suspension. If there's evidence that his account was indeed compromised, he will likely get it back. I'd also suggest that they do a thorough Virus/Malware scan to ensure that nothing in the background is "monitoring" their activity, as this can definitely cause some red flags in the system. I don't believe NVIDIA Geforce Experience would cause any issues, I've been running it since 2012 on this computer with no issues (aside from the drivers being an absolute nightmare at times). I also run the Logitech Gaming Software for my mouse (G502) and it's able to change the key bindings on the Mouse (i.e. Mouse Button 4 [Back Button] to Keyboard F or something along those lines, as well as running multiple "macros" on a single instance - don't do this in League, it's a sure-fire way to be flagged since it's a competitive game). It also helps keep the DPI in check with relative ease. There is a strange suspicion I feel that if your friend has any sort of "macro" software that causes multiple keys to be pressed in one instance, that could lead to being detected by the system as an unfair advantage. Something like AutoHotKey people have abused for the purposes of Botting or a simple animation cancel on a champion like Riven. While it seems minuscule, it's a definite unfair advantage for the players that actually put the time and learn how to properly do it, instead of a "Hold down Q to Auto-Attack, Q, Cancel-animation with movement command, Auto-attack, Q, etc." It's similar to if a player had their entire combo on Katarina unloaded in a perfect instance in the blink of an eye with a single key. While games like WoW support it (mainly due to their being a MASSIVE amount of abilities/items/etc. able to be used - I had a little over 120 key bindings on my Hunter, I couldn't imagine adding 50 more, there's simply not enough space for my hands!), many fast-paced competitive games frown upon it since there are often fewer bindings to be had. Make sure to check if any of the programs running in the background are reading the memory of things, and check if there are any "leftovers" of the skin programs that were used. MKLoL and many others have been flagged as bannable, however they usually send you an e-mail as a "warning" to let you know they've detected something minor and give you the opportunity to fix the issue. If it's something major like scripting, they'll instantly ban without any warning as it's one of the "you know what you're doing" sort of situations. For reference, I've been using custom skins for years without any issues. The main problem Riot will have with it is if you're swapping skins DIRECTLY from theirs, like if you swapped the base Lux model, voice-over, particles, etc. for Elementalist Lux, as it's infringing on their property at that point and bypassing the system of buying the skins that you want that someone at their office spent their time (and Riot spent their money to pay them) on. One of my personal favorite skins I would gladly buy if it came out is Pool Party Heimerdinger with Rubber Ducky Turrets and bubbles where the usual hexagonal patterns are. I hope that your friend is able to figure out the issue and get it resolved and I wish you both the best of luck in this!
: The amount of effort, research, and advice in this for a simple question is outstanding, I honestly can't upvote it enough, You wouldn't mind if I referred people to it, right?
For sure! Knowledge is power :). With the massive lawsuit Riot recently filed against a scripting company and successfully won (~$10,000,000 USD I believe?), hopefully we're able to take 'em all out for good in the near future!
: Why IS xerath the go-to champion to accuse of scripting, anyways?
