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: I'm well aware of how important vision is to mids, especially the immobile arcane cannon that is Xerath. Xerath doesn't have the best defenses since his rework, so you have to rely on keeping everyone at bay. But what's your opinion on starting items? I usually try to start building other things in my build depending on the opponent... and if that opponent is someone like Yasuo or Ahri I usually take the "boots and pots" setup I mentioned... do you think that's good? I presume you've played a lot of Xerath, since you're giving me advice. (Much appreciated!)
I like the idea with boots and pots against easy to dodge skill shot champs. However, i climbed out of silver with xerath by usually poking the enemy laner down whenever possible. Your passive gives you tons of mana so spamming q's (making sure to hit) is essential to winning. I never got countered because they were always too low to retaliate. My issue was usually getting ganked and wards/map awareness are the only things to keep you from dying so I wouldn't say boots and pots would help much there. I almost always start dorans ring and two pots. Runes I have 12 mr and 9 armor I think. This is decent enough to keep from being poked too much. But the main thing with xerath is to poke constantly. Usually what I do is try to align a cs with the enemy for a q so I get a little gold from a poke. Also, qing when they are about to last hit is very rewarding and easy. But again, poke all day long and wait for ganks if you aren't good enough with landing your ult. Because honestly, if you can land those ult shots no one should be leaving lane alive. Also, a tip I have noticed helped me, you don't have to use all your xerath ults in 2 seconds. I usually wait them out if the enemy is trying to evade them or try to push the enemy towards me or a team mate with the shots to secure the kill. This comes with practice though but just play enough pvp with xerath and you will realize he's a poke machine. But late game is very team reliant since he isn't mobile. So try to keep your team with you mid to late game. I hope this helps. {{champion:101}} {{summoner:30}}
: If I got Sprit Guard Udyr. O__O
Ultimate skins aren't in mystery gifting. {{summoner:14}}
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: I hope the following situation doesn't happen because of their nice gift, but I get the feeling it will... "Wahhhhh my friend got Spirit Guard Udyr(or any expensive skin) but I only got Lollipoppy{{champion:78}} , no fair Riot you suck boo hoo {{champion:32}}"
I dont remeber that Ultimate skins could be gotten through mystery skins at all. {{champion:161}}
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: Big Plays Spotlight: Caitlyn’s Sidestep Snipe
I wonder if lee had his safeguard...


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