Saezio (EUNE)
: Personally , I would like to see riot adopt a Ranked-ban strategy for perennial afkers. If someone exhibit afk behaviours in more than 10-15% of their games over like 100 games they should get a ranked bad which would be uplifted after successfully playing 15 straight games without afk. All the numbers are indicative and should not be taken face value, the idea is the same if you substitute any amount of the 4 variants.
This actually seems like a solid idea. Because it is based off of a percent, it doesn't hurt people that have real reasons to afk (here's looking at emergencies). At the same time, those players whose attitude, habits, or whatever causes them to habitually toss their hands up and afk, would be forced to take a different approach.
Rioter Comments
: I'm just wondering what champions he'll interact with.. Hopefully some {{champion:4}} ,{{champion:105}} and maybe hit on {{champion:267}}
{{champion:31}} there has to be one!
ImNotNai (NA)
: {{champion:157}} just wondering but what if there was a atlantis yasuo skin? where he throws waves or waterspouts instead of tornadoes and his wind wall is water? and the shield is water? also lets get a gandalf azir skin {{champion:268}} YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
Too bad I doubt Riot wants to pay the massive amount of money they would need to to buy the rights to use those. I would imagine that {{champion:45}} grey beard alone is walking a fine line. We can dream however!
: Upgrading the Tribunal
I am not sure why the hate for instalocks in ranked. I understand some people want to talk strategy and team comps. I don't understand how someone with pick order gets flamed for knowing what they want to play. It should be common knowledge that you play champions you are good at in ranked, and skill proceeds counter. So why the hate for a player that has pick order, knows what they want to play?
: All-Star Hexakill Results – U.R.F. Mode Revealed!


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