: The amount of games i've lost due to hitboxes...
{{champion:86}} - I mean, wtf is this shit?
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: I'm a 'shithole' player because I play top
The trumptrash effect. Now everyone is saying it. Bringing the whole world down to rock bottom.
: Gonna play Devil's advocate here... or sorta. If we're gonna go by Riot's logic of how much they have lost in terms of venues and the like, realistically they're not gonna revert the disenchant values. How about at least buff the values by a bit instead of a full revert? At least buying chests won't be that big of a scam anymore. But yes, I do think the current values are so bad that you can't even get a 975 tier by disenchanting an ultimate tier.
How many revenues are they going to miss if people lose interest in the game?
: you mean how dare they gamble and lose? spends 195 RP gets legendary skin shard and the bitches about not being able to unlock it... ya no shit it's an expensive skin they aren't going to just give it away, put in the time unlocking chests and disenchanting shards or buy some more chests! you'll still come out cheaper
Gambling is a regulated industry.
doyenz (NA)
: Guys, remember, this is FREE STUFF. Riot didn't used to give us swag for free like this. Although the system is less generous then before, we shouldn't feel so entitled to free skins.
Having it sit in your inventory so you can look at it but never use it isn't "free", except maybe in China.
SadKill (NA)
: Or it's because she's actually not that broken.
: To be fair, I was more referring to your statement rather than the OP. Bronze 5 is indeed a cheap shot from riot if you go 10/10 in your provisionals, but you also have to take into account that the guy was ~1k games hardstuck low bronze last season, which destroyed his mmr. His mmr is at silver 5 currently and he's gaining 25 lp per win anyway, so good for him.
I'm glad to hear he's moved up..I think. I mean, did he play himself up from B5? How many games does that take? Another thing I was thinking though, if you're guaranteed to fall a full placement level below where you were last season, that essentially means you have to grind yourself up two levels/season just to make any year to year progress.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 19
Did you guys pick these at random using a dartboard or a die-roll? There doesn't seem to be any logical rationale or direction for any of it, or at least you don't consider the player base worthy of knowing what it was. "Hmm... lets see today we'll look at nerfing,"....closes eyes, turns around in a circle, tongue falls out of mouth...dart released...thud..."mAGICAL fOOTWears"! --> publishes to dev blog And wait....wait wait wait wait... wait for it... wait wait wait...is klepto even on the dart board???????????????
: Shouldn't champion tokens be enough for Champ mastery?
: Implying kda is everything
You must have missed that he also had the highest cs among all 10 players for the game displayed. Also, he won 10/10 placement matches. I just said *if* his other 9 games were at all similar to the one we see. If he went 1-8-0 in all 9, then I would understand.
GapplePvP (EUNE)
: Really Rito?!?!
Skins have 3 terrible options. 1. Re-roll 3 of them into a random, even more worthless skin of less value. 2. Hold onto them until you feel like playing the champ whose skin you have. 3. Disenchant them for 1/3 of their value. Welcome to philosophy china.
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Hay5eed (NA)
: Thats kinda the point of placements though. Riot makes you fight through ten games with no rank because if you are good, you should be able to carry those games or at least help your team to victory. If not then you are a lower rank and need to be placed in a lower teir to not get smashed in everyway possible. If he wins ten games in a row and he is in solo queue then he is certainly not being carried
Yeah...horseshit. Ever been in a game where your adc went 0-11-3?
: 10/10 placements, not in game score.
If his other 9 games went anything like this, he even led CS for both teams, does he still deserve bronze 5?
: 10/10 placements, not in game score.
He went 8-1-5 according to the pic above. If his other 9 games were anything like that, did he still deserve bronze 5?
: Orange essence is a fucking joke.
Stop spending money on this game. Period.
Kr1sys (NA)
: Being a shitty player and winning 10 games with shitty players doesn't make you immediately challenger.
: LoL, just happened to a guy in my Discord and it made me laugh
Seeing shit like this, on top of all the garbage games I've been filed into gives me no hope of ranked ever being worth a shit to play, at all. Fuck you riot.
