: Taliyah has a 36.32% winrate right now
I'm cringing at those builds. And mid isn't a good environment for her either imo.
: Why did Nid get the OPPOSITE of the Lee Sin treatment?
Because Riot can't balance Nidalee, at all. The rework just made it worse though by making her more reliant on Q (which is the problem to begin with - it's really hard to balance that distance-scaling when it applies to the AP ratio!), while simultaneously making it harder to land (smaller, slower projectile).
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Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
Any plans for Nidalee? Short version: I think Javelin Toss is in a bad state design wise, being both high-risk high-reward poke and her primary engage means her doing anything is gated by a difficult to land/easy to dodge skillshot. Long version: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/QWvHtrWI-nidalee-design-conflicts
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guns irl (NA)
: Retard, Autistic, Downs should be considered hate speech and bannable
Mainly that two of those are actual medical terms. The third used to be until it got so stigmatized doctors ditched it. There's no need to throw them in a separate category - the verbal abuse bucket already handles it and that's already bannable. The second that hits a live person for review they can bring the banhammer down extra hard as warranted.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Yasuo has no counterplay in lane as a mage.
It's not so much mages, as skillshots. Yasuo is ridiculously strong against any champion who needs to land skillshots for damage due to his E letting him change his angle to you so frequently. Well, and windwall, but that only stops one shot instead of every.
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: PSA: If your jungler gets invaded, get your ass out of your lane and help him
One thing I've found constant. There is a 90% chance or better that a Lee Sin will go for your red. And yet even if I tell people he's going to invade they're never ready for it. It's a free kill! I do not understand how being told "The enemy guy is going to be here, alone, far from help, in exactly 1 minute" does not lead to everyone nearby dogpiling on them. That said, I can only really do this against Lee Sin, but somehow they always, always go for my red second.
Destaice (NA)
: Riot fell into the same trap Blizzard did.
That just means some options are too much stronger than others.
: Let's talk about what's ACTUALLY wrong with Yasuo
Eh, his E is extremely problematic in laning I think - there's a point where somebody becomes _too_ mobile. There's a lot of champions (read: skillshot-based) who just can't do anything if he's dashing past them left and right while he gets to attack (and yeah, people will say not to fight with minions around... but that basically means not going in to last hit too, so...). Playing against him with point and click abilities versus skillshots is night and day in terms of the matchup. Edit: I don't have an issue with it as much in teamfights, even if it's still annoying - he lacks as dense a target field and so can't make multiple dash>Q spin passes at the same person so easily. I'm thinking tone down how often he can dash between creeps, because otherwise half the mages in the game are just a question of how fast you lose lane.
: Who we accept depends on what we'd like tested. In general, we're looking for highly active level 30 accounts (but if there's something we're testing for new players, we'll be looking for active lower levels). If we're releasing a new jungler, we'd be looking for experienced jungle mains. In addition, we do consider a player's toxicity level when going through applications, so, if you're not a positive player, you'll be less likely to receive an invitation to the PBE community.
I haven't touched the PBE in ages because it's still more toxic than live (or was anyways - it was just bad). One problem is that half the people in a game or more (depending on what major things are being tested) are basically in "play just like live, except without rewards, so someone else can test changes". Also, one suggestion as an aside - half of IP earned on PBE goes to live account (or, well, you get half credit for games on PBE, or something). Offset opportunity cost.
Jakojo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Renaito Yuujou,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=eeunUyrE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-03T12:16:51.422+0000) > > There are worse things. Just enjoy it, I've wanted to taste some Chuck E Cheese pizza (since I have long forgotten what it tastes like) for a while now, but I don't have any younger cousins or nieces or nephews or anything like that. I told her we should go to the science museum where there are interactive things and they can hopefully learn something. She's sticking with Chuck E Cheese.
> [{quoted}](name=Jakojo,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=eeunUyrE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-03T12:20:40.794+0000) > > I told her we should go to the science museum where there are interactive things and they can hopefully learn something. > > > She's sticking with Chuck E Cheese. ... I cannot help feeling like I can really, really narrow down where you live, but it's probably coincidence (as Chuck E Cheese is fucking everywhere). MN?
: We removed Thundering Blow's base damage because it allowed Jayce to out-trade everybody
Most marksmen have an ability to get enemies off of them. Vayne's is actually quite weak in that regard, as without the stun a lot of melee threats can just jump back on her. It's better than some (Miss Fortune for instance has terrible escape) but... it's not particularly good at saving her. It also has a long-ass cooldown. In general, you're looking at either: A) Ranged damage source, in which case she's not close enough condemn normally (most mages outrange her, really) B) Melee damage, in which case they usually have gap close on a lower cooldown.
