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: I'm kind of disappointed at the community's reaction to the Star guardian skins
The riven and Yas even didnt have that much issues but syndra ezreal ahri soraka and especially mf have a LOT of skins. Would not hurt them to give taliyah, yorick, or kled a new skin...
Muzét (EUW)
: > {{item:3089}} ... Who got enough gold to build rabaddon anyway? How many times rabaddon is built over 100 games? {{item:3285}} would have been a better choice to make it act on tower for example :< or Zhonya. MAKE ZHONYA GREAT AGAIN.
Id rather get rabbadons over ludens IF i have ornn on my team. Just makes more sense.
Meteora (NA)
: New emotes are going to be a disaster waiting to happen.
As a fiora 1 trick i will spam the fiora emote every time i get a kill or die you have been warned
: either way is horrible if is percentage, long CCs like morgana binding last forever but if is flat, then small CCs now last way more than they should balance wise imagine a 0.5 stun now gaining 0.5 more, when that in the past have been reason to buff or nerf a champion (like annie getting 0.5 stun duration less on her passive at early levels)
Imagine riven with those stuns lmfao
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: i'm (was) plat 5 and sometimes i die in the jungle. it happens in every elo, even in diamond, sometimes the person jungling is risking a bit to much and ends up dying
: Its weird how catchup xp is a problem now. What about 8montgs ago? Wasnt a problem until you seen someone mention it first? Funny
Because i was bronze 8 months ago taking tp and ignite on fiora. As a jungle main catchup exp is a huge pain in the ass.
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: i commonly died on my first clear up to plat 1 hue
Rexxiee (NA)
: Can we do something about this toxic camp lanes meta in the jungle role
{{champion:31}} {{champion:57}} Honestly more annoying and they counter her. I find her late and mid game to be lack luster once you get some magic resist.
: Nope. Don't play mid though.
@jorencice, silver / bronze i assume? not elo shaming.
: His burst heal is on a 38.5 second cooldown at max rank + 45% cdr. Ekko ult at no point in the game is truly on a heavy cooldown. With a gunblade he does have pretty crazy sustain with passive procs. I'm not arguing that Ekko is not balanced, merely pointing out that he is an assassin with crazy sustain. When you get brought down to 20 hp and then press R to fully restore your health pool that's pretty crazy level sustain.
I never found ekko broken to be honest. If you are playing another fighter and have Merc treds or maw you should be good to survive his burst.
: Why Akali is a completely busted champion
Made this thread and got downvoted to hell. Most of the fourms is silver and think that shes balanced like cho, mao, and all the other tanks.
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: I drew a Morgana
Not as good as your aatrox, Sorry.
: Release Evelynn without announcing it
No trailer or anything would honestly be extremely surprising and fun. It would be on PBE of course but still.
: Unpopular opinion: Enchanters need a class update
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: But what about normals?
I said ranked, I don't give a rats ass in normals go Leona jungle
: > [{quoted}](name=Kàyle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mLP2hniP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-08-03T14:31:55.506+0000) > > The low plat experience. Take an upvote. They say low plat is the real elo hell, or just hell in general.
Plat 5 & 4 Are MEGA toxic. Promos to plat were worse though.
: This is why it would never work. Oh, you want to play Shaco top? Nope, fuck you, kicked. Want to try Jhin mid? Nope, fuck you, kicked. And on and on.
Don't play jhin mid in ranked you are not faker and you fall off because of full ad. No.
awdaf (NA)
: Please give us an option to vote to disband lobby so we don't have to dodge.
I don't think we need this, as a camille jungle 1 trick people might just dodge.
Sujiren (NA)
: If Garen executes a villain he should inspire his team
For 10 seconds give 5-15% AP / AD if enemies are in vision of the slain villian. Seems pretty good and can make him useful.
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: Please nerf Hexdrinker in some way so that people actually build Maw
I love maw wtf the lifesteal and better hexdrinker passive + more mr make it a must buy vs a fed ekko or le blanc.
Subdue (NA)
: This Yasuo died 3 times in the first 8 minutes at Platinum
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Escheton (EUW)
: I have yet to see a Fiora unable to outmove anyone with that 2 second cd dash.
{{champion:92}} you probably just a salty adc/mid/sup main tho
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: 12 Pacific time. 1 hr 45 minutes to go.
Thank you for not being toxic :)
: Oh, don't get me wrong, some shows on Adult Swim are still perfectly fine and are more than watchable. But aside from Rick and Morty, there's nothing really NEW that belongs there. Decker is a prime example of what does not belong on Adult Swim.
Instead of hellbenders, we got mr.pickles. Why has god forsaken us :(
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Ralanr (NA)
: Now I wish I wasn't shit with Malz.
How the fuck are you shit with malz? Just press R you have *1* Job.
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Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: >when it goes faster than most skill shots I won't deny it. Usually they are around 2000 (or 20 teemos per second). Syndra's is 2500 (25 teemos per second). But this... >and has a giant hitbox Barely bigger than a champion = giant? Then how do you call Thresh's hooks? Planet-sized?
As someone who played syndra, this is level 18. When you max E its hitbox is expanded. during laning it isnt this big.
Joseraph (NA)
: I've had people flame me for playing Annie/Jax top for not playing a tank.
Annie top is god awful any smart jungle would camp top and run you down :\
: wtf elo do you guys play in, im bronze 3 and ive never seen that
: Pantheon is at a Stable 54% winrate. Being the highest in the game.
inb4 fourms attack you because they all love this fucking champ
Aeszarck (NA)
: Also, I made a tier list of the Champions based on how many total stats they have. 9 seems to be the most popular amount of stats to have, so everyone above and below should be nerfed or buffed accordingly. 12: {{champion:497}} {{champion:98}} 11: {{champion:164}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:154}} 10: {{champion:103}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:26}} 9: {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:143}} 8: {{champion:53}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:101}} 7: {{champion:96}} {{champion:21}} 1: {{champion:141}}
Yes because camille kindred and rammus need a nerf... lmfao stay silver kid
: Just had a Malphite Top intentionally feed solely cuz I was Jungle Yorick
You should see the shit people say when you are a fiora riven camille jg 1 trick in plat :P
: To be honest if an Eve solo kills you then she's either really fed or you're lagging.
I've seen fed bronze players run away from eve like shes a 20/0 riven.
: As a 33 year old man
Some people play this game for fun and some play competetively. The rage is kind of justified when you think about it that way, imagine being on a football team and you have 1 really shitty player? you wouldn't exactly be happy about that now would you?
: I think I finally realized I am done with the game.
The only fun this i've been playing recently is ap jax. It can actually win games and is soooooo fun to play.
: Do not allow new level 30's doing placements in promo games.
You just have to get better and carry them. I know its a problem but they are testing you to see if you are good enough to get to the next elo.
: There's a really easy way to counter Cho either of these items GA,Black Cleaver,Warmogs or anything with high health by end game so you can have around 2.5-3k health without bonus and for champions Kayle,Trynd,Vayne,Trundle,Warwick or anything with high lifesteal or kite potential
You can't kite a flash ult as an adc especially since they usually have only 1.8k health late game .-.
: 8k hp=.2,300 true damage Yeah sure you will touch him..
{{champion:114}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:67}} Only hope
: Hehe just kite him fair counterplay -tank mains on gameplay board Meanwhile hes already reaching p/b status in pro play for this patch
inb4 fed chogath dives mid lane by tanking tower shots like they are pea shooters
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