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Bodya23 (NA)
: imagine workin at riot... {{champion:150}}
It would be totally {{champion:150}}buckle bro
: ***
Yes, the questions will be answered on this forum.
: Chat with Riot interns on 8/10!
How many people normally apply each year? How many of those people come back to become Riot employees? Do you have to have an internship before taking a job at Riot? Do you take groups of people altogether or are you constantly getting new interns?
Khaegii (NA)
: {{champion:79}} has a cigaret in a skin
Just saying will people stop saying that Gragas esq. has a cigar. Everyone knows this already. Its been said almost 5 times in this board alone.
: ya where is this going to be? on twitch? where? in a thread?
Yes the q&a is going to be on {{champion:29}}. Because who gives a rat's ***.
Neamean (NA)
: She's already getting a full rework
I'm sorry. I was not aware.
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: But what if it was AFO HEXAKILL URF DAY?
I cant seem to respond to YandereOctopus but if {{champion:31}} does to into a Kaiju ill just go in my {{champion:53}} Jaeger.
ehh kai (NA)
: its 12:09 of 7/17/2014. and Doom Bots are still not available in the NA. why is this. Also whenever i go to log in for almost an hour it said no response from server. my internet was just fine. please fix this
The server was down yesterday but idk about the doom bots. RIOT WHERE IS MY DOOM-MINION!!!!! I waited tell 4:00 last night so this better go up or I might get {{item:3072}}.
: The Doom Bots of Doom are coming!
Oh god now that I think about it {{champion:17}} will dominate with traps. {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} it was fun while it lasted Riot.
: New free champion rotation: Lucian, Thresh, Fizz and more!
Would people stop talking about {{champion:412}} and {{champion:236}} everyone knows the lore.


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