> [{quoted}](name=Faustavian,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=7EYyPb0c,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-04-29T23:10:16.483+0000) > > Why IS xerath the go-to champion to accuse of scripting, anyways? Some of the highest AP Ratios from a safe distance. Usually scripters tend to pick EXTREMELY safe skill-shot based champions with ridiculous potential if all abilities connect (like Cass, Ryze, Syndra, etc.) or ADC's where perfect (i.e. impossible) mechanics can 1v5 a game with relative ease. Xerath's AP Ratios are: 75% on Q, 60-90% on W, 45% on E, 129-215% on R. Basically if Xerath hits every shot of his R he can easily 100-0 any squishy that didn't build a fair amount of MR. If he buys a Rylai's it's essentially guaranteed. On-topic: The R shots from Xerath are definitely off-center and make it a little less likely for scripting, however the way he was chasing Ezreal down and reacted to Lee was pretty great. If he's playing on Locked Camera or immediately swapped back to his character (F1, Space Bar, etc.) it's fairly easy to see the ward pop up out of nowhere and if Lee's likely been trying to make flashy plays (very common) the entire game then he's probably going to keep doing it. After the first few ward hops from a Lee I usually will place my CC right on top of it myself - if I'm playing Viktor I'll throw my W down as soon as I see the ward if he's been doing it all game, it makes it much more feasible to retreat or fight at that point, being able to get into a position where he's not going to kick me into his team waiting. There's always reasonable suspicion in these type of cases though, I rarely if ever report someone for scripting, however if a Kalista is 15/0/0 at 10 minutes with perfect Rends every single time while dodging EVERY skill shot thrown at her, it's something I'm going to be watching and checking out the replay of. Usually scripters are macro-poor as their scripts make them micro-perfect. They'll often face-check bushes like a 6 item Maokai thinking they're the next mid fekar - mainly due to them being very low MMR themselves and not realizing if Nautilus pushes R on you, there's no way to dodge the rest of his team while you're CC'd. The scariest scripters are those of high MMR that have excellent macro-play, as with perfect mechanics it's going to be ridiculous watching them end the game at 15 minutes alone. Man and machine working in tandem is terrifying, however on the flip side scripters are incredibly easy to bait. If you know they're going to dodge every skill-shot, you can predict the direction they're going to go and force them to literally run into your team. A competent player would never dodge a Brand W by walking IN to 5 enemies, a script doesn't care and is only going for the most efficient action. You can lead them along the path you want them to go by throwing skill-shots in a direction they're forced to take. Similar to playing against Bots, in reality, and it leads to some hilarious situations as dodging auto-attacks is impossible (save for a few abilities like Jax E, Shen W, etc.). Watching Kalista jump into Maokai, Rammus, Syndra, Jhin, and Brand is ridiculously funny - even better if they want to /all chat and flame your team since they really didn't think Rammus would Taunt them or Maokai would push W. Also, for what it's worth, the team with the scripter (provided they aren't duo-queued) will likely report the individual as well even if nobody else does. It ruins the competitive integrity of the game and leads to a lot of distress from the player base.
: I instalock every game. Do I deserve to be punished? Whether I instalock or not doesn't change anything. Here are my main champions by role: Top {{champion:44}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3068}} Jung {{champion:44}} {{item:1401}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3065}} Mid {{champion:44}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3004}} ADC {{champion:44}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3004}} Support {{champion:44}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3109}}
> [{quoted}](name=Truly not Gay,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A9c2AZbq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-29T23:41:35.038+0000) > > I instalock every game. Do I deserve to be punished? Whether I instalock or not doesn't change anything. > > Here are my main champions by role: > > Top {{champion:44}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3068}} > Jung {{champion:44}} {{item:1401}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3065}} > Mid {{champion:44}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3004}} > ADC {{champion:44}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3004}} > Support {{champion:44}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3109}} At the risk of being in the M&G Board, here are my main champions: **Top/Jungle/Mid/ADC/Support** {{champion:421}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} Queen of birthing. On-topic: Yes it's definitely frustrating OP, and currently there's very little in regards to how the IFS (Instant Feedback System) is able to handle these players. They're openly able to ruin the game for others until they're reported in a fair number of matches. I'd highly suggest putting in a ticket to Support with screenshots attached as well as the story of the affect game(s). Riot has all the chat logs available from pre-game and post-game, although the IFS doesn't (to my knowledge) monitor that. It's usually the most frustrating and what gets under our skin, both as players and human beings, when someone insta-locks at 5 seconds left when everyone else has already mutually agreed upon their roles. If I play Rek'Sai in the jungle and think our team comp fits it, it's going to be rough when the person locks in Lee Sin at 5 seconds and says "jg or feed fk u." It puts players in that awkward position of "Should I dodge? Is he actually going to troll? How good is ADC Rek'Sai? I'm guessing terrible. I didn't set up my Runes and Masteries for going into lane, am I screwed completely?" It shows a definite lack of empathy from the other player, and more often than not it's going to result in a bad time for the allied team, while the enemy team has the time of their lives farming the poor double-melee bot lane while Lee Sin is busy executing to Raptors. Sure there's the times where it actually works out since you aren't able to see the enemy team in Blind Pick, resulting in Yasuo having a miserable time against Rek'Sai in Bot lane when all he really wanted to do was cheese an ADC, however this is likely not the case. I'm all for being able to have "unique" builds and off-meta picks so long as the team is playing as a team, but in the situation we're describing it's usually one individuals looking to bolster their own ego or play their own game. Usually players don't hold up in their threats of "trolling/feeding," as they generally want to play the game to win, however it's incredibly demoralizing to the player that lost his role and lowers morale for the entire team - essentially making them a man down since they would rather not count on that individual. There are many positives and negatives about Draft Pick: You're able to counter-pick your opponent and they're able to counter-pick you. This, however, works very well with a team that communicates and swaps around roles. Darius probably REALLY wants to fight Irelia at level 1, however he would rather not fight Gnar and this leaves the perfect opportunity to lane swap and try out off-meta roles. Irelia mid? Sure. Irelia jungle? Why not. Irelia support? Let's do it, I'll pretend I'm Rengar and jump around giving the enemy team whiplash. TL;DR: I'd highly suggest trying out Draft Pick. Yes it sucks that you're forced to go through 19 hours of waiting in queue while someone plays the "gg autofill" game and dodges 10 times while you're half the time going to be suckered out of your own role, but in the long run it's much less frustrating.
