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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Annie Direction
Curious, if you guys do end up going and reworking Tibbers a bit to function a bit better as a summon, think you might be able to move that kind of update over to Mordekaiser and maybe even work it in future Summon/Minion based champs? Cuz as it is, that's one of the major things that draws away from playing characters like that is simply the lack of real use that the extra help usually is.
: wait you don't think anivia's utility and damage make her a threat?
Not in the same respect as Talon. Aniva is among the slowest of the champions in the game, as well as one of the champions that has the hardest times capturing and hitting the enemies with her skills. She can't just cast all of her abilities in one go and one shot people unless you're talking about a VERY skilled anivia who's pretty fed. Talon, on the other hand, can be even with his foes in terms of kills and skill and still be able to one shot them with his kit. He, like other assassins at the time, are entirely designed around not giving their enemies a chance to even fight back before they die. I personally don't think an effect that forces the enemy to be unable to use ANY movement ability, INCLUDING the most over used summoner spell of all time, should be given to ANY assassin character. It's kinda going against the concept of counterplay.
: It's certainly possible we'll see it on more than Cass in the future, though we'll likely want to see how this goes for awhile first. People have already mentioned that it might be cool on Singed W, and I tend to agree, but like I said, we'll want to see how this goes first before adding it to anyone else.
Oh Definitely! It's something I think that needs to be tested and then moved in slowly into other kits. We don't want the sudden death of Movement based champions because some powerful champions suddenly got the ability to stop any and all movement effects from the enemy. It just got me excited, is all, when you I first heard about it because I tend to play the more immobile/tanky characters and it's never fun to see people never have to worry about fighting me because they can just blink away without any issue.
darkdill (NA)
: Since Cassiopeia is going to be the first to get the "Grounded" debuff...
I agree with Singed and Anivia, but disagree with the rest. The main reasoning here is because not only are those champions lacking something to make them an honest to goodness threat otherwise, but also because they can't one shot everyone that gets in their way once they've got those abilities up. Talon would NEVER get it simply because he's an assassin. The whole point of him is to get in and kill his enemy. The only reason some players are even able to escape him is with flash or similar abilities. Likewise, Veiger and Nasus are champions who constantly get to the point of one shotting people, with Nasus's Wither already making it near impossible to escape him without the likes of Thresh helping you.
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: Because anyone can just unplug their internet and act like they had no control over it. As long as these are rare occurrences, you won't have a big problem in the long run.
Still feel like I'm being punished for trying my damnedest to get back into the game and finish it... -_-
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Pyro (EUNE)
: Just as expected, Boards community doesn't understand jack shit about Preseason
Can i just say how fucking happy I am to see someone with half a brain here? Like, I'm near tears just because I'm so happy to see someone on here who isn't so insistent in shouting down Riot for PRESEASON changes of all things. Heck, I don't know about you, but I've been around for older preseasons... Hell, I've been around for since Sona was introduced to the game, and I remember MUCH more unbalanced things, including stuff like constant dropping from the game because the servers were absolute shit back then. Frankly, I'm waiting till things play out and enjoying it and actually counter picking all the Trnydameres and Yasuo's I see.
: people have been playing on the pbe and report the same problems on live. There's a thread where a yasuo consistently went with an almost perfect 20/0 kda 4 games in a row
Yeah, and I've done games where I've had those kind of scores with champions like Trundle, Ashe, Nocturne and Volibear. Do you see people screaming to nerf these champions or nerf the things they can take advantage of? Not only that, but telling me that some random guy was able to go 20/0 a lot means nothing to me. Was he fighting an enemy champion whom he had a huge advantage against? Was he just being super greedy and stole all those kills for himself? Heck, did he even win? I've seen people with those kind of KDA's STILL loose in their game because their team mates are underfed. Now, I'm not saying that the Mastery might not be problematic. NOR am I saying that it shouldn't be looked at. But the changes haven't been out for that long (Even counting the PBE) and I've seen only one person other then myself build the Healing counters against the likes of Trnydamere and Yasuo, and that person ended up getting fed on Yas all game. People need to TRY things out instead of just screaming for something to change right off the bat.
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Meddler (NA)
: If the mastery itself is simply too powerful in general (not saying it necessarily is, but it's certainly possible) then we'd want to get it into the right spot first before trying to balance other game elements around it. If it's too strong overall we'd expect to see that strength further exacerbated for champions who have extra access to crit or get additional value from crit. Once the mastery's in the right spot (whether that requires changes or not) we'd then want to look at changing individual champions, assuming for argument's sake other systems are also appropriately balanced (e.g. they're not just strong because an item they use is also overtuned, rather than due to a problem on their kit). That could mean changes to their crit interactions, a crit mastery being really powerful on Trynd/Yasuo doesn't necessarily mean that's the thing that ought to be nerfed though. E.g. if Trynd needs to be nerfed, and Warlord's Bloodlust's pushed him over the edge, it's possible we should actually be hitting the AD reduction on his W, given how that decides some match ups with very little gameplay, in order to get him into a healthier more balanced spot, rather than nerfing his crit just because that's associated with the thing that changed.