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Traxicus (NA)
: I had a concept for a formal, refined lady of Noxus with a nasty side. Kikyo Zoldyck of HxH was a big design inspiration. I don't have the specifics with me, but she was based around the idea of unearthing and exploiting secrets/gossip about nearby champions, where she'd add stacks to nearby champs both ambiently and on ability/autoattack hits, and after four or five she'd proc a fear.
Psychological torment? What if she had an ultimate that made the enemy team take damage from being near each other, from doubt and mistrust and such?
Tasgal (NA)
: What Type of Old Lady Champion Do We Want?
Hmm, could a voodoo champion have a way to mark her target... and then her autoattacks can hit the doll to hurt them from something like 1200+ range?
: You forgot some of our elder ladies in the cast though! {{champion:429}} A spirit of vengence that technically doesn't age. {{champion:127}} Looks not a day over 30,000 {{champion:25}} Possibly immortal. {{champion:10}} Also possibly immortal. {{champion:28}} ??? {{champion:60}} Also sacrifices for age reduction spider cream. {{champion:76}} **Cougar**
{{champion:34}} is old. Older than the world, unless they changed that lore bit. Actually, pretty sure she's the oldest champion by a long shot.
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: Santa Baron Masterrace
Rioter Comments
: I always refer to the gender of the player as the gender of their champion, unless I know them in person.
It's usually safe to do that. Otherwise, I just fall back to what I do on forums - proper nouns until I know otherwise.
: I wonder why those two are getting those skins, dont get me wrong im loving the skins, im just curious as to the reason why they were chosen. Great fanart too, really captures the vibe these skins give off. Well done.
Ashe is fairly easy to make skins for I think - more human champs just get more in general because of that.
: Marauder Ashe and Warwick Fanart
They look like such good friends too. Which makes sense, since they're both hunters.
: Hey, GD! What'd you get in your mystery gift?
Royal Guard Fiora. Disappointing, since I already had Headmistress, which is a far better skin. Beating people up with SCIENCE!
Gorzke (EUW)
: I know this doesn't belong here, but the "Same champion making different roles" has been against every balance change you have ever made in the game (Except a MF AP buff). If you are taking care of them now, you should start to think about the balance changes too.
In particular, there's a strong feeling that champions labelled "support" must never, ever, ever be viable anywhere else. With regards to flex picks... the largest overlaps seem to be with top lane. Lots of champions can be top or jungle (because bruisers do well at both) or top/mid (because strong solo lanes are strong solo lanes). Supports and marksmen are much more limited in this - some marksmen can compete top due to being strong lane bullies, and there are supports you will see mid, but these are usually limited to lower levels of play where champion familiarity is a larger factor than raw champion power.
: Who are your three favorite champions to play, and why?
{{champion:254}} Just feels right to be punching things. Her attitude, the sound effects, it just all meshes together. It doesn't hurt that I do well with her, but mostly I just enjoy charging in and beating the crap out of things as an unstoppable punching machine dual wielding giant mechanical punching machines. {{champion:113}} Another favorite, also because I can go in give no fucks and beat on faces. Not as damaging as Vi usually, but far beefier and packing a bit more CC. I can get away with all kinds of crap because of her CC and beef. {{champion:150}} Can you tell how much he's enjoying himself? Because that's how much I enjoy playing him. I get to dictate the flow of the lane mostly with his wonderful ability to just keep throwing out boomerangs. And then I hit three, and they're at half health, and my rage just peaked. RAWR GNAR GNOM FACE. I have won so many lanes off dinging three and just going all in. You know, I seem to enjoy champions I can just charge in with and give no fucks while hurting things. Honorable mentions to Amumu and Nidalee. Also Sivir and MF are a fun time bottom, because lane bullies. I just enjoy being aggressive I guess.
Tamat (NA)
: **This is a scam**. Moderators are removing the links as quickly as they can, but a legion of scammers are determined. It'll be gone soon. In the meantime, please report any posts like this so that moderators can review. Thanks!