Santeri20 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PlsCheckThisBush,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tAEaIyTY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-29T14:40:58.772+0000) > > If you're looking for any assistance from the community, you'll want to post your chat logs so we're able to review them. Without them, it's difficult to accurately pass judgment on what is and isn't okay and offer constructive advice for future improvement. > > You're always free to send a ticket in to Support for a reasoning behind the punishment and/or appeal it, however Riot is fairly strict on punishments that are justly handed out. > > You're judged solely on your chat logs. If you reported the individuals after the game that were toxic/flamed, you've done your part and they will be reviewed. For skipping tiers, you're looking at extreme toxicity, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. that would immediately bump you up some tiers of punishment. > > I'm a bit confused, 30-40 minutes of arguing but chat is pretty useless, however people not listening is in direct contradiction to this as they are clearly listening to argue back with you. It takes two to tango, so to say. > > You'll definitely want to post the chat logs if you're looking for assistance, and if you have an issue with self-control when someone flames you I'd highly recommend turning off /all chat, /mute all at the beginning of every game, unbinding your Enter key, or moving the chat off screen so you're unable to see it. Anything that stops you from getting involved and stooping down to someone else's level, as that's what brings a lot of player here to the Boards. How do I get chat logs
> [{quoted}](name=Santeri20,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tAEaIyTY,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-04-29T16:27:04.681+0000) > > How do I get chat logs There should have been one sent to your e-mail address associated with the account with more information. Alternatively, you can log into the suspended account and they should prompt you with your "Report Card" which should contain the logs of (some) of the games that were flagged.
: Okay, read. The prior post was about ranked not being an indicator of skill in aram. This is about if you are in a mode, take that as seriously as any other. You aren't stupid. Stop acting like it. My "take it seriously" is meant (if you read the context) to counter "it's only aram, it isn't a serious mode". It may be rare for someone to push the button that says play, and think "I'm going to try to lose" the mindset can often be, I don't care about this game at all, it is only _____. I can troll here all I want. > Also, ARAM is random meaning you aren't able to choose your champion. This destroys any competitive integrity of a sport. Can't think of anything more wrong. The integrity of the random makes it *more* challenging. I own every single champion (I wish owning a champion or having it free to play was not part of aram) You might do very well having 10-15 champions in aram ... "aram only" accounts are built because people want to game the system rather than play the game. You don't think it is a challenge? Try playing aram with every champion available. It is *way* more competitive than sticking to just 5 champions that you can rotate through in other modes. Your football analogy is slightly off, because in aram, everyone is playing in "the same position" but playing with champions they may not have used in the past (or at least rarely used). I've seen people ask what skill is in aram that isn't in the rift ... that factor has one, can you pick up a champion you rarely use and get it to work quickly in a game with 5 other random champions ... it is a skill that someone that only plays rift won't ever see. I don't complain about someone that just isn't good at aram going into aram. I complain about someone who isn't going to try their best. I understand when someone says "I haven't ever played this champion before" and if I can, I trade with them (only time I can't is when they don't own the champion I have ... like I said, I own them all). Don't believe me? invite me into a custom, and I can go through them all to show you. Not doing well is not a problem is they are trying their best. Someone though that does the exact same thing time and time again and you tell them "hey, don't dive the team, you're champ is too squishy" and getting back "who cares? it's only aram" is not okay ... especially if they keep doing the same thing. I realize that different people come to the game with different goals. But it is a team sport. Not an individual sport. It isn't a FPS or even a single player game. It is a team that supposedly cooperates toward winning. If everyone is *trying* to win the best they can, I'm not going to complain. When someone obviously *isn't* trying to win the best they can, that is when I have what I'd call a legitimate gripe, especially when they reserve trying their best for some other mode. Yes, I'd like to see Riot take aram more seriously (make it so aram only accounts don't do anyone any good, balance the teams by making the selections balance, etc) but this thread is *only* about taking every mode you play in as seriously (i.e., play your best) as any other.