Honestly, I say let it play out a bit more. The changes had a gran total of one day for people to really get a handle on them. As it currently stands, I'm just telling Everyone to pick up Morrellos or Mortal's Reminder. Yeah, the healing is GOOD, really good. But that's kinda the point of the Keystone mastery. And if we smack Yas/Trynd with attacks that cut their healing in half, then things balance out to where they're not so overbearing. Not only that, But Trynd still gets hosed by CC (He especially hates the ever loving hell out of Nunu) and Yas can't stand up to anything that locks him in place for more then a second (Hi, Malazar). Don't jump up on what can be done before the game has time to settle.
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Norr1N (NA)
: Well this thought did cross my mind as I was typing some of the things you referenced, and I definitely wouldn't throw any CC or waveclear onto him or some huge sweeping rework to buff him into some one-stop wonder. I just feel even given his strengths his value as an ADC feels subpar late game in general, especially after Riot have put in so much effort to avoid early winning games. Like if you flattened out the typical power curve for every ADC along with their unique traits contributing points or something, Ezreal would just about fall short of the total average value in the current game. Yes he has a decently reliable early/mid game, so do a lot of other marksmen who can manage to ride that wave into the late game (whether that wave goes up or down). (AD) Ez just sinks at some point, and it sucks. At least, that's how playing him comes across these days. Could just be the meta, who knows maybe the AD itemisation changes could swing the game back in his favor a little.
It's not just the fact that Ez has a reliable Early/Mid. It's the fact that thanks to his kit, he's able to spam his abilities more readily then anyone else and (In turn) has the best escapes out of any ADC when played well. You could have the best damage in the game but that doesn't matter if you can't live long in a fight, and Ez is the best of them to do just that. I admit that his scaling could be brought up a tad or so, but I don't think he's got the huge stone drop for end game unless said end game we're talking about is a 50 minute bout. That all said, itemization and Meta does a LOT to change up who's good and who's bad. Marksmen in general need an item face lift and I'm kinda surprised they weren't first in line, considering how bad their items have been compared to everyone else since day one. Meta also impacts ADC's a lot more then any other champion in the game, if only because it flat out decides what's more important to the team, the extra CC, the hyper carry, or the one who can be the most safe. Right now, with everyone crapping themselves silly at even the mere mention of a Juggernaut (Despite the nerfs ALL of them have received), and tanks still being relevant, CC is more desired then someone who can just run away.
Norr1N (NA)
: @Riot: Is Ezreal Part of the "Marksman Update"? (+Analysis/Discussion)
Here's the thing though that I got to say. I don't think Ez needs a change all that much, if at all. You go on the fact that he's got weak end game and no real utility, but then you've got to think... That's not why you're choosing Ezreal. As you yourself have stated, not all champion need to be rid of all their weaknesses and Ez's has always been that he just doesn't work as well in the late game as other ADCs. You chose Ez because he's got a great early game, is among one of the safer ADC's to play thanks to his kit, and has is one of the few marksmen who isn't locked down into any one build that can be effective. Buffing his late game or giving him too much utility would push him close to this 'I can do anything' homogenization that Riot has taken painful strides to move away from. Especially recently, the idea is to have a very set focus on what a character can do well and what they can't with making it so that when those situations arise, these characters can shine. An perfect example of this is Ashe. During the assassin meta, she wasn't all that desired, because most Assassins can catch her and burst her down with little effort and theres little she could do otherwise to stop it. Come the Cinderhulk tank era, though, and she's much more desired, capable of slowing down, stopping, and working against the tanks much better then some of the other adcs around. There are simply times and games that call for a more CC heavy ADC who works better late game like Ashe and others that call for someone who's more about early game and mid game as well as more reliable, like Ez. This isn't to say that he should be useless come Late game, espeically if he's been feed hard throughout the game, but there's a steady balance between what is enough and what isn't. ATM, Ezreal is in a pretty solid spot and I'd rather not see the ADC meta shift back to where it was just him, Corki, and Lucian again.
terkmc (NA)
: The act of "drain-tank" and a tank are very different concept
And you've just proven that you won't listen to anything but your own ridiculous notions. You ignore evidence and out right proof to the otherwise, and as such I'm done with this conversation. You lose. Good Day, Sir.