: I personally have used the statement that the boards are a minority of our population, so think I may have some response that's valid to this post. When we/I say things like that, it's almost always in response to players making hyperbolic statements like "literally every player hates these changes" or "90% of all players don't like this preseason, just look at the boards, and everyone I've talked to has said the same thing". We don't always react to what the boards are talking/voicing frustrations about, but that doesn't mean we're not listening. Take game pacing for example, our first reaction to the boards is not to try and correct the entire game because there's a number of threads where players are talking about the game feeling like it progresses too quickly. Instead, we'll take that and look **globally** both through objective data that we collect such as game length, game pacing, time to turret kills, bloodiness etc. We also run subjective surveys in the client to collect feedback from players **globally** to understand at a higher level what's going on with the game. In regards to your final statement about "why can't the people who love the game right now come here and tell us about it?", the answer comes down to human nature. If you're enjoying something, there's very little reason to go out of your way to talk about how much you're enjoying it, you just keep doing it. When things go a direction that you're NOT happy with, that's when you tend to speak out about how you're not happy. To use a REALLY abstract example. If you go to a restaurant and order a steak and mashed potatoes and it gets to your table and it's a solid 8/10, you're probably not going to sing the praises of the chef to your waiter, but you're also not going to complain about your food. If it comes out and it's a 1/10, the steak is burned to a crisp, the mashed potatoes taste like glue, you're almost certainly going to pull the waiter over to complain about how shitty it is. tl;dr - the boards can be considered something of a "flag" that indicates something is wrong, but rather than pivot immediately, we'll take the time to make sure something is **actually** a problem before acting. Sorry this is kind of on the short side and glosses over a pretty large topic, I was just heading out of the office but wanted to chime in quickly. Hopefully what I said makes sense though, if not I can try to clarify some of it later.
Are ADCs actually a problem yet, or is that just 'the boards'?
: Please give xerath some fucking mana costs
Higher range should always be offset with lower damage. This is damn near as brainlessly obvious as is possible.
Ponderss (NA)
: What's your superpower?
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: LegitBusinessman back with some more knowledge to help YOU in Season 8.
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: Veigar Main- How to deal with yasuo?
Don't engage hard. Keep him close to your tower. With V's W, keeping the CS from being really threatening should be mostly easy. You get stronger the longer the game goes. Focus less on Yas, more on using Q to score AP. You'll get windwalled pretty often if you go for EWQR combo. Don't waste it, just do the W. One does not simply 'deal with Yasuo', who sells more skins to get buffs to sell more skins.
: But wouldn't that also mean you're just as likely to get paired with idiots and lose all 10 placement games right off the bat?
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: Myth: Your wards placed has effect on your ranking
I've gotten S many times as support and I don't even buy sightstone. In fact, if every member of the team routinely dropped their wards appropriately, you would hardly need it at all. Here's another myth - the support is "stealing" the cs. No adc is clearing the wave at 100% efficiency. Pushing the wave away from your tower is a good thing.
Ponderss (NA)
: If you haven't played 3000 matches
I'm not saying I'm great at this game - but when you're matched with people that should be playing norms it makes the attempt at even trying the ranked experience turn to complete shit. Sorry, not sorry. At no recent point have I been the feeder on my team, and I've dropped from S5 just trying to find a good match.
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: The almighty answer to the early game ADC problem
: Why Champion 6/7 Mastery Costs Should be Lowered
I no longer upgrade mastery unless I have an extra shard. There's no real value to do so anyway.
iBubster (NA)
: Best Non mechanically demanding mid?
{{champion:157}} Don't believe the hype.
: Does this Zoe Easter Egg Hint at Something Big?
Unless she's talking about nerfing her Q - who cares.
: the best is when the clown aint nowhere near getting back to lane and throws a tantrum over u last hitting alone in lane while he gone like he entitled to gold that he physically cant even get lmao
Or when he's scored cs evenly or ahead the enemy adc. "stop taking muh cs!"
: > [{quoted}](name=Ponderss,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=84Ty5YtO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-15T05:14:02.667+0000) > > I just got out of a ranked game where my adc went 0-11-3, where the overall score was 36-30. Yes - matchmaking is shit. No, I don't see much reason to play ranked outside of the initial 10 game scoring process. Check this TF out I had. https://imgur.com/a/wsgcf Oh, and for anyone dreaming of elo heaven past silver, this TF was Platinum. Of course, it was our fault.
Wow. 43-45-66//45-43-66 At least he had assists, but yeah probably too far into the frontline past the tanks I would guess.
xelaker (NA)
: So Zoe still hits disguistingly hard...
Rito "Zoe's damage is too high? Lets rework everything except damage." {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: PSA: Pings aren't meant for you to be passive-aggressive trash.
k wìx (NA)
: This shouldn't be the norm in ranked matchmaking.
I just got out of a ranked game where my adc went 0-11-3, where the overall score was 36-30. Yes - matchmaking is shit. No, I don't see much reason to play ranked outside of the initial 10 game scoring process.
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: i just bought Aurelion Sol And..
I feel like he's one of the coolest and least played champs in league, but I've never tried him because BE is impossible to get nowadays.
Mayobe (NA)
: Skill.
A good answer. But what can I spend gold on?
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Ponderss (NA)
: Is Sightstone overrated?
Great comments all. Thanks!
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: Repent, for the end is near
DelexPSN (NA)
: 32 champion shards later... Still not enough for that name change
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