Ranuya (NA)
: its entering a rotating featured game mode so we will see it atleast twice garenteed this year
Never minding the fact you cannot spell guaranteed, you do realize that half the reason everyone is mad is the fact that urf will only be appearing for less then half the time it did in previous years, and only on weekends?
: They said it'll be coming at least twice. Not only coming twice. Coming at least twice.
OH WOW you got me, on the thing that matters the least out of what I said.
: How are there still people who didn't read what Riot said? L4tency stated that game modes will repeat every 1.5 to 2 months. Which means 18-24 days of URF per year. (Not counting the extensions which are likely.)
They also said it was coming out on Friday, which it didn't. They also said they listen to the community, which they clearly don't. They also said it will only be on weekends, which no one is happy about. They also said it will only be coming twice.
: All these people complaining about URF aren't true URF fans, because if they were, they'd know there is two URF events planned later this year. Why are you B*tching about not having one URF now when they have twice as much already planned? Pull your head out of your Draven and just enjoy league all ya non-Dravens
ok im just going to assume you are really stupid. We are getting less than HALF the amount of urf we have gotten in previous years. Incase you need that explained really simply 6 is a smaller number then 14.
darkdill (NA)
: So Cassiopeia was (possibly) going to be unable to use Boots items. What about Nami?
Benzooka (NA)
: What Riot COULD Have Done
1. They had an entire year to prepare and must of decided ages ago that we didn't want urf on the first. 2. They release game modes separate from rotating que in every example of a game mode thus far 3. they have given no official statement of this matter and are basically ignoring us. 4. no one is happy about the rotating game mode set up of only on weekends for ANY game, let alone urf. 5. They still do not intend on releasing urf, and instead will give us ascension some time in the next month. 6. cant hear you, counting their money.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sakaru,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=q4w53aVA,comment-id=00bb0000,timestamp=2016-04-02T21:52:36.244+0000) > > Yeah, for about five days total. People need to stop acting like twice means more. Twice at 2 1/2 days each is not the same as the 2 weeks of our beloved manatee's mode. Who plays urf for 2 weeks? That mode turns degenerate after the first 3-4 days.
obviously thousands and thousands of people who have boycotted the game and spend their time spamming message boards in rage.
: Meanwhile in the League of Draven... [Weekly roundup - Apr 1]
Oh man, I cannot wait to see what happens when they release ascension next week instead of urf. Just to prove they have NO IDEA what we are looking for.
EIýzium (EUW)
: Can everyone calm down again please?
Oh just you wait till they release ascension instead of urf next week.
HayRoss (NA)
: This big URF kerfuffle concerns me on a scale larger than just not having URF
Oh they have no plans of releasing urf mode. Its ascension.
: Meanwhile in the League of Draven... [Weekly roundup - Apr 1]
Ok riot, its the second, now tell us what the hell is going on. Where's the transparency ?
: You guys will complain about anything. Give it one day and you'll be complaining how everyone is playing the same champ and how there is no diversity
Says the guy who is complaining about nothing.
: To everyone complaining about URF: They cannot release it because they are working on putting it on the special game mode rotation. It will be enabled twice this year. They clearly stated a few weeks ago URF would not be coming. Please stop begging for it. To everyone complaining about DRAVEN: Because they could not choose URF, they chose Draven- a bigoted loudmouth who, before this, most people really liked. So when Draven "took over" this party, the theme became him. They are sticking to the theme, and you are giving them major flak for it? That's like going to a party where the theme is formal wear, but you give the host flak for wearing formal attire. I understand not liking the theme, but saying this is downright pathetic when the Rioters probably spent a long time working on this- at least doing something good for April Fools- is downright rude. It would be alright if it was constructive criticism, like Couch's comment, but saying "it's not URF" is pathetic.
oh yeah the game mode that came out today. have you played it?
: Dear Fellow League Players That Are Upset With The Current Game Mode
: If you're willing to answer, go ahead. I'd love to hear it, and where the hate is coming from. Also, the way I see it this community are the "dicks" in this situation. Trying to push Riot around and delay their plans, screaming and making a fuss in hopes that riot will stop what they're doing just to cater to you because you missed the memo. Now, I'm not trying to say that they're perfect. I'll admit, there's a lot I don't like about Riot. Hell, look at my profile on the forums and you'll see me complaining about the easily-abused dynamic queue system and the AD favoritism Riot seems to have, but this thread is something that doesn't need to exist. I'm only defending them because they have every right not to release URF at the time, and they warned everyone. Why did no one make a fuss then? These are both questions I would love to hear explanations for. If you can convince me that this thread is necessary (I *will* give you the benefit of the doubt), consider me both impressed and on your side.