terkmc (NA)
: Take Swain heal away and you'll see how worthless he becomes. Swain gameplay revolves around staying alive using his ult to output dps. dot? Malz and Brand does his shit better and better aoe and better range. Swain power revolves around his massive survival through ult drain tank Vlad not a drain tank? A drain tank is not about the cc aspect of tanking, but about the tankiness of tanking through draining enemy hp and healing his. Vlad is all about that Q/spell vamp Warwick. 3 of his abilities is has healing component. 3. Outside of that he has no natural defense. Are you really going to say Warwick isnt a drain tank? Take away Darius heal right now and see how shitty he becomes. He has no natural defense and the only reason he lives long enough to get those 5 stack and survive in teamfight is through his Q hitting enemy champion and healing him Same for Hecarim. No natural defense, the only reason he is super tanky and hyper scale is his W, which surprise, take the damage deal to the opponent to heal himself. And also Hecarim isnt about mass control, his R, malph does it better and his only other control option is a small knock back on a very high cd E. Hecarim is about a hyper scailing horse that thrives in the middle of battle churning out Q and Sheen proc constantly and living through W healing. Old Morde was very much drain tank. If you cant interupt his shield+spell vamp he was never going to die
A tank in League is a champion who is durable, capable of heavy cc, and scales best with Cooldown reductions/health. Let's take a look at the characters you listed. Swain: Heavy CC, but scales better with AP then anything else. Even the tankiest of the Swains are squishy compared to some other natural tanking heroes. Healing as a major focus of his kit does not a drain tank make. Vlad: No CC outside of his Pool, which is more of a defensive ability then anything else. Scales, again, with AP instead of anything else. He works heavily in draining life, but it fits him more as what he is, a freaking VAMPIRE! Warwick: Closest thing that we've got to a drain tank currently, and when he STILL goes assassin, then there's soemthing wrong here. Besides, if you're legitimately saying that Warwick is a good example of a Drain tank champion, you need to go see someone about that. Darius/Morde: A healing ability DOES NOT A TANK MAKE! Just because someone has a healing ability does not make them a tank based hero set up to drain the life from their foes and survive a long time in battle. Darius and Morde are BOTH bruisers who are designed with their current healing in mind so they can have more counter play, considering before hand they were OP as heck because their set ups made them either WIN or LOSE. Hecarim: The Pony IS about control, cuz the entire Idea is for him to either set up a fight or to farm the jungle like no bloody tomorrow. He's also more about damage then being a tank because, as you pointed out, he's got a great deal more scaling. Which, as was pointed out before, a tank doesn't have. Just because a champion has a heal doesn't make them a DRAIN TANK. The Idea of a drain tank in the game as it currently stands is best fulfilled by TRUNDLE. He steals away the health of his enemies, as WELL as their stats, and becomes nigh unkillable because of it. Trundle is also a much more DEFENSIVE creature then Aatrox, which is why I suggested for Aatrox to be similar in this respect, since Aatrox's kit by it's very nature is more offensive. And even then, Trundle fits far better as a buriser then a tank because Trundle doesn't have the CC to protect others, where as Aatrox DOES.
terkmc (NA)
: {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:19}} **Edit:**{{champion:82}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:120}}
None of those heroes are anything close to a drain tank, dude. Swain is all about dots, Vlad has nothing in the way of CC to allow him to be a tank, Olaf's a beserker designed to ignore everyone and go for the squishies, Warwick is more designed to be a chasing lockdown assassin, Morde is a tanky ADC/Mage who's all about being the 'immovable object', Darius only just RECENTLY got a heal on his Q and that was designed to help him live in fights he'd otherwise die in, Fiora's all about damage and just gets heals out of it, and Hecarim is about mass control and running down his foes from a heavy distance. NONE of them are all about the taking of life from your enemies and working them into themselves ontop of being nigh impossible to kill, which is what Aatrox is originally idea is.
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Meddler (NA)
: I'm with you that Aatrox has some issues, and that means he sometimes doesn't feel very satisfying to play, I don't personally feel it's because he's weak though. Statistically he does ok, nothing special, but pretty middle of the pack. I actually feel you hit the nail on the head with one of your other comments "need to look at him and make him stand out from the ordinary". That's Aatrox's big gameplay issue - he doesn't have a distinct enough gameplay identity, so the only major gameplay reason to pick him is if he's the strongest option in his class (diving fighters). Other divers have more unique things they bring to a team, so there's reason to pick them even if they're not numerically the strongest (Jarvan has strong synergies with Gnar and Vayne, Nocturne can join a fight from long range, Vi offers almost guaranteed access to and CC on a priority target etc). Since Aatrox doesn't have something that distinct however he instead has to compete purely on more general grounds (damage, tankiness/sustain primarily). To feel good he'd therefore need to be noticeably overpowered. The solution, following that logic, then is to find something special Aatrox can offer and put a significant part of his power budget there. We don't have work on Aatrox currently prioritized, but have kicked around some ideas for ways to do that whenever opportunity to work on him permits. There's one direction in particular I personally feel's got a lot of potential (and some noticeable risks), before I get into details about that though I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on what we could do to Aatrox to give him a unique space in the game.
My thoughts on here would be this: Go hyper charge on his 'Drain tank' idea. Pull out a lot of his damage, but making hard to kill thanks to him just sucking the life out of his foes. Not only does this go along with the of him being Tryndamere's Creator, but also makes him a bit distinctly different then most other champions in the game, since we've got no real champion that survives mostly by fighting others. The closest we've got to him in that respect would be Trundle, and the big old Ice Troll is more defensive in nature where as Aatrox would be a great deal more offensive tank by his initiation.
Phaetox (NA)
: Problems with Mordekaiser's Power Budget and How to Fix It.