> [{quoted}](name=Plasma Servant,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=MEEcgA9i,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-04-29T16:08:31.817+0000) > I don't complain about someone that just isn't good at aram going into aram. > [{quoted}](name=Plasma Servant,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AEQAGXWd,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-17T07:53:46.851+0000) Played a game on a team with a platinum on it ... he was so unskilled for aram it was pathetic. I'm honestly not sure what you're trying to defend aside from your own honor and viewpoints in these threads. Every other post is contradicting one another. You've given very little to reasonable discussion and every thread is a "my way or the highway, downvote you're wrong" sort of tone while neglecting actual arguments and facts presented before you. The Boards are a place for open discussion, not a place to for someone to bash others and force your own beliefs down everyone's throat with arguments that are entirely one-sided. This is why it's known as a community, and why things such as "ggez" are frowned upon - the community decided it wasn't what they wanted in their games and majority ruled in that aspect. The same with everyone telling you that they play for fun - if 99% of players play for fun and 1% play for "epic ARAM battles tryhards only," which do you think would be catered to?
: if you don't intend to play seriously
> [{quoted}](name=Plasma Servant,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=MEEcgA9i,comment-id=000000000000000000010002,timestamp=2017-04-29T15:28:57.733+0000) > > You again? I own every champion. I wish there was a way I could show you. Don't spread rumors and/or lies. There's a reason all of your threads have been downvoted and a reason I quoted exactly what you're accusing me of. It's rather comical at this point, in all honesty. These are the things you're (trying) to do here in the community in a very obvious way, and likely why you've gained so much negative attention in your threads: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circular_reasoning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man
: Pre Level 30 Aram is unplayable due to chronic bot accounts
The only way to deal with them is to report them and/or send in a ticket to Support, unfortunately. I'm definitely aware of the bot accounts in ARAMs, it's one of the hardest parts about playing pre-level 30 ARAMs, as you said. Having Morgana walk up and try to auto attack Vayne to death and chasing her under tower until she's 0/10 with the exact same build path as the other bots certainly ruins the fun for a lot of players. The worst part about it all, in my opinion, is these bots are going to be sold to players for real monetary value and will subsequently be banned once it's discovered they were leveled through botting. Hopefully there's a solution the community can come up with to prevent others from having to deal with these problems, as it's demoralizing to actual players and probably has a pretty real effect on the player-base sticking around.
: ur mmr sight hurts lol but I like it and I agree with it (b5 for life lol)
Hey no worries, I'll never rank shame anyone - I rarely (if ever) look up others' MMR unless they're looking to improve or shame someone else. And even then, it's just a number on a screen. We're all human beings at the end of the day and deserve to be treated equally with respect until proven otherwise :). I only bring it up for OP and for data purposes - it's a game at the end of the day and I'd much rather have fun with Bronze 5 individuals than be flamed by a Challenger player for missing a skillshot!
: I think he has an aram only account
> [{quoted}](name=Toshiai,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=MEEcgA9i,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-29T14:49:46.473+0000) > > I think he has an aram only account Very likely. Most of his ARAM games are with Varus, Karthus, Caitlyn, Fiddlesticks, Kennen, etc. He also has an 817 ARAM MMR (Bottom 8%) while playing these champions, so is likely looking to bolster his own stats/ego. He's made a handful of attempts at other threads (all of which have been downvoted immediately) to shame other players while neglecting his own stats and raw data. https://na.whatismymmr.com/plasma%20servant
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