Well ill make a list First off starting with the most recent, and most often quoted, the post that on the league page for a single day talking about the rotating game mode. It did say that they were not releasing urf on the first, but you should go back to that and read the comments, it was VERY obvious that everyone took it as a joke, and riot even encouraged that way of thinking by the replies they made. It seemed to us such an impossible (and as you can see unpopular) decision that it HAD to be a joke. For the rest of the people who might of missed logging in when that was up, this came as a total surprise to them, and I am sure you can understand their confusion. Secondly these fires are only getting hotter the more riot ignores them. It is impossible they are blind to the outcry and rage being vomited here, but they refuse to give any sort of statement or update, something we desperately need right now. I have never seen an official riot post get down voted so hard, they should say something. Third, concerning the "OMG GREEDY RIOT" thing. Yes I do see the event as a bit of a cash grab, and im sure despite all this nonsense it did well, but there are so many people that feel betrayed, hurt, and very sad over this turn of events that they will turn to whatever thing they feel will get them heard. In this case its "we pay your bills fucking listen to us", which in their defense works for any other game company of this size, but riot just doesn't seem to care. Leauge of legends is by its nature a very addicting game, and they know (and we know that they know) that most of these people are not going to stop playing because of this upset, and that only serves to upset the people more. We currently feel like the majority of players are all asking for the same thing, in a way that has never really happened before, and the company, who we do in deed fund, are straight up ignoring us. That's bound to set a few more people off. Finally there is the people like you, who for no reason I can understand, are taking it as a personal offense that we are upset at something riot did. Its like when a political scandal happens, sure there will be a few people who stand by their official , but when the masses start sharpening the pitch forks its a little past that. Urf is something very special to a large group of people, not even the ones out there spamming away for probably the same reasons you flame them. They just want to be apart of a bandwagon, for or against. Speaking for myself I "got" urf, something about it just clicked with me. The champions that people consider "OP" barely make my list of playable, because it is its own game, something fast enough for me, and always fun, win or loose. Oh and as far as the whole "You will get urf later" thing goes, offering us less then half the urf we would of gotten, spread out whenever the feel like it, is a slap in the face. (And the rotating game mode isn't even out yet, you know...that thing that was suppose to come out today?)
: What if not having URF is the April's fool
What if instead of xmas you got dog turds in a box?
: Everyone remembers how boring URF got after awhile...right?
I do not. I did not tire of urf for even a single second.
: Wow, does this not scream just how entitled this community is. We don't want to wait for 2 weeks of URF when rotating queue comes out, we want our week or URF NOW, NOW, NOW. And then you hide behind cries of corporate greed on Riot's end, just because they released Joke Skins, like they do every April Fool's Day. The only thing they didn't do was URF, and it was explained well in advance. If people would keep up with the media Riot puts out, they would know this. This would not be a surprise. How are you going to blame a company that tells you in advance that they're going to do something nice, at the cost of something you would like to happen just one time. They said, (paraphrased) "we know the community loves urf mode, and we get it. But this year, we're working to bring in a rotating queue, so that you can experience urf more often during the year, as well as other fun game modes that used to just be temporary." But no, this thread is just the equivalent of the children banging on the the table for their dessert, pissing and moaning about how much they think they deserve instant gratification because they shouted loud enough.
Do you care for an actual answer to what you asked? Or are you just being a dick?
: Jax
I would recommend getting the champion with either RP or IP then go a mode where you get to pick your champion, and select him.
: Meanwhile in the League of Draven... [Weekly roundup - Apr 1]
: Silencing and stunning Sol disables his passive, so he would suffer significantly in this mode. He'd always die before getting any use out of the no mana.
Oh yeah im sure he would be pretty bad, just pointing out the only positive I could think of.
: So, URF powers up everyone through attack speed and CDR and free casting...
He probs wouldn't be that good, but on the plus side you could always have your w on.
: People who complain about not having Urf We are getting it TWO TIMES this year. TWO. TIMES. thats more than they have done before :P stop complaining and enjoy the heads, they will only be here for like 2 days. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I'm interested to see the numbers.
I highly doubt its as high of a change as you might think. LoL is a very addictive game, and they know that. Why would they care if 100 people quit? Drop in the bucket.
: i get that you guys are supporting your own opinions and i like that you are doing that but just give it a rest with complaining about urf just make one thread about it
I don't think that's how the internet works. A good term for what is happening is impotent rage. There are over a thousand posts expressing high levels of negativity regarding this decision. That's what most company's would call a "PR nightmare" and yet riot still wont actually come forth and say anything or offer any condolences or give us any straight numbers or figures.