While I won't deny at all that Mordekasier could use a few more improvements, you've got to admit that a lot of the recent ap changes were a boon to him in a lot of ways compared to some other champions. The Crystal Scepter change alone has given him a very useful form of soft CC now and it working along side Liandries which gives Morde even more Spell pen (which has always worked great with his kit) is a damn near match made in heaven. Let's not also forget he actually uses Luden's Echo pretty well too, giving him some much needed mobility, even more burst then before, and more aoe damage then most champions have. There's also one other item I'd mention as a half decent pick for Mordekasier should you be wanting some more CDR. Nashor's Tooth. Believe it or not, Morde's got a fairly high attack speed without any attack speed increasing items for a mage. And regardless, there's going to be a point and time where Morde is hitting things with his mace, be it towers or enemy champions that have jumped on him. The tooth gives him that much sought after CDR (Which, with Ancients and masters push Morde to 35% CDR) to allow him to do his spam his abilities freely. That all said, the main issue with Morde (And Swain too, for that matter) is the fact that he scales with defensive items just as well as he does offensive and the game has become too fast and too bursty for a slower playstyle like building some defensive stats in mix with offensive ones to work. Why choose a champion how can dish out decent damage and survive for longer then two seconds in a team fight when you can have a huge wall of a tank that scales their damage with health or a bursty assassin who can shut someone down in two seconds? There's simply no room in the game anymore for a character who's about whittling you done over the course of a minute or so anymore.
: It definitely is an INSANELY huge drawback to not have CC or mobility. This is in some ways the fun part because we get to compensate by giving morde some pretty cool new things. It's true that morde will be reliant on his team to catch up to someone like ashe or kallista, but so are champs like Nasus, Garen etc. When he isn't getting ally CC combos he is meant to have a very viable output by just fighting in the middle of a fight and hitting whatever he can. Other fighters like irelia or tanks like maokai will have to be careful around him because when he can't reach the enemy back line, he wont hesitate to unload a lot of damage on their front line.
My main concern with the way Morde is being taken here is because this is kinda what got him nerfed in the first place. Morde's main thing he could do was he was able to fight in top line, get get ganked by the jungler, and come out the WINNER in these situations. While League has gotten characters with a LOT more mobility since then in champions like Lee Sin, Ekko, and Yasuo, it still sounds like Morde's suggested update might take him back to the time where a fed Morde might be capable of winning a Five vs One, especially thanks to his ultimate. Also, might I add that everyone seems to be forgetting Crystal Scepter, especially with the buffs it got? a 40% slow on everything hit by Morde's Current E isn't anything to laugh at.
: Any Mordekaiser plans?
To be fair, Morde's got a bit stronger with the AP change, you just don't see it much talked about thanks to the craziness of people complaining about Devourer. The crystal cepter buff ALONG makes Morde drool and has made him much more useful then he's been previously. That said, moving towards a more Brusierish Morde is likely a good idea, as it fits a bit better for what he is (a walking pile of armor).
: What... what the hell?... God speed, man... godspeed.
DeusVult (NA)
: Tahm is one of the most balanced champs ever to be released
Nah, even Thick Skin is pretty balanced all things considered. Not only Does Tahm have no real movement speed outside of trying to Initiate (Which, realistically, no on is ever going to do when the same skill can be used for damage if playing top tank or protection if playing support), but activating his Thick skin is actually a GOOD thing for you. Not only does it put it on a cooldown that means either Tahm has to back to base to heal up or risk being killed because his health is so low now from your fight. Either way you win there. If there's anything on the River King that is a little imbalanced, it's his mana costs. Near all other champions that can do the same jobs he can run out of mana fairly quickly and either have to build at least something to offset that or be very choosy about what kind of spells they're wanting to use and when. Tahm on the other hand kinda doesn't need to worry about Mana at all. He's no where near as bad as, say, Mordekaiser or the Energy champions in terms of just being unable to deal with how often he can use his spells, but he could easily build nothing towards mana and still be a terror to deal with.
: ***
Well, it depends on where you find the image. this particular image comes STRAIGHT from the creator's blog, and thus is the large size. I just right clicked it, hit View image, and then linked that. That simple really.
: A Request For Cho
Cho'gath's on the level of Sion in terms of a Model update. And considering they're working on other champions who need both a Model AND Kit update that are in far worse positions (Poppy, Urgot, Mordekaiser, and Warwick to name some of the bigger ones.) Cho's pretty low down on that list. Also considering, like others said before, that Cho'gath is a complete Delete and redo as far as Model goes, it's going to be a while before we see Cho get a model update. Until then, I suggest playing as Battle cast Cho, since that's got a different rig then his current one to say the least.
RiotChun (NA)
: Mordekaiser 5.4 changes
I'm perfectly fine with this. My only issue is when you comes from the fact that Riot in general doesn't tend to look lightly on beefy tanky champions that do decent damage over a longer period of time and get sustain from it. That's why Morderkaiser was nerfed originally, it's why why Cho'gath was nerfed, and it's why Zac was nerfed. It also doesn't help the game has moved more to a 'Let's be kill fast and kill often' style of game. It's why Assassins are almost always chosen and only those who can play well with them (Lee Sin, Jarven, Maokai) are chosen at all. For us to see Mordekaiser be played again (Or Cho, or Zac, or anyone else who fits in the 'I'm silly beefy and do damage over an extended fight' role) we need him to go back to his old 'I'm able to fight two people and WIN' style of play. As it's been stated before, Mordekasier needs to be an 'immovable object'. He'll leave lane when he's either good and ready, or when he's dead.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Akesgeroth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gyUaWfuf,comment-id=000c0008,timestamp=2015-02-04T07:49:06.672+0000) > > Sometimes there isn't really a counter point. As an example, Morde needs straight up buffs. He's a low damage, low range, low mobility champion who's relatively squishy and has no CC. Either he should get buffed or he should be reworked. If there is no obvious counterpoint, consider providing solutions. One of the tricks I was taught prior to getting into the industry was when you're reaching out to extremely busy people to get feedback (most often managers or subject matter experts who get hit with hundreds of emails or requests daily) providing solutions or suggestions that are thoughtful or provocative are a good starting point. What would you do to Morde to improve him? How would you balance him in the current playstyle of the game without making him overwhelming?