Probably get a penny per post or something from a cubicle somewhere. Or it's just a bot. I would hope people would know that anything from would just be under riotgames.com or leagueoflegends.com, but... then they'd just abuse people reading domains backwards (hint: you read them right to left)
: > [{quoted}](name=Heliostorm,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=fLaloFPA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2014-12-16T00:17:01.829+0000) > They do exist, we have Pre-Void Kassadin, Lightbringer Varus (post-corruption but before it took him over fully), and Full Metal Viktor (Viktor after complete conversion), for example. Yup! Some would be a lot harder to accomplish than others. For example, teen/adult Annie. It's a cool concept, but it'd be really hard to make her look grown up without changing her model drastically - i.e. making her taller. I think a Lost in Time Zilean would be kind of neat. Although, I think a Zileannaire skin is still at the top of my wish list for that guy. :P
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=fLaloFPA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2014-12-16T00:36:50.688+0000) > > Yup! > > Some would be a lot harder to accomplish than others. For example, teen/adult Annie. It's a cool concept, but it'd be really hard to make her look grown up without changing her model drastically - i.e. making her taller. > > I think a Lost in Time Zilean would be kind of neat. Although, I think a Zileannaire skin is still at the top of my wish list for that guy. :P Can we at least have concept sketches for some of these?
Tamat (NA)
: No, this is a bug that we're aware of and fixing. Haven't identified the root cause, but it's just another one of those little ghost in the machine type things that we keep finding. There will come a day when all of these have been fixed. ;)
> [{quoted}](name=Tamat,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=T1yj0QBK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2014-12-11T01:08:15.961+0000) > No, this is a bug that we're aware of and fixing. Haven't identified the root cause, but it's just another one of those little ghost in the machine type things that we keep finding. There will come a day when all of these have been fixed. ;) I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you my friend.
Tamat (NA)
: [Complete] Ranked season badges are out!
Woohoo! Now I can show off my status without giving up my shiny Santa Nashor.
: fo' real? Why would it delete content after it finishes loading? Does it need to refresh one last time? And what about your browser asking you if you want to leave this page because you have data on it? uuugh... this sounds so beta. At least it's marked AS beta, but come on when there's issues like this then you should leave the old forums up.
One of the most basic rules of programming? There will be bugs.
: Did you forget about Ryze, bro? He's everyone's favorite champ to complain about. Not saying he's not ridiculously strong, but people seem to complain about Ryze more than they do about Gnar.
Gnar has clear weaknesses, Ryze is basically a threat ring that you suffer if he gets over you.
yupster (NA)
: Awesome fan art by Loiza Chen!
Pop star Lux would make total sense for a slightly-insane hyperactive light mage (She brings her own laser shows!)
: Tips to be a better player.
Holy crap. Sticky this or something.
: Hmm.. bounce or *bounce* ?
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I'm game. I'm reasonably sure all my chat is fairly positive... or nonexistent.
: Latest on Cassiopeia
Just one question - will full build full stack Cassiopeia still clear 1k AP? Because doing that just feels GOOD. (Also, mousing over E to see it clocking for 700+ damage a shot is drool inducing, even with the fact that maintaining it makes you a stationary turret basically)
Rioter Comments
: You are now a Riot employee...
Begin refactoring/rewriting the Minion class out of everything.
Riot3ous (NA)
: Because flexibility and efficiency aren't the only two metrics that you can evaluate programming languages by (i.e. platform independence, deployments, existing software, existing expertise). Also, historical reasons. That said, I'm not a java guy myself at all.
> Because flexibility and efficiency aren't the only two metrics that you can evaluate programming languages by (i.e. platform independence, deployments, existing software, existing expertise). Also, historical reasons. That said, I'm not a java guy myself at all. Calling Java inflexible is a tad... odd (though from my perspective, "flexibility" doesn't strike me as a useful metric on Turing complete languages, or at least a very poorly named one). Java is extremely common in server deployments in businesses as a whole, and has existing libraries for basically every application under the sun (the Apache libraries are really nice to work with). Honestly, writing server-side Java these days often feels like plug-and-chug because almost everything hard you just import and move on (licensing dependent, but again, Apache).
Riot3ous (NA)
: If you're up for it, go big. And keep going bigger. Write a programming language. Make it compile to another language first maybe. Learn how lexers work. Then make it compile to assembly. Learn to make it JIT. Write a renderer. Software renderer first, then a hardware one. Learn opengl. Learn directx. Learn C well. Learn C++ well. Start reading standards documents. Read the TCP protocol? Read it. Then think about how you'd implement it. Implement a reliable networking protocol on UDP. If you finish any of these things, talk to me :D
I wholeheartedly approve of this curriculum. But if he REALLY wants to work for Riot? He needs to write an algorithm that runs in O(n^m) time for some finite real m, and solves the Traveling Salesman Problem. That would get him hired fast wouldn't it? (More realistically - understand exactly what I'm asking and how ridiculously tall an order it is) You did, after all, say go big. (I have thought about it casually, but aside from a few absolute rules about any solution - it is for instance impossible to have the solution have intersecting lines - never put in time to make progress.)