: 4 the community complaining about urf
Ahh yes, and you are a child who is literally screaming "stop having opinions and liking the things I do not like"
: But they want 7 days of URF **RIGHT NOW**, they're doing the thing little kids do. "I'll let you get a chocolate bar now, or two chocolate bars in five minutes. Which do you want?" Simple little children that they are, they will always choose the instant gratification.
A more apt example would be "you cannot have a chocolate bar now, you may have 1 third of a chocolate bar spread out over a year"
: Really sad doesn't really seem to go with the majority of URF posts. More like rage-y (and no, this isn't my commenting because it's you. You just happened to have a pint that was wrong)
Id say about 20-30% of the pro urf posts are "rage" but those are the guys who are going to be butt hurt over anything, but contrariwise almost all of the anti urf posts are straight up bile. They honestly hate other people for wanting something they don't want. Besides, I think even in the most extreme butthurt cases on the pro side, sadness is the root issue. I think my "pint" was quite straight forward.
: how do you beat a graves top?
any champ with a good all in works. You just time it around his reload , and don't stand next to a wall. Hes going to afk shove you under turret, so make sure you can farm there safely till 4 or 5 and then just all in him over and over. The trick is once you have the upper hand not letting him sustain back up.
: So Many Complainers
I see a large group of people being really sad together and begging riot to give us anything to explain something that has left us feeling betrayed, and a small group of people making total ass hats out of themselves by raging about people liking something they don't like.
: You know what this outrage of no URF today shows?
I also think it shows that a minority of players get mad when other people do anything at all. The people who want urf to return and feel betrayed by riots choices far out number you, and yet you rage and flame with much more violent words and foul attacks on our intelligence. Yet you will stand up and shout insults at us for wanting change. you need help bro.
: Who are you most excited about playing on urf?
Jax for the op Panth for the gunblade and fiora for the lawls
: minus the hundred of likes both sides are getting. I'd say its almost an even split if you look at the actively posting community.
Ok, fair enough. So lets assume its half down the middle. Half of the community wants something that causes no harm to the other half in any way shape or form. The other half doesn't want us to have it for no reason other then they don't like it, and mock us openly for asking for it. That seems kind of fucked up don't ya think?
Wulffe (NA)
: For Illaoi, My Love
Pool party Illaoi, Dawn on the giant foam noodle.
: Might want to look this up mate: [a definition](http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/hypocrisy)
you mean how I said "flaming every post on the board" meaning you? Like you were the exact person I was thinking of when I posted that.
ThatH1N1 (NA)
: We are getting urf tonight at 8est.
Based on no information whatsoever
: let riot do there thing
: I'm sick of these "Where's Urf?" posts
: Hilarious Idea for an April Fools Day game type
You dream too big. Just beg for urf like the rest of us.
Voba (NA)
: Urf "Soon"
Yeah soon.. I like that. We talking in terms of the day? Week? Month? Cosmological scale? Cause its only been 12 hours since midnight and people have already gone insane. It coming out next week for 2 days is only going to make me more pissed off.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: I don't like URF
Hey man I understand, I thought doombots was the biggest waste of time ive ever seen. Thanks for just saying it straight up and not flaming every post on the boards <3
: All These Fools Crying About URF Not Being Here
they said we would get urf for less then half the time we got it before.
: We'll get it eventually. I don't know why people are panicing so much when we're infact getting it and getting it twice.
because we are getting it for less then half the time we have in the previous two years, spread out, starting when who knows when.
Azelder (NA)
We need more then just a plan to ask nicely.
fupas (NA)
: Is this another URF thread?
no no you got it all wrong. They promised us 6 days of urf over the year.
: Meanwhile in the League of Draven... [Weekly roundup - Apr 1]
: haha where do you people get your info? urf will be out sometime this afternoon or tomorrow and we will have it a full patch rotation (14 days). where u guys are getting that it wont be out till next month and that we are getting it 2 or 3 times is ludacrous.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
You are making up shit to act smart. Thats where I stop replying.
: > [{quoted}](name=GC Nate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iraoykuM,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-04-01T18:13:11.538+0000) > > do you literally mean my 1 post when you use the term "begging" or is this just a general "rage at the world" post that you are directing at me since everyone else is ignoring your tantrum? its obviously a general statement. people want urf, they are not getting urf this week but are getting it a total of twice this year. more than makes up for it. how many days the rotating ques last is still not final nor is the order. rioted stated we will get urf "ATLEAST" twice this year, meaning we can possibly get it in the que more than that.
ok you are obviously very bad at math so I will help ya out 6 is a smaller number then 14
: just stfu about urf already
because 5 days of urf spread out over a year is not the same as the 14 days straight we got twice in a row.
daemanic (NA)
Oh boy we get a whole 48 hours of urf mode! That's exactly what we wanted.
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