That's kinda just the thing, though. Morde is actually a perfect example of a champion who NEEDS to be overwhelming to be useful with his kit. A champion needs to have one really powerful aspect that they're good at to be even consider be worth picking up, much less being considered a viable pick. It's one reason why champions like Lee Sin are always and WILL always be chosen, simply because he's got so many good points and very few negative ones. It's actually because of this is why I loved Darius when he first came out. Was he way over powered? Oh hell, yes. But he had VERY clear strengths and VERY clear weaknesses. He would be a death sentence for a large amount of melee heroes when his ulti was up, but he had to play a VERY careful game when someone with any sustain (Something with riot has done their best to kill with a rusty carving knife) or range to deal with him. Simple fact here for Darius was the fact that he was a champion who forced change, and if you didn't, you died. Mordekaiser's original point of power was the fact that he was incredibly durable thanks to his shield and the fact that, with the right ghost of an enemy, he could fight an entire enemy team and win. Even in his hayday, this was a near impossible feat, and now? Well, Urgot at the very least can do SOMETHING for his team. Morde can't. If you were going to change Morde, I say it would be to give back his durability. Even if you went overboard on that, by changing nothing else, you're still going to have a low mobility, low range, low damage, no CC champion who dies the moment any cc is thrown on him. Morde's main power, his main point of appeal and the reason you'd want to play him, is because he's a frightening near undying suit of armor that can ***take your soul and use it to fight for his will.*** Even if he STILL won't be played because he can't leap around like a jumping bean on steroids like Lee Sin can, he'll at least have the identity back of being that one mage that can go toe to toe with people and come out alive, if not taking a number of others with him.
: Or he can just be a giant oven that runs around SR, baking all that he feasts! {{champion:31}}
Future Cho'gath skin?
: > [{quoted}](name=Pokeprof,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uzXWWVZ9,comment-id=0003000500000000,timestamp=2015-01-14T07:30:56.502+0000) > > Ok, am I the ONLY one who thinks not every damn ability needs to be meaningful/decision making or require the player to think in thirteen different ways? Not every champion in the game has to have the same skill cap of Lee sin! It's perfectly fine to have characters with a Point and click spell, or a 'Don't get near me unless you want to take damage effect'. Just because skill shots and complicated abilities can show more 'skill' doesn't make them any better or the champion in question any more fun. > > It seems as lately that this, along with mobility, is where Riot keeps on missing the mark. If a character can't have complicated actions that requires you to think twenty steps ahead or mobility to keep up, they're just not worth much. You're not the only one. I really don't understand why people love skillshots so much. Damaging targeted ability = boring, anti fun, no counterplay, no skill involved Damaging skillshot = fun, exciting, counterplay ???
> [{quoted}](name=Condottiero,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uzXWWVZ9,comment-id=00030005000000000002,timestamp=2015-01-15T22:22:02.975+0000) > > You're not the only one. I really don't understand why people love skillshots so much. > > Damaging targeted ability = boring, anti fun, no counterplay, no skill involved > Damaging skillshot = fun, exciting, counterplay > > ??? You misunderstand me. I'm not against skillshots. I'm against making every champion in the game either reliant on them or complicating their abilities to just make the champion more difficult in reach for a 'high skillcap'. This game isn't just played by Peke or Uzi, it's played by everyone at all skill levels. Having no new champions that are a bit more basic are just going to have people stick to things like Annie and Garen who simply can't keep up with all the new bells and whistles champions have.
: There's an obvious downside to overly simplistic champions and abilities though. When they become good, they can be downright unmanageable. Look at how bs Ryze is against a good deal of top laners, and that is asides from how dreadfully boring he is to slam your face into the QWE/R keys. Or look at Garen, overly simplistic and one-note play-style...and absolutely not allowed to ever be viable or else he will be unstoppable. -------------- While simplistic abilities can have a place, such as say...Mordekaiser's E being one of the most bland abilities in the game, it's offset by the fact that it costs his health to cast like all his abilities AND it fuels his Passive as well, both of which makes up for how empty the ability is. In the end, no matter what, having decision making and some actual gameplay in them is a good thing in general. An ability should always be interesting, if it's not, then it should somehow make the rest of the champion's kit interesting. This is where Ahri's W falls apart. It's just there. It fullfulls it's role of filling up a hole and contributing to her damage like any damage abilities. You press W because why not. It's worse than Ryze's point and click abilities.
