: One For All: Rioters VS NA Players. Friday, Oct 23rd @4PM PST.
To all my fellow Poppy (mains of course), GG. Thanks for the game to everyone who played in my game. Was a blast. You guys are awesome. :)
: New HUD negatively impacts Kha'Zix players
Hey man, thanks for the post. This is something that's on the backlog to fix for sure. It's not something the team is currently working on due to a few other really high priority HUD items on their plate but we haven't forgotten about it. :) Also, it's not as clear as icons will be, but another way to tell if you are looking at an evolution point or a levelup point is by the text above the buttons. If it's a normal levelup point it'll say "Level Up" and if it's an evolution point it'll say "Evolve" and be in yellow text instead of the normal greyish text. Hope that helps. :)
ßlué (NA)
: How long did it take to come up with all the nerfs for the op champions in urf like hecarim
We worked on balancing for U.R.F. for a while. It took us about a month before we thought we had them all in line. We tried several different solutions for the sustain problem (sheilds/heals) before we found the solution that's we are using now.
: Who is your favorite champ on urf? Mine is zed :D
I've been playing a lot of Varus. I know what you're thinking..."You can't play a marksman on U.R.F. Ponts, you're crazy!" Build him like an AD mage and toss out those arrows for days! After a Black Cleaver and rank 3 in Q you can just watch those arrows chunk ppl for 30% of their life....every 1.8 sec! :)
: I'm kind of curious about this, but did you guys during development of the mode think about changing the minions (and jungle creeps) to being URF themed. Things like golden spatula wielding melee minions and mini URF riding siege minions?
: Will you been extending the duration of URF? Or is it still scheduled to leave today?
U.R.F. will end on April 13 at 2 AM PDT, not today. :)
: Last year you disabled Revive during URF, and gave it back afterwards. Was its recent removal tied to URF this year, just disabled ahead of time? I'd think the lack of context or explanation was to hide that URF was for sure coming this year, and you wanted the hype to be at full force when you announced it. If that is the case, can it come back after URF leaves?
Funny story about Revive. The LIVE team had planned on removing Revive prior to URFs launch last year. It was planned for removal just before the start of season 4 I think. We added patch notes about it and everything and then we just didn't remove it from the game. :) Oops! In U.R.F. last year this summoner spell was causing games to stalemate and last for way to long so we disabled it using some game mode specific restrictions. Once the game mode ended those restrictions also went away. This year we noticed in advance of U.R.F. that Revive was still a thing so we decided to make good on our patch notes from way back and actually remove the spell from the game. :)
Krosan (NA)
: Are you guys using data from Nemesis Draft as a data point on the general perceptions of champions? It's not a big surprise that I see champions like Eve, Yorick, and Urgot given out frequently, but it *was* fairly shocking for me the first time I realized exactly how badly people at my level undervalued support picks. I've ended up against teams with four supports, then got blamed for the loss because I gave the enemy Rumble or someone else without useful CC.
I don't think we'll get any information that will be actionable for us in terms of balance or kit changes that the Live Balance guys don't already know about. That being said I think we'll see some interesting things in terms of which champions players most like to see their opponents playing and what types of team comps players perceive to be weak. I want to reiterate though that I'd be surprised if we saw anything in Nemesis Mode that we didn't already know from normal/ranked play. As to the supports comment, I'd like to turn your attention to the video link below. At the time these Rioters were in the topish section of players on LIVE (1800 to 2100 Elo). Now that supports scale so well when they aren't giving all their moneys to the ADC it's even more scary! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h95HtcUJSCg (Man that old League of Legends...how far we've come :) )
: The Poro Game in my opinon was a good gamemode to tinker with. There wasnt much Creativity but i liked the snowball function. The Poro king also MUST have more than just a tiny ass heal and like 100 damage. Please make him stronger.
Well, he is the Poro King after all, not the Poro Tyrant! His greatest strength comes from inspiring his subjects to do amazing things, not just steamrolling his enemies. :) I also think this mode had a lot of creativity built into it. From the art side with tons of awesome poro skins, from the design side with something simple but extremely fun in the "poro-toss" and "to the king" spells, and most importantly from players using those spells. Man oh man, you guys have come up with some really creative and hilarious combo's for these spells. It's totally awesome. :)
: Just wanna say that this is a freaking awesome game mode. Whenever a new game mode is released I take it as an opportunity to try and find what works best in that particular game mode. For example in ascension a lot of people found backcapping shaco was really powerful. I personally was a huge fan of wukong because max cdr he could juke like shaco but have way more combat effectiveness. In this mode I haven't really found a go to OP yet, but I'm thinking J4 would be pretty good. What are your go-to OP champions? Second question: these game modes have been getting more and more sophisticated/polished, which I love. But there has been a lot of conversation about the long term engagement of these game modes. Is the level of engagement increasing proportional to the time investment that you guys put into development? No need to go into actual numbers if you don't want to, I just want to know if we can expect more awesome game modes with the level of polish and production poro king has.
Cho'gath is my main man! Those "Poro Toss" into "To The King" drive-by Feastings are just too funny!
: So was the Skarner interaction intentional or just an oversight you decided to keep?
This was left in intentionally. It's a pretty awesome play for Skarner players to be able to make when their team has the Poro King summoned and we didn't want to remove that. I think it also adds a lot of urgency for the enemy team to dispel the King (or dodge those Skarner poro throws) that is pretty exciting.
: I havent really develped any details but i think it would be fun to have no real teams. What i was thinking is a map like crystal scar and have say 5 spawn points, and there are mini jungle camps. The objective could possibly be kills or points. Hoping You guys at Riot can work on it more!
Ok. Our first iterations of the Shurima mode turned out to be mostly an arena mode with teams. We found that those games were pretty fun for about 10min and then they felt like they dragged on without clear map objectives. I'm not sure we'd do anything that got rid of teams all together. League in general is a lot more fun when you can play with your friends and make really awesome coordinated plays against the other team. It's an interesting idea though.
: I love the gamemode, but i have an idea i would love to see happen! It is possible to create a FFA (Free For All)?
Can you elaborate a bit on your idea here? Do you mean an arena style mode where there are no teams or something else?
: Is the poro king the true leader of the Frejlord?
I'd follow him. How could you not follow that guy...he's awesome!
Talodin (NA)
: What was the biggest issue/glitch you had to deal with while making this game mode>
Other than making sure all the abilities where fun and unique there were a few issues and glitches we ran into. I'd say the biggest issue we had from a tech side was making sure performance wasn't totally destroyed. There's a lot of extra particles in this mode and Bonus Doom: GPU Overload wasn't as fun as we originally thought it'd be. :P My favorite glitch hmm? I think that would have to be that for a while Karthus was able to go untargetable while he was in Anivia Egg passive. He would also turn on Defile... so you'd kill him and end up standing next to an untargetable egg doing massive aoe damage to you!
Chikorin (NA)
: According to my friends, the combination of Ezreal bot and Lux bot in the same lane after level 6 is scary as hell. Galio bot is still my worst nightmare, personally, but nothing tops the 1v5 sudden Zyra bot penta that happened to us down in bot lane in our base in an attempt to defend our inhibitor. Most of us just cracked up laughing when we saw she got a penta because it happened so *fast*, that it felt like one moment we were trying to fight her off, and the next we were all dead! So yeah, awesome job guys! Despite the beatings, Doom Bots have been pretty fun. :D
Using all their abilities really fast is something the bots are REALLY good at! :) Zyra with Eve passive just deleted me once. All that was left was a forest of Zyra plants. :(


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