: [PotD] BYO Champion
Passive: {{champion:1}} Pyromania Q: {{champion:30}} Lay Waste W:{{champion:103}} Fox Fire E: {{champion:8}} Tides of Blood R: {{champion:30}} Requiem AKA AHAHAHAHAHAHA I stunned you all dead.
: Azir Exp Bug
It appears to have also handed him a good 150+ gold.
Lneacx (NA)
: My stance on Tenacity is that Tenacity is a bruiser's stat, as opposed to a tank or glass carry's stat - which is why you don't really need many options for it. (I define a tank as primarily CC-oriented, so as far as I'm concerned Champions like Shyvana and Mundo are bruisers - they offer sustained damage, not CC). As a tank, your contribution to a teamfight tends to come in *bursts* of utility based on your cooldowns, on top of simply being *tanky*. Your job is to blow cooldowns to either initiate or peel, so you don't have much sustained contribution - you don't do much without your cooldowns anyways, so you don't lose much by being CC'd. Generally I'd even say that, as a tank, you shouldn't expect much CC - if they CC you instead of your carries or bruisers, you've already done your job. Because tanks have burst contribution and are too tanky to be focused, Tenacity (or any CC reduction) probably won't help much - this is why I agree with Riot's decision to remove the tenacity from Golem. Bruisers tend to contribute *sustained* damage and *tankiness*. That means that if they get CC'd, they'll always lose out on their damage contribution, so it's valuable to reduce the time of CC on them. They prefer Tenacity over cleansing actives because their defensive itemization means that they'll get hit by, and survive, multiple waves of CC. AP carries (Mages and AP Assassins) tend to contribute *bursts* of damage based on cooldowns, but they're also *fragile*: you're a liability when your skills are on cooldown. Generally, if you get CC'd as an AP carry, you're dead even with Tenacity - the difference between a 2-second stun and a 1.33-second stun is minimal when you're bursted out in 1 second. Because they contribute based on cooldown rotations and are so fragile, AP Carries will choose the stasis of Zhonya's over Tenacity any day. You're useless without cooldowns anyways - might as well spend that time being under an untargetable self-CC rather than getting caught by an actual CC. AD carries have *sustained* contribution, but are also *fragile*. Fragility means that Tenacity won't help them much, but AD carries' sustained damage means that they desire CC reduction. This means that they prefer cleansing actives: it reduces the duration of a single CC to practically zero if used perfectly, and they get to keep their constant damage. Mercurial Scimitar and Mikael's tend to do this job well, but the reaction-based actives mean that you don't see them much outside of competitive. AD assassins seem to have a wonky spot: they're fragile and contribute in burst (like AP carries), but don't have Zhonya's. Same story for sustained AP carries like Kayle and Cass - they're fragile and sustained, but don't have cleanses. I'm going to presume that these champions; individual kits have ways to counter this deficit, though. In any case, their fragility means that Tenacity isn't the answer. ***TL;DR*** CC reduction is preferred mainly by Sustained champions who have the Tankiness to survive multiple waves of CC - which is why only Bruisers really need it. Sustained-Fragile champions are usually AD carries who prefer the one-time save of cleanses; Burst-Fragile champions are usually mages or AP assassins, who don't have anything to do while their skills are on cooldown (and so prefer the stasis of Zhonya's); and Burst-Tanky champions are usually tanks who have nothing to lose to CC anyways. Exceptions tend this rule tend to be rare, and rely more on their kits to work than itemization. If Riot introduces any new Tenacity itemization, I believe it should be directed exclusively towards bruisers over any other class. Exactly what Tenacity items should look like in terms of stats, cost, and trade-offs is an entirely different question.
Part of it is that there is, theoretically, such a thing as an AP-bruiser. I'd also be fine if there were more ways to hit exactly 40% CDR when you have 5% from masteries than the one boots. That come at the opportunity cost of Sorcs and Mercs.
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: Arcade Yorick! (Pac-man themed!)
Yeah, this makes so much sense.
Eggbread (NA)
: "I'm not saying that they need to have as small a radius as Heimer, or turn off quite as fast. But if Teemo returns to base and then goes bottom, why the fuck does he get to defend top turret while doing so?" Because it is his ultimate and is, if not the main reason, one of the reasons people play him. For map dominance with shroom traps. Lately, in my eyes, Teemo is not all that evil ever since Top has become more ranged. Finally, 150 mana is a lot compared to other ultimates that cost LESS.
It's an ultimate with barely any cooldown. Yes, it's relatively mana gated early on, but Teemo also has otherwise low cost damage. Honestly, half the issue is that it's just plain un-fun to deal with, in the same way that the mere presence of Eve is.
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