There's a HUGE difference, though, between an overly simplistic champion (Ryze) and a champion who simply has a mechanic that's fairly boring (Ahri). Our foxy lady already has to juggle her passive to get her Spell vamp proc, hitting at the end of her orb to get the most damage, her charm acting as a mini-dfg so her having to save all of her big damage for that moment she get's a charm off and isn't knee deep in enemies, all ontop of being a champion who's kill power works best when she's in your face. Do we really need to add another level of complexity on a champion who, in all rights,has a fairly high skill cap already? If this was Ryze, then yes, there's huge room for improvement/change, because as we've seen in worlds, when Ryze is strong, he's dominating. But this isn't Ryze. This is a champion who's not a pick up and play champion and is one you've got to learn all the little nuances in her kit to really bring out her strength. And that's one of my issues lately with a lot of league champs that there are a LOT of complicated mechanics, skills, and high capabilities of play. But veriety is the spice of life and for every Azir, Rek'sai and Gnar, we need our Annies and Garens. Also, while Garen is a simplistic one note champion, he's at least PLAYABLE. The reason he's not 'viable' as you put it is because the Metagame competitively doesn't look towards tanky guys with no hard cc and some decent damage. They're looking at mostly mobility and assassin potential, because that's what's strongest right now. Mordekaiser doesn't even HAVE the ability to be playable. His Early game is such an uphill climb thanks to his ability cost, his lack of mobility, and the fact that his one defining feature outside of his ulti (being incredibly durable thanks to his shield) was not only nerfed hard in a far different era of League but was also indirectly nerfed thanks to the season changes to Armor/MR that made Assassins the power house they are today. The only time you see him at his old power level is when he's so stupidly fed. But all you've got to do is pick Lee Sin, a champion with such an overbearing early game he shuts out everyone else, and boom, Mordekasier will never see the light of day again.
Meddler (NA)
: Long term: We'd love to spice that up a bit, with you that it's useful but could be more interesting. Short term: Nothing major planned. We're looking at small changes to her as DFG follow up and kite pattern support, not significant changes to core functionality of skills right now.
Ok, am I the ONLY one who thinks not every damn ability needs to be meaningful/decision making or require the player to think in thirteen different ways? Not every champion in the game has to have the same skill cap of Lee sin! It's perfectly fine to have characters with a Point and click spell, or a 'Don't get near me unless you want to take damage effect'. Just because skill shots and complicated abilities can show more 'skill' doesn't make them any better or the champion in question any more fun. It seems as lately that this, along with mobility, is where Riot keeps on missing the mark. If a character can't have complicated actions that requires you to think twenty steps ahead or mobility to keep up, they're just not worth much.
Bleediss (NA)
: Riot wouldn't publish a skin like this, right?
If they were to make the skin exactly like this, yeah there would be issues. Riot couldn't do it just willy nilly and the legal red tape would be murder, I think, to get it into the game otherwise. That said, they could do an interpretation on that, making an obvious nod/reference to other things while still keeping it original. Look at Augmented Singed, for example. He's a VERY clear reference to Bane from the Batman, but he's also still recognizable as Singed. There's also enough different there to make it obvious that while the skin is a nod to the character, it's not point for point ripping him off. That's really the idea here, Make something that embraces to love and fantastic stuff that Nintendo has given us with Mario, while being original enough to be a thing that was clearly made for League.
: Saw this one going around on Twitter yesterday and was impressed. However, one of my personal favorite things about Leona is her more heavy armor feel. For me it somewhat defines her and while skins can always deviate from the norm it would be fantastic to see interpretations of this style into 'dark armor'. It's not often you get to mix organic materials and metal plate together which makes for some very unique opportunities. There is definitely the core of a great idea here.
First, Holy! Two Reds in my thread! ^_^ With that out of the way, while I agree that perhaps the Dark Heavy Armor look would fit her perhaps a bit better, I'd both be afraid it wouldn't be too different from her Iron solari skin (Which already isn't the brightest of looks and fully embraces leona's fully armor look) And we've been shown in the past that that doesn't exactly have to be taken into account (Pool Party Leona). Also, considering the artist who did this ALSO did your Sona artwork that's her current splash page, maybe you should talk to them about maybe doing something a bit closer to her Armor apparel?
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: They're just pointing out how you could use him somewhere else. I've thought a bit about how I could use *Ezreal* as a support. I don't see this article being any different fundamentally.
To be frankly honest you can be using ANY hero as support. But as an argument of forcing champions from their other roles into others because of their lack of mobility and the 'usefulness of their kits in a duo lane', Swain would be a perfect example for a support. He's got some nice CC, his damage is more reliant on his E being leveled, and he works better off tankier stats, which supports can build easier then AP champs. Heck, Mordekaiser is also in that same boat, where as he's more about extra damage and having an extra person about would really help him get a Ghost. Again, it's not so much about a character being ABLE to be in another role. It's about a champion being put into another role simply because he's unable to compete with others of the same type.
trexmixG (NA)
: Her w is her only ability which allows her mobility, and it has a relatively high cooldown in the beginning of the game. I have had people abuse me in lane by baiting out my w and then going in hard. You have to shut down Leblanc in lane and then she isnt a threat.
I'm not saying that it's impossible to shut her down. I'm saying that as it is the amount of mobility that she and most other champions have isn't balanced properly among everything else. Mobility should have a much greater cost then it currently does amongst near all champions, or if that doesn't happen the immobile champions should be made stronger. That's the whole point of this thread, as champions that were known for being go to strong mid lane ap mages are being laughed out of the roles because they don't have the Mobility (Leblanc), Range (Syndra), or Durability to keep up (Kassadin). Riot themselves have said that one of the things they consider to be powerful in this game is the Range of a character, and the higher the range gives a LOT more power. I honestly think that mobility is a great deal more powerful and Riot needs to be better around balancing it for those who do and don't have it.
trexmixG (NA)
: LeBlanc is balanced. The issue is no one knows how she works. She is super squishy and can be shut down in lane pretty easily by a skilled player.
She's squishy in the same way Zed is squishy. Which means to say that because of her abilities, she's got such an insane mobility and damage that she could leap past the entire team protecting their squishies and instagib said sqiushy before escaping thanks to her mobility. We saw this at worlds with Zed and it just goes to show that mobility > Everything else in this game, even Range. There needs to be a price OTHER then squishness, either in cooldowns, cost, base stats, or having to deal with stronger enemies. If it's gotten to the point where we can't weakening champions like LeBlanc and Zed without making them useless, it's time to buff up everyone else.
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Meddler (NA)
: That'd be an option if looking to buff Nautilus certainly. He's one of the junglers the live balance team are currently tracking to see if they're too weak given the jungle changes. Main question to ask would be whether there are better places to put power on him instead if he needs it - which buffs address where he needs power, when, leave build options open where possible, give him a distinct niche as a tank etc
How about not making Naut's extra damage on his W tied directly to the shield? That's honestly one of the main reasons he's having troubles in the jungle at the moment is the simple fact that once that shield is broken away by the monsters, he loses his extra damage. Maybe tie it directly to the normal buff length of the shield even if the shield doesn't last its normal full duration?
Obokuri (NA)
: > Mmm, I don't know why, but I kinda would like to see Taric with rather short hair. You mentioned how maybe he should be a bit more gentlemanly? One character that league already has that makes me thing Gentleman is Jayce, so maybe a similar stlye of hair to that? I personally think it might either be a bit longer, or a bit more spikey to better go along with his gem feel. Jayce feels, to a lot of players I think, to be a bit more out going and maybe a bit full of himself. Taric would be the opposite. Reserved, fully understanding what he's capable of, and putting thought before action. I see that, but like. I think a sort of disheveled, shaggy style would make Taric's redesign read more like, "This is an actually RE design of the character" and not a new character that shares qualities. Though, Sion is not the same at all. So, who knows what Riot will do with the redesign. I have mad faith though.
> I see that, but like. I think a sort of disheveled, shaggy style would make Taric's redesign read more like, "This is an actually RE design of the character" and not a new character that shares qualities. > > Though, Sion is not the same at all. So, who knows what Riot will do with the redesign. I have mad faith though. The problem with Sion though was that he was a bad, one note joke of a character who had a horrible kit and no real direction of character. Now he's more of his own character and identity where he didn't before. Taric's kinda in the same place right now, where he's more of a joke and has no real identity beyond that. The other problem is where Sion had a really good idea that wasn't really filled by another champion (Big, bruiser zombie dude), Taric's idea is kinda already filled by several other champions (Leona). As for the shaggy disheveled style, I can't help but reminded of the old Chinese artworks with Taric having anime style hair that was all spikey, this ontop of the sheer gem encrusted aspect of his armor. That might be a way to go, though it depends on the other things Riot might have plans on him.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric? PART III. The Modern Man's Paladin.
Mmm, I don't know why, but I kinda would like to see Taric with rather short hair. You mentioned how maybe he should be a bit more gentlemanly? One character that league already has that makes me thing Gentleman is Jayce, so maybe a similar stlye of hair to that? I personally think it might either be a bit longer, or a bit more spikey to better go along with his gem feel. Jayce feels, to a lot of players I think, to be a bit more out going and maybe a bit full of himself. Taric would be the opposite. Reserved, fully understanding what he's capable of, and putting thought before action.
: 1. {{champion:82}} 2. {{champion:19}} 3. none yet 4. none yet Maybe not the same lore or appearance wise, but mechanically these champions fit the description.
> 1. {{champion:82}} > > 2. {{champion:19}} > > 3. none yet > > 4. none yet > > Maybe not the same lore or appearance wise, but mechanically these champions fit the description. Mordekasier is kinda a weird champion where he looks like he's meant for being a physical brawler (and IIRC, he was originaly designed as a Tank back when League first gart started) but has since moved onward into being a highly durable mage. The thing is, his durability was so high that he could get ganked by the jungler in a One on Two fight and WIN, so they knocked that down. I've not tried him since the new season came out, but I'd feel Morde might come back a bit as a top laner now that Ganks are a bit weaker in general, allowing him more time through his weak early game. That said, he's still likely looking at a rework in both model and kit soon. Warwick isn't the only good 1v1 champ in the game, he's just the main one people are noticing right now thanks to the jungle changes, and Riot's already working towards lowering his power some. He's also in line for a kit/model rework (from what i've heard, he's going to be changed on the Level of Sion) so there's that. Other good 1v1 champs include Fiora, Jax, and a few other top laners, though that's not the fantasy any of them really bring. Thresh COULD be considered the whip wielding ADC. Yes, he a support and yes, ADC doesn't work as well for him as it does for other champions thanks to his kit and stat set up, but he can still fulfill the fantasy easily enough. And while he'll likely be forever locked as a support thanks to his abilities, I've seen and played many a game where an AD focused Thresh was the cause for victory in the end. The last one we don't have any proper character who uses pets, but that's mainly because of the fact that the game in and of itself doesn't control multiple units well. Unlike Dota or the WC3 engine that league came from, we don't have the option of controlling additional units with the same ease or fluidity. Personally, I think riot needs to play around with Annie and Mordekaiser, the two big champs who have pets like this, and see how they can make those pets better/more controllable to truly give us a future champion that's all about controlling a pet. That and both those characters would love updates to their ulti's like that.
: "I didn't see that VU coming." or Nobody Expects the ChampUP Inquisition!
Honestly, a lot of the big champions that I could think up of that I'd love to see work done on (no promises of course) either need new rigs (Mundo, Cho'Gath) or need some balancing in their abilities along with their model updates (Mordekasier). That said, some of the lovely ladies mentioned already are pretty good choices, though I'd like to see passes done on the yordles of yesteryear that haven't been mentioned a lot in other threads (Teemo, Keenen) to get some work. Nocturne's rig is pretty decent too, and he could use a bit of an update, though I think you'd might want to work his lore out a bit more before you do (Fiddles too). The big champion though I'd love to see get some updated looks though would have to be Brand. Ya know, something to make me play him as something OTHER then a zombie.
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: The New Azir and Xerath Stories: Damn Good.
Considering the fact that Azir was a King, It's not unresonable that he had a concubine or two. And unless they were using Magic to prevent pregnancies, it's just as reasonable to think that Azir could have had a few bastard children here and there. Their blood is no less then the blood of a child of Azir and his wife, so I could see that being where Sivir gets her linage.
: > You also gotta think that the champions that were picked throughout worlds all had very specific strategies to them, ones that either fit the teams playstyles or were known for their power and abilitiy with said champion. Hell, I don't think anyone saw Jayce coming originally and then he kinda exploded in the midlane. Same thing with Janna and Nami. And considering the team that won prefers champions that spike in power quickly, it means champions that take time and effort to actually GET anywhere (Jax, Mundo, Shyvanna) are pushed out for champions who get their power at 20 minutes. > > Now is this a problem and it needs to be taken care of? YES. The fact that the game was so dominate by early champions that spiked quickly is not a good thing. And some of these champions (Lee Sin) Have been needing to be brought down several pegs for a while now. But considering that A, we've got Preseason coming to change things up and B, Riot ALWAYS takes what they see at worlds and tries to move things about, I fully expect to see change come next season. Jax is terrible at all stages of the game. Shyvana is terrible late game, Mundo is terrible late game. I don't understand your point. By late game tanks become useless due to the exponential growth of damage builds. They used to power spike mid game but now everyone just picks ranged champions and ganks the melee.
Yes, which is why some of the most dominate champions in the game right now are Rumble, Maokai, Lee Sin, Rengar, and Kha'zix, all MELEE champions. What your issue should be isn't the fact that Melee is being outdone by Ranged, but the fact that the only reason any of these guys are picked over the other melees is because of their overloaded kits. Frankly, Characters like Lee Sin, Rengar, and Kha should all be PAYING for all the different things they could do with either stats or scaling, making it so that yes, they can still run around rampant across the map, but they'll get their necks crushed should they run up against some of the less mobile or stationary champions. And this should be applying to every champion to the game no less. Not only that, you've gotta keep in mind that LSC and high level play is completely different from Daimond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze play. This game is NOT just meant to be played only by Peke, Uzi, and Pawn. It's meant to be played by every single person who logs into the game. Different champions do better with different tiers of play, and not everyone is going to be pulling out the same power of a champion just because they chose it to fight with. Hell, we saw that at the Finals where Royal Clubs Jayce was NOWHERE near as effective as Whites. Just because Mundo couldn't do anything in Worlds doesn't mean people don't fear him in Bronze. Also could you have honestly said that champions like Nami, Janna, and Jayce were considered to be common or even good picks before we saw them used in Worlds? Hell, I don't think ANYONE played Lissandra before Peke showed how well she could handle Fizz, a champion that most players below Gold have a hard time dealing with. Now? A LOT of player at ALL levels are going to be giving these champions a second look. Finally, I'm not 100% sure if I'm remembering this correctly, and if I'm wrong I apologize for that now, but last i checked, wasn't Worlds still being played in the same Patch that had things like Omen being the 10% buff instead of 15 it has now? Or how about Maokai's ult not having a time limit? There are things that Riot's already changed since that patch that give Melee's a helping hand, and whining about things that have already begun to change isn't going to help ANYONE.
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